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It started when I was about six and my cousin was a year younger. Our grandparents had given our sets of parents plots of land next to each other and during the holidays our parents would take turns in looking after us. My cousin, Michelle, would always show me her knickers, except one day when she said she wasn’t wearing any. A couple of weeks later, she said she wasn’t wearing any underwear again, but instead of refusing to show me under her skirt, she said “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

I agreed and pulled my shorts and pants down to expose my small dick. She then lifted her skirt to reveal a little slit between her legs. After that, she’d always pull her underwear off to show me, rather than just showing her knickers. After a few days we progressed from showing to touching, although she rarely wanted to touch my dick. I didn’t mind, I was quite happy just touching her. At the end of the holiday we stopped playing our little game.

It started again when I was about fourteen. By coincidence Michelle and I had visited our grandparents at the same time, but they already had some friends there. Michelle and I went into the kitchen to watch TV until our grandparents were free. It was the first time we’d had some time together in about a year and we caught up on friends and school. I don’t really remember how the conversation went, I think it was something to do with Michelle being insecure about her breasts, but I was soon feeling them through her top, then under her top and eventually her bare breasts. A few minutes later we agreed to show each other like we used to. I pulled out my hard dick, that was much bigger than when she last saw it, then she pulled down her jeans and knickers to reveal a triangle of brown curly hair. I said I couldn’t see a lot, so she let me feel her, but not put my finger inside her.

After that evening, we continued with our game for a couple of years. It wasn’t every time we saw each other, like it had been previously, but was still fairly often. If she knew she’d be seeing me and was wearing a skirt, I knew she wanted to play. It was a little different to how it used to be. She still only wanted to see my dick occasionally and I think she only touched it once, but I was happy playing with her tits and pussy, although I was usually only allowed to rub her pussy through her underwear. Her pussy would get so wet, wetter than any other I have come across, so I would go home and wank while licking her juices off my fingers. The reason we stopped our game that time was because Michelle started seeing a guy, James, who she ended up marrying several years later.

I rarely see Michelle anymore, usually only at family gatherings, like when I saw her this Christmas. I didn’t get much of a chance to speak to her, but she asked if I could pop around to see if I could fix her computer. I agreed and she gave me directions to where she now lived with her husband and daughter. I was off work from Christmas and into the new year, so I called after the bank holiday and headed over.

When I arrived, Michelle answered the door and lead me inside. James and their daughter, Emma, had gone sales shopping with his parents. Michelle made us coffee and then said “Okay, I’m going to be honest with you. My computer is fine, but there is something else I need you to do. Since I had Emma, we have no sex life and I need it to get better or I’m going to go nuts. It’s his birthday next week so I was thinking of giving him some photos of me. I tried to take them myself, but they came out badly, so I was hoping you’d take the photos as you’re the only person other than James, my doctor and the midwife that has seen my bits. Are you okay with that?”

“I didn’t expect that, but I’m fine with it.” I replied, surprised and pleased at her request.

“Thanks. I thought you might agree when you knew you’d see me naked again. I’ll go up and get ready, come up to my bedroom in a few minutes.” She said with a smile.

I finished my coffee and went upstairs, finding Michelle putting on make up in her bedroom. She finished with the make up as I arrived and stood, twirling so I could see her only in her pale blue underwear and high heels in a matching colour. Her body was more curvaceous and her breasts were about twice the size compared to the last time I’d seen her body.

“Do I look okay?” She asked nervously.

“You look amazing, even better than I remember.”

“You don’t have to flatter me to get to see me naked this time!” Michelle laughed.

“I’m just being honest. Don’t get me wrong, you looked good when you were younger, but now, well I’m struggling to see why James doesn’t jump on you at any chance he gets.”

“That’s a good start I guess. Shall we take some photos? Here’s my camera, it’s set up and ready to go.”

“Sounds good to me. How do you want to do it?”

“Well, how about I just get into some poses and then if you think anything would look better, just tell me?”

“Okay, but I’ve got an idea for the start. I’ll stand in the bedroom doorway and you walk towards the bed, looking over your shoulder, then when you get to the bed, put your hands on it and bend over.”

“Lets do it.” Michelle replied excitedly.

I knelt in the doorway and my cousin slowly walked across the room as I took photos. She then bent over the bed as I had instructed, looking over her shoulder at the camera. She then shuffled her feet apart so her knickers were taught over the curves of her pussy and ass. “Am I doing okay?” She asked as she looked over her shoulder.

“You are doing great. Now just do what you want to do.”

“Okay.” Michelle replied as she lowered her hand between her legs and ran her fingers over her pussy. After that, she pulled the waistband of her knickers down an inch or two so the top of the crack of her smooth ass was visible. I was taking photo after photo, my eye fixed to the viewfinder, but when I took my eye away from it for a second, I noticed a wet spot forming on Michelle’s knickers.

“What shall I do now?” Michelle asked.

“How about lying on the bed, with one hand in your knickers and the other can play with a nipple?”

“Should I take my bra off?” She said, sounding Sincan Escort eager.

“Not quite yet, just pull the cup down around your boob.”

“Okay, I like the sound of that.” She said as she jumped onto the bed and spread her legs wide. I could see through her underwear that she had a narrow strip of pubic hair, less than the last time I’d seen her pussy, but more than the first time. She pulled out one of her large breasts and it’s nipple was already rock hard. She took the nipple between her finger and thumb, then her other hand slipped into her underwear. I could see her fingers moving through the fabric and the wet patch had now spread over a much larger area. She then pulled out her other breast and played with that nipple. Her hands then moved to the waistband of her knickers, but before she pulled them down, she looked me in the eye and said “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.”

I could tell she wasn’t joking and I put the camera down so I could remove my jeans and boxers. She smiled as my hard cock was released, the tip damp with precum. When I picked up the camera, Michelle put her feet together and raised her legs straight into the air. She slid her knickers up her legs as the camera snapped away, then tossed them towards me, landing on the camera lens. I took them of the lens as she giggled and I could feel how wet they were. The gusset was so saturated that not all of her juices could soak in. “I’m going to get myself off, is there anything I should do for the photos first.” Michelle asked.

“How about opening your lips nice and wide to show everything to the camera?” I said, not caring about the photos, I just wanted to see it.

She used her left hand to part her lips, holding them wide briefly before her fingers slipped off and they went back together. I moved in closer and she opened herself to me again so I could get a good close up, then with me still close to her pussy, she slipped a finger into her depths. Her fingers moved from her lips to her clit and she started rubbing it, getting faster and faster until her hips bucked and a small spurt of her juices shot from her pussy. She lay there panting for a few moments before she said “Thank you. That was the best orgasm I’ve had in months.” She was staring at my cock, that I was desperate to stroke when she whispered “Sit on the edge of the bed. This is to make up for all of the times you used to play with me and I did nothing to help you out.”

I did as I was told and sat on the bed, Michelle then slipped off the bed and onto her knees between my legs. She took the base of my cock between her fingers and then lowered her mouth until I felt her kiss the tip, her mouth then opening over the head. I was so turned on that I knew this wouldn’t last as long as I wanted and as soon as she started sucking, I knew I was going to explode. I warned Michelle who just sucked harder and a few moments later I started firing spurt after spurt into her willing mouth. She was swallowing it down as quickly as she could, but some of my cum dripped from her mouth onto her tits. When I was drained, she released my dick from her mouth and used her fingers to wipe the cum of her tits and then sucked it off her fingers.

“Was that good?” She asked with a smile.

“Very. I just wished I could have lasted longer. After watching your show, I couldn’t really help it.” I said.

“I haven’t done that in ages, James just isn’t interested. I felt a bit guilty for all the times you used to play with me and I never once played with you.”

“Okay, you may never have directly made me cum before, but you really did help me out. Why do you think I always left so quickly?”

“Well, yeah, I know you’d get really hard, but having a wank on your own isn’t exactly the same.”

“But it was always better after I’d played been touching you. If you were really wet and I could get home in time or use your bathroom, I’d use your juices for lube. If I couldn’t do that, I’d lick my fingers while I wanked as they still smelled and tasted of you.”

“I wish I knew that. After you left, I’d always get myself off thinking of you touching me. If I knew you were licking my juices off your fingers, that would have been even dirtier. Okay, We’ve got to carry on with the photos. I’ve got a few more outfits, what shall I go for first, schoolgirl, nurse, or some of the other underwear I bought?” Michelle asked.

“Schoolgirl, I think.” I replied with a grin.

“I thought you might say that.” Michelle smiled back. “Go downstairs and wait, I don’t want you to see me until I’m ready.” She was still kneeling between my legs and quickly took my cock and kissed the end before she stood up. I pulled my jeans on and went down into the lounge and put the TV on. About a quarter of an hour later Michelle called for me and I went back upstairs.

She was stood with her feet crossed at the end of the bed wearing black leather shoes, white knee-high socks, a short pleated grey skirt, a tight white blouse that was stretched over her chest, her old school tie loosely hung around the collar of the blouse and her dark blonde hair was in pig tails. She even had a small backpack over her shoulder. “So, do I look like a good little girl?” She said in a childish tone, with a smile forming on her lips.

“Definately, and I prefer that school uniform to your old one.”

“It’s the same one, pretty much. The shoes and socks are new, I adjusted the skirt a bit, but the shirt and tie are the same. Fits better, doesn’t it?” Michelle smiled as she ran her hands over her breasts.

“If it fitted like that at school, no teachers would have been able to concentrate.”

“Okay, we’d better get started, James will be back in a couple of hours and I need to make sure everything is back to normal after we’re finished. So how shall we start?”

“How about we make it look like you’ve just got home from school and then go up to your room to play with yourself? If we start at the bottom of the stairs, I’ll follow you up taking photos.”

“That sounds great. Let’s do it.” Michelle said excitedly.

We got to the bottom of the stairs and I knelt down, then Michelle started slowly climbing Ankara Olgun Escort the stairs, giving me a great view up her skirt to the white cotton knickers she was wearing. When we got to her bedroom she asked if it would be better if she stripped or exposed herself with the uniform on. I told her to keep it on and she agreed, then reached into the backpack and pulled out a marker pen with a rounded tip. She traced the tip over her body, rubbing it around her nipples and then lifted her skirt to run it over her knickers. Her legs were wide apart and the shape of her lips were visible through her damp panties as she pressed the pen into herself. A moment later she pulled her underwear to one side and let the pen slide into her folds. I noticed her pussy was totally bald, I guess she’d quickly trimmed the strip away in the bathroom. She was soon fucking herself rapidly, gasping and moaning as the pen slid into her sopping pussy. I was surprised, but before she came, she pulled the pen out and called me over, telling me to get my dick out and kneel between her legs. I did as I was told, hoping to finally fuck my cousin, but she had other ideas.

“Get your fingers wet and stroke your cock, cum over me!” She demanded.

I lowered my hand to her pussy, feeling it for the first time in years, and slid two fingers into it’s soaking depths. I moved them around before pulling them out and wiped her juices over my cock. I repeated it so my dick was slick with her lubrication then licked her musky fluids slowly from my fingers as I started wanking. I kept my pace slow as I wanted it to last, but Michelle started quickly rubbing her clit and my pace increased. I slipped two fingers back into my cousin, pulled them out and started to use that hand to stroke my dick. I replaced the fingers that were in her with two from my other hand as I stroked my cock just above her pussy.

I could tell she was on the verge of cumming and she begged me to shoot my cum over her. I was close enough myself and with her words I let streams of my cum spray over her stomach, tits and face, covering her bare skin and the clothes she still had on. Michelle came as soon as my cum landed on her, her body stiffening and her back arching as a small spurt of her juices sprayed over my cock and hand. I knelt where I was for a little while and I noticed Michelle’s hand was still moving between her legs. Her legs then fell open and I could see her fingers were working quickly inside her white cotton knickers. It didn’t take long for her to cum again, this time her juices sprayed into her underwear making them go almost see though. She then pulled her panties off and handed them to me, telling me they were for me to suck and sniff as a thank you for taking the pictures.

“I’ve got to make it look like nothing has happened here pretty quickly and you should get going before James gets back.” Michelle said.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Do you want me to take photos of you in the other outfits you bought another day?” I asked hopefully.

“I’m not sure. I think I probably have enough photos. I’ll save those for another time.” She said, sounding a little disappointed.

“Let me know if you change your mind, I’m more than willing to help.” I said with a grin as I got dressed. I gave Michelle a peck on the lips and let myself out, making sure I had her soaking knickers with me.


Ten days after our photo session, my mobile rang and it was Michelle. “Have you got any plans today?” She asked, sounding a little upset.

“None at all.” I replied, I’d booked the day off work to wait for an engineer to fix my washing machine, but he called me to say he was ill. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just a bit pissed off. Do you want to come over for a coffee?”

“Okay, I’ll be there in about half an hour.”

I got ready and drove over, arriving at Michelle’s house just after 10am, unsure of what to expect. She answered the door wearing a knee length black skirt and a white figure hugging jumper, looking great, but not very happy. I went in and gave her a long hug that only ended when she let me go. “James left.” She said flatly.

“What happened?”

“Well on his birthday, we had a nice dinner, I put Emma to bed and before I came back down, I put on some new underwear and then got the photos we took, which I’d put in an album. When I handed them to him, he just looked pissed off, tossed them on the table, carried on watching TV without saying a word and didn’t even look at me. He sat there silent for a while and then called me a slut. We had a massive argument and went to stay with his parents. I haven’t seen him in a couple of days and he won’t answer his phone.”

“I really don’t see why he’s being such an asshole.”

“No, I don’t either, but it’s kind of good really” she said with a smile “because now we can do some things I wish we did years ago.”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Yes, you have no idea how close we came to having sex. Remember that time when you were playing with me in the kitchen at my parents place and my knickers and shorts were soaked through? Well I lost my virginity to a banana as soon as you left, if we had any condoms it would have been you. Another time I bought some condoms and hoped to see you, but it was just before Christmas and I didn’t get any time alone with you. I was scared mum would find the condoms and threw them away.”

“Damn! I wish I knew, I would have made sure we had some time alone.”

“We are now.” Michelle replied with a smile. Our mouths met and instantly our tongues were dancing together, our hands roaming over each others bodies. After a short while, she stepped back and pulled me with her as she lifted herself up onto the kitchen counter. Her legs opened around me as our kiss continued and I traced my right hand up the inside of her thigh. I could feel the heat from her pussy before I touched it, realising that she was wearing no underwear. She was already wet enough to feel it before my finger penetrated her and as I touched her, she was Ankara Ucuz Escort unzipping my jeans to release my throbbing cock. As soon as it was out, she guided it to her pussy and I moved my hand out of the way, then with one push from each of us, my full length slipped into her soaking depths. We both groaned loudly, causing our lips to separate for the first time since our kiss began. Our lips were soon back together and our hips slowly rocked in unison, our gentle, but passionate fucking was amazingly intense, I’d never experienced anything like it. After a while our hips began moving faster until our bodies were slapping together. We could no longer hold our lips together, but our eyes were locked until Michelle’s closed and I felt her pussy spasming around my cock. That set me off and I erupted, shooting spurt after spurt into my cousin’s pussy. As our orgasms subsided, our lips softly met again, tenderly kissing as we recovered.

I had remained completely hard and we soon began moving together again, but instead of holding each other tightly, Michelle lay back onto the counter and her head was hanging off the other side. I lifted her skirt and could see our juices had produced a white, sticky mix that was spilling from Michelle as I fucked her. I reached up her body, lifted her jumper and pulled the pink cups of her lacy bra down so I could feel her soft breasts while we fucked. I cupped each one and gently pinched each nipple, which made her body jerk a little with each squeeze. I was soon pounding into her quickly and she was moaning loudly with each stroke. Suddenly her pussy started squirting all over my T-shirt and legs, her body went tense and her pussy clamped so tight around my cock I couldn’t move. After about thirty seconds she started to relax again and I resumed my strokes, although slower than previously at first. After a couple of minutes I was getting close to the edge and Michelle seemed to be as well, judging from the noises. As I shot my load into my cousin, she tensed and squirted again, not as powerfully as the last time, but I loved the sensation of having her juices sprayed onto me. We stayed there for a minute or so and this time my dick softened and slipped from her, at which Michelle let out a moan of disappointment and giggled “I don’t think I could take much more of that and I think we need to clean up.”

My clothes and her skirt were soaked from Michelle squirting, and the black kitchen counter was covered in our cum. We both stripped off, Michelle put our clothes in the washing machine and told me to go upstairs and get the shower running. I was pretty much finished by the time Michelle joined me and she told me to get dried off and wait for her in bed. I heard the shower turn off a few minutes later as I lay in her bed. I then heard he moving around upstairs for a minute of two before she came into her bedroom and slipped under the covers with me.

“That was amazing, the best sex I’ve ever had.” She softly whispered.

“Me too. We really should have done that years ago.”

“Yes, but I think the waiting helped, I’ve never squirted like that before when I’ve had sex, it’s only happened when I’ve been really turned on and I’ve played with myself, like when you took the photos. Anyway, I’m still a virgin in one way and I want you to take it.”


“Yes, but be gentle.” Michelle said as she got onto her knees and poked her bum into the air.

I kissed her lips then moved behind her. Her ass looked so tight that I was unsure that I’d be able to even get my dick in. I leaned my head down and lightly kissed her little rosebud, which made her quietly moan. I kept on planting soft kisses all over her ass and pussy, which was becoming wet. After a few minutes, my kisses turned into licks and I gently lapped at my cousin’s asshole as I began to circle her clit with my fingers. I pushed a little with my tongue and her tight little hole opened slightly allowing the tip of my tongue in. I wiggled my tongue as best I could as I eased my index finger into her soaking pussy. I pulled my finger out and as I went to bring it to her asshole, Michelle reached behind her back and passed me a tube of lube. I squeezed some onto her ass and circled her tight opening with my finger before I pushed it in. Her ass opened willingly around my finger, allowing me to slide it’s full length into her. I was about to push another finger in, but Michelle begged “Please fuck me!”

I moved closer to her and eased her legs further apart, then squeezed some lube onto the end of my dick. Her asshole was still small, but now it was a little more open as I rubbed the head of my cock over it. “Ready?” I asked.

“Mmmm” Michelle purred and I pressed the head of my dick against her tight opening. About half the head entered her, but she was so tight that it wouldn’t go any further. I held it there for a few moments to allow my cousin to relax, then pushed again, this time the whole head slipped into her before she tightened and I stopped moving.

“Sorry, but it hurts. It feels good at the same time though, keep going.” Michelle said in a cross between a whisper and a groan.

After a couple more gentle pushes and pauses, my full length was in her smooth, tight asshole. I held it there, feeling Michelle tightening occasionally as she got used to the sensation, then she moved forwards a little and pushed back. I stayed where I was, letting Michelle fuck her ass with my cock until she stopped and told me to fuck her. I held her hips as I slowly stroked my full length slowly in and out of my cousin’s ass. After a couple of minutes I pulled my dick out and rolled Michelle onto her back. She was smiling at me as I lifted her legs up and apart before I plunged my cock back into her ass. I started moving slowly again, but Michelle told me to go faster and I responded as her hand reached down to play with her clit. Her hand was working frantically as I thrust harder and harder into her ass. After a short while her body tensed and I felt her ass tighten like a vice around my cock as she began squirting onto my stomach. That set me off and I came in her ass, firing several spurts into her depths as she continued to spray onto my stomach. I leaned back as I recovered and watched Michelle’s orgasm, my cock still mostly in my cousin’s ass. We stayed there for a few minutes as we composed ourselves then started kissing again, but before we started fucking, Michelle stopped me as her ass and pussy needed time to recover.

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