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My name is Aaron Joseph. A six-foot-tall, good-looking young Black man of Haitian descent living in the town of Nepean, Province of Ontario. I hate the town of Nepean and the Ottawa Metropolitan Area, man. Folks out here are racist and seriously kind of fake. I really wish I lived in a more diverse place like the City of Montreal or Metropolitan Toronto, but for the time being I’m here. Inside Canada’s most boring town. I attend Carleton University, where I’m studying business administration. I guess I’m trying to make the best of a bad situation, man. Seriously. Nothing seems to be going right for me these days. My Senegalese girlfriend Naomi Diouf dumped me out of the blue, and she walked off with some French dude. Isn’t that awesome?

Anyhow, I was kind of musing about my troubles while walking through the Rideau Shopping Center in downtown Ottawa when I spotted this really sexy Black lady. She was all that and then some, folks. Around five-foot-eleven, curvy, with big tits, wide hips and a big round ass. She looked amazing in her red shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes. I sighed while looking at her. Black women in Ottawa are a big disappointment for me, man. They seem to hate Black males with a passion and only notice a brother if he’s with a white chick. They ignore all the good brothers out there like me who like Black women. And these Black females seem to hate Black guys and have a very high opinion of white men. Yeah, I wasn’t feeling them Black women out here. Just telling you the truth.

Thank God I’m bisexual, that’s all I’m saying. Last week I had some fun with my friend Jose Sanchez. He’s half Mexican and half Black, and he’s totally gay. He goes to Algonquin College but his main occupation seems to be cruising Ottawa for good-looking, well-hung Black men and similarly built Hispanic men. Jose rocked my world, man. Prior to that, I hadn’t been with a man in forever. I focused on women, trying to lead a normal life. The women in my life never seemed to appreciate me. I guess that’s what I get for trying to lead a straight life, when obviously I was meant for something else. Anyhow, even though I enjoyed hooking up with Jose, I couldn’t take my eyes off that sexy Black lady inside Rideau Shopping Center. I had to holler, so I approached her.

When I approached her, she seemed really cool. She introduced herself as Linda Johnson, and she was really friendly. I could tell she wasn’t from Ottawa. Want to know how a Black Canadian guy like myself could tell Linda came from outside Ottawa? It’s not her accent, or her mannerisms. It’s the simple fact that she was nice to me, a young Black man who talked to her. Black women in Ottawa make it a point to be mean to Black men. I guess that’s why most Black guys in this City date women of other races. We’ve just about given up on Black xvideos porno women, man. They’re too mean and too stuck up. I asked Linda to grab a quick bite with me at the food court downstairs and she acquiesced. Man, I couldn’t believe my luck. I thought all the nice Black women in the City of Ottawa were either taken or worse, nonexistent.

We sat down and ate some delicious Italian pizza, and I learned a bit more about Linda Johnson. She was originally from the City of Detroit in the State of Michigan. I stared at her, amazed. An authentic African-American lady was sharing a meal with me inside Canada’s paltry little capital. Wow. We don’t get too many African-Americans up here. They prefer bigger cities like Toronto and Vancouver, and I can’t say that I blame them. The moment I graduate from Carleton University I’m moving my ass to the City of Toronto. If not Toronto then definitely the City of Montreal. The City of Ottawa is too dull, too boring and too lacking in racial diversity for a smart brother like me. Linda was attending the University of Ottawa and kind of liked the City. That surprised me coming from her. I fell in love with the United States of America when I visited some family members of mine in the City of Miami, State of Florida. Sometimes I wish I was born there instead of damn City of Calgary in the Province of Alberta. Seriously. I couldn’t figure out why Linda came to Canada. She told me that she came to the Great White North in search of a better life. I smiled at her. I could definitely respect that.

Man, I was really feeling this sexy Black lady from the U.S.A. And Linda Johnson appeared to be feeling me too. So much that we exchanged numbers and agreed to keep in touch. That night, I added her to my friends list on Facebook. And that’s how it all began, man. I asked Linda to the movies and she agreed. We went to see the movie Big Momma’s House, the third instalment in the successful comedy series. Linda showed up kind of early for our date at the movie theatre on Ogilvie Road near Blair Shopping Center. And man did she look good! Hot damn. I counted my lucky stars that such a sexy lady seemed interested in me. Sexy Black women simply don’t seem interested in decent young brothers like me these days. I believe in treating a lady right. But they keep leaving me for Black thugs or white guys. I’m a smart Black gentleman. I hope to settle down with a smart Black lady someday. Bisexuality be damned, I found myself falling for Linda Johnson.

We had been seeing each other for a few weeks and I was really feeling her. So much that I decided to tell her my secret. Yep, I was about to tell her that I was bisexual. Now, a lot of Black women don’t like bisexual Black men. The whole Down Low phenomenon made popular by that fruity Black author yabancı porno and Oprah Winfrey made all bisexual Black men look like sexual predators. I’m not like those guys. I tell the truth to the people I love. My father, Calgary Metropolitan police serviceman Edgar Joseph was the first person I came out to. He didn’t take it too well at first but we’re okay now. My mother, schoolteacher Delilah Mathieu Joseph accepted me when I came out to her. My older sister, twice-divorced social worker Dana Joseph really doesn’t care that I’m bisexual. She’s a free-spirited gal who’s loved both women and men. My big sister also got three sons by men of three different ethnicities. Yeah, we’re real cool me and her.

Anyhow, I asked myself whether Linda Johnson would be able to handle all of that. I gathered up my courage and told her about my true self while we grabbed a bite inside Chateau LeBrun, this authentic Haitian restaurant in Ottawa South. After I revealed my bisexuality to her, Linda remained silent for a long time. I said nothing, fully expecting her to leave me. Black women are really not tolerant of Black male bisexuality. Linda surprised the hell out of me by the way she reacted. She smiled, and kissed me. Then she whispered something into my ear which shocked and thrilled me. Linda Johnson was okay with bisexual Black men….because she’s a gorgeous Black transsexual herself. She looked into my eyes and smiled. I looked her up, down and grinned. Then I kissed her again.

Our relationship definitely took a stranger but more wonderful turn. To be honest, I’ve always been fascinated by sexy Black transsexuals. I watch their online videos all the time. I’m bisexual. I make it with guys and chicks. To me, a sexy Black transsexual with a gorgeous face, curvy body, enormous tits, big ass and big dick really meant the best of all possible worlds. That night, Linda and I went home and had ourselves a wicked good time. I couldn’t wait to get her into bed. Man, I hadn’t gotten laid in forever. You had better believe that I wanted to make up for lost time. Linda was even more eager. She told me she hadn’t gotten any in years. Wow. I definitely wanted a piece of her sexy body, for real.

We got to my apartment in Nepean, not far from Baseline Station. And we got down and dirty. My sexy lady undressed, revealing her amazing body. I drank it all in, from her big tits to her curvy body and huge, spectacular ass. I feasted my eyes on her nine-inch, uncircumcised Black dick. Wow. To a bisexual stud like me, Linda was simply perfect. I love big tits and big butts, and I also love dick. She basically had everything I liked. Pussy is overrated anyway. I laid her on my king-sized bed and worshiped her body the way it deserved to be worshiped.

Linda Johnson lay there, yaşlı porno watching me with a gorgeous smile on her pretty face. I knelt before her and began sucking her dick. I’m a really talented guy when it comes to oral sex. I can suck a mean dick. I’m also good at eating pussy and have been known to make women’s toes curl as they shrieked in pleasure from my oral delights. Of course that hadn’t been enough for that treacherous slut Naomi. Oh, well. Her loss. I’m with Linda now. I sucked Linda’s cock and balls, and got her nice and hard. Then she returned the favour by giving me the best blowjob of my life. While sucking my eight-inch, uncut Black dick, she fingered my asshole. Now, I’m a total top with my men usually. However, I didn’t mind Linda’s fingers in my ass. She wasn’t a dude, she wasn’t an ordinary lady either. She was my Linda. Uniquely sensual and wonderful. And I wanted to make her happy.

Finally, we got it on. I put Linda on all fours and had a go with her big sexy ass. Linda spread her big ass cheeks for me, stroking her cock as she did so. I pushed my cock into my sexy Black transsexual girlfriend’s asshole. Gently I began to fuck her. While I worked my dick into her asshole, Linda stroked her big cock. Her asshole was the tightest I’ve ever fucked, and I’ve fucked many women and quite a few men in the ass. Linda told me that she had never let a man fuck her in the ass before. Usually she was a total top, and gay and bisexual guys she hooked up with loved getting her big dick up their asses. She was letting me fuck her ass because she loved me. I smiled and thanked her. Then I drilled my cock into her plump ass, loving the feel of it around my dick. I fucked Linda’s sexy big Black ass until I came, flooding her asshole with my manly cum.

Linda screamed in pleasure as I came inside of her. Then she pulled me into her arms and kissed me. I lay on top of her, feeling wonderful. Linda looked into my eyes and I felt her hard dick stir underneath me. She apologized, but I stopped her. Without a word being spoken I straddled her. Was I really about to do this? Apparently so. I was about to let someone fuck me in the ass. A top man’s nightmare in the world of gay and bisexual men. Linda promised to be gentle with me. And she was, after lubricating me. My sexy Black transsexual lady love entered my ass with a smooth thrust. And just like that, she began fucking me. I am not going to lie. I was scared. And it kind of hurt. But Linda guided me through it. She was really patient as she slowly but surely worked her nine inches of hard Black dick up my virgin ass. My screams of pain mixed with pleasure filled the apartment. It was absolutely fucking amazing.

Much later, Linda and I lay in each other’s arms. I kissed her passionately, thanking her for a wonderful time. What a pair we make. A bisexual Haitian guy from Canada and his sexy African-American transsexual girlfriend. Who cares what people would think if they knew exactly who and what we are? I love Linda and she loves me. My lady and I are happy together. In the end, I think that’s all that matters.

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