Bittersweet Irish Cream Ch. 04Bittersweet Irish Cream Ch. 04

Bouncing Tits

The Starlings invited the Fraziers over for Thanksgiving dinner in Greenwich and Jack’s family agreed, although June protested a bit. She had planned to spend it with Stacy and Liam at the Ferguson house, but last minute conceded to go with the rest of her family to CT. Brayden, who goes everywhere Henrietta goes, also planned to attend Thanksgiving in Greenwich. Since they were cooking for 14, Ethan, EJ and Jack drove down early Wednesday morning to help with the preparations.

Jack met Alan Jr., Ethan’s older brother who they call AJ, that lives in California with his wife Rebecca who is ethnically Korean but born in New Jersey. They were there for the week. He met their two sons, Alan the 3rd, called Al, who was 8 and Thomas called Tommy, who was 4. AJ and Becky both teach on campus at Berkeley, AJ in the economics department, Becky in the sociology department. Between a full house and Suzanne putting them to work cleaning the house, they barely spent any time together the whole day.

As they were laying in bed that night holding each other Ethan said, “I don’t think I have ever fucked anyone in my room before.”

Jack said, “Really? Not even Carlos?” He poked him.

Ethan was thoughtful. “Oh yea. We did one time. But that was like the worse day of my life so I think I’ve tried to forget it.”

Jack asked, “Why?”

Ethan looked at him sideways and asked, “Do you really want to talk about first loves and ex boyfriends right now?”

Jack shrugged, “Won’t bother me if it doesn’t bother you.”

Ethan sighed, then said quickly, “We were 16 we had sex, I told him I loved him and he told me he didn’t love me. Then he left the following day and wouldn’t return my calls for months.”

“How did you go from that to him being your best friend?” Jack asked.

“Well we were kids then we grew up. He’s always only ever had his mom and me so when he started talking to me again I didn’t shut him out. By then I was with someone else from my high school up here and he was too, so it was ok. We had other relationships and supported each other through everything. We’re kind of each other’s person, the one person I can talk to about anything, and I’m the same for him.

Jack was thoughtful listening to Ethan who continued, “Speaking of which, I had planned to spend New Years Eve in Times Square this year. I reserved a room way in advance right in the middle of all of it to spend the night there with EJ. Then on New Year’s Day we are meeting up with some of my friends in the city, including ‘Los and whoever he slept with the night before most likely. You’re coming right?”

Jack smiled in his chest. “You want me to be your date for New Year’s Eve?”

“Fuck you, EJ is my date. You can come along as the baby sitter and occasional concubine.”

Jack laughed, “You always know how to make me feel so loved and needed.”

Ethan kissed his head. “And I always will.”He kissed his head again, and said, “I want to be inside you so bad right now, but it’s a full house and you’re a kinda loud.”

Jack bit his nipple hard through his shirt and said, “Asshole.” Ethan yelped, then laughed.

He lifted Jack’s head up to look into those emerald eyes of his. They kissed deeply and passionately as they removed each other’s clothes until they were fully naked. Then Jack got on top of Ethan and grinded their erections together. They kissed and Ethan held onto Jack’s bottom tightly against him as Jack moved against him up and down.

After they frotted for a while, Ethan said, “Fuck I’m so close. Don’t fucking stop babe. Don’t.” Jack leaned into him and sucked on his neck hard. As he felt the first waves of his orgasm he whispered, “Come with me baby.” The he slipped a finger into Jack’s bum.

Jack let out a loud moan and Ethan came first with Jack coming seconds afterwards. They laid still, sticky with both of their Irish cream between them on their chests. Jack made to roll off but Ethan move his arms to around his back and held him tight.

“Stay with me,” He whispered.

And Jack who was still in Ethan’s neck whispered back in his ear, “Forever.”


The next day Jack’s family arrived early so Marie could help with the cooking and force Henrietta, Mina and June to join them. Jack introduced his uncle Henry and Brayden to Alan and AJ, and they became fast friends even with the sports rivalries. They watched football, drank beer and talked sports, the stock market and politics. After a bit, Ethan tapped Jack on the shoulder for them to head upstairs since everyone was occupied, including EJ with his cousins.

Ethan locked the door as soon as they entered the room and they immediately embraced and kissed. Ethan said, “I feel like I haven’t been alone with you in days.”

“Because you haven’t, we’ve been busy.” Jack said. He started moving toward the bed backwards, taking Ethan with him. He asked, “How much time do we have?”

Ethan looked at his watch before he pushed Jack back on the bed. “Turkey went in about 11am and it’s noon so I’d say about 3 hours give or take. Longer than Sundays.”

He laid on top of Jack fully clothed and they kissed. bahis siteleri Then Jack used his strength to push Ethan over until he was on top and moved on top of him like he did the night before.

Ethan said, “Uh-uh Jackie Bear, I want all of it.” He patted his ass.

Jack stopped moving, kissed him on the lips and said, “Ethan. Let me fuck you.”

Ethan smiled, “Huh?” He pretended like he didn’t understand the request.

Jack’s eyes narrowed, “Let. Me. Fuck. You.” Since his birthday three weeks ago they only had sex four times but Ethan only bottomed for him one other time.

“And if I say no?” He said but his brown eyes sparkled and Jack knew he wouldn’t actually tell him no.

“Then you will be blowing yourself for the next two weeks.” Jack said defiantly.

Ethan laughed heartily. He patted Jack’s bottom again and said seriously, “You don’t have to ask every time you know. You could just…you know. Take it.”

“That sound a bit rapey to me, so no thanks.” Ethan laughed. Jack then said, “I just want to make sure you’re good, every time. I know you’re typically a top so…” He shrugged.

Ethan ran both his hands through Jack’s hair. “With you, I am everything you’ll ever want or need me to be. I’ll be your top, bottom, cum slut man pussy whore if that’s what you need.” Jack laughed as Ethan pulled his face down for a kiss. “I’m good. Stop asking me. I’m yours.”

Jack smiled as he stood up and started taking off his clothes. He grabbed the lube as Ethan used his radio remote to put on soft R&B music. Jack pulled off Ethan’s pants, then his shirt and kissed him all over his chest, then put his member in his mouth. Ethan moaned, then used the remote to turn the music up louder, just in case.

Jack leaned back to sit on his hind legs between Ethan and lubed up Ethan’s hole first, inserting his fingers inside until he was nice and wet. Then he leaned over and took Ethan’s penis with his and lubed them both up, making a show of stroking them both using two hands.

Ethan moaned, “Uuuugggh…unless you want me to come like thissssss…”

Jack let him go and lubed himself some more, then slowly entered Ethan. Ethan moaned and reached up to grab Jack on his sides with both hands. When Jack was all the way in, he gave Ethan a few seconds then leaned over him and kissed him as he began to move inside of him. Jack picked up the pace and Ethan got louder and he loved that he could make Ethan feel as good as Ethan makes him feel, and make him give up control.

Ethan’s insides were on fire as Jack slammed into his rectum over and over again and he never wanted him to stop. He came hands free all over his chest but that did not stop Jack from pounding him. He continued to get fucked and his penis kept ozing out cum. Jack never wanted to stop either, Ethan was so tight and it felt amazing. But eventually he started feeling his own orgasm coming up.

He leaned all the way down and kissed Ethan and said, “Tell me.”

And Ethan knew what he wanted to hear. He said breathlessly, “I fucking… love you… Jackie Bear. Fucking… love you…love you.”

Jack pumped right through his orgasm, cumming intensely and silently as his voice was caught in his throat. Finally he stopped moving and Ethan could still feel his penis pulsing inside of him making him continue to be hard and horny. He tapped Jack to move off him and Jack slide off to the side. Ethan stood up and grabbed the lube to stroke himself fully erect again while Jack watched with that sideways smile of his. He knew they were not done.


Suzanne asked, “Where is Ethan? He’s supposed to help me with the stuffing, he likes it a certain way.”

“Well he’s not in the living room with the boys, I just came from there.” Becky said.

Mina said slyly, “Anybody check upstairs? Where’s Jack?”

“They went upstairs hours ago.” June said casually.

Suzanne looked up sharply. “Are you kidding me? Right now?”

“Oh honey they do this every Sunday.” Marie said, “They drop Ethan off with us, find a reason to excuse themselves and we don’t see them until it’s time to eat.”

“Are you serious?” She asked incredulously.

Marie repeated, “Every Sunday.”

Mina tried to help, “To be fair, they don’t really get a chance to…be together during the week because they are both working. Not to mention EJ sleeps in the same bed with them at night. So if they need a moment to connect, I say let them.”

Suzanne groaned. “Ugh. They can keep it in their pants for one more day. They are acting like love sick teenagers.”

“That’s because they are in love.” June said factually. Everyone looked at her as she continued to mix the cheeses for the mac and cheese.

Suzanne asked, “Did Ethan tell you that?”

“No, Jack did.” June said. “They confessed their love for each other. And they plan on staying together as committed partners. Raise EJ together.” Suzanne’s eyes grew wide.

“Wow.” Becky said. “That’s huge for Ethan.”

Mina asked, “Why? It seems normal to me, with how close they are.”

“Because the last time Ethan fell in love, it ended badly. canlı bahis siteleri Like, real bad.” Becky said. “It was like four years ago but he pretty much vowed never to fall in love again. And I believed him. I didn’t see him opening up again and so soon.”

“Well Jack has never really been in love, not as an adult. And he’s giving his all to Ethan. So I’m not surprised that they are opening up to each other.” June said.

Marie said, “Jack also doesn’t get serious about a lot of things, until he is serious. If he says he’s serious about Ethan being the one for him, then believe it.” She turned to Ethan’s mother. “What do you think Suzanne? You seem a bit stunned.”

“I am…I just want Ethan to be happy but he seems to struggle with finding happiness in his life. I truly do hope this is it for him. For both of them. Because I like Jack and he deserves to be happy too.”

“You raised a good son.” Marie said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better person for my boy.” The two moms hugged.

Suzanne then said, “But still, I have one rule with my boys – Nobody is fucking in my house but me! I’m bringing their asses back down.” Everyone laughed.

Mina said, “Awww, just give them another hour.”

Suzanne gave Mina a look, then relented. “OK. One hour.”


Jack laid on Ethan’s chest, dazed and drained from the love making session they just had. “We need to make time to do this more often,” he said.

Ethan was rubbing Jack’s back. “It won’t be like this always. EJ will grow up and want nothing to do with us before you know it.”

“And what about his little siblings?”

“What siblings?”

“You really don’t want to have any more kids?” Jack asked.

“I mean…sure but not from my loins. My divorce was final right around this time last year. I’m not sticking my dick in another woman ever again.”

Jack said, “That’s OK. I’ll take one for the team.” Ethan nudged him then laughed.

They laid there listening to Babyface playing from Ethan’s mp3 player: “And no one does it like me/And no one but you/Has that kind of whip appeal on me/Keep on whipping on me…”

“I think our families are getting along,” Jack said.

“Yea, I guess everyone passed the test. Guess that means we got the OK to keep going,” Ethan said, making Jack smile. Then he said, “Let’s just stay up here a bit longer. Maybe through dinner. Maybe they won’t miss us.”

As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. Mina said, “Ethan, your mother wanted me to remind you of her number one house rule, and to politely invite you back downstairs. Hi Jack.” She sang Jack’s name.

Ethan started laughing. Jack asked, “What rule?”

“Nobody fucks in her house but her.” Ethan said still laughing.

“Oh my God!” Jack and laughed too.

“C’mon. Let’s go,” said Ethan. But he didn’t move and neither did Jack for another couple of minutes. Then Jack sat up and looked at Ethan. Ethan started at him for a moment, then sat up and they kissed.

Jack whispered, “I love you.”

Ethan ran his hands through Jack’s hair and touched his face. “You don’t even know Jackie Bear, how deep this love I have goes for you.” He said. “I’m never letting you go.” He laid Jack back down, grabbed the lube and pulled his legs apart to enter him one more time.


Thanksgiving dinner was nice and uneventful until Jack said to Ethan’s parents, “Thank you for inviting me and my family to spend the holiday with you all.”

Suzanne said, “We’re happy to have you. Especially since you and Ethan have gotten so…close.” Jack smiled. Suzanne continued, “So how close are you two? Ethan hasn’t really said anything about it since he told us you were going to be more than friends back in September. How’s it going?”

Ethan said sarcastically, “It’s going great Ma, thanks for asking.” Jack snorted a laugh, then coughed.

“Don’t get snarky with me,” Suzanne scolded, “I’m just asking.”

“Sue, you know Ethan doesn’t talk unless it’s bad, so no news is good news.” said Alan.

“Well it must be going fantastic because I hear nothing!” She practically yelled at him.

AJ tried to help, “Ma, give it a rest will you?”

“What’s wrong with me wanting to know if my son is in love and happy? I’m his mother.”

“Because if he wanted you to know he would say it.” AJ said, still trying to defend is brother.

“But that’s the thing, he wouldn’t say it.” said Suzanne.

Ethan got annoyed. “Can everyone stop talking about me like I’m not right here?”

“Well if you would throw your mother a bone now and then she wouldn’t have to.” Alan said.

“Well Jack isn’t shy so let’s just ask Jack.” said Marie. “How is everything going between you and Ethan?”

The table got quiet as everyone looked at Jack, including Ethan. Jack looked at Ethan and he gestured with his hand toward the table as if to say, go ahead. Jack cleared his throat and said, “Well. We love each other. Committed to each other. And we’re happy.”

Ethan gave him a sideways smile, then turned to his mother and said, “You happy? Now you know.”

His mother canlı bahis beamed. “Yes, thank you Jack. Oooh I hear wedding bells down the road, don’t you Marie?”

Ethan and Jack said simultaneously, “We’re not getting married.”

Mina said, “Awww, why not?”

Jack answered, “Besides the fact that it’s been like 2-3 months since we made it official, neither of us actually want to get married. Why the rush to marry people off?”

Uncle Henry joined the conversation and said, “Because that’s what you do when you meet someone, fall in love and want to spend the rest of your life with that person. If you say you’re committed, then commit fully.”

Brayden said, “here here!” and raised a glass.

Henrietta rolled her eyes. “I’m with Jack and Ethan on this one. I feel like your generation is always trying to marry someone off. It’s just a piece of paper, it doesn’t solidify anything.”

Brayden said, “Except it does.” The table went back and forth about relationships and marriage, with Jack shaking his head and Ethan growing increasingly agitated. They learned how Henry and Marie met:

After Henry and his two best friends immigrated to the US -one of them being Brayden’s dad, Brian- and worked for Sean’s father in Boston at his store doing deliveries, he met a 16 year old girl and followed her from Boston to Providence, Rhode Island. Henry and Brian started working on the apple farm just so he could be closer to her, knowing they delivered to stores in Providence.

When her father caught his then 17 year old daughter with a 22 year old delivery man, he chased him out of town back to the apple farm where he lived in the guest house in the back with Brian. A week later Marie shows up with a book bag of clothes and she never left the farm again. They married the day she turned 18 and she was already 3 months pregnant.

They also learned how Suzanne and Alan met: They have known each other their whole lives, growing up in the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx. They went to the same grade school, were friends in middle school and started dating in high school, broke up senior year, went to the same college, Fordham University, and got back together by junior year. One slip up and Suzanne was pregnant walking down the aisle to get her diploma.

“And what do you do when you knock up a good Irish Catholic girl?” Alan asked.

Jack answered, “You marry her!” He smiled at Ethan who did not smile back.

AJ and Becky gave their own love story: They met at Berkeley, freshman year. At first AJ was going for a Finance degree, but switched to Economics so he could take some sociology classes with her, as she was a Sociology major. They moved in together senior year off campus and two years later they got married.

“And I was not pregnant!’ Becky laughed. “Although to be honest we had a pregnancy scare which started the conversation about marriage.” They waited until they were more settled to have kids, as they had broken up at least three times prior to that.

“And see,” said Henrietta, “With the exception of Becky, everyone at this table who has been married got married because they had to get married. I want to get married when I feel like it’s the right time. Not because I’m pregnant or because it’s comfortable with my partner.”

Brayden got offended. “So is that all I am? Comfortable to you? You’re waiting for something better to come along?”

“That’s not what I said.” She huffed.

“That’s what I heard you say.” He challenged her.

Henrietta got frustrated. “Well it’s not what I mean! Brayden, we have been together since we were in diapers, our dads made sure of that. Despite that, I do love you. I don’t want anyone else but you. But marriages end. 50% of marriages end in divorce, so a piece of paper isn’t keeping people together. Love and commitment is, and we have that.”

“But that’s not a reason not to get married, because it could go bad,” said Henry. “You put the trust in that it won’t, and you put the work in every day to ensure it doesn’t. I don’t understand why you and Jack have such an aversion to spending your life together with someone.”

“We don’t have an aversion to spending our lives with someone else, we both are already doing it.” said Jack. “We just don’t need a marriage to prove it to anyone else.”

Ethan finally spoke up. “Especially since I already have one divorce under me and I don’t need another one.”

Jack did not like that at statement all. “Um…what the fuck does that mean?”

Ethan looked at him and said, “That came out wrong. I don’t have any intention of this ever ending; quite the opposite or we wouldn’t all be here at this table, your family and mines. I just meant that divorce is not fun. Break ups are bad but divorces are messy and nasty and you literally become a different person when it’s all said and done.”

He turned to the table and said, “Now I appreciate everyone’s investment and support of our relationship, and I’m sure Henrietta does as well-” Henrietta was scowling- “…albeit by the look on her face less so. You all have great solid marriages that we can look up to. But as for me, I’m not getting married, ever again. I did the white wedding walk, once was enough. But as far as love, commitment, trust, devotion, putting in the work, companionship, security, all of that, I’m living that every day with Jack.”

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