Birthday For Janet -The Real BeginningBirthday For Janet -The Real Beginning

Double Penetration

I think now is a good time to relate how I became involved in an incestuous relationship with my daughter, Laura, and my granddaughter, Janet.I grew up in a home where incest was the norm. My name is Jay, I was named for my grandpa Jay. I had a twin sister, Janet. My granddaughter was named after her because they both, along with me, shared the same birth dates.My grandparents had inherited their wealth from their parents. They owned a few farms plus several buildings and businesses in town. The income provided a carefree lifestyle.At an early age, my sister and I became aware that our grandfather had sex with our mother, Betty. We were later told that he was also our father. Grandpa and grandma were brother and sister.Ma told us that her mother had four daughters by her own brother. Betty, our mother, was the youngest. Grandma had developed a cancer that caused her to have a total hysterectomy. It also included even the removal of even her vagina. That prevented her brother to be able to fuck her pussy.He started to stay out nights. He would spend many of those times in a whore house, fucking the prostitutes. Grandma feared that he might contract a venereal disease.Since grandma and grandpa were a products of incest, she thought and decided that the perfect solution would be, that she would give him his own four daughters to fuck. He would then stay at home and stay away from the whores.She had all four of his own daughters sleep with him, first the oldest, then on to the youngest as they came of age. At times, he fucked them all while they were all in his big bed. Sometimes, all at same time in an orgy of incest sex.. He was able to service them all, as they serviced their own father. He had amazing power to maintain an erection for an hour or two.To grandma, incest was a normal ordinary thing that a family would and should do. Proper training was essential to prepare the male and female for family incest. There was to be open coupling between parents, children and siblings. There istanbul travesti was to be no jealousy, ever, in our family. It was share and share alike in all of the various sexual acts of incest.Grandma moved out of their bedroom. Eventually, all four sisters moved several beds and crowded them into their father’s bedroom. The room became wall to wall mattresses. All the girls were also allowed to explore their sexuality by engaging in all sexual acts with each other.Grandma insisted that there was to be absolutely no outside sexual contacts. At least until any family member was ever to marry, or decide to leave home. The three older ones did finally leave their home of incest. Whenever they returned home to visit, they were expected to fuck their father. Two actually did marry, another, Wanda, went to university and became a doctor. Those are to lead to other stories.My mother, Betty, was just 18 when she became pregnant the first time. That was my sister Anne Marie. Ten months later it was Sarah Beth. A year later, it was the twins, Janet Mae and me, Jay James.When Annie and then Sarah were old enough, grandpa was fucking them, taking their virginity. Grandma and my own ma, Betty, said that they were saving Janet’s virginity for me, the only other male in the family. Grandma was very strict about the four of us children fucking between ourselves, until we also became of age. Grandma threatened all of us that grandpa would use his razor strop on our naked rear ends. We were kept chaste by the very thought of that big wide strip of black leather that he used to sharpen his straight edge razor.We were all to be equal in our incestuous family. The family incest secret was to remain secret at all cost. It was explained that others would not understand that the love, that as a family, we all shared with each other. What a joy we felt as we shared our wanton naked bodies together. Nudity was not only tolerated, at times it was demanded. Grandpa’s and istanbul travestileri my cock would normally be in full erection at the sight of each bare naked pussy and those beautiful small tits.Shortly, before my 16 th birthday, there was a car accident where grandma died and grandpa lingered on several years. He was partially paralyzed and barely able to get an erection. He had very little cock love juice to give his daughter and granddaughters.At last, it was the day that was to be a celebration for my twin sister, Janet, and me. Our 16 th birthday. It was also the day of our initiation as full members into this incest family. The two of us would fully learn all the secrets of incest sexual fulfillment.Grandpa Jay told Betty, his daughter, and Janet’s and my mother, that they needed to teach the two of us how to fuck. It was to make sure that we both were to loose our virginity. Janet was to learn how to please both a cock and another pussy or two. I would be taught to be able to give total satisfaction to each and every pussy in the family. I was never to leave a pussy without it having a full and complete orgasm. With grandpa and my three sisters watching, My mother took me to bed. I gave her my virginity, and she gave me my first fuck.My ma had me join her on the king size bed. She began by kissing me and using her hands on my cock. She placed my hands on her small breasts. Then she wanted me to kiss them and tongue the nipples. It was the first time I had touched any tits since I had suckled there as an infant. They were small and still more or less firm and somewhat without much sag to them, Even after four babies.She said, “you have such a beautiful cock. It is as big and hard as my pa’s!” Then she kissed down over my belly, through the patch of my pubic hair and then kissed, licked the drop of pre-cum from the tip. “Oh, Jay, you taste so good!” Finally, she put my engorged cock head into her mouth and sucked.I had never felt anything travesti istanbul so wonderful. Not even my hand jacking off my cock until I had made myself cum. It never, ever, even approached the feel of her mouth sucking me. She had one hand stroking my cock as her other hand gently caressing my balls. As she felt the sack they were contained in begin tighten up, she stopped sucking and laid beside me. “I need you to fuck me now, baby!”She spread her legs, her pussy displayed in all its glory was open to my view. The vee shaped patch of brown pussy hair and the wet pussy lips that gaped open to my first real view into the object of my desire. It was the location that I had come from sixteen years before. It was that very ‘Glory Hole’ that I was going to return.She pulled my head toward her pussy. “Jay, you know what I want you to do now, don‘t you?” I lowered my face to obey. The aroma of a sexually aroused pussy has been forever imprinted on my memory. She used her hands to place my lips and tongue on her love box. I savored and loved my first taste of pussy love juice. I loved the feel of her pubic hair tickling my nose. I licked and probed her delicious female sex. I enjoyed what I was doing.She introduced me to her clitoris, her joy button, her orgasm trigger. She explained that I should never touch it without a dampened finger or tongue. “Caress it gently!” she said. I did so until I had indications that more vigor was desired and needed. For my first time attempting to please her, I was able to bring her to a glorious climax.My mother quickly had a cum. “Oh Jay, you don’t know how much pleasure that gave me. How I have waited for this day to come. My own son giving my pussy such joy for first time!” I replied, “ I loved doing it for you, teach me everything!” And that was the beginning of my incestuous training of how to satisfy a pussy to the fullest.She then pulled me up to lay on her nakedness. My chest was the pressed against her tits. My cock was probing for an incestuous entrance to my own mother’s pussy. My cock was being well lubricated with her slick pussy love juice as well as all of my saliva that I had left there. She reached between our bodies to guide me to the destination that we both desired.My cock slipped easily inside the opening of her hot wet pussy.

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