The Beast’s Prey – Chapter 7: The CelebrationThe Beast’s Prey – Chapter 7: The Celebration


Abigail and Jacob stood at the top of the crest, which overlooked the tree in the clearing. Abigail hurriedly smoothed her ruffled skirt, matted with the late evening dew and the leaves from the hill. Her hands deftly pulled the material out of the folds of her damp inner legs. She could feel herself blushing like mad as she did so.Once again, she thought of Jacob’s cock. Its massive girth, ready and eager, just a few inches away from her. She desperately hoped Jacob had not spied on her earlier. She felt herself turning an even brighter shade of red.A vivid fantasy pushed its way into her mind. She could imagine him unleashing his enormous cock from his trousers. He would grasp the throbbing member and rub its massive length along her skirted backside. In her lustful vision, she could almost feel the thrusts of his dick, sandwiched between her ass cheeks and sunk into the folds of her skirt. She could imagine the boy’s eager cock tunneling between her ass cheeks. Each thrust would bring the massive tip of his cock to the entrance of her wet, willing pussy.She cleared her throat, breaking the fantasy from her mind with sudden finality. Abigail forced her gaze away from Jacob and back to the two at the tree.She thought to herself. What has gotten into me? I really shouldn’t be daydreaming like that.Looking down the hill, she could see her two bursa escort classmates rearranging their clothes from their sexual foray. Hunter already had his cloak re-fastened around his cut, muscular frame.Zafael was slipping back on her thong panties while lifting her wayward breast back into her blouse. Abigail couldn’t help but notice her nipples were still very erect.Jacob and Abigail cautiously began their trip down the hill. They were careful to avoid any hidden branches or loose rocks. Any such tricky barrier could turn an easy descent into a treacherous one.As they approached the two by the tree, the forest moaning began to pick up again.Not sure if it was her imagination, but the voices seemed louder than before.Hunter lifted his gaze to them as they approached the tree.”Oh, look who’s here.””You two out here for a little action too?”Abigail could feel her face flush, confident she was turning red again. She desperately hoped none of the others could tell.Hunter smirked at the two, amused at his remark and doubtless satisfied at the reaction it garnered.Abigail spoke cautiously. “You hear them too, don’t you? The voices, the…moaning?””I hadn’t noticed it before, but…” Zafael spoke up, her voice a sultry purr. “Where do you think it is coming from? It seems to be all around us. And is it me, or is it getting louder?”Well, bursa escort bayan that confirms it, Abigail thought. She wasn’t the only one hearing it; it was getting stronger. She slowly scanned around the perimeter of the forest.Her eyes eventually came to rest on a distant dark patch of woods. The spot revealed a rough path deeper into the woods. Abigail felt a strange sensation when her eyes fell on that area. There was a strong pull emanating from deep within the woods ahead. As her eyes lingered over that spot, she felt a familiar wave of pleasure begin from between her legs. A buzzing, warm tingle that promised a more substantial pleasure if she but pursued the path onwards.The other members began to look in the same direction. Could they also be sensing the same thing she is, Abigail thought. One by one, the others all turned to face the same forest path.Zafael licked her lips, finishing the last taste of Hunter from her mouth. “What is it about this forest tonight?” She said.”It appears to be coming from that direction,” Jacob spoke up. He pointed to the same dark path that they had all turned to face. Whatever was drawing them there must lay further in the woods ahead.Zafael was the first to strike out from the group.”I didn’t know you all were such scared, little children,” she declared as she headed escort bursa toward the mysterious path. “I’m gonna find out what all this fuss is about.”Abigail couldn’t help but admire Zafael’s sensuality as the girl strode ahead. Her skirt barely covered her panties, often showing a generous amount of her curves while she walked. The roundness of her butt cheeks was accentuated by the thin cloth of her meager skirt. With the rise and fall of her feet, the material sashayed over her ass, highlighting the thin thong of fabric that rode over her pussy and deep through her ass crack.Even her walk is sexy, Abigail thought.As she turned to follow, she noticed Jacob’s cock again. This time it was even more erect. It fought against the prison of his simple trousers. She couldn’t blame him, not sure if it was the forest’s mysteries, the moaning sounds, or the pure eroticism of Zafael and Hunter, but she could also feel herself beginning to get wet again too.”Hmmph, I’m not gonna get blamed if you three get lost in the forest,” Hunter declared. He reluctantly began to follow after them.Jacob was the last to move. He brought up the rear of the party, nervously scanning the forest for hidden dangers as he walked.The young adults continued their arduous journey deeper into the dark forest. They picked their steps carefully as they attempted not to trip in the barely moonlit woods. Footfalls of crunching leaves echoed in the evening mist that hung just above the dirt floor. The gray matter swirled around their legs. It rose to splash over Zafael’s swaying skirt and wash over the bottom of Hunter’s cloak.

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