This is the story of the day in my life which has changed my relationship with my bestie… Oh u are thinking who am I so I am Sneha and my bestie Archit. We have both been best friends since class 9th and now we are in college and living in the same building but in a different apartment. His apartment is just next to me. These apartments are just for namesake. Most of the time we stay at each other’s apartment.

Today we came from college and went separately to our apartment to get fresh, after some time I heard a bell and I knew who was there and without looking I just opened the door and he came inside wearing a t and shorts and “commented someone looking sexy in bum shots huh” and playfully spank my ass. I royally ignored his comment as he always does this.

I replayed him and ”u are looking like a monkey.”

He laughed and said “oh please I am handsome and u know it.” I just rolled my eyes at him.

We both sat on the sofa and started watching tv but nothing good is telecasting on tv, so he suggested “let’s play Jenga.”

I said “OK” and brought the game. When we set the game.

He said “that we will play it with a twist.”

I asked “what kind of twist.”

He explained “with each fall whoever’s at fault will remove one cloth.”

“What?” Are u kidding.

He replied “no I am damn serious about it and why do u think I will do it.” He started, “please babe it will be fun and a good show of striping.” I like the idea and for the sake of fun.

I said “yes.”

The game began and after some rounds, we were just left in our undergarments, it was my chance, and it fell so it was time to remove my bra. I started to hesitate but he said “oh c’mon babe just remove it, I also want to see your boobies.” I just glare at him and mouth shameless man. He said “very much and told me to remove it now and I have seen better so no problem and winked.”

In anger, I just get up and went to punch him but he moved back and I fall on him, his hand automatically came on my back to support me and we both were lost in each other eyes when suddenly he opened my bra clasp and I came out from my zone and asked in a shocked way “why u did that” and I forgot and sit up and the bra fall, I immediately covered my both boobs and he grown.

He pulled me by my elbow and now he is upon me saying “never to hide anything from me…”

I asked looking straight in his eyes “why?”

He answered “because you are mine to look, touch and feel.”

Now I forget my state of nudity and argue “I am not yours, whereas you already like that bitch so get off from me and I also like the boy from our class.” His face is showing anger, how much he is irritated, and the biggest mistake I did that I started pushing him he was annoyed by my behavior and pushed both my hands upward and start kissing me roughly and biting my lower lip for entrance which I gave in a haze of the situation, we both kissed and part away to take some air.

While panting I asked ”why did u do that u liked someone else.”

He sucked the area near my ear and whisper in my ear “foolish girl after that kiss u think that I like someone else,” he laughed and “said no from starting I just liked u and start loving you but never dare Elazığ Escort to confess but today when u start talking rubbish, I have to do something to shut your mouth.”

I know you don’t like me and he starts blabbering, to stop his blabbering I pushed him down from his neck and start kissing when I part away i touched my forehead with his and said “I also love u dumbo from a long time and also don’t dare to confess thinking you like someone else and our friendship will break down.”

We both confess to each other and start making out. While kissing he starts pressing my tits, I start moaning in the kiss. He came down and started blowing air near my intimate area, he parted both my thighs and slapped them I moaned… hmm Archit. He removed my panty while staring in my eyes and came up, start licking my clit and making round movements around it, he bites on my clit and lick it to soothe the pain and came more down and start tongue fucking me, soon the knots start forming in my stomach and I told him to do fast and told him I am going to cum. He starts fucking me more rapidly and in no time I cum screaming his name.

He made me sit first and gave me time to recover from the orgasm. We both stood up and he went to sit on the sofa, I was also going to sit beside him but he commanded me to bring my vibrator. I was confused and asked “why?”

He told me “just to follow what he was saying.” I went inside and brought the vibrator from my cupboard and gave it to him…

And asked “what you are going to do now…?” Ssh patience baby patience “I promise u will like it…”

He was sitting on the sofa and told me to sit on his lap. I sat and he started caressing my stomach with one hand, started kissing and sucking my sweet spot, kissing my shoulder and neck, his hand started to go down and he started rubbing my clit, a moan escapes from my mouth… ahmm… From another hand, he starts pressing my boob, pinching my nipple and from the other hand starts teasing, touching but not exactly touching he just roams his finger up and down in my slit…

I grown so he chuckles and come near my ear and whispered in a most sexual way “so wet hmm and eager to get fucked huh,” while saying this he suddenly pushed two fingers inside me and slowly start moving his finger. After 3-4 times he took out his fingers before I decided what happened. I started feeling vibrations then I understood he pushed the vibrator inside me with a low setting and squeezed both my tits and told me to “cook something for him as he was hungry.”

Listening to his words I was just shocked and asked ”what the fuck man u r hungry now, here I am all excited and what u want is food rather than me… If u want just make it yourself or order it for fuck’s sake.”

I am just going to remove the vibrator but he stops me by my hand and rotates it behind my back, pulls me toward his chest, and spoke huskily in my ear “don’t u dare to touch it, or else u will not like that I will punish u so just go make something for both of us.”

“I don’t want to eat” I replayed… U have to eat as u need a lot of energy today and he bites my ear. Now go, I grown but stand up and I was going toward the kitchen when he spanks my ass and Elazığ Escort Bayan wink and tells me not to remove the vibrator. I just said ”OK” and moved toward the kitchen and started working. Because of the vibrations, it is becoming more difficult to do any work as I am getting hornier as time passes and he was just sitting there enjoying my situation and smirk plaster on his face as he knew what he was doing to me.

But when I saw a boner in his pants, I was also satisfied that he is also in some pain and automatically a smile came to my face…I can’t bear the ache so I started rubbing my clit and feeling pleasure and didn’t know when he came beside me, he pushed me against the kitchen counter and increased the speed of the vibrator and asked in a serious tone “did i told u that u can touch yourself…,” I just shake my head in no as I was not able to form any word due to vibration…he said loudly “words, did I tell u that u can touch yourself girl…”

I stutter “nn…o.”

“Then why did u touch yourself ha?”

“I can’t bear the ache anymore and want release so…” Hmm…

“Ohh my baby wants her release but u touch yourself so…”

I requested, “please…” and he started kissing me and put me on an island and turned off the stove while coming between my legs. He removed the vibrator and started fingering me while kissing and sucking my neck…. he came down and removed his fingers and told me to suck off his fingers.

I took his fingers in my mouth and suck them clean while staring into his eyes after it he came down and start sucking and licking my clit, while licking he came down started tongue fucking me and I start moaning and fondling my tits and in a few minutes I cum and he sucked it all. I was panting. He came up to my height and started kissing my lips, roaming his tongue inside my mouth. I can taste myself in his kiss and I am loving the feeling.

We broke the kiss and started panting. He kissed my forehead and told me “to or can say plead your highness now can you please make food for us so we can restore our energy for more fun and he winked”. We both laughed and I started preparing the food. We both ate and lay beside each other in a half-sitting position and start talking about here and there… he started caressing my thigh (I am naked and he is just in his boxers) and watching how will I react and I subconsciously lick my lips and his eyes got more darken with lust by seeing this I came upon him and start kissing him on lips, I bite on his lower lip for entrance which he gladly gave me, I roam my tongue in his mouth we both are kissing each other with the same passion and he is roaming his hand all over my back…

I break the kiss and start kissing and biting on his neck, marking him mine, then start licking the marks I start coming down while kissing his chest and pinch one of the nipples as he pinched mine and when he saw me I just poke out my tongue and lick his nipple and suck both his nipple one by one and came down and start caressing his cock from his boxer he starts moaning in low voice, I removed his boxer and start licking the precum which is coming out and start sucking his cock with slow speed then I increase my speed Escort Elazığ but when he was going to cum I stop and see him and he said “what suck it” or “I am not going to spare u once u open my hand…”

Ohh I forget to tell u for fun I bind his hand after our kiss so now he can’t do anything to me and I just smirk and asked innocently ”what happened baby did u want anything….”

“Just open my hand u…” No, no baby shh I came back between his legs and slowly started sucking and teasing his cock, he told me “just do it fast or I will not spare u when…”

Shh, “now u are not in that position to do anything so don’t threaten me when u r the one who wants the release.”

He groaned but didn’t say anything after that, I started sucking his cock again with speed and he started moaning and soon he cum in my mouth and I sucked it clean and came up and pecked his lip and started opening his hand. When I opened his hand he changed our position, now I am beneath him and he is upon me, and lower him down till my ear and whisper now “I will tell u what can I do with my open hands, I will not stop u to cum but make u cum so many times that u will beg me to stop and bite my ear and start sucking my sweet spot.”

I moan “ahh.”

He came down and started sucking my boobs and rubbing my clit with speed and in no time, I had my first orgasm of that night. He stops for 1 min and then inserts his two fingers in me and starts moving them in and out after some minutes when I am getting used to it, he inserted another finger. Twisting and turning his long fingers inside me, my eyes rolled back. I got my orgasm.

He again waits but continues kissing me and in no time, he inserts his cock inside me with a hard thrust and waits for 2 min so I can adjust to his size. When I got adjusted to his size, I told him to move, he started moving and slowly increased his speed and started thrusting hard, our room filled with our moans. Suddenly he flipped me over and started pounding me from behind, with each thrust he squeezed my boobs and sometimes pinch my nipples.

He was thrusting so fast and I was just lost in my pleasure. He started rubbing my clit which has now become so sensitive due to so much orgasm. I can feel the pleasure building inside me. I start moaning loudly and saying faster… Ahh… Hmm. Fuck me faster… hmm, we both cum together and lay down panting… Coming down from our high state.

After one more round, we both slept after cleaning. When I woke up in the morning, he was staring at me. I told him ”it is not a good habit to stare at someone when they are sleeping.” He loyally ignored me and came down and our lips met and we started kissing and he started rubbing my clit making me moan in the kiss.

He pulled me upon him and now I am sitting on his dick and he told me to ride him. I didn’t waste any time and started riding him… He also starts thrusting down, from this my boobs are jiggling in front of him, he grabs my tits and starts squeezing them. In no time we both orgasm and I put my head on his shoulder, his dick still inside me.

We both got up and went to the bathroom to clean ourselves, we both cleaned each other and had a quickie in the bathroom. We came out and started getting ready and left for college. But today is different. We left tomorrow as best friends but today we entered college premises as lovers, mad lovers who are in love for a long time but never accept it due to fear that we will lose each other’s friendship but not anymore.

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