Ben’s Games Ch. 01Ben’s Games Ch. 01


The light from the lamppost shone through the open curtains and lit up my gorgeous fiancé perfectly. My name is Ben, my fiancé is Chloe, both of us twenty. We were childhood sweethearts. My Chloe is a curvaceous, five foot four inches tall, natural brown skinned beauty, breasts being a firm 36d, brown hair cascades down her back, she turned heads everywhere she goes. I have to pinch myself sometimes when I look at her. When we started going out we were skinny kids, now I’m still a skinny white kid while my fiancé just blossomed.

The other problem I have is sex, I’m okay with foreplay, actually love it, I could go on Chloe’s breasts and pussy for hours. I struggle to maintain an erection. I know this disappoints Chloe, even though she would never tell me. I tell my friends about my problem, they just think I’m crazy and offer to come round and fuck her for me. I bet many have tried, whether they were successful I don’t want to know, ignorance is bliss they say.

I had received a large bonus from work. I decided to book to dream getaway for us both. I spent hour after hour trawling the internet, then I found it. Ten days in the four star paradise Hotel in Cyprus. I didn’t hesitate and booked it there and then. I told Chloe about it, when she returned home from work, she was so excited;

“I love you! Love you!”

“I love you too.”

Chloe had started to go to the gym in preparation for the holiday, her waist was slimming, her stomach was flattening and her legs were slimmer and toned. If possible she was getting even hotter. I was still a skinny white kid. She modelled her bikinis for me which got me hard, we fucked for a bit, I finished far too soon for her, I used my fingers to finish her off, you could see she was gutted with my cock, ‘what is wrong with me.’ I thought.

We landed at Paphos International, did the normal customs checks, fetched our luggage and headed for our transport. The journey lasted about forty five minutes. We arrived at the hotel it was incredible.

“Oh Ben it’s lovely.”

At reception, stood a very attractive young Cypriot woman.

“Hello, I’m Anita. Are you Ben and Chloe, um, hold on, Carmicheal.”

“Yes we are.” I replied.

“Oh good, here we are room 36, we have upgraded you to Sea view room.”

We handed our passports in and did some logistical paper work then took our key. Anita gestured a young man over to take our cases to our room. We followed him to our room, he was nice young man telling me he was gay and his boyfriend was a masseuse at the hotel. He left our cases on the floor of our room, I handed him ten euros to say thank you. He then gestured me over to him while Chloe unpacked.

“Hi sir are you English.”


“Your girl very beautiful, please watch her.”

” Why?”

“We have a waiter who loves English girls, the girls seem to go with him.”

“Okay thank you.”

“Please sir take me serious. Pedro always finds a way.”

The porter left, shutting the door behind him.

We finished unpacking.

“Shall we go for a drink Chloe?”

“Yes why not, we are on holiday.”

We made our way to the bar by the pool, Chloe gripped my hand and put her head on my shoulder as we walked. I ordered two mojitos. We sat on these large armchair style sun loungers, with a table in the middle.

“Hello I’m Pedro, One mojito for you sir, and one for the beautiful lady.”

Pedro was overweight, his gut was straining the buttons on his undersized shirt, tight black small curls on his head with bits of grey and balding at the front. ‘What the hell did girls see in this guy’ I thought. He smelt like cigarettes and old chip oil.

He looked Chloe all over, playing close attention to her breasts and then to her legs. He lent over Chloe to place our cocktails on the table. I turned to Chloe to say how rude this man was. She was in a world of her own just staring, she sucked her bottom lip between her teeth. She was staring at Pedro, why was she staring? Her breathing was so hard her chest was heaving, making her breasts almost come out at the top of her dress. Her hand moved to her stomach stroking it.

“Honey are you OK?”

She didn’t hear me. Her hand moved to her pubic area. I knew the signs she was getting horny.

“Do you see something you like, my English rose.” Pedro said smiling

Then I saw it in his tight trousers, was the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. It must have been ten inches and very thick.

“Oh, um, yes Pedro. It,um felt so, um, heavy on my arm.” Chloe could hardly get her words out, her hand was pulling the bottom of her dress, her tongue was licking her lips.

“Chloe!” I shouted, pushing her arm to shake out of the trance created by Pedro’s snake.

“Oh Ben, take me back to the room.”

“Thank you Pedro you can go now.”

Chloe didn’t wait for me, she had already gone back to the room.

“Excuse sir.” Pedro said grinning showing his brown teeth, his face all stubbly.


“Your girlfriend.”

“Fiancé!” I snapped.

“Sorry fiancé, is very beautiful, great bosoms. I will Bodrum Escort be ramming my giant cock in her pussy, I know it, you know it and she is in the room now, thinking about my cock ramming her. I will flood her inside with my cum, when I finish I would have ruined her pussy.”

“I don’t think so!”

“Oh I will sir, she will be screaming Pedro!, Pedro!, as my cock fucks her, I’m going to come on those firm brown bosoms.”

I was so angry with that horrible man, how could talk about doing those things to my Chloe. I arrived back at the room, I could hear light moaning. Chloe was lay on the bed, she was fingering herself with two fingers and rubbing her clit.

“Oh my god!” she screamed as the motion of her finger movements got faster. Was she thinking about Pedro. I felt a surge in my pants, Chloe must of have been so turned by Pedro, she didn’t even take her dress off. The thought of My gorgeous Chloe rubbing herself to the image of Pedro’s giant cock, got my loins yearning. My cock was now rock hard, so hard it hurt me. I didn’t hesitate, I jumped onto my fiancé’s writhing body and stuck my rock hard cock into her. I fuck her like never before. I ripped her big brown balloons out of her dress, squeezed the nipples hard.


“You like that don’t you, so you like looking at others men’s cock do you slut.”

“Oh Ben! Bang my pussy, I’ve been a bad girl.”

I Flipped her over, I was now behind her. I grabbed a fistful of her hair so hard some come out in my hand. Without thinking I pushed my cock in to her pert anus.

“Ben! Yes ffuucckk my ass!”

I could feel my ejaculation coming, I quickly pulled our of her anus. And shot my cum right on her face. I collapsed on the bed exhausted.

“Oh my god Ben, that was amazing, what got into you.”

“You thinking about Pedro’s cock got me so hot.”

“Well I think might think about it again tonight.”

“As long as its just thinking.”


We snuggled for the rest of the night, eventually falling asleep.

The next day, I had booked an excursion to a wine vineyard. It was keep Pedro out of reach. We got talking to a lovely couple, Steve and Bonnie. Steve was a well built rugby professional with a great long beard, his ears were all mashed up. Bonnie was the opposite to Chloe, very slim and slight, very pale skin and a mop of the brightest red curly hair cascading around a very pretty face. You could say that Steve and I probably had each others perfect girlfriend.

We arrived back at the hotel about six. The four of us decided to eat together, sharing a few cocktails after.

“Don’t forget you got see reception, about no hot water in the shower.” Chloe reminded me.

We said bye to Steve and Bonnie and made our way to reception. There was no one on reception, no bell to ring.

“There’s some noise coming from in there.”

By reception was a door to a office. I pushed it open slowly, Chloe stood behind me. We both looked in shock at the site of Pedro ramming his cock inside Anita the receptionist. She was lay flat on a her desk, her legs against Pedro’s shoulders. I couldn’t stop watching this Cypriot goddess being pummelled by a fat greasy waiter with his massive snake. His shirt was off, his fat hairy stomach dripping sweat on her mocha coloured soft skin.

“You can’t fire me can you.”

“No I can’t Pedro.”

“If you do, you won’t get this cock anymore, is that what you want.”

“No I want your cock, give it to me fuck me, I want all your cock in me.”

I watched as he pushed all of his cock into her pussy.

“No please stop, it’s too big.”

“I’m coming bitch, get your hands around my beast I want to come over you.”

She pulled herself up, so she was sat on the desk. She looked gorgeous, her skirt had dropped down just showing her thighs, her blouse was open showing a beige lacy expensive bra. She placed both her hands on his beast and started wanking him hard.

“Come on you bitch faster, he grabbed her hair, come on you bitch, I want to cover your body my fucking seed.”

I turned to Chloe, she had her dress up and was rubbing herself, transfixed on his cock. She never took eyes off it.

“Oh yes finally you bitch.” Grunted Pedro.

I turned in time to see Anita’s fine body get covered in Pedro’s cum. It was on her face, in her hair, covered her clothes and bra.

“Say thank you to my cock.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t ever think about firing me again you filthy little bitch.”

I wanted to help her, she would of known we were watching. I stayed to see her get up, she seemed okay. I suddenly noticed my cock was hard again.

“Chloe are you okay.”

She just looked at me with demonic eyes.

“Fuck me Ben. NOW!”

We didn’t make it to the bedroom, fucking on a lounger by the pool.

The next day, Chloe reminded me that after last night’s events, we forgot to mention the shower.

“Okay darling, I will pop to reception and see if they can send someone.”

“I’m going to get some sleep.”

I made my way down Bodrum Escort Bayan to reception, I was disappointed to see Anita wasn’t working today. The man on reception said he send someone up to fix the shower. I decide to leave Chloe to sleep for a bit. I saw Steve and Bonnie and we shared a drink. A hour had passed I decided to check on Chloe. As I got close to the room, I could a lot of banging, I presumed it was the shower being fixed. As I entered the room, the noise escalated. My jaw dropped, my gorgeous Chloe being violated by Pedro’s huge cock. He’s on top of her, his sweaty hairy stomach pressing against Chloe firm breasts.

“You English slut you love having Pedro’s big beast fucking your pussy.”

“Oh Pedro your so big, its feels your splitting me.”

The four poster bed is banging against the wall. His beast destroying Chloe pussy, I’m just froze. She wraps her legs around him, running her nails down his sweaty back, his pimply, hairy, large arse bouncing on her pussy.

“Oh fuck me Pedro, ram your massive beast in me, I want to feel it.”

“You fucking slut, this is my pussy now, not even Ben can touch it.”

“It’s your pussy, no one as fucked it like you.”

“Fuck me harder I’m coming Pedro, FUUUCCKKK!”

Chloe’s whole body shakes as she cums over Pedro’s cock

“Your juices are so warm over my beast, you love my beast don’t you slut.”

“Yes I fucking do, ram it in me.”

Pedro switches her round, he is now taking my Chloe doggy style. I can see his beast pushing Chloe’s pussy to its limit. Pedro’s assault on my fiancé’s vagina gets faster and more frantic.

“Whose the only who can touch this pussy.”


“I told Ben you would be screaming my name. Where do you want beast now?”

“Fuck my massive tits, destroy them, they are yours now, all my body is Pedro’s!”

“Oh yes you English slut.”

I’ve never seen Chloe like this, I’m still frozen to the spot, like watching someone else’s life. Chloe put his massive cock in between her brown globes. They both spit on it and Chloe goes to work on his cock.

“Do you like my beast in your massive tits, hey slut.”

“Yes I love your cock, fuck my tits, grab my nipples, fucking grab them, pinch them fucking pull them until they hurt.”

I watched as Pedro pulled and twisted her nipples, they so large and red, her face a mix of pleasure and pain.

“Your nipples are so red and big, do you like that you slut.”

“Yes fuck me again with your beast, I want you to fill me up.”

“You want my cum inside you do you. Beg me like the slut you are.”

I thought Chloe would stop now, but sadly I was wrong.

“get on your knees and beg me.”

” Please fuck me, please, I want your fucking cum inside me. I want all your cum to fill me up.”

“nah, not good enough, I will fuck you and cum inside, if you lick my arsehole.”

Couldn’t believe it, Chloe ripped his sweaty arse cheeks apart and started licking his arse hole, the point of her tongue entering his hole, coming back out and running it round the rim.

“Is that good enough for you.”

“Oh my good you got to best English slut I’ve had.”

Her head was resting on his hard cock.

“Fuck me Pedro, please fuck me.”

“Okay slut, I will fuck you again,

I thought Chloe would come to her senses surely. But she didn’t. A tear ran down my cheek.

Pedro pulled her up and thrust her up the wall.

“Hold on to me you fucking slut, this is going to hurt.”

Pedro slowly lowered Chloe on to the beast and before she could think he was thrusting his monster cock all the way inside her. I could see the pain in Chloe’s face. I was stilled froze unable to do anything.

“Please stop Pedro, please its really hurting me.”

“shut up slut, you wanted all of me that’s what you will get. You English sluts think you take me.”

I watched frozen as his invasion of Chloe’s pussy intensified. Chloe as tears running down her face.”

“Pedro I can’t take no more please stop, your too fucking big.”

“Not long now slut.”

“I going to pass out, it’s too much, your too big.”

“Here we go slut, here it comes.”

“Oh yes Pedro,”

“Let go of me now slut, I’ve finished with you, your damaged goods.”

He threw Chloe on the bed. She couldn’t move, her breathing was heavy, she lay motionless staring at the wall. Pedro’s cum leaking out of her stretched red raw pussy.

“Thanks slut.”

He spotted me as he left.

“You shit Pedro, you won’t get away this.”

“Oh Ben like to watch do you, I fucking told you, I would fuck and destroy your little slut, I have ruined her pussy, she won’t be able piss through it without screaming, that pussy is mine, she will never be able fuck properly again, you can’t do anything, I’m untouchable.”

“you bastard.”

“If you like watching Ben, you can watch destroy that little red headed slut, she’s next.”

Pedro left.

I scooped my Chloe up in my arms and held her shaking body. I wiped her vagina clean. It was so Escort Bodrum red and bloody from where he put all his cock in her.

“so sorry Ben. I do love you.” She whispered.

“Don’t worry, we will sort it out.”

“Can we go home.”

“We will see. Just go to sleep.”

We wake up the next day. I kiss Chloe on the head. Chloe is so saw she can hardly move.

Few days later Chloe was healing up and felt she could go out. I hired a car, so we could totally get away from the hotel. We had a lovely few days out.

It was our last day, so we decided to chill for at the hotel. I had forgiven Chloe for what she did with Pedro. We hadn’t seen Pedro, we also hadn’t seen Steve or Bonnie. We weren’t sure if anything happened with Bonnie and Pedro.

It’s early evening, Chloe suggests going back to do some packing.

“You finish your Drink Ben, ill carry on up and do the packing.”

I finish my drink and make my way to my room. I hear some familiar sounds coming out of our room. Chloe’s white dress she was wearing, on the floor by the door. There’s clothes scattered across the room.

“As my little slut missed my beast.”

“Your little slut as.”

“Are you ready to be fucked hard again.”

“Yes Pedro fuck me hard.”

I stand again frozen, as Pedro as her legs up by her head, fucking pussy her hard.

“Chloe! Not again.”

“Sorry Ben I just can’t resist this monster cock.” They didn’t even stop fucking.

“I told you Ben, your slut can resist me.”

“You said you finished with Chloe, Bonnie was next.”

“That little ginger slut wasn’t interested, she must be a lesbian.”

“Stop talking to Ben, fuck me hard.”

“Ben go wait outside, I want to fuck your slut.”

“Yes Ben please, let the man fuck man fuck me.”

I waited on the balcony. Hearing her screams.

The door to the room opens, in enters Steve and Anita. I watch from outside as Steve and Anita climb on the bed naked. Chloe takes Steve’s cock in her mouth, Steve’s fingers fucking Anita while shares wet hot kisses with Pedro. Steve and Pedro swap. Steve is now fucking Chloe, Anita’s sweet pussy on Chloe face. Chloe and Anita both wanking Pedro’s beast. Things change again, Steve and Pedro are double penetrating Anita. Steve quite a big guy, seeing Anita’s beautiful body squashed between these big men, their cocks fucking her hard.

“Yes Fuck her holes.” Chloe shouts.

As I continue watching my cock is rock hard. I walk in the room.

“Can I join in.”

Anita looks up at Chloe, they nod yes.

The guys pull out of Anita. They start double penetrating Chloe, as Anita sucks my cock, her lips are soft and knows how use her tongue.

“I have dreamt of this moment. ” She said looking up at me.”

She caresses my cock softly with her soft mouth. I can’t help thinking of Bonnie. I stop Anita sucking me for a minute.

“Steve what’s your room number?”

“twelve.” he grunts, his cock still ramming Chloe’s arse.

I get Anita to ring her room and invite her down.

“She’s coming down.”

I take Anita, place her on the bed in a way her head rests on the small of Chloe’s back.”

I start fucking her.

“Yes Ben Yes, that is so good.”

It was so noisy in the room, all moans and screams. We didn’t hear Bonnie enter the room. I notice her standing by the wall wearing a short dress with daisies on it.

“Stop! Bonnie is here.”

Steve and Pedro stop fucking Chloe, I pull-out of Anita. Chloe and Pedro are lay on the bed her two hands wanking him off. Anita lies by them.

“Don’t worry Bonnie it’s fine. Let Ben look after you.”

Steve climbs on the bed, pushing his penis into Anita, she wraps her legs around him as they fuck hard. Pedro leaves Chloe and we move over too Bonnie.

“Why don’t we share this slut.” He said putting his hand out for to shake.

“Why not.”

Bonnie seems reluctant at first. She looks at Steve fucking Anita.

“So who is fucking me first.” She said her eyes sparkling.

I start French kissing her, Pedro pulls her dress off over her head and pulls pants off. His big cock his pressing against her pert white arse. Pedro guides her hand to his cock, she strokes it as I kiss her neck. Bonnie looks at Pedro.

“Fuck me.”

“So you want me now do you slut.”

“Yes I want that cock.”

Bonnie lies on the bed. Pedro pushes his cock inside her. Bonnie grips on to his body.

“I knew I would end up fucking your pale pussy with my massive beast.”

“God! you like to talk, just shut the fuck up and fuck me!” Bonnie snapped at Pedro.

So he did ramming her pussy with his cock. I move over to Anita who’s starts sucking my cock. Steve’s fucking Chloe, Chloe is eating Anita’s beautiful pussy. Steve suddenly groans shooting his cum over Chloe’s arse.

“Ben come fuck this slut.” said Pedro.

I move over to Bonnie.

“Fuck me in my bottom, please Ben my pussy is saw.”

I bend Bonnie over the bed and fuck her tight white arse.

“Oh yes Bonnie, your arse is beautiful.”

“Just fuck me Ben, pump your cum in to my arse.”

I look over too Pedro. Chloe and Anita are wanking his cock hard.

“You sluts love my cock don’t you.”

“Yes please cover us in your cum.”

” Here it cums sluts.”

Anita and Chloe are looking at the tip of his cock their tongues hanging out.

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