Becoming Mistress Victoria Part SixBecoming Mistress Victoria Part Six


Brian was my first guinea pig. He was a young and hormonal boy with a  cock was that was perpetually hard and was trained to come on my command. I would use his orgasm as a reward for being a good slave; sometimes; I would not let him come for days. When he finally did come, it was always a lot, and I would have him lick up his cum, from my feet or my pussy.I was learning how to be a good Dominatrix, as I was training Brian, the line between pleasure and pain. He was a willing and obedient slave. We dabbled in golden showers but it is not my thing. It was mostly bondage almanbahis and discipline, some cock and ball torture, wax-play and some humiliation; this is when I learned about reward and punishment.The S I was a strict disciplinarian, but never cruel. I was very protective and selfish with Brian.I met Paul years before when I was still with John. He would come to town occasionally he had a large uncut cock, and we would have very intense, very rough sex together. He was dominant in the relationship. It is something that I sometimes needed as well. I tried to have almanbahis yeni giriş John fulfil that need for me as well but in the end, it just confused John, and I never tried it with Brian.For a long time, I never told Paul about my lifestyle or that I had my own slave boy. One day I let it slip, Paul was fascinated and begged to meet Brian. (I secretly thought Paul was bisexual.)I reluctantly decided to have them meet.Brian and I arrived at Paul’s hotel room. Paul, dressed in a robe,  immediately kissed me deeply and fondled my breasts, to establish dominance. almanbahis giriş  He turned to Brian and smiled lustfully.“So this is your little slave boy,” He glared at him. “What does he do?”“Anything I ask of him, “ I said matter-of-factly.”Well, should we have a little fun?” He asked me. “Can he take off his clothes?I nodded to Brian, and he immediately removed his coat, to reveal he was naked underneath.“Awesome!” Paul exclaimed, “He even has a hard-on already!”“Have him make us a drink,” He ordered.I pointed Brian to the bottles of Scotch on the table. While Brian was playing bartender, Paul was taking off my clothes. He pushed me down on the bed and fingered my pussy.  Brian was standing dutifully at the end of the bed with the drinks. Paul looked up smiling and grabbed the glasses.

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