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This took place a number of years ago. At the time, Helen and I were not married but were living together. We were living on the East Coast near a well known city on the water. We both loved to go to a local establishment that is part of an upscale chain of seafood restaurants. No it’s not Red Lobster. I said upscale. We liked this place as it was on the water and we could watch the boats in the harbor.

This particular time we had walked around the harbor visiting shops before going to the restaurant. We took our time and had an enjoyable late meal. The restaurant was nearly empty when we ordered dessert with only another couple in the room. There were still a few people in the bar, though.

All through dinner I had enjoyed looking at the zaftig red haired lady sitting across the table wearing a blue dress with a scoop neckline that had buttons running the full length of the front. With her church going, proper background, Helen was not going to be seen in public flaunting her body but her dress did not hide her delicious curves. There was an enticing hint of her cleavage and the tops of her white breasts showing in that scooped neckline.

After the waiter delivered the dessert, I slid onto one knee on the floor at Helen’s feet, presented her with a ring and proposed to her. She said yes and we kissed passionately.

Our emotions were high as I paid the bill. We left the restaurant and walked along the pier to the parking lot. The parking lot is nestled between the restaurant pier and some buildings used by the harbor trade. At this time of night there was no traffic to and from those businesses, just the restaurant.

Helen and I got in the car and started kissing each other furiously and lustily. Our tongues slid over and around each other in a hot dance of passion. As our tongues plunged into each others mouth we grew hotter and our lust built. I started unbuttoning Helen’s dress top and soon had my hand under her bra caressing her ample breasts. As my fingers glided over nipples as thick ankara escort bayan as the end of my little finger, they were nice and firm standing a half inch long, a sure sign that she was turned on.

Helen undid my belt and pants button and slid the zipper of my fly down, gaining access to my stiffened dick. She started to gently stoke my length while we kissed.

I was rolling her nipples between my thumb and fore finger, making her groan into my mouth.

I kissed Helen where her neck and shoulder joined and kissed my way up to her ear. I nibbled on her ear lobe and then ran my hot tongue deep into her ear. This really fires her up and she moaned when I did it.

I then kissed my way back down Helen’s neck, across the soft white expanse of her right tit and ran my tongue around the stiff nipple centered in a silver dollar sized light brown areola, feeling her breath catch as the pleasure of it hit her. My hand went back to unbuttoning her dress until I had it open from top to bottom. She was lying there against the car seat with her dark blue panties exposed and her matching bra pushed up her tits while I sucked and nibbled on her nipple. Then, after giving her right nipple a thorough workout, I moved on to her left one. This one is her most sensitive one. When I took it between my lips and flicked it with my tongue she let out a loud moan.

While I was sucking her tits, there were a couple who came out to another car in the lot. We didn’t stop. Helen was moaning and our windows were part way down. I don’t know if they saw us or heard us as they went on by. The thought that we might have been observed only turned me on more.

Meanwhile, Helen was stroking my cock and fondling my balls. She had pulled my shorts down as far as they would go with me sitting on them and had them under by balls. Her fist could not close on my girth as she was slowly jacking my 7 inch cock. In a husky voice she said, “I’ve got to suck your cock!”

As Helen positioned herself to suck me, I pushed the car seat back and lay the back çankaya escort of it down. Then I raised my ass and slid my shorts and trousers clear off. I was now naked from the waist down.

When Helen bent over my cock it was hard and standing straight up. She slid back the foreskin of my uncircumcised cock and ran her tongue around its tip. She then slid her mouth down over my manhood slowly, letting her saliva coat me. Her tongue was active while she did this, moving back and forth. It felt like heaven as she sucked me deep into her hot wet mouth.

While Helen was sucking my cock so expertly, I slid her dress up over her ass and slid my hand in her panties. Her pussy was hot and very wet as I slid two fingers between her folds and into her depths. She was moaning around my cock as I finger fucked her flowing cunt.

My thrusting fingers were deep in Helen’s tight twat when she stopped sucking my cock and said, “I’ve got to fuck you NOW!”

With that Helen pulled her dress and panties off and slid over the top of me till she was in a position where she could fuck me. She slid down and my cock slid right into her wet folds. We both groaned in passion as we felt my cock enter her. I thought I was sliding into fire, she was so hot.

I reached up and started to roll Helen’s nipples between my fingers and thumbs as she sat there feeling my cock plunged all the way into her tight cunt. Then she started to fuck me in slow strokes, pulling herself up nearly off of my cock and then slowly descending until I was firmly in her wet depths again.

I took the palms of my hands and held them so Helen’s nipples rubbed up and down them as she rose and fell on my hardness. This would often send electric shocks to her cunt and it did so this night. Helen started to rock back and forth on my cock, plunging it into the liquid fire of her twat as she approached her first orgasm. She started to moan with the moans catching in her throat as she approached the point of cumming. Soon she was crying out as the wave of dikmen escort her orgasm carried her away.

Helen slowed her fucking until the wave passed and then smiled at me and said, “That was a little one, I’m going to get a big one soon.” She resumed sliding up and down on my hard shaft. It felt incredible getting fucked by this hot bitch.

I told her, “You like fucking me don’t you? You’re my fucking slut tonight aren’t you?”

“I’m your whore anytime, baby. Just let me fuck that cock deep inside me. Make me cum, honey!”

“Fuck that cunt on my cock until you cum for me you hot fucking bitch! Fuck me with that hot cunt!”

Helen was picking up the pace again and the dirty talking had me excited. She was driving my cock deep into the tight confines of her sucking wet quim with each stroke. I knew that I would not last much longer.

A small group of people came into the parking lot then. We were too far gone to stop fucking. There was no way they couldn’t have known what we were doing as we were making too much noise and the car was bouncing. They didn’t stop and we didn’t either. If they looked they had to have seen Helen’s naked ass as she bounced up and down on my cock.

This made me even hotter than before and it seemed to do the same for Helen. She started to fuck me harder and I was thrusting up to meet her downward strokes. My cock was like a steel rod that was plunging into the fiery depths of her molten cunt.

Helen started to utter little screams as her big orgasm approached and I felt my own explosion gathering near. We thrust our hips at each other in desperation for the release that was near. Helen was lost in the throes of lust as she screamed and tightened her cunt on my cock. Her cunt’s grip on my cock drove all other thoughts out of may mind as I thrust as hard as I could into that pounding pussy.

Helen climaxed with a scream as I shot my white hot load of cum as deep in her cunt as I could drive it. I drove deep again and again as I drenched her twat with my cum.

Finally we both collapsed, spent. She lay on top of me as we recovered, our combined cum running down my balls and the wind off of the water cooling our ardor.

After a few minute, Helen purred, “God what a great way to get engaged! I love you so much and I’ll always be your slut and whore!”

“I love you and I LOVE my slut and whore!”

And I still do.

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