Babydoll Ch. 23Babydoll Ch. 23


Thank You for the comments, feedback, scores, and especially the encouragement to continue with the Babydoll series. Thank You for the private e-mails and comments sent my way, over time. As the series heads towards the long anticipated finale, I will let you know that it is now finished and the only thing that awaits the closure is the submissions that will occur over the next few weeks.

Like previous installments, this is a direct continuation of the last chapter. This is meant to be a Dramatic series filled with Romance, Intrigue, Taboo, and most of all Sex. I have attempted to keep the chapters from being too long – A little more than a stroke story, a little shorter than a short novel.

Once again, I am sorry for the delays that occurred. I had several requests to finish the story. The finish has been in the works for some time. It just took time to bring it all together in a way I felt comfortable with.

Like I have said before, please give the story a chance. Everyone is looking for their own path in a story. Your path may be different from the author’s. In the end, it is the author’s story told from his mind and creative energy. That is why I always appreciate those who put forth a good faith effort in their personal artistry. I have attempted to do so here.

My goal has always been to pull in all of your senses, while helping you imagine this journey.

Anyway, any likenesses or similarities of character are purely coincidental. I hope you will read the previous chapters, if you haven’t. But, you can always jump in here and go fill in the missing pieces provided in the earlier stories.

This is a taboo topic, so I know that it is offensive to some. The material is erotic to me, because it is forbidden in society. This is purely fantasy. Hope you enjoy the fantasy.


(Christmas Eve continued) – Jill and I arrived back at her house just as complete darkness had fallen around the old neighborhood. The scene looked like something from a Rockwell painting with strings of lights hanging from many porches of the historical houses and Christmas trees twinkling through the living room windows.

Jill’s parents said nothing as we entered the kitchen, where her mom was busy finishing some soup and putting together a little cheese tray. There would be friends of the family coming over soon and then we were all going to head to the Christmas celebration at the University.

The family went above and beyond to make sure that I felt at home for their Christmas. The neighbors and friends that joined us brought items that helped to fill out a banquet style meal. There were about 25 people that showed up between 6 and 8pm. The dining room was set up for everyone to help themselves to whatever they wanted. The rooms of the downstairs area of the house carried on several groups of conversation. All of these people knew Jill and she introduced me to each and everyone and we made small talk about various subjects from college classes to where I was from, what we were up to, sports, and life in general.

Jill seemed so exuberant about showing me off and staying by my side throughout the evening. This kept me comfortable. Most of the party began winding down a little after 9pm, because most everyone was going to the chapel located near the university for the midnight service. Betty and Jill did a little tidying up and we headed out and arrived for the 10:30pm service at 10:15pm.

I had been to services like this with my own family, at our church, but being in a different environment lent itself to an almost surreal experience, even if the program was virtually the same. Again, Jill and her family went out of their way to introduce me to fellow parishioners, the pastor, and staff members gathered on this special night. Everyone did everything they could to accommodate my comfort.

We got back to their house at 12:30am and everyone headed off to bed. It was decided that we would awake at 9am. Jill came up to the old attic guest room and tucked me into bed again before heading off. I thanked her for what she had done earlier in the day and kissed me soulfully and told me how much she loved me and before long she headed to her room. She was bound and determined to not go all the way until we got to New York for New Year’s.

I laid in the bed and my mind became restless. They say that Idle time is the Devil’s workshop, but I think it was the human experience that made me think of Ashley. We always were close, even before we got too close. I wanted to wish her Merry Christmas. I went and retrieved my cell phone from my jeans and got back in the bed. I didn’t know whether she would answer, but I would at least leave a message. I never wanted her to think I wasn’t thinking of her.

I called the number and the phone rang… “Hello,” came from the other end.

I was startled that she answered and was so nervous I nearly didn’t say anything, “Ash…” I trailed off.

“Hey Jimmy,” she replied wistfully…

“Merry Christmas. I just wanted travesti porno to wish you a Merry Christmas,” I nervously chattered.

“Merry Christmas to you too,” she responded in low tone, like she was nervous too.

(Jim) – “I-I just had to call you… we’ve always told each other.”

(Ashley) – “I know-I know… I thought you might call… I hoped.”

“I’ll call you every Christmas Ashley… I promise.”

“Promise,” her words trailed off, letting me know that was her desire.”

(Jimmy) – “Cross my heart… Has everything been good tonight?”

“Yeah, Big Daddy and Gramm’s came over like they always do. Jan’s here,” she snickered. “You’re not here and she’s here. Isn’t that ironic, but she has to leave tomorrow evening. Charlie’s with her.”

“Wow…” I blurted out, as the dark humor made me feel more at ease, while we continued chatting a while about Little John, the grandparents, and what all they had done for Christmas. Through all of this conversation it was easy to see that Ash and I were still best friends and nothing could stop that.

We continued on for a while about what had been going on since I left on that Thanksgiving weekend and I told her the PG-13 edition of my issues with Jill. I told her about Jill and I heading to New York on the 30th. She thought that was really cool. I asked her about Mitch. She insisted that they were just friends and the way she said it made it seem so.

When the awkward silence began and the conversation ran dry, it was time to let her go, “Well, I could talk to you forever, but I guess we both need to get some sleep.”

“Yeah,” she quietly responded. A tear rolled down my cheek as I told her, “I love you Babydoll… and I’m sorry for what I’ve put you through.”

I heard her sniffle. “I love you too Jimmy, but you have to promise to quit feeling sorry for me. I’m a big girl. I’ll be alright,” she tried to convince me.”

“Merry Christmas Ashley.”

“Merry Christmas Jimmy.”

I thought about her for a while after we had hung up, but I must have been more tired than I had thought as I drifted off to sleep.

I was awoken to the bright sunshine again, the next morning, as Jill once again stood with the Sun’s corona illuminating her in her nightgown, “Rise and Shine… Merry Christmas,” she bellowed as she hopped on the bed and rolled into me. She was completely into the reverie of the holiday spirit.”

She proactively took my lips and crawled atop me in her soft cotton gown. I could swear she was dry humping my morning boner with an over flowing sexual spirit. “If you don’t chill out I’m going to take you right here,” I let her know as she rode my encumbered length.

She fell to my side, “Mom’s getting breakfast ready. We’re gonna have French toast, bacon, and eggs and then we’ll open our presents.”

I had a special gift to give her. I got out of the bed and headed over to my suitcase, where I pulled a small jewel box out of my duffle bag. In it were a couple of small jewelry boxes. One held a Pearl and Moonstone necklace. The other held a set of matching moonstone earrings. These were her birthstones.

My spirit being reinforced by all of my past experiences of gifting jewelry, I knew Jill would be excited. I handed her the box and as I reclined back on the bed against the pillows, I awaited Jill’s reaction with a little bit of anxiousness. Maybe some of that was related to the guilty thoughts of Ashley that crept around in my mind. I thought about regrets and whether I should have called Ash the night before.

Jill was definitely excited and must have kissed me 50 times before we headed down for Christmas breakfast and the day that lay ahead…


After Christmas had come and gone, the family did the usual. There was always more than just Jill and myself. George and Betty pretty much chilled and hung around the house a lot. Both of them being teachers meant that they had a lot of downtime until the beginning of the New Year. Andy and I enjoyed playing Madden on his Playstation and Jill rotated between hanging out with me and her mom. There wasn’t much alone time for Jill and I, but we both were excited with anticipation about our soon to be trip into the Big Apple.

It was a fun time, as I grew close to Jill’s family. They were becoming part of my background, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I wanted some one-on-one time with Jill. We’d have that kind of time in New York, but soon after that we’d have to get back to college. We’d be in New York from December 30th until New Year’s Day and then leave on the 2nd and stay at Jill’s parent’s house that night before heading back to school on the 3rd. Jill had promised her boss that she’d be back to work on the 4th of January and we’d both have to start getting ready for the upcoming semester at school.

George and Betty were certainly great parents to their children. Betty and Jill had a lot of quality bonding time over the holidays. They would visit family friends, shop, alt yazılı porno and prepare all the meals we enjoyed during the course of the week.

We made a day trip to Jill’s grandparent’s house the day after Christmas, which was cool, because they lived in an old farm house a couple counties over. Jill’s grandparents were both in their mid-70s and they had what amounted to an immediate family reunion, with George’s brother and sister, and some of their children and grandchildren, being there also. Jill talked about wedding plans and invitations, while I just smiled and went along.

I didn’t know whether to be thankful or not, but the week was flying by. We’d be in New York in a few days and then not long after that, we’d be back at school. Through it all, my personal sexual tension was palpable. The relief that I received on Christmas Eve had worn off, but I wasn’t going to jack off in this place that was strange to me. I just wouldn’t have been comfortable doing that.

All the tension, and the holiday time, made me think about the past couple of years that I’d spent with Ash. Sure it blew up in our faces, but it was all still so special. That extraordinary time would always be remembered, if not cherished. My concentration needed to focus on Jill, but sometimes when I’d close my eyes I’d reminisce about how sexy my sister was.

The 26th turned into the 27th, the 28th, and finally, here was the 29th. Jill and I had decided to turn in early. We wanted to be on the road by 9am and it was going to be a long day.

Jill had come up to my room to tuck me in again, “Tomorrow’s a big day,” she said looking me in the eyes as she laid on the bed with me, kissing my lips gently. I could taste her cherry lip gloss and wanted to take her right there. I pulled her to me, ‘Uh-uh-uh,’ she chided me putting a finger to my lips. “Just a little while longer.”

“OK,” I acquiesced, as she kissed me and arose from the bed to head to her own room a floor down from this attic loft I was residing in. As she went to open the door, I let her know, “I love you Jill.”

She shook with exhilaration as she smiled, “And I love you too Jimmy Jameson,” before coming back to give me a quick kiss one last time. She turned, walked to the door, opened it and was gone. Jill certainly had been caring, loving, and attentive while we’d been here, but I was more than ready to go at this point. Her hugs and kisses were frequent, but not around her family, which I more than understood.

I laid with my eyes closed trying to force sleep and get through to tomorrow’s window.

I don’t know where the time had gone but I awoke to another bright, sunshiny day. Jill wasn’t here yet as I sat up beside the bed and yawned. I decided that I’d just lay back and wait for her to come and get me. It was still early I surmised. I felt so wound up that I couldn’t think straight and felt my mind whirring in anticipation of the day that had finally arrived.

It didn’t seem like long before I heard the door creak and the arm of a nightgown or robe appear. In stepped, I don… I uhhh, what, it looked like Ashley… what, how could she be here? She came forward saying, “Good Morning… did you sleep well.”

“I’ve missed you Jimmy…” she came towards the bed in a white chiffon ruffled babydoll gown and purred. “Have you missed me?…” she whispered as she stood next to the bed.

“What are you doing here?” I wondered aloud.

“Whatta ya mean?” she seemed taken aback.

“We’re at Jill’s house,” I remind her and myself.

“Who?” she questioned.

“Jill…” I emphasized.

“What?…” she seemed befuddled by what I had said.

“How did you get here?” I felt so confused.

“Jimmy… what’s wrong with you?” she asked.

Her silhouette in front of the light exposed every curve of the naked sexiness under the gown… Fucking god she was hot and I was soooo fucking horny. She stepped up, pulled the covers back and sunk down into the bed with me, brushing my cheek with her lips, mashing her bountiful chest into my own and thrusting her pelvis exquisitely into my groin as she slid against me.

“God Ashley, what is this… what’s going on…” I was so flummoxed.

“Shhh”… she put a finger to my lips… “Shhh”, she continued as she pushed me down while sliding up my torso.

I was taken aback, wide-eyed, as Ash’s sweet pie stared me in the face. Out of breath, I felt as excited as I had ever been. A wispy thatch of blonde hair perfectly decorated her mons. She was playing with me and it clearly excited her.

“You know what I want…” she demanded, tilting herself, her pussy was positioned squarely against my mouth. She reached down and spread her lips open with two fingers. Her pink, puckered slit gleamed with wetness. The sight was riveting, as the blood raced through every artery and vein in my body.

My eyes were riveted to the nether lips displaying the window to her soul. I may have placed her on a pedestal, but in my mind she was a üvey baba porno goddess. The narrow slits of her eyes focused upon me as her overtly feminine chest heaved with anticipation of what was to come next. “Ohhh Jimmy, what have we gotten ourselves into,” she lamented.

As I went forward towards her honey pot, she reached down to tangle her fingers in my hair. “Mmm…” I inhaled as my mouth opened to accept Ashley’s steamy sex. As soon as we made contact, she was twisting so that her labial lips spread wide against my parted lips. She adjusted her position until my mouth and nose were buried into her juicy folds. Then she began rocking and grinding until her clit wedged the bridge of my nose.

I could hardly breathe, but I couldn’t help my tongue sinking into the gushing tender pink. “Mmmmm! yeah!… you…damn!… I!… Lick it! …oooh… suckit…” she hissed, as her legs tightened around my head in response to my actions. Her own actions pulled me in further, nearly smothering me in the moment, until I forced my head up for air.

I was face-to-face, staring at the finely covered mons of my lover, feeling light headed from the lack of air. Once again desperately seeking to satisfy Ash’s love, She pulled at my hair, causing some discomfort, as her body jiggled under the maneuverings of this oral copulation. Her pendulous breasts fell to her sides as she receded further and further back into the bed.

I was spellbound. Her drizzling nectar was so sweet that I couldn’t stop. And it was as if Ash’s labial lips were actually kissing me back. An aggressive grip seemed to pull on my tongue. I consumed her and was consumed with passion in hopes of satisfaction. And although the scene seemed a little hazy, the feeling of having my Babydoll here with me again took my spirits to the pinnacle of wonderful new heights.

Ash’s lower body turned from side to side, causing her sex to gape open and drag her clit along my nose. The heady aroma consumed me as I grew hotter and hotter. I became conscious of my cock’s hardness as I sank into the bed.

Suddenly Ash wailed, “Ahhhhgggghh!…” releasing her grip, freeing me to pull back. She was wracked with spasms as each movement with my flailing tongue seemed to make her writhe more and more. She reached up and pulled on my head with both hands, yanking my face to and fro, in an attempt to control the sensation of her climax. “Ahhhhh!… oh!…shhhh!…dahhh!…” she moaned and groaned louder, grinding against my sticky, flushed face.

“Ahhhh!…Uhhhh!…Hah!…: I tried to breathe as this seemed to go on forever, my vision blurring as I sucked futilely for oxygen against Ash’s smothering sex… and then Ash released me as her orgasm seemed to subside.

I turned over and felt like I passed out. I don’t know how much time had passed, when I looked around to find myself in my brightly lit up room at home. Ash was laying back on her side of my bed. She looked to have put the sheer nightgown back on, as she laid there, on her back, sleeping so peacefully. This felt so happy, so blissful as she laid there resting beside me. The room felt so warm. It felt like Summer. I was confused. How was I here? What was going on?

As I was gazing at this beautiful creature, she must have sensed my ogling as she came to consciousness and returned my stare. Without a word, she turned on her side and came forward to me, looking up at me with mischievous sparkling eyes.

“Hey Ashley?…” I felt the love.

My cock had risen to full mast and I felt desirous of this beauty. She seemed to be quite pleased with the situation we found ourselves in. I felt the rush of blood through my groin fill my conscious being.

“Jimmy… Wow. That was crazy. I saw stars,” Ashley admitted as she looked down to see my erection raising up to tent my lounge pants.

She turned to her front and kissed me like she had so many times, before placing her arms to my sides. Her huge tits wobbled thrillingly under her flimsy gauze like gown. Her stare pierced my eyes and I knew that she understood the effect she was having on me. Her hand drifted down to my cock which had slithered its way through the fly hole of my lounge pants. She took the upright shaft and held it steady in her milking fist, while rubbing the crown. “You like?” she asked in a sly tone.

“Ahhhhhh!…” I involuntarily let out a long breath, as my cock jerked upwards at the sensation of her tug. I was squirming from the stimulation, while pre-cum escaped the pistol hole of my love gun. Helplessly, I rocked, back and forth seeking satisfaction.

Ashley glanced back and forth from me to my frenzied tool, her wide eyes mesmerized with wonder. The friction was so delicious, but I wanted so much more. I needed to last, but I couldn’t help reflexively bucking upwards in her coercive hand.

And then she did something that I totally didn’t expect. She jacked her grasping hand down to the base of my shaft and came over the top of me until she was straddling my lap, positioning herself until my bobbling cock pressed against the entrance of her love. Swiftly and suddenly, without a word, she sank down on me, impaling herself fully, right down to my balls. In the next moment, she reached down to the hem of her gown and pulled it over her head as she rose above me, exposing her luscious body before tossing the gown far and away.

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