At The SinkAt The Sink


“What a god damn miserable day,” Jason muttered under his breath walking up the cobblestone sidewalk to his front door, “If that prick throws me under the bus one more time…” Jason considered a vast array of options involving violence and mayhem as he passed by the large bay window. Catching something in the corner of his eye, he stopped to take a step back. Jason pressed his face against the window, squinting to get a better look.

Standing off in the kitchen was his wife, Kelly, her back to the window. Shading his eyes from the glare of the setting sun, Jason cocked his head slightly. He watched Kelly move about the length of the counter, her long, auburn hair pulled back in a high ponytail. He was mesmerized by the way her ponytail swayed softly against her short pink T. And she was wearing those shorts! Damn! The way her ass would slightly peek out from the tight black material when she would move this way or that? Man, did he love those shorts. Three kids later, his wife was still a hot piece of ass. He felt that familiar stirring and suddenly all that bullshit at work was faded from his mind.

After a moment Jason realized there were none of the kids were in sight. What an opportunity to get his hands on that ass. He hightailed it to the front door. ‘Locked. That figures,’ he thought. As Jason fumbled for his keys, he could hear muffled music from behind the door. ‘Man, she must have it blaring,’ he smiled to himself. He quickly unlocked the door.

Jason crept across the large living room, dropping his work bag to the floor. He quickly made his way over to where Kelly was standing in the kitchen. The music she swayed to was conveniently covering up his creaks on the hardwood floor.

He stopped about a foot behind her. Jason stood watching her for a long moment, while she cleaned the kitchen sink. Between the music and the work, Kelly couldn’t have been any more lost in her own world. Jason’s gaze lowered down to her magnificent ass. He shook his head slightly. That ass was one of the reasons they had three kids. That and his total inability to keep his hands off of it. Kinda like right now. He gently slipped his hand down past the elastic band of her shorts. His finger tips gliding over the swell of her ass.

Kelly acknowledged his presence with a deep and heavy sigh. Jason felt it run through her entire body. After a lingering squeeze, Kelly managed to speak up, “Hi.”

Jason stepped up behind emek escort her, pressing his growing hardness against her. “Hi,” he sucked gently on her ear lobe. He wrapped his free arm around her waist. His hand trailed up her smooth stomach, under her T. “Where are the kids?” he whispered in her ear.

“Outside,” she moaned slightly, “But, Katie’s downstairs watching Blue’s Clues.” She rubbed her ass slightly against the bulge in his khaki dress slacks. Jason closed his eyes, thoroughly enjoying the weight of her boob in his hand. One of the other reasons they had so many damn kids. His totally inability to keep his hands off her tits. He chuckled to himself as he ran his fingertips beneath her satiny bra, lightly brushing her swollen nipple.

Kelly leaned her head back, pressing her warm cheek against his. She pulled his ear lobe between her moist lips. “At what point are you gonna put that thing in me?” Her hot breath lingered in his ear. She bit down hard on his ear. “Or are you waiting for a fucking invitation?”

Invitation? Smart ass. Jason thought as he struggled to simultaneously unzip with one hand, and pull her bra aside with the other. He managed to free his straining cock out of the confines of his pants. It whipped wildly forward, slapping her on the ass. “Here’s your RSVP.”

“Nice to see you too,” Kelly giggled like a school girl.

Jason rolled his eyes as he fumbled with the thin material of her shorts. Arching his hips forward, he managed to rub his cock head against her swollen clit. He felt her body tremble as he slowly glided his cock down the length of her lips. Kelly sucked in deeply as he almost penetrated her. Almost. He lurched forward ever so slightly to do it again.

Her hand was there to meet him this time. She grabbed him. Hard. Kelly gazed at him over her shoulder, her deep green eyes smoldering. “We don’t have a lot of time. Maybe you should consider fucking me, instead of teasing me,” Kelly said, through gritted teeth.

Jason flashed her a knowing smirk. Her eyes narrowed down to slits. He watched as she mouthed the words, “Fuck me now!”. He drew in his breath slightly as he finally penetrated her. He fought the urge to come as he initially passed deeper and deeper into her warmth. ‘Don’t you dare,’ he thought, ‘Don’t you dare!’

Kelly gripped the counter, her knuckles nearly turning white, as Jason fucked keçiören escort her full hilt. With each progressive thrust, he melted deeper and deeper into her. He held out as long as he could, much longer than he knew he could. Jason felt all control slipping away. His knees were seriously buckling and his cock felt like it would literally explode any second. With every last bit of concentration he could muster, Jason pulled his length out for one last “god I’m gonna blow the top of her brain out” thrust.

“Hi Daddy.”

Kelly let go of the sink, nearly knocking them both to the ground. Jason spun his head around. “Wha?”

“Whatcha doin’?” Their four year old daughter, Katie, stood in the kitchen doorway munching away at an apple. Kelly looked at Jason, panic screaming across her face. He gave a quick glance around, assessing the situation. He looked back at Kelly. ‘My pants and your shorts are still on,’ he said to her telepathically, ‘Whatever you do, don’t move.’

She understood every word on his face. “Ummmm…daddy’s giving mommy a hug,” Kelly spoke up quickly.

Katie scrunched up her face as she took another bite of her snack. “He’s giving your back a hug?”

His balance wavering slightly, Jason moved his hips forward ever so slightly. His cock slide a smidge deeper into her. He felt Kelly stifle a moan. ‘Serves you right,’ Jason thought. He moved his hips again to show her who was boss. ‘That’s for the invitation comment,’ he thought to her. She responded by clamping her vaginal muscles down on him. “Yea, Honey. I’m giving mommy’s back a hug. Even mommy’s back needs some love.”

Katie stepped forward. “Should I give mommy’s back a hug, too?”

“No!” Kelly and Jason said in near unison, “Katie, baby, why don’t you go back downstairs and finish watching Blue’s Clues.”

“It’s over.”

“Why don’t you go put fresh water in the kitties’ bowls, honey?” Kelly said quickly.

“But, we already did that mommy.”

“I know, honey,” Kelly said breathlessly. She felt Jason move in her, on purpose, probably. “But, we should probably put real fresh water in their bowls. Why don’t you dump the old water in the laundry room sink and fill them up with real cold water. Can you do that for mommy?”

Katie considered it for a moment. “Sure.” She shrugged. With a quick turn, she was gone.

They both sighed. Jason leaned gölbaşı escort back to withdraw out of his wife. “Man, that was close,” He whispered in her ear, “Maybe we should finish this later…”

Kelly made a quick move, the muscles of her vagina tightening around his slowly deflating erection. “No!” she hissed. She turned her head to see him behind her. Desire burned deep in her eyes. “You think you’re funny? Moving around in me like that? You’re not. You’re gonna finish me off, funny man,” she leaned forward slightly, grabbing the edge of the sink, “And before she gets back up here.” Now, it was her turn to shoot off a knowing smirk. “You better hurry. Especially if you ever want your cock sucked again.”

“You’re a dirty whore.” Jason smiled as he grabbed her hips. He thrust deeply into her, his erection quickly regaining strength.

“Harder …” she whispered clutching the edge of the counter, “Fuck me harder.” He obliged her, thrusting his length in and out of her hard and fast. “Jason. Oh, Jason. Jason … I’m coming …” she said, as wave after wave of pleasure and pain cycled through her entire body.

Jason, his own climax quickly re-approaching, withdrew totally out of her with each thrust. He rammed the length of his cock into her each time. One last time, he withdraw suddenly, holding himself out of her pulsating pussy. He waited. The seconds screaming by. Still, he waited. She turned, giving him a look of disappointment, concern and hurry. He had her. Jason smirked, locked his eyes on hers, and thrust himself as hard and as deep into her as he could manage.

Kelly bit down a scream as Jason came inside her.


Jason stood in the doorway of the laundry room, horrified. “Kelly. Kelly!” he yelled, his voice echoing through the house.

“What?” she yelled from the kitchen.

“There’s water all over the laundry room floor.”

“What do you want me to do about it?” she called out.

“Nothing,” he muttered under his breath. “I just want to know why,” he yelled out.

“Maybe the sink overflowed again.”

Jason threw the towels waiting to be washed on the floor. ‘Lovely. Just lovely” he thought as he squatted down to sop up the water.

“Hi Daddy,” Jason heard from behind him.

“Hi, Katie,” he replied not turning around, “Hey Katie. Do you know why there’s water all over the floor?”

Katie walked over to where Jason was cleaning. “It was me,” she said matter-of-factly, “Mommy told me to give the kitties’ new water when you were in the kitchen with her.”

“Great.” Jason rolled his eyes. Suddenly, Katie threw herself onto Jason’s back, knocking him into the puddle of water. “Katie!” he yelled.

“Sorry, daddy. I just was giving your back a hug. It looked like it needed some love …”

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