At My Mother’s BreastAt My Mother’s Breast


Those of you who read our stories know that I am a confirmed voyeur and my wife Joan is a passionate exhibitionist. Our libertine lifestyle has been one of sharing each others excitement; be it carnal or be it romantic marital love. At one point we even shared the same beautiful woman during an eighteen month affair. What I am about to relate is an attempt to self-analyze my voyeuristic behavior.

I had just turned eighteen and was in my last year of school. I was wide awake lying in my bed. My parent’s bedroom door was at right angles to my bedroom door and at the moment both doors were open. My room was dark but the light in their room reflected my mother’s naked body in the mirror which was fully visible from my bed.

My mother, like everyone’s mother, was beautiful. She was a natural redhead with copper colored hair and pale skin, very lightly freckled in some places. She had a cameo type face framed in her shoulder length hair. At about five foot six inches her body had fullness and beauty of form that would suggest sensuous pleasure. At the time I witnessed her nude loveliness she was about forty one and mother of two, me being the oldest.

Her breasts were large and full and the jiggled and swayed when she walked. Men would find reasons to stop and talk to my mother. My father spent a lot of time on the road due to his vocation and I think mom enjoyed the attention.

That first night I lay in my bed and watched as the lush woman in the mirror picked up a hairbrush and started stroking her gorgeous red hair. At rest her tits hung down and to the outside of her chest. They were full but bigger around toward the nipple end; sort of like a sock with a big round ball inside. This kind of surprised me because with a sweater on they always seemed to point straight out.

On the end of each tit was a nipple. It was like a flat little button about one half inch across and a pink in color. The nipples were surrounded by a larger bumpy ring a little darker in color. These bigger circles were about an inch and a half across and contrasted with the milk white skin of the big fleshy bags. The entire tit hung down to about the bend in mom’s arm.

As my mother brushed her hair her breasts jiggled and swayed all over her chest and I lay in bed fascinated with the sight. The show lasted about ten minutes then the room went dark. I loved seeing my mom’s tits; it was a very pleasant sensation and caused a stirring in my loins.

That fall my father put a crude shower in the basement; just a shower head, curtain ring and curtain over the existing drain. All the windows were curtained except one furthest to the rear of the house. Common in older homes, the bath room on the second level boasted only a tub. Dad or I used the shower but mom and my sister opted for the tub.

Dad continued the remodeling with the upstairs bath. This meant mom would have to use the basement shower for a couple of weeks. I managed, through the rear window, to observe my nude mother, twice, getting into and out of the basement shower. Besides those magnificent tits I now gained an appreciation for that plump white ass which blossomed out from her waist like an inverted heart. All I could tell from the front was that she was a true redhead. Where the lush alabaster thighs met there was a small copper colored nest covering her mons and labia.

The difference between the first time, in the mirror, and the naked displays in the shower was the rock hard erections that ensued. I felt no guilt about spying on my mother and I felt no guilt about my fantasies. At this period in my life having a hard-on was almost as natural as breathing.

With the upstairs bathroom remodeling completed mom reverted to relaxing in the bathtub in lieu of the shower. Thank goodness for older homes and keyholes. I found that if I sat at the top of the stairs on the second floor landing I could look through the keyhole and be rewarded with a great view of the bathtub. The problem was mom would have to take a bath when the house was empty except for me. The opportunities were rare.

Any sex life I enjoyed during my senior year consisted of few fleeting glimpses of my lovely mom and a stash of girly magazines under my bed. I was dating Joan and doing everything I could to get in her pants but an occasional petting session was the limit. Like most eighteen year old boys I always carried a rubber both to be macho and in hopes of actually needing it someday.

Wednesday after school my sister would go to girl scouts and not return home until about six o’clock. Wednesday afternoon was the only time I could be assured of being alone in the house with Mother. But . . . who takes a bath on Wednesday afternoon?

Call it Karma, Fate or Luck. One Wednesday afternoon, in mid November, I arrived home about three thirty. There didn’t seem to anyone around.

“I’m home.” I yelled, climbing the stairs to my bedroom.

“I’m taking a bath.”

I lingered at the top of the stairs long enough to take a look Ankara bayan escort through the keyhole. There she was sitting in the tub her pendulous tits shiny with soap and water, sliding back and forth across her chest as she washed her arms. The rest of mom’s charms were hidden by the tub. If I was lucky I might get a fleeting glimpse of her pussy as she toweled off.

“Max, what are you doing out there?” Looking in the direction of the door.

Nervously, I moved quietly away from the door.

“Just sitting on the steps.” A really a dumb thing to say.

“I’m going downstairs now.” I said as I descended the stairs and turned on the TV.

The rest of the day proceeded in a normal “Cleaver” family fashion. After supper dad and I played a little ping-pong in the basement until I excused myself to do my home work. In my room I studied the girlie magazines far more than my history text and eventually went to sleep fantasizing about my mother.

The following day, Thursday, was definitely a turning point in our mother/son relationship. When I arrived home from school my sister was in the basement and my mother was in the kitchen. Dad was still at work.

“I need to talk to you for a minute.” Mom said almost before the door had completely closed.

She looked beautiful as usual. Mom always made sure she looked her best when dad was coming home. Today she wore a green wool skirt ending just above her knee and a matching sweater. As she turned to walk ahead of me into the living room I was blessed with a lovely view of that heart shaped ass as her cheeks tussled in the snug green skirt.

She took a seat on the couch. In what seemed like slow motion she crossed her legs giving me an unrestricted view of her smooth creamy thigh and her white cotton panties. Raising my eyes to hers I realized I had been caught looking but the expression on her face was not one of reproach.

“I found something off yours in the wash this morning. I put it on your dresser with your choice of classic literature.”

“What is it?”

“You’ll see. I want you to consider not leaving these things lying about when a young girl lives in this house.”

With that said; mom uncrossed her legs in that same hesitant way and went into the kitchen.

In my bedroom I went straight to the dresser and stared down at the round circular disk resting on one of my skin magazines. The magazine was open; displaying a nude, pale skinned, redheaded woman. I must have neglected to return the magazine to my stash the night before. The shiny copper colored object on the magazine was a “Coin Pack”; the rubber I had been carrying for about six months. Evidently it was in my pocket when I threw my Levies in the wash. I was bagged big time!

I stayed in my room mustering courage to face the lecture that would surely be forthcoming from my father. When mother called me down to dinner dad and my sister were already at the table. The meal and the rest of the evening passed without incident other than mom looking at me every so often like she knew something I didn’t!

Nothing more was said and I relaxed as the week passed and started into the next. The following Wednesday morning, after dad left for work, mom reminded my sister of her Girl Scout meeting and off-handedly remarked to me that it would be awfully quiet around there that afternoon.

“Mom, I’m home.” I said climbing the stairs to my room that quiet afternoon.

I’m taking a bath. How did your day go?”

My heart racing I stopped on the landing and related a few things about school to my naked mother sitting in the tub on the other side of the closed door. I sat silently down on the step and peered through the keyhole.

At the same time mother chose to stand up in the bath tub. Everything was on display from the top of her copper hair covered head to just below the knee where her legs disappeared into the bathtub. Her big tits hung to each side of her chest, her slightly protruding belly ended in a dripping nest of wet hair plastered to the lips of her vulva. My eyes devoured the scene.

My cock was already at full attention when mother began to wash herself. I had never seen her do this standing up. Bending over to reach the soap or rinse water kept her luscious breasts sliding from side to side or dangling down away from her body and swaying with each movement. Watching her tits with great intensity I discovered another change. Those button nipples were now protruding out from her areolas like large pencil erasers. The areolas themselves were still covered with little bumps but were now puckered tightly to push forward the nipple.

Pre-cum was dripping from the head of my dick as it struggled to crawl up between my stomach and my Levi’s. Mom was saying something about missing me around here after I graduated. I moved away from the door for an instant to comment that I’d still be around until I left in the fall on the Navy’s delayed entry program.

Returning my eye to the keyhole I found Escort bayan Ankara mom with one foot on the side oft the tub washing her leg. Her tits were hanging down on either side of her thigh. What interested me now was the wonderful view of her pussy. In the wet hair I could make out the puffy lips and a slight indention between them. As mom shifted to the other leg I thought her cunt lips seemed sort of swollen.

Nothing prepared me for the next scene. My mother turned around in the tub with her big milky ass facing me each cheek flared out from the small waist and ended in a full, round bottomed globe. She washed the cheeks and cleft with a soapy wash cloth; spreading and bouncing each cheek as she did so. Then bending at the waist with her bottom pointing at the door she began to scoop rinse water from the tub.

She spread her legs apart about eighteen inches and bent very low. The view literally took my breath away. The swollen lips of her mound were slightly open showing the pink petals of her inner flower and I could see the darker puckered rosebud of her ass. My cock was about to explode. Mom straightened up and reached for a towel. This was my cue to retreat to my bedroom.

Secluded in my room I immediately released my hard-on and discarded my pants in a pile on the floor. I lay on the bed savoring my good fortune. I saw everything I had hoped for plus a bonus of the jutting nipples and swollen pusy. Did that mean something was arousing my mom?

My hand stroked with an abandon mindless of the noise I might generate. Painting my chest and stomach with long ribbons of sticky white cum; I grunted and groaned my way to a climax. In the silence that followed there was only my rapid breathing and the faint sound of footsteps retreating from my door.

That night and in the weeks that followed my mother seemed more attentive toward me with hugs and pecks on the cheeks. She seemed careless about me seeing down her blouse or up her skirt. My imagination? Maybe!

The Wednesday afternoon bath became almost a ritual at our house until I left for the service. I would sit on the steps and we would talk about school or our day while mom took her bath and I clandestinely observed. Then I would retire to my bedroom for relief. Two or three times I suspected she was listening outside my door as I “studied”.

The summer after graduation, before the Navy called, I was living the good life. I was now fucking Joan regularly and the baths were still taking place. On occasion mom would be careless about closing her door while dressing and I accidentally observed her in various states of undress. I even noticed my girlie magazines were disturbed once or twice. I thought it couldn’t get any better. . . wrong!

I was doing part-time construction labor that summer and one day we were at a standstill due to the lack of concrete. The boss told me I could leave at twelve thirty. Arriving home, unexpectedly, I found a car parked in our driveway. Parking on the street about two doors down I walked back to the house. The house was quiet as I entered through the kitchen and started directly to the basement to change out of my dirty work clothes and take a shower.

As I started down I heard voices from below. I froze as a man’s voice, unintelligible for the most part, uttered the words “beautiful ass”.

The basement had evolved into three open parts; a play area with furniture, the crude shower and a work space. The enclosed staircase ended in the work area, hidden from the family room portion of the basement by a free standing bar.

I slowly and quietly descended the stairs into the work area. Looking around the edge of the bar I could see my mother and a man sitting on the couch. My mother was wearing a pink cotton tank top and a short pink cotton skirt. She had sandals on her feet and her toenails, fingernails and lips were painted hot pink. All that pink both accented her pale skin and clashed with her copper colored hair. She looked very sexy. The handsome man had obviously been dressed in a business suit but the coat and tie had been banished to a nearby chair. He looked fit with dark straight hair and in his early thirties; about ten years younger than my mother.

As I watched, the man put his arm around mom’s shoulder and drew her to his kiss. She readily responded and I could tell by the way her cheeks moved in and out that she was fervently giving and sucking tongue. Into the man’s ravishing mouth mom uttered a muffled word that sounded like Bruce.

I took advantage of their mutual involvement to improve my position of observation. I moved further into the work area and behind some stored winter clothes hanging on a rod attached to the overhead. I had a perfect view, looking directly at the front of couch, through an opening between the furnace and the back of the free-standing bar. In fact I could see up my mother’s skirt and the white cotton underpants she was wearing.

My heart was pounding like a runaway jack hammer. A swarm of bees Bayan escort Ankara was churning in my lower belly causing an erection. God, my mother was a beautiful woman and now she was displaying her passionate and wanton side. Bruce’s right slid down to knead her left tit and she raised her arm to his shoulder to allow him access. Almost immediately her nipple responded by pushing a small pointed tent in the material of her shirt. Bruce’s hand began alternating between my mother’s big tits; each now proudly displaying a hardened nipple

Mom’s mouth continued to assault his lips, neck, ears even his eyes it was like she wanted to eat him alive. She grouped for his manhood and she stroked and squeezed what, through the pants fabric, appeared to be a considerable size piece of meat.

As mom wiggled around on the furniture her skirt continued to bunch up until I had an unrestricted view of her cotton covered pussy. Her cunt lips were much more swollen than I had ever seen in the bathroom. A moist groove extended down the front of her panties caused by the cotton stretching over the big spongy outer lips of her labia. Her pale meaty thighs were spread wide to allow Bruce access to her cauldron of desire.

Mother removed Bruce’s hand from her breast and placed it on her cunt. As he manipulated her vulva she broke her embrace, sat up a bit and in one swift motion she removed her top and tossed it on Bruce’s suit coat. She then unclasped the bra. Her huge, naked mammarys swung into sight with hard pink nipples sticking out demanding to be sucked. She fed one rigid nipple into Bruce’s mouth while he continued to rub and squeeze her pussy.

The object of my sexual awakening and continued fantasies sat in front of me naked to the waist, with a strange man stroking her cunt and sucking her tits. My cock was ready to explode. While I contemplated stripping out of my pants my mother’s hand started to unbuckle and unzip this man’s trousers. Bruce raised his body to allow mom to pull down his pants and his underwear.

What protruded from a forest of dark hair at the bottom of Bruce’s stomach was a long, thick, circumcised cock with a head like a small shiny red apple. This specimen would certainly put most men to shame. It was not obscenely large like you might see on some web-site but would definitely draw attention in the old locker room.

Mother caressed it lovingly with he pink tipped fingers before reaching under the base to heft his equally big balls. She then stood up and peeled off her remaining clothes. At the same time Bruce removed his shirt and shoes. Like some jerk in a porn film he kept on his socks.

Bruce slouched down on the couch and mom turned about ninety degrees facing him. The position gave me a terrific view of the magnificent white globes of her ass but still exposed most of her left tittie. Every thing seemed to be moving; Bruce’s dick was bobbing around, mom’s breast was swaying and her ass was jiggling. This was the most sexually exciting day of my life. I was about to watch my very own mother get fucked by a man who was not my father and who possessed the biggest cock I’d ever seen.

I very quietly lowered my pants and underwear to free the scalding hot tube of flesh arcing up my belly.

My mother slipped to her knees, bent over and engulfed that cock in her pink lipped mouth. Her jaws seemed stretched to their limit as she tried to take it in and out with some kind of sucking motion. While she was doing this I was slowly stroking my own meat and watching her saliva run down his shaft. As she bent to the attack I could see her pussy very plainly. Between the swollen outer lips the delicate petals were slightly agape and shiny with the wet of her juices. She was very, very hot.

She licked the shaft and balls for what seemed like hours before laying back and pulling Bruce on top of her. I could see her hand snake between the two bodies and guide the large instrument to her molten cunt. There had been a continuing dialog of moans, grunts and endearments during the continuous foreplay but a new intensity erupted when that red hot behemoth started to enter her willing pussy.

“Oh god, fuck me! Aggggg! More, more! Yessss!”

There was no hesitancy or shame in my mother’s pleading just pure animal lust. To her this was a fuck like no other and right now she wanted it more than anything in the world!

“I love your big cock! Give it to me! Aggggg!”

Bruce altered the tempo from quick to agonizing slow; withdrawing until only the tip of the head was in mom’s hot cunt. She was in a frenzy and they were both nearing the boil over.

She wrapped her pretty legs around his back and bucked her cunt against his violation. I could hear the squish and slap of wet body parts as they crashed there sweaty bodies together. They were now both very close.

Then without preamble mom stopped Bruce and told him to sit up on the edge of the couch.

“I want every bit of you in me.”

With that she bent over and swirled he tongue around the head. Her ass pointed toward me and I could now see her cunt was really gaping open from Bruce’s penetration. Her tits were hanging down and Bruce had one in each hand bouncing them up and down and pulling on the extended nipples.

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