The Last of the Business TripThe Last of the Business Trip


The goodbyes were hard, April one day, Maeve the next. I felt like a dirty great hole had been ripped in my soul, I wandered about aimlessly, unable to concentrate or focus. Giving up sex cold-turkey like that sucked the big one.My last night with Maeve had been magical; we didn’t have sex, we made sweet, affirming love, spending the time between sessions cuddling and talking about the days, weeks and months ahead. It made the leaving all the harder. Each time Maeve had to change planes on her way home, she would call and the hole just got bigger. I hadn’t felt this bad since finding out my ex was fucking her boss.On Saturday, I played golf with Ted and two of his co-workers. I sucked, plain and simple, carding the worst score I’d shot in years. Ted tried his best to shake me out of my funk, suggesting I call Lisa for a night of fun. As good as that sounded, I wanted nothing or no one that didn’t involve Maeve and April.The girls had been gone a week when I arrived home from picking up a few groceries to find a note on my front door. “Tonite, 7:00 supper at ours. J&K”. Recalling my conversation with Karen on the night of the girls’ going away party, I wondered if she was inviting me for more than dinner.I decided, just in case, to have a shower and tidy up the downtown. I then texted both Maeve and April, “Need to talk ASAP.” A few minutes later I saw April’s face on my phone as she was calling to video chat.“Hi, Sweetie,” she said, “something wrong?”“No, babes,” I replied, “I got an invitation from John and Karen for supper. I didn’t tell you before but we had an interesting conversation before you and Maeve left,” speak of the devil, Maeve called at that moment. I added her to the call.“Hi, Handsome!” She was flushed, “Just got home from working out, have to keep my girlish figure. What’s up?” I repeated that I had been invited to dinner across the road and that Karen and I had an interesting conversation before they left.“She sort of guessed that the three of us are involved and that we had Ted stay over. She and John are playing with the idea of a threesome.” Both girls nodded.Maeve spoke, “And you want our permission to go over to their house to play!” It was my turn to nod. “Fine by me,” she said, “what about you April?”“Sure, why not?” she said “Just remember the ground rules, it’s just sex, nothing more.”“Nothing more,” I repeated. “I thought you wouldn’t mind but I wouldn’t just go over without asking. This is one area where I will never beg for forgiveness rather than ask for permission.”“Thank you, Baby,” Maeve purred. “By the way, April and I had a chat yesterday. In anticipation of you being ‘invited’,” she added air quotes,” to see Lisa, you have a free güvenilir bahis pass. No need to call beforehand, just give us the gory details after the fact!”“Or,” added April, “you could just send us a picture or a video!” I was surprised to say the least, not that they had predicted that Lisa would be in touch, but that they had read me like a book in knowing I would jump at the chance to fuck her again.“OKaaaay,” I said. “You two know me so well.”“Don’t you forget it, Mister!” Maeve laughed. “Have fun!” She signed off.“Have a great time!” April said. “Say Hi to John and Karen for me!”“John has the hots for you, you know that?” I said.“Really?” she answered. “You know this how?”“Karen told me,” I said, “she and John fantasize about you in bed!”“What a nice compliment!” she giggled. “Feel free to feed their fantasy if you like!” She blew me a kiss, “Miss you! Love you! Bye!” and the screen went blank.I stared at the phone for a few seconds before finishing getting ready. I selected a bottle of white wine from my cabinet, grabbed my coat and headed across the road. Karen must have been watching for me because the door swung open just as I mounted the top step of their front porch.“Stuart, hi!” she called, “It’s great to see you!” She ushered me in and took my coat, thanking me for the wine. “Supper’s just about ready, make yourself at home!” John came over, we shook hands and made small talk about the weather.Dinner was simple, after we finished and the dishes cleared away, we retired to their living room to talk. John was a little reserved so Karen started.“Stuart, John, and I have a pretty good idea about the relationship you have with Maeve and April, it’s really none of our business but we’re curious. How did you three get together?”“It’s a long story,” I said, “You see, I was on a business trip to St. Louis and….” I rambled off how I met April on the plane, playing golf, having sex, her introducing me to Maeve, and so on, leaving out the most titillating details. John leaned forward, I suspect the titillating details were what he wanted to hear.“So, you have sex with each other, all three of you at once, or sometimes just two of you?” he asked. I nodded, trying to explain that it was just sex without commitment or jealousy. “And the two women, they have sex with each other as well as you?”It’s called bi-sexual, John, “Karen teased. “You know like on those porno sites you look at that you think I don’t know about!” He looked shocked. “Come on, you think you can hide that from me? You spend a half-hour in your study then come to me with a boner, you think I don’t know what’s going on?”I was getting uncomfortable, afraid that this was the beginning of a fight. “I güvenilir bahis siteleri thought we were just going to keep that sort of talk to our bedroom,” he said. Karen took a deep breath, steeling her nerves before taking the next giant step.“Well, we talked about adding someone to our love life,” she replied. “Stuart has obviously got lots of experience in having sex with more than one partner, I thought he could give us a few tips.”“I suppose,” John conceded. He downed the rest of his drink and got up to make himself another. He made two, bringing one to me.“All right, Stuart, what’s it like?” he asked.“Well,” I began, “what you have to try to do is to separate the love from the sex. That’s the hardest part, at least it was easier for me, I hadn’t had a prior relationship with either of them before we started having sex.”“Fucking,” stated Karen. “Let’s call it what it is.”“Exactly, I said, “it’s not ‘making love,’ it’s ‘fucking.’ That’s what it started out as with April, Maeve, and me. But then Maeve and I started to fall for each other. You see, she loves April, but is not ‘in love with her. I love April too, but I’m not ‘in love with her. Maeve and I are in love, we could get married but we all want to keep the relationship we have when any of us can have sex with one another without all the jealousy or petty mind games. So we have an arrangement.” I went on to explain that we are all going to go into business and live together.“Cool,” whispered Karen. “So where do Ted and…,” she searched for the name.“Lisa,” I reminded her.“Yes, Lisa, where do they fit in?”“Well,” I continued, taking a deep breath, “this is the part that a lot of people won’t be able to wrap their heads around. April, Maeve and I all love sex, we do it a lot.”I know,” said Karen, “I watched you!” John looked as though he was afraid to breathe.“Yes, you said,” I smiled at them both. “Because we can separate sex from emotion, we have no trouble having sex with people outside of our relationship.” I could see that Karen was intrigued, John was even more so.“It all sounds so easy,” John said, “It can’t be that simple.”“Actually,” I said, “once you wrap your head around it and if you can separate the love from the sex, it can be exactly that simple.”  Karen got up and sat on her husband’s lap, kissing him gently.“John, sweetheart,” she said lovingly, “how many times have we talked about adding another person to our sex life?” She rubbed the bulge in his pants. “How many times have you orgasmed when I describe me fucking another man or being with another woman? Stuart is here and I think he wants to help us out, take the leap of faith. If it turns out you don’t want to do it, we can stop iddaa siteleri and never mention it again. Please, baby!” She was begging. “You didn’t see him together with April and Maeve,” the mention of watching April getting fucked made him groan. “Remember when I told you about it, how you came just from thinking about it? If we don’t do this right now, tonight, we never will. Is that how you want this fantasy to play out?” John took a deep breath.“No, it isn’t,” he said firmly. “April and Maeve are cool with this?” I fished out my phone.“I called them just before I came over. We can call them if you like,” I said, noticing that John’s interest peaked at that.“Sure,” he said. I looked at Karen and she nodded. I brought up our group video chat and called.“Hi girls, I’m with John and Karen, they have a question for you.” I handed the phone over to Karen.“Hi April, hi Maeve,” she began haltingly. “Stuart has been saying the most wonderful and interesting things about your relationship. He says you are both okay with him being here with us to, well… you know.”“To fuck you while John watches?” said April.“To suck his cock into your throat while your husband takes you from behind?” added Maeve. Karen blushed.“Well, yeah, I guess,” she stammered. “Are you okay with it?”“We wouldn’t have it any other way,” April said. “Enjoy yourselves, live your fantasies, life’s too short for second guesses.”“Exactly,” added Maeve, “Stuart will explain everything. There is one thing though.”“What’s that?” asked John.“If you’re comfortable, would you let Stuart take some photos of you two together? We promise they’re for our eyes only.”“No,” said Karen, firmly and finally. “I’ve heard too many stories about naughty pictures on the internet, not me.”“All right,” said Maeve, “we’ll respect that.” April nodded in agreement. “Stuart, you have some things to explain, we’ll leave you to it. Have fun kids, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” She ended the call before I could respond.“For the record, I have yet to find anything that Maeve or April won’t do,” I said. We all laughed, it seemed to lighten the mood.“Before we start anything, we need to have a frank conversation,” I said. “If you are going to engage in this sort of thing, you need two things. First, you have to trust the people you are with to respect any boundaries you might have that they will respect any of yours. For example, I’m not interested in touching John or any other man’s junk. It’s just not my thing. You have to respect that.” Karen and John both agreed.“Second, you have to try to lose all inhibition and not be afraid to ask for whatever you want. Your partners will respond honestly and either agree or not. There is no quid pro quo, not with me. I will ask you to try different things, especially because you’re new at this. But if you’re not comfortable, it won’t happen. Full stop.”“Fair enough,” said John, his earlier reticence had disappeared. “Is that it?”

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