At Last, We Meet Ch. 02At Last, We Meet Ch. 02


His kiss was driving her wild with passion. They broke the kiss long enough to put the “do not disturb” sign out and double lock the door. They then continued the kiss. She could feel the passion building up inside, could feel herself just dripping with juices. He bent down and just barely touched her nipple. “OMG! Baby, they are so sensitive, I almost had an orgasm just by your touch” she squealed.

He was amazed at how sensitive she was. He reached down to cup her mound and could feel her wetness soaking thru her shorts. He just barely touched her sensitive nub and felt her cum instantly. He wondered how many times he could make her cum just by touching her thru the thick material.

His fingers were softly teasing her body thru her clothes. He reached down and touched her clit again and felt her orgasm even more intense than the first. He couldn’t help but continue to play with her hard clit, feeling her cum once again.

She broke the embrace and quickly striped her clothes off. “I need to feel you on my skin, baby.” He could see her wetness dripping down her thighs and kneeled down to lick it up as she moaned.

“I must say you have the sweetest cum I’ve ever had and I want it all!” He continued to lick her juices, listening to her suck in her breath and cum again.

Her legs were so weak from her orgasms that she could barely stand any longer. He slowly lowered her to the bed while continuing to lick and suck her sweet, wet pussy. Not letting her come down from her orgasms, he continued to tease her sensitive nub till she was in a constant state of orgasm. He drank all her sweet juices until she cried out to stop.

“Oh baby, if you don’t stop I will go crazy with the fire inside!” She panted.

He smiled at her and said, “I’ve only just begun to taste your sweetness Darlin’, I will Starzbet have you so satisfied, you will never be the same.”

She held him close. Her heart was racing and her body was trembling. She had been waiting for this man all her life. His fingers played her body like a fine tuned instrument. She just hoped this would never end. Her life before this day ceased to exist. She was in love with this man and the thought both thrilled and terrified her.

He had loved her from the moment they first chatted on the internet. He couldn’t understand what it was that held him so captive. He just knew he had to have her in his life forever.

She looked so beautiful sleeping in his embrace. She had passed out from the pleasure, and the thought of being able to satisfy her made his heart sing. He had to find a way to keep her. He knew she had responsibilities, but none of that mattered to him at this moment. Their time was coming to an end and he couldn’t stand the thought of her going back to her life that was waiting for her when he left.

Watching her sleep was giving him lustful thoughts of what their life could be. He sighed and held her close, kissing her so softly, not wanting to let go. He could feel his cock hardening and realized that her fingers were caressing his cock with feather light strokes.

He smiled at her saying, “well look who’s awake.” He kissed her soft lips and was lost in the wonderful sensations she was creating in his entire body.

“We only have a few more hours of time left darlin’, before I have to go.”

“I know baby”, she said sadly, looking deep in his eyes.

They made love again. This time it was her turn to pleasure him and she wanted him to remember every minute.

As she placed little kisses on his neck he shuddered and moaned. The sound was music Starzbet Giriş to her heart. She kissed and licked him from his lips to his hips. Each kiss brought him closer to the edge. She scooted between his thighs and inhaled his musky scent, burning the wonderful aroma deep into her memory.

She couldn’t resist playfully teasing his ever hardening cock. God his cock was magnificent. She licked and sucked each of his balls into her warm mouth savoring the feeling. Her fingertips found the spot that had him even harder instantly. Her tongue teasing that special area.

He wrapped his hands in her soft hair and moaned, “Damn honey, you keep that up and I will be shooting cum all over the place!”

She smiled sweetly and then wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked him in all the way in one smooth move. She needed his cum, wanted him to give her all his seed. He pulled her head back from his cock and begged, “Please darlin’, I want to feel your tight pussy wrap itself on my cock and milk it till I shoot into your velvet depths!”

He entered her with ease. Her pussy was so wet, so hot, so soft. He felt her muscles grip him tightly. They didn’t move, both wanting to savor the heaven of their coupling. She wiggled her hips, grinding into him, practically begging him to make love to her.

He started moving in and out, slowly. He withdrew his cock almost all the way out then quickly thrust it back in. Feeling her muscles grip him tighter and tighter, meeting each thrust, and begging him to go deeper. He grabbed her legs and lifted them to his shoulders, thrusting his hardness even deeper into her velvety depths.

Holding her hips while he pounded her sweet pussy. Leaning down and nipping at her sensitive nipple, making her squeal in delight. He would take her to the edge and stop. Starzbet Güncel Giriş Again and again he teased her. Barely containing his yearning to fill her. He pulled out and turned her onto her front, quickly honing in on her honey pot, again plunging his cock deep into her. He played with her hard clit. Feeling her jerk when he did, he took some of her creamy honey and spread it on her anus. Again she jerked and squealed.

“What are you doing?” she cried out. “I’ve never had anyone do that and it feels fantastic!”

He continued to massage her pale pink button. He knew they were both close to exploding. Reaching around again and gathering more of her sweet nectar, he brought it to her forbidden pink hole and this time carefully inserted his fingertip inside.

She screamed in delight and could feel her orgasm building from deep within. She couldn’t hold back any longer and roared “Oh my god!, I’m cuming baby, please, please cum with me!”

He exploded inside. Spurt after spurt of his hot seed filled her as her pussy milked his cock. It seemed like it would never end. He could feel her muscled clamp down and grip and release as he pumped her full of his seed.

He rolled them to their side without pulling his cock from her. They laid there, holding each other tight. He knew their time was up and she had to return to her life.

Looking deep into her beautiful eyes he kissed her softly and asked her, “When can I see you again?”

She clung to him and said, “I can’t get away till next week, “

He said, “Name a time and place and I will be there!”

After showering and dressing he drove her back to her car, neither one wanting to let go, but knowing that they had to.

He opened her door for her and helped her into the seat. Leaning in he kissed her lovingly and said, “I love you sweetheart, I have found my soul mate.”

“I have found mine too.” she replied. “I love you too.”

He watched her drive away, knowing he would see her again. Hoping someday she would say yes when he would one day ask her to be his forever.

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