An Old Friend Ch. 01An Old Friend Ch. 01


This story is based on real-life events.

My name is Norah. I’m 33 years old and eight years ago, I had the best sex of my life. His name was Greg, and we fucked each other exquisitely for several months before ending things when we both realized that the other one was in love with someone else. It was a confusing time in my life, where I was very casual about dating several guys at once, but all I really wanted was a boyfriend. Greg was not boyfriend material. He often said things I found offensive and he would occasionally blow me off. But then he would be desperate to see me, and every time he did, he gave me mind-blowing orgasms, usually multiple ones.

When we decided to call things off, we had the only deep, personal conversation we ever had. And that’s when he told me that he actually had wanted to care about me and get to know me, but I hadn’t let him. He was right. I never wanted to get to know him or show him who I was. I just wanted his dick in me, again and again, because it felt sooo good.

For years after, I would have dreams about Greg. About fucking him again. About all the things I wanted to do to him that I never got the chance to do. About the one thing we were edging closer to doing when we ended it.

He had never asked me if I wanted to, which made it even hotter. I liked that he didn’t ask my permission. At first, he would just start playing with my ass while he was fingering me or eating my pussy. He just did it out of the blue. And I loved it. He pushed one finger inside my asshole, then another and fucked me while eating me out. This would make me come even harder. One of the last times we fucked, at my place, I was riding him reverse cowgirl style and as I was getting off him and bending over so he could move his legs out from under me and start fucking me from behind, I felt something I’d never felt before. His hands were on my ass cheeks and his tongue was stroking my asshole. I collapsed from pleasure and started moaning “yes” while he explored my ass with his mouth. I felt like I could come just from this and I realized that I really wanted him to fuck my ass. But we never got that far, and suddenly our months-long sexual fling was over.

Years later, I have met the love of my life and settled down with him. We had mind-blowing sex when we met, but as one of my greatest turn-ons has always been being fucked by a stranger, we have eventually settled into a comfortable, but slightly boring sex life. My fiancée is not to blame for this. I think that I am, but maybe this is just what happens after seven years together.

One night, I’m attending a book launch. The author is a friend of a friend and there are several people to chat with that I haven’t seen in a long time. And then, there he is. Greg. He’s standing at the bar with some friends of his. He looks exactly the same. Not that tall, but muscular and confident. He has noticed me too, and he’s smiling at me with a look on his face that says “I remember what I used to do to you. I remember how I made you scream”. I have no idea what to say to him, so I hesitate to go over to him. I blush and try to return to the conversation in my group. When I return from the toilet, I find myself walking straight towards Greg.

“Hi.” “Hi, Norah.” “You look good”, I smile. “You look amazing yourself”, he laughs. Escort Ankara

I can feel my pussy pounding. We find a table and start talking about what we’ve both been up to. He asks me if I ended up with the guy I was seeing while we were fucking, and I tell him no, I met someone else a year later. He, however, did end up with the woman he was in love with while he was fucking me. They are married and have a kid.

“It’s so strange seeing you again”, I say, lowering my voice slightly. “I know. I’ve thought about you sometimes and wondered where you are. I know we never really got close, but our sexual chemistry …” he says, almost whispering, “I’ve never felt anything like that with anyone else.” Greg looks at me intensely, and I feel my knees tremble. “I know. I haven’t either. It was pretty amazing, wasn’t it?” I laugh nervously. Greg nods and smiles and lowers his eyes. Is he blushing? Eyes still on the ground he asks me: “What was your favorite part?” “Probably that time when you made me come three times in a row while eating my pussy.” He is definitely blushing now, but for some reason I’m not. “What was your favorite part, Greg?” “The first time you blew me. You are so good at that. And when you swallowed, I thought: ‘Oh god, this girl is wild. I need to never let her go.” We smile and neither of us know what to say. We get another drink and I muster up the courage to tell him something I’ve been thinking about for so long. I lean over and whisper in his ear: “You know what, though? There was one thing I really wanted you to do, that we never did.” I pull back slightly and look in his eyes. My breasts are up against his chest and our lips are just inches apart. “What was that?” he asks, his voice hoarse. I lean forward and whisper in his ear again. “I really wanted you to fuck me in the ass.” Greg sighs and places his hand on my back. He can probably feel me trembling. “Do you want to get out of here?” he asks. I nod and we exit the party.

We cross the street and enter the park. In a clearing surrounded by maple trees, we stop, and Greg turns to look at me. “What do you want me to do?” he says, looking at me with an almost painful look in his eyes. “I –” “We’re both taken, Norah. We can’t do this. I have a kid. I can’t be that guy; I don’t want to be that guy.” “I never said that you should!” “I know, but it feels like you want me to.” “I do want you to! I’ve wanted you to ever since we stopped seeing each other. I desperately want to fuck you again. I want to feel your cock inside of me. I want you to make me come.” “Stop it!” Greg shouts at me. I am almost crying. I want him so bad, and yet I know that it’s wrong to give in. “I don’t know how to fight this, Greg. I’m sorry. I’ll leave, and we’ll just try to forget all of this happened. Ok? Is that what you want?” I wrap my coat around me and turn to walk away.

But suddenly he’s there, on me, with all the wild energy that I loved when we used to play with each other when we were younger. He pushes me up against the trunk of a huge tree, it’s almost painful. We start kissing and his hands are everywhere. They rub my breasts, clutch my waist and stroke my long, brown hair. I start moaning. He even brings his right hand up the inside of my thigh, under my dress and starts rubbing my pussy through my underwear. Greg’s Ankara Escort kissing my neck and playing with my clit in the middle of the park and I lift my leg and place my foot on the bench next to us to give him better access. His touch feels amazing and I turn him around and slam him down on the cold bench and straddle him. I start grinding my pussy on his growing cock and just as he starts moaning, a couple of teenage boys spot us from a distance and start howling. They laugh and continue down the path away from us, but the attention makes both of us remember how close we are to a building full of our friends and acquaintances. “Where do we go?” Greg says, panting. “There”, I say, waving my arm to the left and only briefly pausing from biting his ear. “Hotel”.

Ten minutes later, Greg closes the door. He still seems confused and unsure about what we’re doing. I know I’ve already made up my mind. It’s time to convince him. But then again, he is here with me, isn’t he? He already knows what’s going to happen.

We start kissing and he unzips my dress. The fabric gathers around my waist and he removes my bra and I unbutton his shirt. We press up against each other and the feel of his skin on mine is electric.

I grab his hand and lead him towards the bed, pulling him down onto me as I lay down on the soft sheets. I pull him in for a kiss and start rubbing his shoulders and upper body. He feels so good. His arms are so strong. I feel so small beneath him and I want him to be rough with me, like I know he can be. Sometimes he would put his hands on my shoulders and press me down into the bed while he pounded me, so I couldn’t move. My collar bone would hurt, but it felt so good at the same time. But I can see him still hesitating, and he pulls up and rests on his knees as I lay on the bed in front of him, naked except for my short dress covering me from my waist to my thighs. I decide to put on a show for him.

“Do you want to watch me touch myself?” I ask him. He nods. I start caressing my breasts and move one hand up to my mouth. I suck on my finger. “Do you wish I was sucking on your cock instead?” I ask. Greg nods and grunts, his eyes almost closed.

I move my hands down my body and pull my underwear to the side, revealing part of my puffed pussy lips for him to see. I press a finger inside myself and moan as I do so. My pussy is soaking wet. I remove my finger and bring it up to my mouth and taste my own pussy juice. I lick my fingers clean as I look at Greg. He is struggling. His eyelids are so heavy, and he is breathing so hard. He steps off the bed and removes his jeans and boxers and I see his gorgeous cock for the first time in eight years. It’s just like I remember it. Not too big or fat, but just perfect, especially because Greg knows exactly how to use it.

I insert two fingers into my pussy and fuck myself for several seconds, moaning and tossing my hair. I know that I’m driving him crazy and I love it. He is slowly stroking himself now. I pull my fingers out and lift them up towards his nose. “Smell me. Don’t you want to feel my wet pussy on your cock?” I whisper, trembling so hard. I’ve gone too far, and Greg can’t stand it any longer. It happens so quickly that it hurts. In one second he has grabbed my thighs and plunged his throbbing cock deep inside Ankara Escort Bayan of me. He moans loudly and starts to pound me hard. I scream and shake as he fucks me faster and faster. Finally, I feel that amazing dick in my pussy again and I feel an intense sense of bliss coursing through my body and an orgasm start to build.

“Not yet”, he says through gritted teeth, as he can feel my pussy clenching harder and harder around his cock. He pulls out and flips me over, removing my underwear and dress so that we are both completely naked. Greg pushes me down and bends me over, slamming into my soaking pussy from behind. He pulls my arms back by my elbows and makes me arch my back while he fucks me hard. I can feel his balls hit my swollen pussy lips and the pleasure sends shivers through my body and my clit is dying to be touched. He pushes me back down on all fours and pulls my hair. I reach back and find my clit with my right hand and start rubbing myself. I feel amazing and I never want this to be over. Greg sees what I’m doing and grabs my arm.

“No touching, Norah. I will make you come”, he says.

I nod and tremble as he pulls out and slips beneath me. I lower myself onto his cock and I feel so powerful realizing I’m back in charge. I get to control the speed now. I roll my hips as I lower myself onto his amazing dick over and over. I go faster and he closes his eyes and throws his head back. I press my hands into his rock-hard chest, pushing my breasts together and tossing my hair while I moan loudly. My moans have started to grow higher and longer, and I don’t know how much more I can take. He looks at me like I’m some kind of angel, and suddenly he pulls me off him, grabs my thighs and draws me up towards his face. He wants to finish me by eating me out.

I lean towards the top of the bed and place my hands on the wall. I am shaking so hard as Greg finally eats my pussy again. He is some kind of champion at this. I have never met a guy who eats pussy like he does. I’m in heaven and I feel my orgasm building and I’m so close. Greg shows no sign of letting up, and I lose myself completely as he keeps licking my clit and wave after wave of pleasure washes over me. I explode in the most intense orgasm I’ve had in years, pounding the wall with my hands and moaning for the whole world to hear. I buck and shiver and tears are rolling down my face as the pleasure keeps washing over me. I feel a warm feeling in my stomach and a loud ringing in my ears.

I look down at Greg who looks hornier than ever and I know that I need to make him feel the same way. He throws me down on my back on the floor and starts pounding my pussy faster and harder than ever. I let him have his way with me and clench my pussy around his cock to make him feel as good as possible. After just a few seconds he erupts inside of me and his face reveals that he hasn’t come like this in a long time. He looks shocked and completely out of his mind with pleasure. He rests on top of me for a while before pulling me to my feet and helping me onto the bed. I feel my body aching slightly, but it’s nothing compared to the fucking amazing pleasure I feel between my thighs.

Greg pulls me closer and wraps his arms around me as he folds the sheets over us. “What the fuck are we going to do now?” But I’m already drifting off to sleep. I kiss him and roll over, so my back is facing him. I wiggle my ass teasingly on his cock, wondering if he realizes that by doing so, I’m trying to answer his question. He wraps his arms around me, and we don’t speak another word.

To be continued

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