My Best Friend’s Girl Ch. 02My Best Friend’s Girl Ch. 02


“Good morning,” Rachael whispered across the living room.

“Uh, good morning,” I stammered back, still struggling to process the sight that was in front of me.

“Do you mind if I use the bathroom first?”


I turned and walked back into my bedroom and sat on the small twin sized bed, which was crammed into the tiny bedroom. It was obvious that Ryan and Rachael had slept together. As I said before, this definitely was not the first girl I had encountered in our room early in the morning. However, this time had a much different effect on me. I had been struggling with an attraction to Rachael, which I had thought I had suppressed; but the sight of seeing her the morning after sleeping with my best friend, sent entirely different thoughts into my mind.

Before seeing her that morning, I hadn’t thought about Rachael sexually. Don’t get me wrong, I had thought about her sexiness, but never thought about her actually having sex. With the way that she dressed and carried herself, she just hadn’t seemed very sexual; so I never thought about her in that way.

There was something so incredibly sexy about seeing her in only a t-shirt. Seeing her sexy legs walking barefoot across our dorm room. I could hear the shower running in the bathroom and began to imagine what the sight looked like inside. Slipping the oversized shirt off her body, exposing her sexy curves and big boobs. I could imagine her freeing her dark blonde hair from her thick pony tail and having it fall onto her delicate shoulders. She would enter the steaming hot shower as the water would soak every inch of her body.

My daydreaming caused a massive boner to form in my basketball shorts. I popped off the bed and rushed over to close my bedroom door, momentarily stopping to take in the sounds of the splashing water coming from the bathroom. Once the door was shut, I moved back onto the bed and yanked off my shorts and underwear. I lay back and began to stroke my wet cock, continuing my daydream of Rachael in our shower.

My mind got lost as I imagined soap bubbles sliding down Rachael’s soft, wet body. Her dark blonde hair turning even darker as water poured off the end. The visual in my mind was so incredibly sexy, and I began to stroke my cock faster and faster, trying to coax my load to burst forth. I could feel the pressure of my cum slowly creeping forth. A few strokes later, I shot a stream of cum into the air, and it landed on my lower belly. The next few shots of cum landed back on the wide tip of my throbbing cock and covered the palm of my hand.

I lay there on the bed, still grasping my dick as I enjoyed the release I had just experienced. The powerful attraction I was feeling for Rachael couldn’t go unreleased, and luckily it hadn’t.

Suddenly, there was a knocking on my bedroom door.

“Hey, Wilson, I just wanted to let you know that I’m out of the bathroom, so you can use it if you’d like,” Rachael said from outside the door.

My heart began to race. It was not that I was worried about being caught, because the bedroom door was locked. However, it was weird to have just cummed masturbating to a thought of a girl and then had heard talking to you through the door a few moments later.

“Thanks,” I managed to say through my momentary panic.

I got off the bed and cleaned up with some tissues, throwing them into the wastebasket near my bedroom door. I emerged from my room to find Rachael had already returned to Ryan’s bedroom. By the time I got out of the shower, Rachael had already left.

Ryan and I didn’t discuss his sex life. He never mentioned it, and I never asked. I always assumed that Ryan was afraid I would judge him, since he knew I was a virgin. I especially wasn’t going to ask about his new sex Kurtköy Escort life with Rachael, because I knew that would do more harm than good to the feelings I already had for her.

Sex with her must have gone well though, because Ryan emerged from his bedroom with a smile plastered on his face. He seemed to try to hide his excitement, but it was evident that things had gone well.

The following Monday, I arrived for my early morning class and found my seat next to Rebecca. She was dressed down, wearing sweatpants and a hoodie, as many of the girls did to early classes.

“Good morning,” she said, smiling at me as I sat down.

“Morning,” I croaked, still trying to get the sleepiness out of my body.

“Sounds like your dorm was the place to be this weekend,” Rebecca chuckled.


“Rachael told me that she and Ryan stayed the night with each other on Friday.”

Evidently, Rachael and Rebecca’s friendship was different from Ryan and mine. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I ran into Rachael the following morning, I would have never known they had sex.

“She said it was really good,” Rebecca continued, “What did Ryan think of her?”

“I don’t know,” I groaned, not wanting to discuss the sex life of the girl that I had a crush on, “We don’t talk about that type of stuff.”

“Class open up your textbooks to page 403,” our professor announced, settling down the class for her lecture.

“We’ll talk about this more later,” Rebecca whispered.

I certainly hoped that we wouldn’t. The last thing that I needed was to know details about Rachael and Ryan’s sex life. It was hard enough to know that they were having sex, let alone know all the details about it.

Ryan was gone the entire week at a tennis tournament, so our dorm was a little quieter than usual. Marcus and Charles seemed to revel in the quietness, but I missed having my friend to hang out with. I saw Rachael once, on the way to one of my classes, and she gave me an awkward wave as she passed by. I wondered if she was embarrassed about our morning post-sex meeting in the living room.

On Saturday afternoon, Ryan returned from his tennis tournament. The silence that had filled the dorm room was immediately gone the second he entered the room. He was pleased with his performance on the court, but was especially excited to be back at the dorm.

I had missed our nightly talks, so immediately went to his room to find out how his tournament had gone.

“Beat that guy from State in straight sets. He couldn’t touch my serve. Overall it was a pretty good week. Glad to be back, though. Oh, by the way, Rachael is going to come over to the dorm tonight and hang out. We are going to just chill and watch a movie if you want to join us.”

“Oh, yeah, maybe I’ll join you,” I sputtered, knowing how incredibly uncomfortable I would feel to sit in the same room as them.

As the day turned into night, I tried my best to make myself scarce in the living room. Much of campus shut down on the weekends, so there weren’t a lot of options of places for me to go. I decided it would be best for me to seek refuge in my bedroom. The school week had provided me with a lot of homework that needed to be done, and I wanted to also catch up on some of my TV shows on Hulu.

Around seven o’clock, I could hear a knock at the front door of our dorm. I could hear Ryan jog across the room to answer the door. Even though the door was muffling a lot of the sound, I could hear that it was Rachael who was at the door.

Ryan had spent much of the day cleaning the dorm to try and impress Rachael, or at least not embarrass himself. The room was normally littered with all sorts of empty food containers and carried a whiff of body Pendik Escort odor, much like any other guys dorm room. Ryan had been running around cleaning up trash, vacuuming and Febrezeing the hell out of the entire living room.

I did my best to block out the thought that Rachael was in the other room. I buried my nose into a textbook on cellular respiration and put on the latest episode of Big Bang Theory. This served as a great distraction, until I heard Rachael’s sweet giggle floating through my door.

An hour or so passed, and my productivity was minimal. I couldn’t concentrate on my homework or my television shows, because I was too distracted by the thought of what was going on in the living room. My bladder had become full and I knew that a bathroom break was imminent. It was the fatal flaw in my plan.

I got off my bed and walked to the door, pressing my ear against the door to try and hear what was going on in the living room. No distinguishable noises could be heard. I was worried about what I would be walking out to. I decided to bite the bullet and just go out and make a run for the bathroom.

I opened the bedroom door to find Ryan standing near the television in the living room, popping a DVD into the DVD player.

“Wilson, just in time. We are about to start the movie. Come watch with us,” Ryan said.

“Nah, man, I’ve got a lot of homework to do. I just came out to use the bathroom.”

“No, you work yourself too hard. You need to take at least a little time away from your work. Watch the first half of the movie with us, at least.”

There wasn’t much I could do. I knew Ryan would be persistent, as he was always trying to talk me out of doing my school work to hang out.

“Fine, let me use the bathroom real quick first.”

When I finished using the bathroom, I entered the living room where I finally noticed Rachael sitting on the couch. She had been there when I came out of my room, but I hadn’t really noticed her. Rachael was definitely worth seeing tonight, as she looked the prettiest that I had ever seen her. She wore a short black skirt, which was surprising to me given how modestly she usual dressed. She also wore a blue sweater, which hugged the form of her body. While the sweater wasn’t revealing in any way; but the way that it formed around her body, including her big boobs, was incredibly sexy.

Ryan and Rachael had already started the movie and were waiting through the promos. They were snuggled closely on the couch, so I took the only remaining seat in the oversized chair that sat nearby.

“Can you cut off the lights?” Ryan asked, as the final promo came to an end.

I got off and flipped off the lights, before returning to my seat. My chair was situated slightly behind the couch, allowing me a clear view of Ryan and Rachael, without them noticing me. Ryan seemed happy, as he held Rachael close in his arms, one hand placed on her thigh, rubbing it slowly.

I envied Ryan. I would have given anything at that point to trade places with him. As the movie rolled along, Rachael decided to lie down on a pillow situated on Ryan’s lap. She placed her head on the pillow and extended her body out along rest of the couch. Ryan ran his fingers through her hair and rubbed her back as the movie progressed. I couldn’t tell you what the movie was even about, as I was obsessed with watching Ryan and Rachael.

Whatever the movie was, most of it occurred at night, because the screen did little to light up dark room; making it difficult for me to spy on the couple. Finally, a scene that occurred in the day time popped up, illuminating the room. I was shocked to see that when Rachael had changed positions, she had allowed her skirt to ride up.

From where I Mutlukent Escort was sitting, I had the perfect view as I could see the slightest bit of butt cheek poking out from under the black skirt. Staring was all that I could do. A moment later, the screen got dark again, and the glimpse I had at her big butt cheek was gone. Before the screen lit back up, Rachael readjusted her skirt; covering the view I had been given.

I sat through the entirety of the movie, even though I watched almost none of it. There was no way that I could leave after catching a glimpse of Rachael. The only thing that I wanted now was to be around her as much as possible.

When the movie ended, Ryan got up and turned on the lights.

“That was a great movie!” Rachael said, as her boyfriend returned to the couch.

“One of the better movies I’ve seen in a while,” Ryan remarked.

“Me too,” I interjected, trying to fit in with the group.

Ryan, Rachael and I began to talk about some things that were going on in school and about different people on campus. Rachael always had some of the juiciest gossip, which was one of the really fun topics to cover with her. She had a few friends, who seemed to be everyone’s confidant. Sadly for them, their confidants didn’t keep things too confidential.

“So, you two have been friends since high school?” Rachael asked.

“Yeah, me and Lube go all the back,” Ryan laughed.

“Lube?” Rachael said inquisitively.

“It is my awful nickname from high school,” I responded before Ryan could make up a lie about where it really came from, “When I played football I was a linebacker and was number 40. One game our PA announcer came up with the nickname WD-40, since I am Wilson Douglass and my number was 40. It was a fun nickname for a few weeks, but then kids started to change the nickname to just ‘Lube’. Unfortunately, that is the one that stuck, pun intended.”

Rachael and Ryan burst out laughing. I had gotten used to these laughs, but was thankful that the name hadn’t followed me to college. You tend to attract the wrong type of attention with the nickname “Lube”. Rachael laughed until she was red in the face. I was a little embarrassed, but enjoyed hearing her cute laugh.

Finally, Ryan and Rachael gained their composure.

“For real, though. Wilson is one of the best friends you could ever ask for. We have been through a lot together. I’d do anything for him,” Ryan said.

We continued to talk late into the evening. Slowly I began to notice Ryan making subtle hints that it was time for me to leave them alone, which obviously meant that he was ready to be physical with her. I picked up on his first hint; but didn’t care, because I didn’t want anything to happen between them. Selfishly, I didn’t want him to sleep with Rachael, because I so badly wanted to.

Finally, after three or four hints, I caved and excused myself to my bedroom for the night. I shut the door and hoped that nothing would happen between them. I sat lay down on the bed and began to watch TV, trying to wind down before bed. A few minutes later, I heard Ryan’s bedroom door close. The front door had never opened, so I knew what this meant. Rachael was staying the night.

As I lay on the bed, I couldn’t help but beat myself up for not being attracted to her sooner. Sure, it was fine that I had been just looking for a friendship, but how did I miss out on a girl like Rachael. Now the girl I once thought of as a friend was all that I could think about. She had everything that I had wanted in a girlfriend, and she slipped out from under my nose; to my best friend no less.

Rachael was all I could think about the rest of the night. The thought of that tight blue sweater forming on her torso was imprinted on my mind. The only relief I could get from the thought of her tight blue sweater, was the momentary glimpse I had seen of her ass cheek.

Sleep eluded me throughout the night. Meanwhile, I hoped that sleep was the only thing happening in the bedroom across the way.

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