Amelia , JamesAmelia , James


As the cart pulls into the yard the apprehension that’s been building in my belly is coming to a crescendo. I’m beginning to somewhat panic. James and I are both inexperienced, but he’s less inclined than I to wait and become comfortable with one another before jumping into a physical relationship. As is evidenced by the way his pants have been a bit tight in that region, his excitement to get home is obvious. His hurried movements to get me in the house give away his eagerness to consummate our new marriage tonight. He leads me in with a hand on the small of my back and his other holding my heavy bags.

“I’ll show you the way up to the bedroom then take care of the horse before joining you.” He tells me, rushing out of the room before I’ve had a chance to speak. I rub my arm in discomfort once he leaves, not quite knowing what to do with myself or what he expects of me. I have no clue whether I should begin to undress or if he’ll be upset if I’ve already done that when he returns. I decide to wash up a bit, shedding my outer layers and using a cloth that sits on the nightstand.

I stand in my shift, wiping down my neck and chest with the water from the basin when the door opens and James steps through. I hear his breath catch when he sees me. It must be a shock for him to see a nearly naked woman standing in his bedroom, as he’s never seen one before tonight. I can’t blame him, it’s not as if I’ve had my fill of naked men, I’m sure I won’t be much better when the time comes. I hear the click of the door closing behind him and try to ignore whatever he’s doing in favor of wiping my face and arms of the dust that’s settled from our journey here. I have my eyes closed, relishing the coolness of the cloth against my neck when I feel hands clasp my waist, making me jump. My eyes fly open and I see James in the mirror, standing behind me, staring at the back of my neck and shoulders. He bends and drops a kiss to my spine, making me shudder. He doesn’t retreat and my body chills as the hair on my back moves when he akbatı escort breathes against me. I drop my head back against his chest and his hands come up my waist, and he turns me around. Gently, he takes the cloth from my hand and lays it on the vanity in a wet heap. My cheeks are beginning to color and my breathing has picked up slightly, but he seems so collected. Not at all how I thought he would be acting at this point. Of the two of us, he was the one looking forward to our joining, and yet he’s so calm, slowly pulling me into him.

“May I?” He asks, fingering the strap of my thin shift. His voice is low and rough, the only betrayal of what he must be feeling. I silently nod my consent and he pushes it from my shoulder. It slips down a bit, but doesn’t fall away completely until he does the same to the other side. I feel incredibly vulnerable standing bare before him while he’s fully dressed, but I try not to squirm too much under his heavy gaze. My cheeks redden as he lifts my arm, trailing a finger down to my elbow before grabbing it and pulling me flush against him. My breasts press tight against his chest and I hear him release a deep breath. I see his jaw working before he dips his head and captures my lips in a scorching kiss. We haven’t touched much, it wouldn’t have been proper before now, and my body is overwhelmed with these new sensations. We’ve snuck away for stolen kisses and caresses, but nothing like what he gives me now. The intense heat between us makes me writhe against him, pressing closer and closer. He pushes a thigh between my legs, right against my sex, and I gasp into his mouth as the rough material rubs me. I whimper as he continues the kiss, rubbing myself with his thigh all the while. Before long he ceases giving me help, instead letting me throw myself back and forth, and I’ve unconsciously begun to moan. His hands travel down my flank to my backside, squeezing and kneading my cheeks. I can barely keep the kiss going, I’m breathing aksaray escort so heavily. I have no idea what I’m doing, but it feels so good I don’t stop. I break from his mouth with a particularly loud moan and dip my head as the pleasure becomes too much and my insides clench rhythmically, my stomach muscles tightening, and my hands gripping his shirt in tight fists. He holds me carefully as my breathing slows. Withdrawing his leg from between my legs, and without words, he guides me to the bed. I sit, dazed, on the edge.

He backs away, unbuttoning his pants as he goes. I give him my unwavering, if nearly catatonic, attention as he strips in front of me. The shirt goes first, the muscles beneath moving with the motion and bunching when he bends to pull his shoes off. His belt jangles as he pulls it from the loops, then go the pants. I flush when I notice the damp patch on the thigh. My eyes are large when I see what’s revealed once his pants are stripped away. I can’t find it in me to be disgusted as my mother said I might be. I find his flesh ignites the fire in me again, making my mouth water and my heart beat rapidly. I back up on the bed when he’s done, and he approaches me with confidence that makes my insides flutter. His cock bounces when he climbs on the bed and I can’t stop watching it as he moves, it’s so different from what I thought it would be. Bigger, too. He snatches an ankle on his way up the bed and jerks me down, pulling a yelp from me, then a giggle. With a playful grin he rubs a spot on the bone on my ankle, making electricity shoot up my leg. My breasts have been lacking attention, but he gives it now, essentially attacking them with nips and licks and sucks that have my back arching and an endless stream of words coming from my mouth. He marks a trail up my chest, nipping at my neck before coming back to my lips and slowly kissing me again, but it doesn’t last long.

“Are you ready, Amelia?” He asks, quiet and almost reverent.

“Yes. atakent escort Please.” I whisper, spreading my legs wider for him. He reaches down and strokes my folds, flicking my clit back and forth, my breath hitching with each pass before finally taking his cock and lining it up. He nudges it against me for a moment, finding a good angle, then begins pushing. I wince, not liking the uncomfortable stretch, but he doesn’t give me much time to get used to it before he’s shoving forward, groaning in my ear. He wastes no time pulling out and fucking back into me sharply, setting a brutal pace right away. The pain eases, then pleasure comes, forcing me to clench my eyes and grip the sheets as he pounds into me relentlessly. He suddenly pulls out, flipping me over onto my stomach, and pressing back into me.

“Oooh!” I yell when he rubs over a spot that makes me want to scream. One of his hands lands sharply on my bum and I yelp at the quick strike of pleasurable pain. He does it again and again, slapping my backside, and suddenly I’m on the edge again, teetering on the cliff of another explosion. I get there just in time, scrabbling for purchase in the sheets, as he slams into me one, two, three more times before yelling his release. I feel him throb and pulse inside me, filling me with his seed. With one last thrust I feel some of it leak out of me and run thickly down my thigh. He remains inside me as he softens and slowly slips out of me, making me grimace at the odd feel of it. His arms bar the sides of my head in, but he keeps his weight off me, which I appreciate.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so rough with you this first time.” He says, rather abashed, and I chuckle.

“Did it seem like I wasn’t enjoying it at any point?” I ask him, peeking at him over my shoulder. He looks in my eyes and grins again, giving me a quick kiss and helping me turn over. We lay on our sides facing one another and I reach a hand up, running my fingers through his damp hair. “Besides, we have the rest of our lives to go slowly, do we not?” I ask, smiling.

With a twinkle in his clear blue eyes he says, “We’ve got the rest of our lives for more of that rough stuff, too.” With a laugh, I kiss his nose and he wraps me up in his arms. We fall asleep together, and when we wake, we take our time, but I silently hope we’ll be back to that rough stuff soon.

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