This story is strictly a product of my imagination. The people within it are real, however their names have been changed and the events that take place are strictly my fantasy and have not actually happened. (Yet?) For reasons guided only by my own masochism, I have shown “Amanda” this story (Perhaps in the hope that she’d help make it come true?) and she enjoyed it very much. I had such a good time writing this that I felt I should share it with anyone who was interested in what I consider decent erotic fiction.

The contents of this story include matters of a highly adult nature. If you are not over the age of 18, or are offended by such subject matter as explicit sexual descriptions, incest, or lesbianism, stop now and do not read any further. This is not for you. Otherwise, if you are an adult and have an appetite for compelling erotica, please be my guest and enjoy this story. You can e-mail comments to me at my profile address. Please include the words, “story feedback” in the subject, because I will not open unknown e-mail.

* * * * *

My name is Jake. I’m 32 years old and I live in Las Vegas, where I work in a “boiler room”. We are one of the good ones that doesn’t cheat our customers or mislead them with promises of “free gifts” or “incentives” to buy our product. We have some huge customers such as Century 21 and Caesar’s Palace, so we don’t need to cheat our customers. We sell printed advertising goods such as baseball caps, tee shirts, pens, and coffee mugs at a very good price. The problem is that most businesspeople don’t think to buy these items on their own, which necessitates the need to hire salesmen whose job it is to make “cold calls” to customers and convince them that they would benefit from buying our products.

As you can imagine, this business attracts a lot of “lizards” that would not hesitate in resorting to improper practices in order to get the sale, especially since they are strictly commissioned employees. That is where I come in. I am the head of the department that listens to the phone calls (Yes, all the calls are actually recorded and monitored) and makes sure that the salespeople quote current rates and don’t promise customers a trip to Paris or some other bullshit just to get the deal.

I have a very diverse group in my department, and all of us are or have been top salespeople at one time or another (It’s a requirement for the job). My employees include both men and women, varying in age from 18-63. There’s Patty, the oldest one in the group. She’s a really cool mama that’s been there and done that. Twice! Then there’s Dave, an 18-year-old nut case who is one of the craziest sonzabitches on the planet. He’s a superb salesman who really understands the sales process and uses his craziness to his advantage by entertaining the customers while doing his pitch. But they’re not who this story is focusing on.

That honor goes to Amanda, a slim, petite 20-year-old blonde goddess with a perfectly proportioned body. Her softball sized boobs and shapely hips exactly fit her 5’4″ frame. She is naturally strikingly beautiful and even looks terrific without any makeup on at bursa escort all and her hair tucked up in a baseball cap. When she really does herself up with makeup and takes the time to do her hair, she turns both men’s and women’s heads wherever she goes. She is without question the equal of any supermodel on the planet.

We are extremely casual in our department and often joke around and openly discuss topics of a sexual nature. One day, the conversation turned to sex as it often does, specifically the pros and cons of chest hair on men and how much of a turn-on it is for women. I have a lot of chest hair, as everyone knows because I often wear polo-type shirts with most of the buttons undone. Amanda knows that I have the hots for her and often plays on this fact by teasing me from time to time. This was no exception, as Amanda looked right at me and announced to the entire group that she loves nothing better than playing with a guy’s chest hair while going down on him.

Well, when it came time to go home for the day, I offered a ride to anyone who needed it (as is my usual practice) and Amanda asked me for a ride home due to the fact that her car was in the shop with air conditioning problems. (If you’ve even been in Vegas in the summer, you’d know that a car without air just isn’t a good idea.) I said half jokingly, “Sure, I’ll give you a ride, right after I get you home”. She just snickered at me and mumbled something about pipe dreams.

Amanda and I are extremely close friends. I really do love her as I would a sister and we’ve had some really deep conversations about life, relationships, and just bullshit in general so I knew that this lighthearted come-on would not bother her in the least. Truthfully, I believe she would have been disappointed if I didn’t made the remark. As we approached her house, Amanda asked me if I had any plans for the rest of the evening and I asked her why. She revealed that her parents were out of the country on vacation and her sister was away at college and would be home for the summer some time next week.

She complained that she’d been cooped up in the house without any means of getting around due to the fact that her car was in the shop. She invited me to have dinner with her then go swimming in her pool as payment for the ride home. I informed her that I would love to, but that I didn’t have anything to wear in the pool. She grinned at me in her mischievous way and asked me why I thought I’d need it.

After pulling up in her driveway, I turned off the engine and said, “Amanda, you know how I feel about you. If you think that I’m going to go skinny-dipping with you without your also being naked, you’re nuts. Furthermore, if you think that after seeing your naked body I’m not going to jump you and eat you out then slam that little body of yours into the deck until you scream for me to stop, you’re fucking crazy!”

“We’ll see,” was all she had to say on the subject as she got out of the car and sexily swayed her hips at me as she went to the front door. Now I know that she likes to play her little games, however I didn’t think she was just teasing me, either. I just bursa escort bayan didn’t know how far she was willing to take the game. I quickly got out of the car and followed her into the house before the door closed behind her.

Once inside, she asked me what I wanted to drink. Thinking that I should probably stay sober, I asked her if she had any iced tea. She dutifully took my order and disappeared into the kitchen. I took the opportunity to wander around her living room, taking note of the various pictures of her family on the walls.

As she returned with the drinks (I noticed that she opted for iced tea, as well), I asked her about the people in the pictures. She walked to a wedding picture that contained her entire extended family and began to explain who was who. Now from time to time at work, I’ve “accidentally” brushed my hand against her breast or squeezed her ass. If it were anyone else, I’d really be in trouble for sexual harassment, but we seem to have an understanding. I decided it was now or never, she knows my personality and I was sure that she expected me to “pull something”, as she usually puts it.

I put down my drink and walked up behind her then pressed my body against her. To my utter surprise and delight, she gasped at first, then sighed deeply and leaned back against my chest. Not one to waste an opportunity, I brought my hands up along her sides in a slow, sensuous massage as I worked them up and around her front to her firm, young breasts. At the same time, I leaned down and nuzzled the nape of her neck with my lips and applied light kisses, pausing only momentarily to lick around her ear and take her earlobe between my lips and suck on it as if it were her clit.

Without warning, she turned around and leaned up to give me a deep tongue kiss while at the same time, she reached for the quickly growing bulge in my slacks. I literally picked her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist and we started round two of the wrestling match our tongues initiated. “I want you to fuck me, Jake,” she panted into my ear, “I know you want me, I’ve known for a long time and I just know that you’ll be a great lover. I really need it badly. Please fuck me”. Well, who was I to refuse a lady in distress? I carried her toward the couch, our bodies a tangle of arms and legs. Still supporting her weight completely, I grabbed two handfuls of her ass and kneaded it mercilessly. She responded by bringing her hands around and into the front of my shirt to play with my chest hair. I chuckled softly and drew her hands out of my shirt.

“There’ll be plenty of time for that later, right now I want you to enjoy the treatment I’m going to give you,” I said. Bending down, I drew her halter top up and over her head. On the way down, I applied nibbles and kisses to her neck and breasts, gently at first, then with growing intensity as the lust we felt began to overcome us. She gave a low moan and ran her hands through my hair, pulling my head tighter to her chest.

While lavishing oral attention on her boobs, I allowed my hand to wander into the waistband of her jeans and under the elastic of her panties. My escort bursa mouth traveled upwards towards hers and I gave her a long, deep soul kiss while strumming a steady rhythm on her clit, which was becoming stiff with arousal. I used my other hand to undo the buttons of her pants and lowered them down to her ankles, along with her silky panties, which she promptly stepped out of. Standing back up and moving to her side, I began to nibble her neck and earlobe.

I picked her up and pivoting on one foot, I fell backwards on the couch, pulling her down with me. We landed with me on my back and her on top of me, lying on her side. We continued kissing passionately as my hands reached down to cup both her ass and pussy at the same time. I didn’t stop there, however. I dipped the middle finger of one hand into her pussy while the index finger of the other hand found it’s way to her quivering rosebud of an asshole. This just served to turn her into some sort of wild animal, thrashing her body atop of mine as she rode my fingers like they were mildly charged with electricity. I increased the tempo of the finger in her pussy, while also applying my thumb to her clit, strumming it as if it were a guitar string. Within moments, her breath began coming in short gasps and she let out a growl that announced to me that she was coming.

I literally lifted her up and spun her around into a 69 position and she eagerly unzipped my jeans and released my cock as I slurped up the juices that she so recently expelled. She tasted wonderfully fresh and her pussy jerked when I took her clit into my mouth and gently grazed my teeth across it. She responded by pushing my pants and underwear briefs down my legs and took my dick into her mouth. She puckered her lips around the head of my member and slowly, tantalizingly, sucked the length of my cock into her willing mouth while I drove my tongue as far into her cunt as I could.

She squirmed around on top of me while giving me one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had. She knew exactly how much pressure to exert to bring me near to climax, then back off to make it last longer for me. She even pushed a finger into my asshole, which is a special treat that I’ve always enjoyed. It wasn’t long before I just couldn’t take any more, so I played two of my fingers rapidly across her clit as if they were miniature legs running in place. The moment she felt this, she moaned around my dick and hummed as she began to come for the second time in the evening. That did it for me, and as she was creaming into my eagerly awaiting mouth, I let loose with a powerful jet of cum right down her greedy throat.

We sat up on the couch and embraced for a moment while catching out breath. After a quick kiss, I suggested that we think about dinner. After all, if we were going to play in the pool later, I reasoned we’d need all the energy we could build up. As we headed into the kitchen, I immediately revised my plans for the weekend and decided that we’d spend it fucking and sucking, then starting next week out feeling fresh and satisfied.

* * * * *

This is the first part of the story. If you liked this story and want me to continue, please give me feedback. I plan on adding some incest and lesbianism features with her sister coming home early, as well as some threeway action and who knows what else. Tell me what you think-GoMyr 🙂

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