Chapter 046 � A New Enemy



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Randy Best: Four Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adam Mann: Four Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries (a major multi-national defense contractor)

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Doug Meat: Six Star General of the Armies U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Steven Goodman: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Magnus Savage: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

“Jamie Bob” Vance: Love of Aiden McIntyre

Logan Worthington: Biological Son of Luke Worthington

Mason Allen: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

“Jason Bob” Vance: (Brother of Billy Bob Vance and partner of Mason Allen)

Jason Allman: Four Star General, U.S. Army � Base Commander of Fort Connor

Matt Longdick: Four Star General, U.S. Army � Base Commander of Fort Connor

Billy Bob Vance: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Beauty Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Rod LittleFeather: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Maximillian (Max) Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Alexander Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Alex Meat-Goodman: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Noah Meat-Goodman: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Yuuto Meat-Goodman Kinugasa: Adopted Son of Noah Meat-Goodman and Hayao Kinugasa

Manuel de V�zquez: Physicist/Engineer – Worthington Industries

Juaquin “Jay” de V�zquez: Son of Manual de V�zquez

Ariel “Ari” Rebel: Captain, Israel Defense Force (Mossad Kidon)

Jacob, David & Uri Leib: Wards of Luke & John Worthington (Israeli Nationals)

Hayao Kinugasa, Captain, U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman.)

Robert Manning, Captain, U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman.)

Robert Allen Gregory, Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army – Alpha Zulu 69

Taylor and Tyler Worthington: (aka T&T) (Adopted sons of Logan Worthington and Alex Meat-Goodman)

Steven Douglas Worthington: (aka S.D.) (Adopted sons of Robert Allen Gregory and R.A. Worthington)

Jamison Miller: Colonel, U.S. Army (Human Resources for Worthington Executive Security Program)

Frazer Sullivan: Colonel, U.S. Army (Human Resources for Fort Connor Alpha Zulu 69 Program)

Anthony Caruso: Four Star General, U.S. Army (Base Commander of Fort Connor)

Bob Jones: Colonel, U.S. Army (Adjutant to Base Commander Fort Connor)

Danny Henry: Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Chief of Staff to Base Commander Fort Connor)

Dillion Dwight: Colonel, U.S. Army � Medical Director of Fort Connor


“Angus” (Name Classified): Son of a domestic terrorist in protective custody by Alpha Zulu


It is never a good start to any day when Colonel Allman announces: “POTUS on video conference for you, sir”. After a brief but informative chat I headed off to our daily staff meeting and to deliver the bad news to everyone present. Both the CIA and Worthington Intelligence had confirmed that a group of drug cartels had banded together and offered an obscene bounty for my head which means Fort Connor has a new enemy at its doors with as much money as the United States Treasure behind it. This sounds like it is going to be a long ordeal so let”s meet back after lunch with some rational plans on how to defend Fort Connor and protect our imps.


We had no more than finished our morning staff meeting when the ominous “ALERT, ALERT… UNAUTHORIZED AIRCRAFT ON AN INTERSECT COURSE WITH FORT CONNOR… THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! Everyone went scrambling for their stations and fortunately all the imps were in class so it was easy to round them up and lock them down in their bunker. The plane was on a suicide mission as the drones launched missiles and it exploded mid-air. It never stood a chance of reaching Fort Connor. This was only the first attempt, we knew with unlimited resources we would experience many more in the forthcoming days.


I seriously considered relocating to an undisclosed secure mainland base with my family but POTUS nixed that idea saying it would be seen as giving into the cartels. POTUS could understand if I wanted to relocate my family and he would provide all the protection possible if I elected to do so. Jason and the kids were adamant that they were with me and they only way any of them would leave would be in handcuffs and dragged to the plane. (I sure hope their misguided loyalty doesn”t injury them. Drug Cartels play by a totally different set of rules and have no problem about attacking ones family.)


The Drug Cartels are so well funded and have their money in banks around the world even as much as CyberCom could drain from their coffers it barely put a dent in their “bottom line”. They were probably more sound financially than the United States Government. I had a long talk with Jason so he understood the risk with the cartels and I begged him to get to the bunker and lock down with the imps. Killing him or the imps would be almost seen as a success to them as would be killing me. I don”t know if I could live if anything happened to you or the kids so please, I know you hate to “run from a fight” but staying alive delivers a message to the cartels even more than if you won a gun battle with them. Jason understood and assured me he would protect our children with his life. I saw Jason spending much more time at the firing range while the kids were in school and he never went outside of our quarters without his body armor and his sidearm. For once, he actually listened to me and I was so thankful.


POTUS had me on a two week junket around the United States visiting secure military bases to keep my public profile in the news and also to protect me in the process. Every base I visited was on high alert and all media not only had their credentials verified and new background checks but had to go through a metal detector at any press briefing. The only time I hated all the additional security was when I visited the hospitals and the sick and injured soldiers. I at least convinced my security detail to give me some space so I wouldn”t intimidate the patients. I had no doubt at the slightest provocation there would be bullets flying around my body and I”d have some idea of what the kids experienced during their “gun drills”. Even wearing the new ballistic armor Worthington Industries was so proud of it still hurts like hell to get shot and trust me fractured ribs can cause some nasty internal injuries. Perhaps better than a bullet wound but I wouldn”t recommend the experience to anyone.


Anywhere I flew even in the Lear Jet I had an armed air force squadron alongside which helped my anxiety. The Lear had anti-missile technology installed and two very experienced combat pilots. Although I disliked the experience of my stomach and I flying in different parts of the plane it beat the other option of being blown out of the sky. At least with all the publicity about my base visits the cartels backed off attacking Fort Connor which was good for my family and the imps.


I wondered how long before the Navy would get tired of deploying a battle group to protect an Army base but I never heard of any grumblings. Once all the dust had settled I needed to make an extended visit to the battle group and shake the hand of every man on board. They need to know how much their sacrifice was and is appreciated.


Apparently the cartels made one major blunder. They pooled the money they allocated for my assassination into one account so no one cartel could back out after the fact. CyberCom found the account and within minutes the Pentagon had an increase in funding which even made them celebrate. I bingöl escort can see General Caruso sending in his requisition for some new high tech piece of hardware for Fort Connor. He wasn”t shy when it comes to system upgrades and additions. We learned quickly that draining their bank account(s) was a far better and more effective solution than trying to eliminate the head of the cartels. I recommended to both POTUS and the Joint Chiefs that security for CyberCom staff be given a high priority because it isn”t going to take long for the cartels to realize if they eliminate the “brain trust” of CyberCom they have a chance to win the battle. CyberCom staff wasn”t happy to have 24/7 security protection but “SUCK IT UP”, it beats a funeral.


I finally got to step foot on Fort Connor and was off to Medical for my check up. Doc asked how my gut was doing and I had to admit it didn”t like some of the “feasts” I had been forced to attend but I was getting pretty good at sipping my booze and not offending anyone. “Just eat in moderation”, better for you anyway. Doc Dwight just smiled at me and told me to “Get out of here, your lover has had a hardon for you all week”. “I”ll see you in the morning!” That cocky SOB knew Jason would destroy my ass tonight and he was so right. I hobbled back to medical at the break of dawn and gave a sigh of relief as he sprayed my ass and removed the speculum. “Only seven days this time” as he smiled from ear to ear. I swear he is Magnus Savage returned from the grave.


At least my son Andrew was getting his share of sex around Fort Connor. He was starting to get a reputation equal to or exceeding that of R.A. or S.D. I”m glad he was enjoying adolescence just so everything was consensual. The sergeants assured me no man on base would force themselves on an imp and especially one of my sons. If anyone tried to sexually assault one of my sons the “Vance Brothers” would gangbang his ass so bad you could hide an assault tank in it. For my oldest son the naked scene of prime naked Army soldiers at the pool was a smorgasbord buffet for him every day.


The Jungle Grapevine resounded that my youngest son Jeremy was head over heels in love with a sergeant from Bravo squad. They were locked away in the sergeants room most every afternoon or evening he was off duty. Jeremy assured me he was still a virgin but he doubted he would be much longer. He was falling in love with this man and all I could see is a repeat of Hayao and Noah. I”d never interfere in your sex life, no one did in mine and I was far more active sexually than you are. I do ask one favor, if and when you decide you want to take your relationship to the next level let me reserve a VIP suite for you and make it as special as I can and help you to have a beautiful night to remember forever. Jeremy blushed, hugged me and kissed me as the little son I loved but now was turning into a beautiful young man who deserves someone special in his life.


That night after Jason and I made love I had to talk with him about Jeremy and make him aware our son was growing into a young man. If and when he decides he wants to take his relationship to the next level just advise OPS he has my approval. You should have no problem getting him a VIP suite for the weekend. After the base grapevine gets done I know the mess will provide them with plenty of good food to replenish their overworked bodies. Just understand our little boy is becoming a young man and is developing the same needs and desires that we have and enjoy.


Jason hugged me, kissed me and told me what a wonderful father I was for our sons. I just looked into Jason”s eyes and asked if he could fuck me without having to send me to Medical in the morning. “Your wish is my command” and he shared with me the most romantic sexual encounter of our marriage. I awoke at sunrise to being held in his strong arms, his long thick cock still in my ass and my bloated stomach aching from all the baby batter he had injected up my ass.


As I slid out of bed and headed to the shower I was so happy to have the shower bidet in our quarters. Yes, it hurt like hell till my intestinal track expelled all the liquid love Jason injected but that is the price of being in love with such a passionate romantic man. Not to mention a man with huge balls loaded with massive amounts of baby batter. I am so lucky to have this man as my partner for life and eternity.


Every weekend Bravo squad was off the duty cycle there were multiple men giving odds if this was the week the sergeant and Jeremy would be locked away in the VIP suite. General Caruso let it be known he wouldn”t stop the betting but he demanded the proceeds left after payouts be donated to the Worthington Foundation. It wasn”t a large amount of money but SD would never turn down any donation. Jeremy knew with a base this small and so close knit there was no way to keep anything he did private for long. If he was going to be mature enough to have anal sex with a man that he best be ready to accept the comments of the men around him. Yes, my little boy is becoming a very mature young man.


Like all young men of the 21st Century Jeremy made good use of the internet to learn all he could about gay anal sex. All the nuisances of hygiene, foreplay and what to expect when ones loses his cherry ass. It was time and he did care immensely for the sergeant. The sergeant was patient and very satisfied with a young imp with a fantastic mouth that also loved 69ing with him. He”d watch Jeremy enjoy a full body orgasm when he”d slide a couple of fingers up his ass while sucking him and taste him flood his mouth with a massive load of cum. Jeremy was a hot and passionate lover and this was far more than a “notch in his belt”… he wanted Jeremy to have an experience he”d never forget. The sergeant patiently waited for Jeremy to decide when it was time to go all the way.


Jeremy came to me one evening when we were alone in our quarters and asked if he could talk with me. I assured him he never had to ask permission, what could I do for him. He wanted to ask me something very personal and didn”t want to offend me. I”m your father, you could never offend me. I definitely wasn”t ready when he asked me: “How bad does it hurt to lose your cherry ass”? (Time to be truthful and hopefully not traumatize my youngest son.)


I candidly held him, kissed him and told him I would be totally honest with him. It can be very painful to the point of screaming and crying. A lot has to do with home much you care for your partner and how much you are willing to endure to pleasure him. Every virgin cherry ass is going to be super tight and training the muscle to stretch the opposite way takes time. And, yes… you may bleed even if your partner is gentle. Even a small cock is going to feel like a monster the first few times. Use plenty of lube, patience and don”t rush… have time to enjoy what you are doing and make certain you both enjoy the moment. Make sure to use good hygiene and clean out good to keep from making a mess. And, I can”t understate: Foreplay, foreplay and more foreplay. At your ages you”ll have multiple orgasms any night so enjoy every one. It only gets better each and every time.


The VIP suites are always stocked with one of Doc”s numbing lube and you may want to use it if your ass is super tender afterwards. And, I always have a few tubes on hand in our quarters. I don”t want you grimacing in pain afterwards so be honest with me and let me help you if needed. Every man on base has gone through this so none of us are going to think any less of you.


And, NO… Jason won”t kill whoever you decide is the first man in to share your bed. You haven”t lived till you have a hillbilly fuck and even us old pros were walking bowlegged the morning after. (That livened the mood of the conversation!)


Just remember, we are under ALERT so you run the risk of being hauled to the bunker stark naked and getting locked down. It won”t be any different than what happened to Andrew which you found so funny. And remember, anyone outside of Fort Connor, SAFE SEX ONLY… you can”t tell if they have a disease that can kill you.


Jeremy hugged me, smothered me with kisses and asked to be excused. He had a hot date and I have to keep my mouth and throat muscles in condition… as a big smile creeped across his face. Damn, to be a teenager again with rampant horny hormones. I”ll be awake all night when he decides he wants to use the VIP suite… I”ll be worried that he”ll have a wonderful time and positive memories that will last a lifetime.


Why wasn”t I surprised when my wrist com went off and it was Jeremy telling me he would be spending a few hours with Bravo squad after retreat and dinner. I didn”t have the heart to embarrass him when he walked into our quarters later than night and he still had some cum on his neck. Jason smiled at me and I nodded I had caught it also. I”m glad my little boy is growing into a young man and he isn”t doing half as much as I did at his age. As for Jason… damn, do they start at an early age in the hills of West Virginia. Jason was getting gangbanged by his brothers and cousins even before he knew his cock was good for more than taking a piss.


“ALERT, ALERT… THIS IS NOT A DRILL… WE ARE UNDER MULTIPLE ATTACKS… mortar rounds, incoming missiles, incursion bitlis escort at our airfield and boat dock. We all knew the game plan, to overload our defenses and hope something would slide through the gaps. Our battle group eliminated the majority of missiles headed our way and our drones blew the plane out of the sky. Our anti-missile battery eliminated the missiles that got through the battle group and a couple of destroyers blew the speedboats lobbing us with mortar shells out of the water. A lot of lives lost and apparently CyberCom hadn”t found all of their money.


POTUS requested a Video Conference with me the next day saying I”d be out and about again so the men could breathe easier and not be so high risk. I understood what he was saying and what he meant but I hated to have the appearance of running from the battle.


I kissed my sons goodbye after a night of romance, passion and hot sex with Jason. I headed to my Jet and another junket of military bases on the behalf of POTUS. At least I will get to meet a lot of great soldiers that happen to end up in the hospital. It means much to them to have a high ranking officer take the time and interest to meet with each of them. I can only hope the days of homophobic assaults upon their peers will disappear from this new Army. ONE CAN ONLY HOPE!


My staff and I got comfortable in our Lear Jet and met up with our Air Force escort and headed out on our new junket for POTUS. I”d miss Jason and the kids but I had the comfort knowing as soon as the media started talking about this new round of base visits the pressure would be off Fort Connor. (And hopefully will give the base time for a little personal romance.) The only one I felt sorry for was Jason who ended up with too many nights alone in bed, a bed that I wanted to be sharing with him. Regardless of how many times we video conferenced I always felt so lonely when we had to say goodbye. As much as I wanted him to go find a willing soldier and have a wild fling I knew he”d never cheat on me. We were both as much in love as the day we first met in the hills of West Virginia.


I offended many a base commander and staff officer when I would cut short their “meet and greet” and head off to the base hospital and allocate more time with the soldiers in residence. I felt more like a leader to share with them and encourage them with whatever they were facing. It meant more to them than having drinks with the General and his officers would mean to the Army and its future.


Finally, I reached the last base on this junket tour and before I could take a deep breath and relax POTUS was asking to video conference. (No good ever comes from his chats.) He was blunt and to the point. There was no attempted incursions at Fort Connor while I was gone so he was going to take advantage of the “lull” and assign me to other duties that came with my rank. I could pick West Point, Annapolis or the Air Force Academy for a two week stint. All three will welcome you with open arms and the press will eat it up. Good public relations for whichever one you choose. Of course, I chose West Point and back to the wonderful moments in my development as an Army Officer.


A protection detail was flown in from Fort Connor and I was never without 24/7 coverage. The media hated it but soon realized if they wanted an interview this is the way it was to be or they got nothing. They “ate up” the positive comments from the cadets as to my presentations and my candid comments about soldiers in the military regardless of their sexual orientation. Yes, attitudes were changing but it would take a generation or two to make it to the higher ranks of the Pentagon. But, even seeing the small changes gave me a renewed faith in the mission POTUS had given me with this high office.


There was hell to pay when a shootout erupted when one of the Press went through and sounded off the metal detector. A couple of other reporters were wounded but granting them personal interviews soothed the irritated feathers of both the reporters and their editors. Now even the press appreciated the security efforts which they were put through.


I was never prouder than when the entire body of cadets honored me with a formal parade. I had a flash back and wonder how many of my peers were still uncomfortable about showering naked with me when I was a cadet at West Point. This new generation of officers will be the foundation of the Army of the 21st century and seemed open to accepting gay soldiers and gay officers as equal to their straight counterparts.


I was sad leaving West Point and the wonderful memories and the moments that made me the man and officer that I am today. Nothing could prepare me for the future I have but the foundation and building blocks gave me the assurance I could meet the challenges which I face even today.


It was good to get back to Fort Connor and into the arms of the man I love. The first night back was a night of romance, passion and hot sex with my partner for life. In between getting my ass destroyed and massive amount of his baby batter injected up my ass I had to talk with him about Jeremy and sound him out on one of my brainer ideas. Surprisingly, he thought it was great. Now to convince Logan, Hayao and Noah to help me. Logan would invite Hayao and Noah to Camp Phoenix along with Jeremy. I”d make certain General Caruso assigned his lover as his body guard for the trip. I hoped Hayao and Noah could help them to understand the trials they faced and coming from peers made it more real than anything we as parents or the chaplain could explain to them. I wasn”t trying to push them into going faster in their relationship, I just wanted them to enter into a relationship with their eyes open and knowing what they would be facing. “The good, the bad and the ugly” I believe is the old clich�.


I don”t know if my plan backfired but I was truly surprised when Jeremy returned from his weekend visit to Camp Phoenix and asked if he could have a VIP suite the following weekend. I hoped it was because he was ready for this stage in his sexual development and not because he thought we expected this of him. Oh well, the die is cast and all Jason and I can do is be supportive parents whatever the outcome.


Jeremy and his sergeant walked hand in hand to the VIP suite after our evening meal on Friday. Jason held me as the tears rolled down my face knowing for better or worse my innocent little son would return to us a mature man. Andrew could sense my apprehension and assured me his brother was prepared for this stage of his life. Jeremy was doing it because he was ready and wanted it. I”d be a nervous wreck till he was back safe in my arms. I prayed for no ALERTS this weekend. I wanted nothing to ruin this special moment for my youngest son.


As the door of the VIP suite closed on our two young lovers they embraced kissing more passionately than ever before. They both knew the end goal of this weekend and the sergeant vowed to himself to make this a special night for Jeremy, one that he would remember forever. Jeremy was giving him a special gift that can only be given once in his life… his anal cherry.


Through all the foreplay, the kissing, the touching, the feeling, the nibbling, teasing every erotic point on each other”s body it was apparent if they continued there were going to be some soggy BDUs in their immediate future. Passionately stripping each other to their naked flesh their obvious need for release was all apparent and they immediately went into a 69 which left them both chocking on the massive amount of ball juice which they had stored for this evening.


As their exhausted bodies returned to reality Jeremy was helped into the shower and enjoyed the most romantic and intimate shower and massage of his life. When a well lubricated finger was slipped up his ass he almost emptied his balls right then and there. His partner was preparing Jeremy”s body to know the pleasure that will follow the pain of his sacrifice. The moment of truth was upon them as the water was turned off and a large plush towel was wrapped around Jeremy and he was carried in the arms of the man he loved to a bed to consummate this special moment in their life.


The entire base was in anticipation of this moment and only wanted Jeremy to have a wonderful experience to commit to his memory forever. Talk about performance anxiety the sergeant knew if he ruined this for Jeremy he”d be facing the wraith of every man on base and probably even Alexander.


As our two lovers lay naked in bed caressing, kissing and enjoying the beauty of their partners naked body Jeremy was simply asked… “Are you certain this is what you want”? As his small hand stroked the eight inches of hard adult cock between the sergeants legs he replied… “I”ve never wanted anything more in my life”.


Our sergeant raised Jeremy”s legs and exposed the beautiful mounds of his ass cheeks. Two perfect mounts of flesh and the entrance to his virginity which soon would be claimed. Spreading the two beautiful globes of flesh Jeremy got his ass eaten for the first time which had him screaming into a pillow to muffle the screams of pleasure exploding from his mouth. A couple of fingers were snaked into his ass as his cock was swallowed to his balls by his loving partner”s mouth. It took less than bolu escort a minute for Jeremy”s balls to explode and our sergeant coughing up all the cum he couldn”t swallow.


Jeremy had his cock licked and his balls sucked till he was rock hard which only took a few minutes. (Oh, to be young again.) Jeremy was convulsing in pleasure all over the bed and had strong hands holding him steady as his ass was attacked by a talented tongue and fingers almost to the point of orgasm. Yes, this was going to be a romantic teasing moment and multiple near orgasms until Jeremy screamed the words: FUCK ME!


Jeremy opened his eyes to see a smiling face looking back at him. Looking between his legs he saw his lovers cock which looked bigger and thicker than ever before. A moment of fear flashed over his face and his lover assured him he”d be patient and make it a great experience for him.


Jeremy watched his lover apply copious amount of lube on his cock and then to his ass. Finally, he took the tube and squirted the balance of lube remaining into his ass. Jeremy”s moment of destiny arrived, his lover stretched out with his weight supported on his arms so he could lower his mouth and kiss Jeremy romantically and deep as possible. His slimy cock was worked down the path between his mounds of glowing flesh. Finally, after teasing for what seemed like forever there was enough precum mixed with his lubed ass to allow his cockhead to find the entrance to paradise of this young virgin. Pressing forward he could feel Jeremy”s body turn rigid as his cock head started to spread this cherry rosebud.


Grabbing behind Jeremy”s knees with both arms his thighs were held tight to his chest as his lovers mouth continued to assault his tonsils. Without warning he saw a flash of light in his brain and then the most pain he had ever experienced in his young life. Our lover went balls deep on the first thrust and just held Jeremy talking him through the pain assuring him the pleasure they soon would share.


As the bursting stars in front of his eyes started to fade he saw the smiling face and smoothing voice of his loving partner. Looking between his outstretched legs he saw the thick adult cock buried to his balls stretching his ass to a width he never had imagined. As he watched inch after inch of hard cock pulled from his ass he saw the blood which meant his virginity had been claimed and given freely. Slowly this beautiful loving cock was inserted and then withdrawn time after time until they were both lost in a frenzy of love and passion resulting in a screaming orgasm which Jeremy could feel searing his guts and his cock splattering against their flesh cementing them together.


When his lovers cock slide from his body you could hear the audible snap as his ass closed back tight as ever. Jeremy knew there would be pain the next few times he was fucked but he now knew how much pleasure there was to be shared with this wonderful man.


Jeremy turned to his lover and simply asked: “I hope you want to do this again” to which he replied “As many times as you”ll let me this night and anytime we can be together”. Jeremy was surprised to see his partners cock hard and ready for action almost immediately. Flipped into a doggie position he was fucked into a babbling mass of flesh and felt at least three orgasms flooding into his willing body. When they collapsed Jeremy still had a hard cock in his body and a very romantic partner massaging his prostate with the head of his hard cock. Within minutes the desired results was obtained and the sheets were soaked with another orgasm from Jeremy”s balls.


By Saturday morning the Jungle Grapevine was ablaze with the news that Jeremy was no longer a virgin and it was fantastic for him. The base was happy for Jeremy and Bravo Squad was happy they had a sergeant that was such a caring lover for this young man.


Our lovers were impressed with the quality of food provided by the mess staff and it showed they wanted to make it special for our newest two lovers of Fort Connor. Replenishing their strength and their hard cock they adjourned to the shower to refresh their bodies and then it was a race to the bed which results with Jeremy on his hands and knees offering his ass over the edge of the bed to his lover. No engraved invitation was necessary and with little lube he had a cock balls deep and a passionate hard fuck which resulted in him enjoying multiple fantastic orgasms.


It was time for Jeremy to know the feeling he is giving his partner. It took little effort to give Jeremy a raging hardon and our experienced sergeant straddled his waist and lowered his ass smiling as he sat balls deep on his six inch pleasure maker. It only took a couple of thrust and Jeremy”s young balls gave up its sweet cream coating the guts of our sergeant. Collapsing in bed holding and kissing each other Jeremy smiled as he said how fantastic a time he was having and they still had over 24 hours left to enjoy.


By Sunday morning when breakfast was delivered they didn”t know whether their cocks or their ass hurt the most. They both agreed it was a night they would always remember and it was wonderful for both of them. They assured each other it would be a night they would repeat as often as possible. As Jeremy hobbled back into our quarters he wrapped his arms around his fathers and thanked us for making this night so wonderful and special for him. He loved us more than he ever thought possible. That comment gave both Jason and I raging hardons and if it wasn”t for the sound proof walls Jeremy would have heard my screams of passion which exceeded that he had enjoyed.


Andrew hugged and kissed his brother and helped him into the shower and massaged his aching muscles. When they got to the bedroom he took care of the hard muscle that never wanted to go down. He had a bruised and super tender prostate which would take a few days to return to normal. Jeremy was walking around base and sitting in class with a raging boner and a big smile on his face. Everyone on base was happy for him and we as parents were so proud of the mature young man we are raising.


Andrew swallowed three huge loads of yummy ball juice from his brother and accepted his cock would go down when it got good and ready. Jeremy was exhausted and thanked his brother kissing him passionately but begging him to let him rest. Andrew smiled at Jason and I as he walked to his bedroom commenting we now had a nymphomaniac in the family. Jason quickly commented: “That”ll make two”! A blushing Andrew settled into his bed and proceeded to jerk off one massive hot load of ball juice which soaked his sheet and the aroma escaped his room and permeated our quarters.


Just as I was enjoying a hot relaxing shower OPS blasts forth on my wrist com: “ALERT, ALERT… INCOMMING UNAUTHORIZED PLANE, REFUSES RADIO COMMAND AND DRONES FIRING WARNING SHOTS.” I asked OPS if they could get a target lock with the drones and if so SHOOT IT DOWN! The sharks ate well that night and I finally got a couple of hours sleep after getting the base back to a normal functioning level.


The cartels still wanted my head on a platter and getting me off base for whatever reason would greatly protect Fort Connor, my soldiers and most importantly our imps. I contacted POTUS and asked to take a junket… he was shocked I asked and respected my rationale. (I should be careful of what I ask for!) POTUS decided a trip to the Artic Survival Program in Alaska would be an interesting experience for all involved. Jason laughed at me and told me I”d asked for it and I got it. A definite way to “cool me off” and let me relax. There isn”t even an Eskimo around to keep you warm and NO you can”t take Alexander with you. (SUGGESTION TO LOGAN: Start producing your new ceramic bullet proof clothing in an insulated underwear version… PLEASE!)


The entire base was hysterical over POTUS sending me to Alaska. Perhaps I could hit Hawaii on the way back and at least defrost my bones before I returned to Fort Connor. My staff was none too happy to find out I requested this junket. Even the soldiers taking their cold weather training were shocked to see a six star General out in the cold with them. I”ll always be with the men regardless of where we are or what we have to endure. Leading from the front motivates them better than any pep talk given.


General Caruso had a long chat and pulled in a favor from one of his old Army buddies who was easily motivated by a case of 20 year old single malt Scotch. Both of our staffs were going back to boot training as privates for two weeks. We knew they were in top physical shape but they needed to toughen up their brains and remember what makes them a soldier. They were none too happy when we announced our decision and gave them the dates to reserve. After two weeks of enduring basic training AGAIN every man kissed the ground when they deplaned at Fort Connor and welcomed being back from purgatory. General Caruso hoped we need not repeat the learning experience with them on a regular basis. Our staffs were happy to be back at Fort Connor and in the welcoming arms of their Generals.


I was surprised one evening when Doc. Dwight knocked at my quarters requesting permission to enter. I greeted him warmly and offered him 2 oz of single malt Scotch. He saw no humor in my comment. Seriously General, we have a puppy that needs saving and only you and your stars can save this young man.






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