A Curious DiscoveryA Curious Discovery


Saturday morning greeted Jeremy with dark skies and promises of rain. He had slept for almost twelve hours. He sat up and shrugged before throwing off his covers and standing up. Stretching his body, Jeremy walked from his bedroom into the living room where he would usually find his family was empty. Jeremy was confused how he hadn’t heard them leave since he usually wasn’t a light sleeper.

Jeremy stretched out on one of the armchairs, turning on his phone and mindlessly scrolling through social media. Not even half an hour had passed before the doorbell rang. His family must not have taken any keys. Getting up with a sigh, Jeremy made his way over to the door and opened it to reveal a bored looking delivery man.

“Sign here please.” Confused, Jeremy signed, and the delivery man nodded before turning away and leaving as quickly as he had come. Jeremy shut the door and went back into the living room.

Sitting down on the white sofa, Jeremy ripped open the top of the package in one fluid movement. As he reached in and pulled out a video camera, Jeremy was, once again, curious. He set the package aside and opened the video camera. It was one of those cameras you would not want to look at if you found it in your parents’ bedroom. Turning on the camera, Jeremy tried to figure out who would have sent it but came up empty.

After görükle escort the camera turned on, Jeremy perused it. He spent a minute figuring out the controls before he found his way to the already recorded videos. Only one was in that section. Jeremy clicked on it and tensed up once he saw who was in it.

His girlfriend, Sarah, was center frame. She lay on a twin bed in a messy room. Her cheeks were flushed and her hair a mess, but she was smirking. She was only wearing flimsy jogging shorts and a sports bra, but she wasn’t covering herself like she would normally with Jeremy. Jeremy gripped the couch as he hit play.

Static gave way to Sarah chuckling as the video begins. “Hello, Jere-Bear. I should’ve done this better but – um – if it isn’t clear we’re over.” Then she had the nerve to blow a kiss at the camera. Jeremy’s jaw clenched.

He heard two men talking behind the camera, but he didn’t think he knew them. After a short discussion, one appeared onscreen and moved toward Sarah, who crawled towards him, never blocking the camera. The man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up to him before kissing her passionately. Sarah returned the kiss with just as much vigor.

Jeremy’s eyes widened. His breath hitched. He watched with bated breath as the man kept kissing Sarah. The stranger pushed her onto bursa sınırsız escort bayan the bed and walked off screen. Jeremy sucked in a breath; he wasn’t sure exactly what was about to happen. He paused the video.

Jeremy felt strange as he looked at Sarah’s still form on the frozen screen. Her hair was even messier than when he had first seen her on screen, her shorts rode up her ass almost letting him see the supple skin underneath. He felt a strange shift in him and something twitch. Jeremy looked down, confused again, to see a slight tent in his slacks.

He reached down and brushed it; he was sure it was a wrinkle. His body tensed as his hand brushed over what definitely was not a wrinkle. Jeremy looked down in shock, then back up at the video camera.

He hesitantly pressed play on the camera, now paying attention to the feeling in his trousers. There was quick discussion between the two men before silence. The first walked into frame, completely naked.

Jeremy’s eyes focused in on the man’s cock in the poor-quality video. Jeremy felt his trousers tighten slightly. He reached his hand down and unzipped his pants, freeing his pale cock from its prison. Jeremy held it hesitantly in his hand as he watched the man stalk towards Sarah.

The man had a small bursa otele gelen escort bayan package in his hand, which he ripped open to reveal a condom. He rolled it over his cock right before he reached Sarah’s legs. The man reached out for Sarah’s and pulled her closer to the camera. Sarah tried to kiss him, but he flipped over and pulled her ass up high as he took her shorts off.

Jeremy began to stroke his cock as the man revealed Sarah’s perfect ass; round as a peach and the perfect size. Jeremy’s hand began to work more furiously as he watched the stranger shove his cock into Sarah’s pussy, pinning her onto the bed. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the camera.

The stranger thrust violently into Sarah’s tiny pussy as she began to moan loudly, apparently not paying attention to the camera on her. Sarah’s moans and screams pushed Jeremy over the edge. His stiff body shook with the power of his orgasm. Jeremy’s cock spurted ropes of cum onto his chest and on the floor. Jeremy’s chest heaved up and down with the force and euphoria of what he just experienced.

As Jeremy’s head cleared, he vaguely heard Sarah’s cries of pleasure. Jeremy shut the video-camera and tossed it back into the package, his mind foggy. He grabbed a blanket from the couch and wiped up his cum.

Almost immediately afterwards, Jeremy heard his family come into the kitchen behind him. Jeremy quickly stuffed his, now flaccid, cock back into his pants and ran into his bedroom, package and blanket safely hidden under his arm. Jeremy tucked the package into the corner of his closet, planning on looking at it again later. She might’ve left him, but she also left him a present.

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