All Night LongAll Night Long


I pulled up into the dimly lit street now packed with cars causing me and absolute headache as I struggled to find a parking spot. After cramming my sedan into a hatch sized spot, I stepped out into the warm summer night and opened the boot to collect the bottle of wine and the flower vase I had bought and made my way up the road towards the large black and white house.It was massive, truly a behemoth compared to everything else in the neighbourhood. It was also clearly years ahead in its appearance, with its modern architecture and design. As an engineering graduate, I was truly impressed. The buzzing and laughter from within could be heard from a few houses down the street. A few strides late the large porch came into view and so did the two black Mercedes parked proudly on the driveway.Jeez, I knew they had money, but this is ridiculous.I stepped onto the grand porch and rang the doorbell and was quickly greeted by a beautiful woman, dressed elegantly with her hair done up high.”Oliver! It’s so good to see you!” she said, a wide grin on her face.”Evening, Aunt Kat!” I said as I went in for a hug. “How are you?””I’m doing great,” she replied fixing up my shirt. “You’re looking mighty fine aren’t ya?””This is one hell of a house aunty; you mind if I move in?” I asked jokingly, taking in the grandeur of the entrance and the chandelier that lit it. “Oh, by the way, these are for you” I continued as I handed over the bottle of wine and flower vase.”Oh Oliver, you know you didn’t have to,” she replied as she placed them with the rest of the housewarming gifts.She brought me through the entryway and into the main living area, now packed with people talking, laughing, and enjoying what looked to be a bar’s worth of alcohol on offer.”Help yourself to anything you want Oliver,” she said as she walked off to talk to other guests.I looked around the room and saw many familiar faces including my parents whom I greeted before heading over to the enormous snack table. I was starving.As I grabbed a plateful of chocolates and fancy-looking pastries, a voice interrupted me from behind.”Ollie! When the hell did you get here?” she said as I turned around to be greeted by yet another beautiful woman in a white dress.”El… Ellie?” I stuttered astonished by her sexy appearance. “Almost didn’t recognise you.”I put my plate down and went in for a hug, taking in the sweet fragrance of her hair and perfume.”You look bloody awesome,” I continued as I admired her curvaceous figure.”Aww thanks, you don’t look half bad yourself,” she said chuckling as she reached over to fix my hair.Ellie was the daughter of Aunt Kat and it had been almost two years since I had last seen her as she had gone interstate for work and study. We had been really close when we were younger since we were the same age. We attended the same primary school and sometimes were in the same class together. We remained close during high school too even though we went to different schools. However, we lost touch after that as we went our separate ways.”It’s really good to see you again,” I said as we made our way into the living room. “So how was work up in Queensland?””Yea it’s pretty good. Queensland is amazing, we should head up together sometime,” she replied.”Sorry istanbul travesti to hear about your parents’ divorce by the way,” I said. Aunt Kat and her husband had recently split which was the reason why Ellie had come back home but it also meant that she could now work alongside her mother in their rather successful accounting firm.”Oh, don’t be,” she replied with a chuckle. “He was a total jackass anyways, I’m glad he left.”We talked on but soon I felt myself get distracted by her almost goddess-like looks. I had never actually thought of her as a woman before and so I allowed myself to take in her beauty.She wore a tight white drawstring dress that was revealing, and it made her undeniably sexy as it ran just past her crotch before exposing her smooth white skin. It really outlined the curves of her body. One look at her mum and it was obvious where she got it from. She was by far the best-looking person there, without a doubt.As we talked, I found myself gazing at her body mid-conversation, and embarrassingly, she picked up on it too.”Hey, eyes up here buddy,” she said chuckling.”Sorry El,” I said grinning. “Can’t help myself when you’re looking this good.””Oliver!” she replied nudging me on the shoulder. “You’re such a tease, you know that?”~The night came into full swing and more people packed into the living areas. It was loud enough that you could barely hear yourself think let alone hear what someone else was saying.”Hey Ollie, you wanna head upstairs?!” Ellie shouted.”What?!” I replied, not having heard what she had just said.Ellie rolled her eyes before grabbing my hand, pulling me off the couch and leading me through the crowd as we headed upstairs along the grand staircase and into the quieter hallway above.”What a mess,” she said fixing her dress.We navigated past what I counted to be at least six rooms before we reached Ellie’s room and what a room it was. It was painted light grey and was furnished lavishly sparing no expense in line with the rest of the house. It was at least twice the size of my living room back at my apartment.”Holy shit, this is your room?” I said stunned.”Yea, not too bad huh?” she replied closing the door.”Not too bad?” I said laughing. “I’d kill for something like this El.”The sounds of the party downstairs were now almost non-existent, and we both finally could hear each other speak. I walked over and sat at the bottom of her enormous bed decorated wonderfully with an assortment of pink, purple and blue sheets, and pillows. Ellie flung her heels across the room into her massive walk-in closet and face-planted herself onto the soft sheets.I just stared at her, still admiring her beauty as my eyes ran down the length of her body. I could now see under her tight dress which stopped just short of covering her crotch, revealing her white panties underneath. I could feel my dick stir on its own as wild thoughts raced into my head.”Are you just gonna sit there and stare at me?” she asked sarcastically tilting her head slightly towards me. I just stared at her blankly trying to get those thoughts out of my head.”Get up here you weirdo,” she continued laughing, pushing aside the pillows onto the carpeted floor below.I flicked my own shoes and socks off and laid istanbul travestileri down beside her as she flipped around and brought herself closer to me.”What are you thinking of Ollie?” she muttered.”About how good-looking you are,” I said in a joking manner even though I was clearly not joking. In my head, I cringed at my lousy flirting. From the angle we were lying, I could see through the loose section at the top of her dress and onto her bra-less cleavage. I couldn’t believe that I was in bed lying next to someone as good-looking as her, even though she was my cousin.”Is that right?” she replied in a flirty tone as she turned towards me and placed her hand on my chest.”You’re terrible at flirting, Ollie,” she said laughing. “If you think I’m so pretty, then do something about it.””Like what?” I stuttered, questioning her as if I didn’t know what she meant.I felt my heart begin to race and my dick stir as a noticeable bulge formed in my pants. She looked down and ran her finger over my stomach and onto my pants, lightly nabbing at my crotch.”You’re such a perv, Ollie,” she said running her finger up and down the bulge of my dick, teasing me on. “You like perving on me?”I could feel myself flustering up now and I was beginning to feel extremely hot. Something just came over my head and I didn’t give a second thought as I closed my eyes whilst I softly placed my hands on her face and kissed her. Her lips met mine as we exchanged a quick yet soft kiss, a kiss that lasted mere seconds but translated into an eternity in my mind. She stared into my eyes before pushing me down, pinning me to the bed, and getting on top of me.She wrapped her arms around my neck as we exchanged a series of quick, rough kisses before getting entrenched in a much more sensual kiss, our tongues dancing as we reached deeper, exploring each other’s mouths, and pulling ourselves closer. I could feel her saliva dripping down into my mouth as we entangled in more kisses.I felt her grind her crotch against mine, the kisses continuing as we hungrily tasted one another. She smelt absolutely wonderful; the subtle sweet smell of her hair mixed with that of her perfume intoxicated me. I felt her unbutton my shirt as she now moved down my body kissing my chin, my neck, my chest, and onto my stomach.”Far out, Ellie,” I moaned softly looking up at the erotic expression on her face. “Can’t believe we’re doing this right now.””You started it,” she replied, now unbuckling my belt with a big smile on her face.She pulled my pants down to my knees and that was all the encouragement my dick needed as it sprung into the air then rested on my stomach.She pushed her silky hair back as her eyes lit up.”Fuck, you have a nice dick,” she muttered using both of her soft hands to take a hold of my manhood before slowly placing her mouth over the tip. I watched as the head disappeared into her mouth and felt the warmth of her tongue engulf my dick, the intense tingling sense running through my legs and into my body.”Fuuucckk, El, that feels so good,” I muttered whilst moaning, my legs almost shuddering now. It had been a good while since I had a blowjob, and I was just that much more sensitive to it. I watched her down my shaft inch by travesti istanbul inch, her red lipstick smearing all over my skin every time she moved back up. It wasn’t long before she was nearing the base of my shaft and I could feel the tip of my dick hitting the back of her throat as she struggled to force the rest of it through.She forced herself to hold her mouth deep over my dick before her body forced her to come up for air. She gagged and coughed; her saliva-filled mouth now drooling over my shaft as she looked hazily at me. She continued sliding her right hand up and down my throbbing member as she bent over further and took each of my testicles into her mouth, applying the same sucking reflex she had done for my dick, onto them.I lay there, tightly clenching to the sheets trying tremendously hard not to bust as I could myself getting closer and closer to my climax.”Ellie, if you keep doing that, I’m gonna cum!” I said groaning in pleasure.”Yea, you like that, baby?” she asked gently fondling my balls.She responded by once more taking my shaft into her warm mouth, gliding her tongue over my throbbing head. She truly was a master of giving head. I groaned, grabbing strands of her silky hair, and forming a ponytail at the back of her head, using it to push her head down, forcing my meat deeper into her throat.”Fuck, Ellie!” I uttered as my hips thrust upwards.She began coughing and gagging once again, her eyes rolling to the back of her head as I forcefully held her there for the good part of ten seconds before finally releasing her. Ellie immediately backed off and sat up, right before my climax, wiping off all the excess slobber from around her lips. Her mascara was now running down her cheeks and her lipstick had smeared my dick red. It was a hot mess.She looked at me in an annoyed manner as she continued to slide her hands on my dick, my climax somewhat subsiding now.”I’m sorry, El,” I muttered with a massive grin on my face. “You just felt too good.””You prick,” she said, now smiling back at me.She bent over and kissed me hard and rough as I felt her slobbery lips entangle with mine. She wrapped her left arm around my neck and moved her right arm down towards her crotch, fumbling with something which I quite didn’t get an eye on. As we parted and she instantly covered my eyes with her wet hand blocking my vision.”Open your mouth, Ollie,” she demanded.”What for?” I replied questioning her sudden change of personality.”I said…” she started as she ran her wet tongue over my lips “Open. Your. Mouth.”I didn’t question her any further and obliged, opening my mouth. She took her chance and stuffed the white pair of panties she had been wearing into my mouth. It caught me by surprise as I coughed and spat out her lingerie onto my chest.”What the fuck?” I stuttered trying to understand what the hell just happened.”I can play rough too,” she said smiling devilishly as she stood up off the bed.I picked her panties off my chest. They were soaked in her sex juices, and they gave off a lude smell that made my dick twitch and beg for more.She undid the strings on her shoulders and let her dress fall, now revealing her bare body. My eyes moved directly onto her perfect tits, her pink nipples now fully erect. I sat up on the side of the bed, letting my pants fall to the floor and placed my arms around her smooth young skin, pulling her body towards me, and brought her nipples into my mouth, sucking them gently. She let out a series of soft moans whilst wrapping her arms around my head.

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