Subject: Old Loewenstein 2 Old Loewenstein 2 This is the continuation story of Old Loewenstein which is entirely a work of fiction and is not a true reflection on his character or his teenage son. Please enjoy the story and find it in your heart to send Nifty a few bob as after all they work hard to keep this site operating and we are all leaving a legacy for our future. Please pop by and have a look in their shop window where you may find an irresistible bargain. Signed Vintagespeedoboy Atlantic Ocean, August 1924. The White Star Line ocean liner RMS Olympic, the last remaining Olympic class liner in service, grossing 46,400 tons he must have had something wrong with him for that to happen, I’m sorry for asking.” “That’s all right, the penny doctor told mum he was very sick I could drink gallons of this stuff.” “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get what you want.” “That’s a wise remark coming from you. Hardly karabük escort anyone ever books this cabin probably because they’re all superstitious but I have heard rumours on board saying that it’s supposed to be haunted although I’ve never seen any ghosts having slept many a night in here.” Ned began lubing up his rock hard cock from the bottle of tingling lube chief passed him spreading generous amounts onto his nipples perhaps his experience may even total to no more than solo or dual hand jobs so he was now in a learning curve which for him was totally new ground parked right beside me was my courier bag containing sandwiches, a large bar of chocolate, small screw top bottle of milk with a small jar of sugar with 2 pint Aladdin’s Stanley stainless steel vacuum flask of tea which the concierge told me to either return it on pain of death or buy him a new one he erupted angrily once we were sat in the car saying. karaman escort “Who’s car is this?, what’s happened to my driver? Where’s my car? You’re not even old enough to drive and I am betting you have stolen this car!. “Sir, Mr. Loewenstein, it is the best I could do at such short notice, your car is still awaiting a part and your driver is off sick, I have hired this car on a licence with a similar name I haven’t kept an eye on the speedometer,” he tapped the speedo saying. “It ought to work as it’s a nice new one.” “May I please see your driving licence,” Jack passed it too him when he looked through the pages saying. “A nice clean driving licence, pity it won’t be after today,” Jack was crestfallen as this now entailed being summoned to appear in a magistrate’s court to be fined & the particulars of the offence endorsed onto his licence when he watched the constable take his licence to another speaking into kars escort a public telephone and overheard him reading out his licence particulars, name and address finishing with. “Check if he has a criminal record.” The minutes seemed like hours whilst he waited sat astride the Norton removing his crash helmet & placing it onto the fuel tank when both constables walked over to him, passed him his licence which he pocketed inside his leathers when the constable asked him. “Sonny, would you mind putting your bike onto its stand whilst I have a word with you.” “Certainly constable, as this is a racing motorcycle, the stand has been removed so please allow me to lean it up against the phone box.” “Go on sonny,” he pushed the bike the few yards & leaned it against the phone box leaving his crash helmet on the fuel tank when the constable asked. “You are Jack Duggan, born April the first 1909 in Sydney, Australia?” “Yes constable.” “Jack Duggan, I hereby arrest you for escaping from legal custody from Long Bay Jail, Sydney, Australia whilst detained at his majesty’s pleasure. His world came crashing down all around him as he was handcuffed and placed into a police car. To be continued.

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