All for Daddy 4: Never TeaseAll for Daddy 4: Never Tease


Never Tease

1991 was my last year of high school and I couldn’t wait to get it over with. Sure, there were things I liked about high school, even if I wasn’t the most popular girl, I still had friends. By the time my senior year started, I wanted to make an impression. I didn’t want anyone to forget me, at least not anyone male.

My dad had taken me shopping the week before school started. My mom didn’t like shopping and as soon as my dad offered, she seemed relieved. I knew I’d have more fun with my dad. I always did. The night before we went shopping, he had me down on my hands and knees in the family room, sucking him off. What could be more fun than that?

After my mom left for work, I got up to take a shower. I’d just started lathering up my tits, when my dad walked into the bathroom and got into the shower with me. This was one of the things we both liked to do together. He already had a hardon and it bumped my butt as he reached around me and worked the soap over my boobs.

“I could shoot a load just playing with your tits, baby.”

I wiggled my ass against his prick. It was all soapy and warm and he let it slide between my thighs. Of course, I was ready to fuck. My dad took my hands and placed them on the shower wall, letting the shower spray down the front of my body. His hands moved down to my butt cheeks and he slowly worked a finger into my ass.

“How about a nice butt fuck?”

I was ready to beg, but I didn’t have to. He began moving his meat up and down between my cheeks, then pushed the head into my anus. I love that feeling when a cock first goes into my ass, stretching out my asshole. He began to rock on his heels and work his cock up my ass. I leaned forward to help him out.

The water streamed down my tits and splashed against the wall. I tilted my head back to catch a mouthful of water, pretending it was my dad’s jizz even though it wasn’t near as creamy or tasty. He was plowing my butt now, his dick going all the way in, the way he liked it, deeper than deep.

“Fuck! Your shit hole gets tighter every time I bang it! You ready to get it filled up?”

I nodded and worked my ass toward him, taking him all in. He moved his hands up from my waist to hold my bouncing boobs, then thrust in like a jackhammer, pushing me flat against the wall. He grunted and rammed like an animal, then shot one of his really big steaming loads. I could feel his jizz pumping up my ass.

After emptying himself in me, he eased back, letting the water course down both our bodies. We toweled off and he helped me choose something to wear for our shopping expedition. As usual, he liked what I liked. A green tank dress, a pair of yellow thong panties that barely covered my bald pussy and sandals. No bra or pantyhose.

We drove out to the mall and it seemed like everyone else in town had the same idea. We were lucky though and found a parking place close to one of the entrances. When I got out of the car, my dad slipped his hand under my dress and stroked me ass, whispering in my ear that he wanted to get another piece a little later.

In the mall, I saw a few boys from school. One of them popped a woody the minute he saw me and didn’t even try to hide it. He said something to his friends as my dad and I walked by. I couldn’t really hear exactly what they said, but it had something to do with my tits. I didn’t mind at all.

My dad had me model everything I picked out. He liked tank tops and dresses the most because he liked to see my tits. I found a few pairs of jeans and t-shirts too. We were loaded down with bags when we walked by Florya Escort Frederick’s. Usually, I went to Victoria’s Secret because Frederick’s was a little too slutty. My dad had other ideas.

My dad steered me in the door of Frederick’s. The sales woman looked up, but didn’t seem interested in us. My dad strolled around picking up a pair of panties or a bra and handling it. I finally relaxed and started browsing too. A corsetlet caught my eye. It would really only cover half my tits, but I knew my dad would like that. It was in lace and in leatherette with matching thong panties.

“Baby, you’d look so hot in that. In fact, I’d have to have a party and pass you around.”

I don’t think the sales woman heard him. I was getting wet standing next to my dad, looking at everything. After deliberating between the lace or the leatherette, I went for the leatherette. My dad also bought me a pair of crotchless panties and a bra with the nipples cut out. That made the sales woman raise an eyebrow, but she didn’t say a word.

Leaving the store, I saw the boys from school again. The three of them saw us too and started smiling at me. I smiled back and one of them licked his lips. They had no idea. If they did, they’d be doing more than licking their lips. I’d only fucked a couple of boys my own age. They were so immature and they came way too quick.

My dad asked me if I knew them, when I said I did, he asked if I wanted to invite them to have lunch with us and he’d treat. I didn’t really want to, but my dad told me I needed to be friendlier with people at school, so I stopped and asked them. I was really surprised when they said yes.

We went to a restaurant and not the food court. My dad seemed to get along with them, asking them about sports and that kind of thing. While my dad was talking, I noticed one of them staring at my tits. For a minute, I was annoyed. I’d been wet all afternoon, it only made me wetter. I wanted to get out of there, get home and get my dad’s cock in my pussy.

We ate and then my dad asked them if they’d like to come over for a swim. He said we shouldn’t waste any warm weather we had because we’d be shivering soon enough. I couldn’t believe he asked them over. I wanted to go straight home and get the shit banged out of me. I guess I’d have to wait.

They followed us home. Jason was driving his mom’s mini-van. How embarrassing! Jason was cute though, tall with black hair and blue eyes. His best friend Erik wasn’t as tall, but he had long, blonde hair that made him popular with the stoner chicks. Andrew was the quiet one, dark curly hair, brown eyes. He was almost a geek.

We pulled into the driveway and, before we got out, my dad put his hand between my legs and asked me if I’d let him watch. I didn’t understand, but then he told me he wanted me to watch me fuck them — all of them. He smiled and I nodded and smiled back. I thought my cunt would soak the front seat.

My dad showed the boys where they could change and gave them a choice of his trunks. With the pool and a half dozen trips to the beach a year, my dad could open his own men’s swimwear store. I went up to my room and waited for my dad to help me choose what to wear. I pulled out a few suits and dropped them on the bed, then stripped.

I was naked when my dad walked in. He walked straight over to me and popped one of my tits in his mouth, giving the nipple a hard suck. I squealed. I loved it. He slipped a finger into my steaming pussy and diddled me a little. The afternoon was starting to be a lot of fun. I moved on his finger and begged for Escort Florya his cock.

“Come on, put on your green thong bikini and get downstairs. There’s three cocks waiting for you.”

I giggled and pulled the thong part of my bikini on and then slipped on the top. By the time I got downstairs, the boys were in the pool, shouting and swimming in the middle. My dad had beers out. He knew that beer would loosen everyone up. I carried one of the cold bottles to the edge of the pool and sat down with my legs in the water.

Jason looked out. He was really buff from playing football. Erik wasn’t bad. Andrew looked soft and almost girlish. I got in after awhile and swam at the opposite end. When I got out, my dad helped me out of the pool and whispered in my ear for me to lay down and take my top off.

I took one of the towels off the fence and put it on the ground by the pool, then laid face down on top of it and took my top off, letting my tits flatten against the towel. It got quiet. I knew they were all looking. My dad came over with the baby oil and started to oil me down. At first, just my back, but he worked down to my ass cheeks.

Feeling my dad’s hands on my bare ass, I wanted to roll over and spread, but I laid there and let him lead. I liked laying there, knowing they were all watching me. I wondered how my dad was going to get things started. Was he just going to tell them to fuck me? Was he going to fuck me in front of them first?

“Isn’t she hot? Beautiful ass, eh?”

He smoothed the oil over my skin. Then he surprised me. He hooked his fingers into my thong and pulled it off. I let him. I could hear the boys, one by one, getting out of the pool. My dad told me to roll over, bend my knees and spread my legs. I took a deep breath and moved onto my back, bringing my knees up and opening my legs.

It felt so good to show off my pussy. It felt even better when my dad oiled up my tits and belly, then slowly made his way to my snatch. I laid there with my eyes closed and tried to breath slowly, but it wasn’t easy. Then he slid one finger inside my pussy. My juices were gushing. He finger banged me while I laid there for everyone to see.

“Any of you boys want a little pussy? She’s a hot little fuck.”

I heard someone come closer and step between me and the sun. I opened my eyes and saw that it was Jason. I knew he’d be first. My dad told me to put my legs back and show Jason my cunt. I felt my dad’s fingers spreading my pussy lips. It didn’t take too long for Jason to get between my legs.

Jason climbed on me and shoved his dick in. He slammed away at me, my tits jiggling and smacking against his chest. I closed my eyes and came really hard. After I came, I could focused on getting Jason off. I moved my hips in circles. He was starting to sweat, droplets fell on my face and tits. His friends cheered him on.

“That’s it Jas! Give it to her!! Fuck her!!”

Their shouts did it and Jason came. One thrust in and I felt him shooting, then he pulled out, spurting on my belly, back into my cunt again to finish. He collapsed on top of me. The cum, the oil and the sweat made it all feel so good to be laying there like that. Jason breathing in time with me.

Jason climbed off me and Erik kneeled down on the towel. Before he could get in, my dad made me get up on my knees. He wanted Erik to fuck me doggy style. I kneeled down facing away from Erik, my sloppy cunt dripping with sperm. Erik’s prick slid into me easily.

I like getting it from behind. That way it’s just fucking. I don’t have to look at anyone’s Florya Escort Bayan face, it’s all about cock and cunt. Erik grabbed my hips and worked my pussy. My dad stripped off his trunks while he watched and moved around to my head. I knew what he wanted. I was going to have a real reputation after this.

My dad put his cock to my lips and I licked the head, whirling my tongue around it, catching the strings of precum. Erik went at my cunt even harder. Then my dad grabbed my head and shoved his dick down my throat. I sucked and fucked, totally forgetting Jason and Andrew were watching.

“Good girl, suck daddy’s dick. Suck it good.”

My head and ass were bobbing back and forth between my dad and Erik. Erik shoved me forward with every stroke, so I’d got a throatful of my dad’s pole. My dad started moaning. I knew he was going to cum. He leaned forward one more time, his balls flat against my chin, then tugged his dick out of my mouth and shot straight into my face.

“Eat it baby! Eat it!!”

The cum splattered all over my face and dripped down my chin onto my tits. While I was getting soaked in front, Erik pulled his prick out of my snatch and sprayed my ass with cream. It was so wild. I was getting a hot cum bath from my dad and a boy from school I hadn’t said more than ten words to before. It felt too good.

“Good girl! I think somebody got left out though.”

My dad wiped my face off with another towel. Erik and Jason were tugging their suits on. Andrew sat on the diving board watching. He was so shy. My dad motioned him over and told me to get back on my knees. He had Andrew strip and get behind me. Andrew was quiet, but didn’t seem nervous.

“You ever give it to a girl up the ass? Best fuck of your life!”

My dad rubbed Erik’s cum into my asshole. His finger easing in and out, opening up. He told me to hold my ass cheeks apart so Andrew could get in. When I felt Andrew’s cockhead at my asshole, I couldn’t believe it. He was huge! He had to be at least four inches around. He was probably really long too. My dad kept working cum into my butt and telling Andrew to keep going.

I relaxed as much as I could for Andrew’s monster cock. I felt the first few inches go in. My asshole was all stretched out. Andrew was beginning to breath harder. I wasn’t sure I could take him fucking me as hard as I had been fucked by Jason and Erik. I was lucky, he was slow and easy. After awhile, I could take his whole cock up my butt.

“When you’re ready to cum, you can blow your wad inside her or pull out and do it on her.”

Andrew didn’t answer. I wasn’t sure if he could even hear what my dad was saying, then his rhythm picked up. I slid a finger between my pussy lips and found my clit. I wanted to cum with Andrew. I moved in time with him. My ass started to feel like an extension of his cock. He reached around and grabbed a tit in each hand.

“Give it to her good! Ream her out!!”

Jason and Erik were hooting. Andrew squeezed my tits hard. My asshole was going to be all stretched out after this. I couldn’t wait any longer and started to bring myself off. Andrew was there too. I felt his cock spewing up my ass. Like Erik, he pulled out halfway through shooting, leaving tendrils of spunk on my bottom.

My dad gave Andrew a towel. I stood up and let the cum drip down my naked body. It was starting to get dark. I reached down to pick up my towel, but my dad told me they weren’t done with me yet. He used a finger to catch droplets of cum off my chin and then stuck his finger in my mouth. I sucked his finger clean.

My dad started towelling me off as the boys went in to get dressed and go home. I’d had a day. A new wardrobe, new fuck buddies and a cum bath. What would my dad come up with next? I didn’t know and that’s what made me so eager to find out.

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