A Tale of Willing Obedience Pt. 05A Tale of Willing Obedience Pt. 05


Bill was looking for some sort of acknowledgment from either woman as all three of them began to smell an aroma wafting over the smell of coffee, drowning it out. Andrea knew it was her slut Skyler probably cumming all over the red-carpeted floor under the table, so she just smiled and ignored Bill and Diane’s curiosity.

“How does this price sound?” Bill asked once again.

“Can I please see your breakdown, sir?” Andrea asked, smiling at him.

“Most certainly,” Bill said, sliding the Vidtablet over to Andrea.

Andrea scanned several pages of the proposal as her Vidset began vibrating. “This damn thing, will you two please excuse me for one second?”

“No problem,” Diane said, getting up to get herself another cup of coffee.

Walking out into the hallway, Andrea read the text message on her Vidset.

“I have control over her vibrator. Can I play?”

Andrea replied, “FUCK YES! Turn that damn thing ALL the way to eleven!” Walking back into the conference room, Andrea noticed Diane squeezing her knees together tightly, trying her best to pour a cup of coffee. Andrea walked around to the coffee bar and smiled at Diane. “Would you like some help, my dear?”

“Yes, please, holy fuck, and plenty of—cream—oh my God!”

“Are you okay, Diane?” Bill asked, very concerned.

“Yes, I just got a huge cramp in my leg. Will you please excuse me for a moment?” Diane ran out headed for the restroom.

“Gosh, I hope she is okay,” Andrea said, snickering to herself.

“Yea, me too,” Bill replied.

A loud moaning sound came through the overhead vents from the women’s restroom.

“It sounds like she must have got the kinks worked out of her leg,” Andrea said, sipping her black coffee spreading her legs as wide as she could so Skyler could get a peek at her sopping wet kitty. Andrea heard a rather large ‘inhale,’ and then she felt a wet hot tongue touch between her toes as she slipped off her right shoe. “So how do you like working for Diane, Bill? I bet she has you sweating most days.” The word sweating emphasized someone’s next path.

“I really love the tempo of the job, and Diane is great to work for,” Bill said, smiling.

Andrea felt her foot raised up in the air and laid upon Skyler’s face. Andrea could only assume that Skyler was on her back now. Andrea wiggled her sweaty pungent toes all over Skyler’s wet tongue, taking the time to shove them into Skyler’s mouth with her help.

“What did you think of the cost of the proposal?” Bill asked.

“It is not bad at all. I was hoping maybe we could shave a little off the top, but I will take that up with Diane.”

“No problem at all. I completely beylikdüzü escort understand.” Bill told her as he got up to empty his cup into the trash and head for the restroom.

“Skyler, shove all of my toes into your mouth! Drool on them!” Andrea whispered.

“Yes, Mistress Andrea,” came from under the table but was a little garbled.

Andrea slipped a finger down inside of her skirt and into her flood zone. “Holy fuck is my pussy wet!”

“Maybe that is my fault,” Diane said, grinning as she leaned against the door.

“Oops!” Andrea said. “Let’s get back to business, shall we?”

“After a taste of that finger, girl,” Diane told her, walking next to her grabbing her hand. Diane sniffed her cum-coated finger and sucked on it as if it were the last Popsicle on earth. “Oh, that’s yummy. Yes, let’s finish this meeting. What did you think of the price of Bill’s proposal?”

“I thought it was just a tad high. Can we come down a bit?”

“Let’s talk about it,” Diane said.

“Would you please sit down, and when Bill comes back, could you ask him to wait in the lobby for a couple of minutes?”

“Sure, no problem,” Diane replied.

Bill came back from the restroom and was asked to sit this negotiation out. He agreed wholeheartedly, knowing that these two titans of the industry knew their stuff. He left the contents of his proposal behind and shut the door behind him. Andrea followed him to the door and locked it.

“Now you’re locking me—whoa! What the hell is that!?” Diane tried to get a look under the table, lifting the black cloth cover. Skyler was smiling back up at her taking Diane’s shoes off, licking between her toes. “That is nice! I didn’t know your secretary was doing double duty for you now. Are we currently negotiating?”

“That depends on how many times you would like to cum,” Andrea told her, licking her lips slowly. “The higher my bitch gets up your legs, and the more times you cum, I think that the five-million-dollar price of that line should go down just a bit. Do you think so too?”

“Will, your slut do anything?” Diane asked with both sets of toes in Skyler’s mouth. Drool was dripping all over Skyler’s face and Diane’s feet.

“Yes, my slutty bitch will do anything you ask of her. However, to get to the next level, you must shave a percent off the proposal price each time she advances. Remember Bermuda, baby?”

“Oh, yea, I remember the teen girl under the table. I will never forget that night, yummy! Okay, I will play along, but she had better be good.”

“She’s not only good, but she’s also great. She could make a corpse cum.” Andrea watched as Diane’s hand began to go south. avcılar escort “Don’t you dare touch your beautiful shaved cunt! That’s Subby’s job. Oh, and throw me that vibrator you have in your pocket.”

“How do you know about that?”

“I am the one that told Skyler to hack into it and turn it up,” Diane began giggling.

“You fucking bitch,” Diane said jokingly as she reached into her red blazer pocket and threw the ‘U’ shaped vibrator into Andrea’s hands. Andrea inspected the vibrator as she licked the bumps and ridges coated in Diane’s dried pussy cream and ass juice.

“Oh fuck, Diane, you taste wonderful, baby! Throw me your Vidset. I am going to sit next to you and play.”

“Oh, this is going to be fun,” Diane said, closing her eyes as Andrea took her Vidset, swiped the vibrator app, and sat in the chair next to her. They both lifted the black cloth and laid it on the top of the table so they could get a good look at a smiling Skyler who was now licking four sets of toes.

“Where would my Mistress’ like me to start?” Skyler asked with a mouthful of beautifully painted toes and drool running down her chin and neck.

“It’s your choice, Miss Carrey,” Andrea told her as she licked the vibrator, coating it in drool before rubbing it between her pretty pussy lips.

Diane leaned over and kissed Andrea on the lips, shoving her tongue down her throat. Andrea moaned, allowing Diane access to anything she had available. Diane pulled on Andrea’s long dirty blonde hair, grabbing a handful of it as she rimmed Andrea’s red glossy lips with the tip of her tongue. Both women cooed and moaned as Skyler ran her dripping tongue all over both women’s calves and the insides of their thighs.

“Wow, you two smell so good!” Skyler exclaimed as she ran her fingertips up and down both of their legs that were now intertwined with one another. “You two look so hot together; I just want to start munching. Can I munch, my Mistress’?”

“Yes, munch on Diane’s lips. She loves that,” Andrea whispered sensually.

“You know what I like, don’t you, baby?” Diane replied as she touched Andrea’s hand, working the vibrator.

“Oh, yes, I know exactly what you like, my slutty buddy,” Andrea giggled.

“You remember! How cool is that! Let me have this vibrator. I am going to tease the fuck out of your clit.” Andrea lovingly handed the vibrator to Diane. She moaned loudly as a slurping sound came from under the table. Holy fuck! I love being kissed between my lips and the crease of my thighs! Please don’t stop, you fucking whore!”

“I won’t, my Mistress. You are dripping all over the chair. Yummy.”

Diane barely touched the vibrator esenyurt escort to Diane’s swollen clit and would swipe it away as soon as she heard Diane moan.

“You are such a fucking tease! I need more teasing; please tease my clit and make it vibrate more!” Andrea reached over and ripped Diane’s white silk blouse apart. Her tanned tits and huge brown areolas were nothing compared to her swollen and erect perfect nipples. Rolling and pinching each one with her right forefinger and thumb, Diane spread her legs wider until she couldn’t spread them apart anymore.

Diane was on the verge of cumming hard, as Skyler never stopped licking up and down her puffy pussy lips. Never touching Diane’s clit, she blew on it, making it achingly hot and ready for action.

Both women were being edged to the point of no return. Skyler lapped up the overflow of both women taking turns cleaning the chairs with her tongue.

“Oh my God, both of your pussies taste soooooo good!” Skyler said, finger fucking her asshole with an index finger full of both women’s creamy goodness. “Oh my God, I am fucking my asshole so good! It feels wonderful, ohhhhhh fuck!”

“Don’t you dare cum until we do first!” Andrea ordered. “Lick that finger, Skyler, and shove in my ass. Then lick your other index finger and shove it up Diane’s ass.”

“Yes, Mistress! It would be my pleasure.”

Both women scooched down onto the chairs’ warm juices as they locked lips allowing Skyler access to their anuses.

“Wow, you two don’t need any lubing, that’s for sure. Your assholes are covered in your yummy juices.” Skyler quickly inserted an index finger into both of their hairless and bleached rectums. Moaning loudly, they fed their asses to Skyler, wanting more fingers inside of them. Skyler reciprocated fucking both of them simultaneously with the same rhythm. Their assholes sucked up Skyler’s digits with ease. They asked sexily for two fingers now as Diane kept her teasing on Andrea’s sopping clit. Andrea sucked Diane’s tongue down her throat while she slapped her clit with two fingers.

“OH fuck, I am going to piss!” Diane exclaimed as Skyler smiled.

“Go ahead, baby, I am ready!” Skyler told her as she opened her mouth wide an inch from Diane’s piss hole, waiting for the warm, yellow stream to begin. “Diane, can you put your feet up on the table? I will have the perfect shot at drinking all your piss.”

Diane smiled as Andrea helped her by scooching her chair back and set her long slender toes on the edge of the table.

“Here it comes, baby!” Diane yelled as Andrea dove under the table next to Skyler and gave her a huge French kiss. Both of them opened their mouths cheek-to-cheek waiting for the warm fountain of urine. “Oh, this is too sexy.” Diane moaned as she grabbed both of their heads and forced their mouths over her entire vagina. “Drink my piss, baby dolls!”

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