What Are Friends For? Ch. 02What Are Friends For? Ch. 02


This story is a sequel to “What are friends for?”, and I recommend that you read that story before reading this one. https://www..com/s/what-are-friends-for-21

The story so far: Pat Nolans secretly arranged for her husband, Jim, to fuck their friend, Mae Haynes. Mae’s husband, Ron, is overseas on business, and Mae’s frustration at her lack of sex made her ask Pat to share her husband. Jim was unaware of the plan the women had concocted until after he had fucked his best friend’s wife. Mae and Jim had thoroughly enjoyed the sex, and Pat had become highly aroused as she secretly watched them fucking.

Warning: The story has elements of group sex, voyeurism, cuckold, and lesbian sex.

* * * *

It didn’t take long the next morning for Mae to call Pat. She had waited until Jim had left for work. Pat smiled to herself when she saw Mae’s number on the telephone Call Display.

“Hi Mae,” said Pat cheerily.

“Hi,” replied Mae, sounding nervous. “Is everything OK at your end?”

“Sure, why wouldn’t it be? Jim was a bit shocked when he found out that he’d been set-up, but he’s OK now. The truth is that he has always had the hots for you, and had a great time fucking you. And you seemed to have a great time too. Are you OK?”

“I’m fine. Jim’s a great lover and the sex was fabulous. My sexual frustration is gone. Thanks for sharing him with me. You’re a lucky woman having him in your bed every night.” Mae was silent for a moment. “Wait a minute! What do you mean by I ‘seemed to have a great time too’? How do you know?”

Pat laughed at Mae’s surprise. “What do you think? I was watching the two of you.”

Mae was appalled. “You were watching us? The whole time? Oh my god!”

Pat laughed again. “Yeah, baby!” she chortled, “I saw everything. You have no more secrets from me. You look pretty hot when you’re having an orgasm.” Pat laughed aloud again, “And I must say that you have a very nice cock-sucking technique.”

“Oh. My! God!!” whispered Mae, stunned by what she had just been told. “I’ll never be able to look you in the face again. You saw me naked and with my legs wide open? You saw everything?”

“Every nook and cranny, girl! I saw things that only your husband and your doctor should ever see. Mind you, I didn’t get to look for long, because Jim soon had his mouth on your lady parts.”

“Fucking hell,” whispered Mae, who rarely swore. “And it didn’t bother you watching your husband eat my pussy? No jealousy?”

“Yeah, it bothered me a lot, but not in the way you think. I got aroused watching the two of you fucking and sucking. There must be a bit of a voyeur in me. You and Jim weren’t the only ones who had an orgasm.”

“Watching us fucking gave you an orgasm? Wow. This discussion is getting weirder and weirder.”

“I masturbated while you were fucking. I got off in about 20 seconds, which is a new record for me. That’s how aroused I was.”

“Wow,” Mae repeated. “I don’t know what else to say.”

“I surprised myself, to be honest. After you left, I gave Jim a little while to build up his strength, then I dragged him into bed and had him fuck me for about an hour. I was so aroused I couldn’t get enough. Knowing that the stiff cock inside me had not long before been inside you was a real turn on. I was working so hard thrusting that I’m surprised I didn’t have a heart attack. But I did have another great orgasm.”

“Jeez Pat. You were thinking about me when your husband was on top of you? That’s crazy. And poor Jim,” said Mae. “Or is it lucky Jim, having to satisfy two women.”

“Wait until you hear the rest. After we had fucked ourselves to a standstill last night, I told Jim about me having an orgasm while watching the two of you. Then I suggested that he watch me and Ron fucking.”

“You want to fuck my husband? And let your husband watch you do it? Bloody hell, what did he say?” Mae was getting more and more amazed at the conversation.

“He said ‘no’, but I think he might be persuaded, especially if he thought he would get to fuck you again. You can watch too, if you like. Watching was wonderful for me, and maybe you’d enjoy it too.”

“You’re suggesting wife-swapping, you know that, right?”

“I guess I am. Maybe it should be called husband-swapping. If we all stay in the same room, we can fuck each other’s spouse and watch at the same time. I’m getting wet just thinking about it.” Pat could feel familiar stirrings in her genitals.

“It sounds like we’ve let the genie out of the bottle. Yesterday I borrowed your husband for an hour or two, and today we’re talking about wife-swapping and group sex. Never in my wildest dreams have I considered such things. I’ll need time to digest this new information.”

Pat spoke quietly. “Not to put any pressure on you, but I let you fuck my husband, so isn’t it reasonable for me to fuck yours in return?”

“No pressure, huh?” Mae gave a soft laugh. “Let me think about it. I did have great sex with Jim, and having another Kuzgun Escort round with him is appealing. And I know that Ron likes you, so he will probably agree if I approach the subject the right way. If three of you are all OK with it, I wouldn’t want to be the party pooper. But that doesn’t mean yes. I still need time to think about it.”

There was a soft musical chime at Mae’s end of the line.

“Hang on a sec,” said Mae. “It looks like a text from Ron in Hong Kong. Maybe he knows we’re talking about him.” She laughed. “Maybe we’ll get his answer right now. Hang on.”

There was a minute or so of silence, then Mae came back on the line. “My god, Ron’s heading home. The project in Hong Kong has been put on hold for a few weeks, so he’s heading back. He’ll be home tomorrow morning.”

“Well, that’s good news for you. I guess that means we won’t be seeing or hearing from you for a few days,” laughed Pat. “Ron has a lot of catching up to do, so I guess you’ll be on your back with your legs open for the foreseeable future.”

“Probably. We won’t be leaving the bedroom much for the first day he’s home. I’ll have to pretend that I’m as sex-starved as he is, which I’m not. Your husband took care of my needs in that regard. But I’ll give him everything he needs. My pussy will be tender at the end of it. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Ron is bigger than Jim, if you know what I mean.”

Mae’s comment about Ron’s cock gave Pat another pleasant tingle in the genitals. She could feel the wetness between her legs. “I hope that I’ll soon have the chance to judge for myself,” she replied. She realized that she needed to masturbate as soon as the telephone call ended.

“We’ll see. But now I got to run. I have a ton of stuff to do before Ron gets home. We’ll talk soon. And wish me luck.”

“Bye Mae. Enjoy yourself.”

Pat put down the telephone and headed toward her bedroom. The conversation had aroused her, and her pussy ached to be touched. She undressed quickly and lay down on the bed, her eyes closed. As she stroked her nipples lightly, she mentally flipped through a list of her favorite fantasies. In her mind’s eye, she watched Ron approach her bed, naked, his large cock stiff and ready. Mae was standing at the side of the bed, watching, smiling pleasantly. Both of Pat’s hands slipped down to her crotch, spreading apart the lips of her pussy, and she sighed with contentment as she opened her legs to receive Mae’s husband. She could feel her orgasm building quickly, as she imagined Mae’s hand guiding Ron’s hardness into her receptive hole. She slipped a finger slowly into her vagina, partially withdrew it, then pushed it back in again, starting a steady rhythm. For now, her finger would be a suitable substitute for Ron’s cock. And fantasizing about Ron’s cock made her hand move faster.

* * * *

Now that Mae’s husband was home from a long business trip overseas, Pat didn’t expect to hear from her friend for a while. She assumed, correctly, that the couple would be spending a lot of time catching up. But she missed talking with her friend, so was pleased when the phone rang almost a week later and she saw Mae’s name on the call display.

“Well, hello there love bird,” she answered happily. “Are you needing a rest?”

“Hi Pat. No time to chat. Ron and I are heading over to your place soon. Is Jim home?”

“Yes, he’s home. We’ve just finished dinner.” Pat was puzzled. “What’s up?”

“There’s something I should tell you,” said Mae. “Ron knows that Jim fucked me while he was in Hong Kong.”

“What?” Pat was shocked at the news. “How did he find out about that?”

“I told him,” said Mae bluntly. “I decided that I didn’t want that bit of deceit hanging over my head for the rest of my life, so I waited until he had been home for a few days and told him flat out.”

“I’m surprised he didn’t kick your ass out the door,” stated Pat. “Why didn’t he?”

“It’ll become clear when we get there. He’s really pissed off. Just get ready for the storm.” And with those words, Mae ended the call.

Pat told Jim that Mae and Ron were on their way over, and why, but Jim just shrugged nonchalantly. “I guess we have some explaining to do,” he said.

When the doorbell rang, they both went to the door to welcome their friends. When they opened the door, Mae and Ron were standing there, unsmiling.

“Welcome home, buddy,” said Jim cheerily and held out his hand. Ron ignored the attempted handshake and brushed past his friends, walking into the house. The other three followed him into the living room. Ron was standing in the middle of the room, glaring at them furiously.

“Let’s not beat around the bush,” he snarled. He scowled at Jim. “I understand you had a good time fucking my wife last week, buddy.” He placed heavy, sarcastic emphasis on the word ‘buddy’.

Jim looked at him sheepishly, but didn’t answer.

“Cat got your tongue, huh?” He then turned and glared Kuzgun Escort Bayan at Pat. “And I gather that it was you who set the whole thing up. What have you got to say for yourself?”

Pat didn’t answer either, and merely looked helplessly at Mae, who looked like she was close to tears.

Mae was the first to speak. “I’m as much to blame as anyone, maybe even more than Pat and Jim. I was sexually frustrated and I turned to Pat for help. I know it sounds pathetic now, but you were away so long, and I desperately needed to feel a cock inside me. I was tired of masturbating.”

“Oh, so it’s my fault, is it?” Ron snorted.

“I’m not saying that. What I’m saying is that you can’t just be blaming Pat and Jim. It was poor judgement, especially by me.”

“Poor judgement, my ass,” growled Ron. “I was away on business for a few weeks, and you think that’s reason enough for you to spread your legs for another man? And my so-called best buddy couldn’t resist the opportunity to stick his cock into my wife.” Ron turned his attention back to Jim. “You could have said ‘no’, asshole.”

Jim’s shoulders slumped. “You’re right. I have no defense. I was weak and I shouldn’t have done it. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, I don’t think you are sorry, but you’re going to be.” Ron seemed to be getting angrier. “As it happens, I blame you and Pat for the whole thing. You could have simply told Mae to go and have a cold shower, or try a new dildo. You didn’t have to fuck your friend’s wife. You had options.”

“Yes, I had options, and I chose the wrong one. I’ll say it again; I’m sorry. So what happens now?”

“Well, now it’s me who has options. One option is for me to walk out of here and tell the three of you to go fuck yourselves, before calling a divorce lawyer. I have justification for doing that, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, you have justification, but, please Ron, let’s find a better way. That would be a disaster.” Jim was really alarmed at the possibility that he had ruined his friend’s marriage as well as their friendship. In the background, the two wives had chorused “No, please Ron, don’t do anything drastic. Let’s talk about this some more.”

Ron looked at the three of them silently for a few seconds, then spoke quietly. “OK, there is another option.” He directed his next question at Jim. “Do you want to go with the other option? And I want you to speak on Pat’s behalf as well.”

“Of course, anything.” Jim was genuinely relieved that his friend wasn’t about to walk out the door forever. He looked at his wife, and Pat nodded her agreement. She seemed relieved too. “We agree to whatever you suggest.”

“Then let’s put it to the test,” said Ron with a slight smile. “Undress your wife!”

There was a stunned silence, and Jim and Pat gawked in disbelief at what they’d heard.

Ron spoke again, and this time there was an iciness in his voice. “You’ve seen my wife naked, and now it’s my turn. This is the other option. Strip your wife, right now, or I’m out of here!”

Jim looked over at Pat. Pat stared back blankly, then gave a slight nod of her head. “Do what he asks, Jim. He has a point. We created this situation, so now it’s up to us to fix it.”

With an air of resignation, Jim walked over to Pat. It was a warm summer evening, so Pat was dressed only in a light top and a pair of shorts. It wouldn’t take long to strip her. He began to unfasten the buttons on her top.

“Nice and slow,” cautioned Ron. “I want to enjoy the show.”

Jim unfastened the last of Pat’s buttons and pushed the top off her shoulders. It fell to the floor, exposing her bra.

“So far so good,” said Ron. “Now those shorts.”

Jim unfastened a button at the waist, then unzipped the shorts. He pushed the shorts over the swell of Pat’s ass, and they fell at her feet. Without being asked, Pat stepped out of them. She was now wearing only her bra and a lacy thong. She stared at Ron in defiance.

“Very impressive,” murmured Ron appreciatively. “Why you would ever want to fuck another man’s wife when you have a knockout body like that in your bed every night is a mystery to me. But you’re not finished yet; I said strip her. Continue.”

Jim looked at Pat helplessly, and Pat gave him a look that said ‘just get on with it.’ Jim walked behind his wife and unclipped her bra. As soon as she felt it loosen, she pulled the straps off her shoulder, spilling her breasts into clear view. She dropped the bra onto her other clothes on the floor. She looked at Ron in defiance.

Ron smirked back at her. “Nice boobs. Almost done, Jim. Just the panties left.”

But Pat didn’t wait for her husband. She hooked her fingers through the elastic waist of her panties, and with one smooth graceful move, lowered them past her buttocks, down her legs to her feet. She stepped out of them, and held them in one hand at arms-length, between a finger and a thumb. She paused for a second, still staring at Ron, then let the panties Escort Kuzgun flutter to the floor. The naked woman continued to gaze into Ron’s eyes, while he looked at her nakedness from head to toe, making no attempt to hide his lust. He stared extra hard at the neatly-trimmed triangle of light brown pubic hair.

“Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I’d never fully appreciated her body before,” he said quietly. Jim and Mae were also staring at the naked woman. Jim had seen his wife naked countless times before, but having stripped her in front of the others was a new experience and it had aroused him. He felt his cock stiffen. To her own surprise, Mae was also aroused. The situation was highly erotic.

“So, are we done?” asked Pat. She turned around in a slow circle, so that he could see her nakedness from the back. She felt his eyes boring into her naked buttocks. “You’ve seen all there is to see.”

“No, we’re not done. In fact, we’ve just started. Your husband saw a lot more of my wife, and did a lot more, than I have seen or done with you. In case you haven’t realized it by now, this is payback time for me.”

“Now hold on a minute. I haven’t agreed to anything other than letting you see me naked.” Pat understood what Ron was implying. He was intending to fuck her. The thought made her heart beat a little faster, but she wasn’t about to give in that easily. “I’ll let you touch me a little if that’s what you want, but nothing more than that. Pat looked toward her husband. “Say something, Jim.”

“What can I say?” answered Jim with a shrug. “We betrayed his trust, and now we have to give something back. It’s either that or we lose our best friends and destroy their marriage.”

Pat turned to her friend. “Mae, you can see where this is heading. He’s your husband. Are you OK with what’s happening?”

“Yes, I’m OK with it,” replied Mae. “Your husband fucked me; now it’s Ron’s turn to fuck you. It seems fair.”

Although Pat was pretending to be outraged, she knew that her own words were being quoted back at her. She had suggested this very scenario to both Jim Mae. She was also aware that what was about to happen was one of her favorite fantasies; being fucked by Ron while the other two watched. She was also aware that her excitement was rising and she could feel the moistness inside her vagina. Her body was getting ready to be fucked. Her pretend reluctance evaporated .

“OK, Ron, it seems like I’m outnumbered and you’re in charge, so I don’t have much of a choice. Do you want me to lie down?” She nodded toward the thick rug in the middle of the floor. It would be a comfortable place to fuck, she decided. The thought added to her growing excitement.

“One step at a time,” answered Ron. He turned to Jim and Mae. “You two have a seat and watch what happens when a betrayed husband gets his revenge.” He turned back to his naked victim. “Now, Pat, I want you to undress me.”

As Jim and Mae sat down on a sofa, Pat walked over to Ron. Pat seemed small and vulnerable standing next to him. The tall man was wearing only a light short-sleeved top, a pair of tan slacks, and sandals. Undressing him would be a quick task. As Pat approached him, she noticed the bulge in his pants. Was that there before? She wondered, or has it just risen since he saw her naked.

Pat pushed her hands under his shirt and pushed upwards. Ron raised his arms over his head and the shirt was removed. Pat dropped it on the floor, among her own clothes. She noticed Ron’s well-toned body, almost hairless, and ran her hands over his chest, enjoying the smoothness.

“Keep going,” he ordered.

Pat unfastened his belt, unzipped his pants, and pushed them down to the floor. As she bent over to pull the slacks over his feet, her head was beside his crotch, and the bulge in his undershorts was noticeable. She was breathing heavily when she stood to face the nearly naked man.

“You’re doing well and this is no time to stop,” he commanded.

Pat put her hands inside the waist of his undershorts and pushed down. They slid over his muscular buttocks, but she had to bend over again to get them past his knees and over his ankles. When the undershorts were around his feet, he stepped out of them. Pat and Ron were now face to face, almost touching, and both as naked as the day they were born.

Pat wanted to ask, “What now”, but she was so aroused that she was afraid that her voice would be nothing more than a croak. She looked over at the sofa. Mae and Jim were still watching the naked couple, their spouses, but Jim had his hand on Mae’s knee, stroking it gently, and she was resting her hand in his lap, right next to a noticeable bulge in his pants. Ron noticed this too.

“I’m not an unreasonable person, and I’m sure this is arousing to watch. So I’ll cut you two some slack. While you’re watching Pat and me, you can touch each other, but your hands must stay on the outside of the clothing. In other words, Mae, no reaching inside his fly to grab his cock and, Jim, no fingers inside her panties. And no kissing. Understood?

Mae and Jim both nodded quickly, and immediately Jim’s hand slid under Mae’s dress and cupped her panty-covered mound. Mae’s knees moved apart automatically. At the same time, Mae’s hand began to stroke Jim’s bulge through his pants.

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