A Surprise Birthday PresentA Surprise Birthday Present


It might have been the eleventeenth of Octembruary for old Jack. At 76 he sat in his living room looking out through the panoramic window for his carer, a younger woman of 32 who would soon be there to ensure that he was washed and properly dressed. What was it she had said, something about it being a special day today? He had no idea, one day being no different from the next or last. She had been coming to see to him for more than four years now and he always welcomed her. She even came at weekends to see that he was faring for himself properly although she didn’t make any charges for that. Poor old Jack couldn’t even remember her name.

An attractive woman, Theresa could have had any man that she wanted but had chosen to remain single. Caring for him had become a compulsion, but it was his birthday today and she wanted to do something special for him. The truth was that somehow she had somehow fallen in love with him, she had no idea why or how it had happened, after all he was 44 years older than she, no longer in his prime. She only knew that he had always been respectful and kindly towards her, even to the point of buying her expensive Xmas and birthday presents. She had amassed a valuable nest egg of jewellery through his generosity and knew deep within herself that she wanted to give him something back, but until a couple of days ago had no idea just what.

A professional Carer, Theresa had formerly been an SRN but elected to work privately for those who could afford her, making more than three times the amount she had been making as a nurse. Of twenty clients, Jack was the only one she ever saw every day and at the weekends. He had no relatives, lived totally alone and often being unable to get out, crippled with arthritis, she had arranged for weekly doctor’s visits, a chiropodist and even cooked his meals. Making up plated meals to store in the freezer for him, things that were far beyond the normal remit of a Carer, but she enjoyed her work and in particular enjoyed being with Jack. Some of the stories he had told her of his youth would make others cringe or make their hair curl, but only she knew, that his stories had always turned her on. Jack wasn’t senile, but occasionally forgot to do things for himself.

Theresa loved being with him and saw to it that he had everything he needed, once, when she had been washing him she had felt his hand stroking her behind, but said nothing while secretly enjoying his touch. Several times while washing his genitals her gentle touch had started an erection in him, this did not happen every time but when it did her pussy would always moisten. Once or twice, under the pretext of going to the toilet she had masturbated at the thought of that weapon hard and inside her. She could not miss that he had quite a big package down there. Often when laying in her bed at night she would masturbate with thoughts of him fucking her or her fucking him.

One night it had come to her, hit her like a stone in middle of her forehead, his birthday would be next month and she wanted to give him something very special. Theresa decided that on his birthday she would bathe him on the bed, get him hard and fuck him, that would be so special.

As Jack continued to watch from the window he saw her red Ford Ka pulling up outside and went back to his chair to wait for her. He couldn’t understand why her coming every day was like a breath of fresh air to him. Neither did he notice the packages she had brought with her.

Although a struggle Theresa eventually managed to open the front door of the bungalow, after setting some of the packages down. Retrieving the remainder she told Jack that today she was going to spend the whole afternoon with him, conveniently one of her other clients had been admitted into hospital that night before, leaving her free to spend some time with him on his birthday.

As Jack looked at her, he felt that there was something different about her but couldn’t quite put his finger on what it might be. Instead he asked her what all the packages were.

“All for you Jack, your birthday presents from me, you have always been so good and kind to me that I wanted to give you something back. For now, you can just open your card, we’ll save the packages until after I have bathed you.” Without waiting any longer she asked if he had any breakfast or lunch.

He answered that he had toast for breakfast but had not yet had any lunch.

“Don’t worry Jack, Theresa is here now and she will see to lunch for you, but first you need to be washed, please wait there while I get a bowl of hot water. Returning with the bowl, a couple of towels, flannel and soap, she began to help him out of his pyjamas.

It not being a cold day, surprising for the time of the year, Jack sat there naked, unembarrassed by his nudity in front of Theresa. There was no part of him she hadn’t seen or touched, but he still knew there was something different about her today, if only he could think what bursa escort it might be.

Standing astride his legs she gently washed his face and his head, making sure that no parts were missed. Surreptitiously, while in the kitchen she had undone the top two buttons of her freshly ironed overall, unbeknownst to Jack, she wore absolutely nothing underneath, and already her pussy had become moist with anticipation. Gently she dried him off before stepping back to wash his chest and back.

“You seem different today Theresa, something not the same, your attitude seems brighter and you smell lovely, I like that perfume you are wearing, what is it?”

“Perhaps I’m different because its your birthday, and I know you like this perfume, so I put it on just for you, it’s Paco Rabanne, one of my favourites too.” Saying that she leaned forward for him to get a better smell, knowing that her uniform would gape and he would be able to see the soft swell of her breasts. ‘Might as well start as I mean to go on,’ she thought.

Jack breathed in the perfume and also looked deep down between her cleavage, seeing there the most luscious pair of breasts he had seen in a long while. “Love that perfume Theresa, thank you for sharing it with me.”

“My pleasure Jack. Now lean forward so that I can wash your back.” The fact that Jack now had a semi hard-on did not go missed, her full bust had done its job well, ‘I hope Jack is as up for it as I am,’ she thought, going behind him. She wanted him to touch himself, as he had before in her presence, so while she went behind him, and watched as she washed, it came as no surprise to see him gently stroking and his cock reacting to the touch.

‘Mmmmmm,’ she thought, reaching through the buttons of her uniform with her dry hand to have a quick rub of her clit, ‘seems my boobs turned you on, well I must admit that your cock has turned me on more than I was when I arrived, I haven’t had sex for more than a year now, and oh baby, I am so hungry for it.’ Quickly she dried his back and popping open another button went around to kneel in front of him to wash his feet and legs.

Theresa knew that he now had a full blown hard-on and as she worked her way up noticed that he still had it in his hand. ‘Oh goodness, it must be around seven inches, who would have though that a man his age could get an erection like that. Still, Charlie Chaplin had fathered a child at eighty something, so she shouldn’t be surprised at his size.’

Standing up she removed the belt from around her waist and reaching out asked him to stand up. Jack did so willingly, his cock sticking out in front of him like a jousting lance.

“Come,” I think we should carry out the next stage in the bedroom, on the bed, where I can get at you more easily than I can while you are sitting.”

Jack let her help him up, being led meekly but willingly to the bedroom. Asking him to wait for a couple of minutes she quickly stripped and remade the bed before asking him to lay down on his tummy. Carefully and with much tenderness she lathered and washed his bottom, taking care to get into the cleavage between the cheeks and surreptitiously handling his balls. She heard a soft moan escape his lips and smiling to herself knew that she had pleased him.

“Turn over now please Jack, I need to do the front,” she said softly, a slight catch in her breathing. Theresa was very aware now that in a few moments she would be going all the way with him, there would be no turning back. Her pussy had taken control now, she needed to have him inside her, this would be his ultimate birthday treat, but knowing this, Theresa was also aware that this would most likely not be the last time for them both.

Now his cock stuck up into the air like a telegraph pole and Theresa felt herself cream once more as she took in the sight of this beautiful, rampant cock. Swiftly she threw off her uniform and naked climbed onto the bed with him, straddling his thighs, his cock suddenly mere millimetres away from her shaved and very swollen pussy.

“Knew there was something different about you today Theresa, you are as horny as me, surprised though, not so senile that I don’t know there are 44 years between us.”

“Oh Jack, I have wanted to fuck you for ages, but didn’t know if you would be up for it. Look at my pussy Jack, see how ready it is for you, I shaved it especially for your birthday this morning so that it would be so nice and soft. Can you see how wet I am for you?” As she spoke she curled her fingers around his cock to gently stroke it. “Touch it Jack, let me feel your fingers touching me.”

“Yes Theresa, I see how wet and horny you are, must rate amongst the best birthday presents I ever had,” he said reaching out to slide his fingers between the red and puffy lips of her wet and hungry pussy. “Now Theresa, forgive me for being an impatient old man, but are we going to fuck or admire each other.”

Jack I have already told you that I really want bursa escort bayan to make this a special birthday for you, as long as you understand that I have been wanting to love you like this for a very long time. I have not had sex in over a year, have no boyfriend and you know I have no husband, I am as horny as a rhino for you. You are my favourite client, and I have a very soft spot for you.”

“Yes, and I can see that your soft spot is very wet and more than very willing too,”

Theresa blushed a little and then using her knees to raise herself, moved forward slightly until positioned over his throbbing cock. Reaching down she wrapped the fingers of one hand around the turgid rod manoeuvring it until the purple head began nudging against the doorway to heaven. With eyes closed she slowly lowered herself taking him in inch by delicious inch until he was fully in.

Hearing him groan she opened her eyes to see the most beautiful smile she had ever seen on any mans face as he now lay there fully embedded in the confining warmth of her pussy. Only now did Theresa allow a soft sigh of satisfaction to escape from her lips. This kindly, elderly gentleman whom she had looked after for more than four years felt wonderful inside her, so hard, so rigid and oh so very filling.

Jack had never dreamed that at 76 he would ever be able to fuck again, let alone find himself with a gorgeous, sexy woman, his rock hard cock buried deep in the soft, warm folds of a pussy that sucked on him as she rippled the muscles along his hard length. It had been so long for him that he couldn’t remember when he last had sex or with whom, but this was heaven for him, shaping up to be the best birthday that he could remember. Another soft moan came from his lips as leaning back to place her hands on his legs Theresa began to pump the rigid cock inside her.

“Oh Jack baby you are so big, so hard and so deeply into me,” she moaned as her rocking motion drove him in and out of her hot pussy, juices trickled from her, the clit now swollen too having become ultra sensitive. Using one hand she found her pussy caressing her hard clit. Sweet juices covering her fingers quickly with which she smeared the nipple of her right breast before lifting it to her mouth to taste and suckle herself for him to watch. “I wish we had done this sooner Jack, we have been missing so much fun and absolute pleasure. Fuck me Jack, fuck me as hard as you can, your cock feels so wonderful buried inside me, so hard.”

Her thrust were becoming harder and faster, a little more wild when suddenly Jack groaned very loudly and she felt him empty his cumm into her, triggering her own response and a cumm for her too, not a big one, but the first that had ripped into her that hadn’t been her finger or vibrator induced in a very long time.

“Theresa I have no right to ask this,” Jack offered in a somewhat apologetic voice as though shy, “but can we go again later, when I get my strength back, I’m afraid it might take a little time for me to get hard again now.”

“Jack, you are a darling, a sweet man, we can have as much sex as you wish, I just don’t want to tire you out. You are a lovely man with a lovely cock and I want you as much as you want me, so there is no problem as far as I am concerned. I am only happy to have been able to make you cumm, it felt so good as you shot your hot stuff into me, I needed it as much as you. I could even stay with you all night if you wanted me too, I would enjoy waking up next to you in the morning.”

“I would have to change all my client visits around though, you would become my first visit of the day.”

“I would like that Theresa, may I ask you a question?”

“Anything at all Jack, anything at all, she answered happily, the gaiety in her voice very noticeable.

“You said that you have fancied me for a while, may I ask why, oh and while you are answering me that, have you ever masturbated thinking of me?”

“To answer the first part Jack, I have no idea why, but for some strange reason, I found myself falling for you and wanting you. Perhaps it was the naughty tales you told me, perhaps caring for you knowing what a sweet man you are, or maybe the times that I caught you playing with yourself and realised that you have quite a big package down there. Whatever it was, you turned me on Jack, and yes, I have masturbated thinking of you, at home in my bed and here in your bathroom.”

“Does that upset you Jack?”

“Oh no Theresa, it excites me, but in future you won’t have to go into the bathroom and wank when I turn you on, you can just straddle me now and fuck to your hearts content, will be good for both of us,” he chuckled. “Failing that, you could always do it in front of me, always turns me on to watch a woman diddling herself, and you have such a pretty pussy too.”

“Why thank you Sir,” she said, trying to hide her blush as she climbed off from straddling him although she knew that Jack would be able to escort bursa see her juices mixed with his cumm and her own as she opened her legs.

“Are you alright Jack, not too out of breath or anything, no chest pain or anything like that,” she asked solicitously?

“Theresa sweetheart I am fine, just need a little time so that we can fuck again, you have a delightful body and I long to hold you close to me.”

As he said that Theresa lay down on the bed beside him, putting her arms around him and pulling him close, her soft breasts snuggled against his chest and one leg pushed between his, her pussy snuggled up tight against his thigh.

For his part Jack put one arm around her while filling his other hand with her left breast gently thumbing the nipple, she sighed contentedly, pulling the duvet over them. Like this they both drifted off to sleep, having completely forgotten about lunch and the presents still waiting for him in the living room.

Awakening a little while later, Theresa realised that the light was going, nights were drawing in. quietly she slipped out of bed, closed the curtains and went into the bathroom where after having a welcome pee she washed and dried her pussy before padding naked round the bungalow closing curtains. The last room just happened to be the kitchen where she prepared a light meal for them both before putting the heating on and taking the meal back to the bedroom.

Waking Jack first she climbed into bed with him to join him, there, much to his delight, she fed him morsel by morsel deliberately dropping bits onto his chest and licking them up, she noticed some time back that for a man he had surprisingly big nipples and it turned out that as licked up the particles of food, she managed to accidentally brush her tongue across them causing little shivers of delight.

“Jack you have very sensitive nipples for a man, they have become quite hard,” she uttered in a sexy tone.

“Yeah, he replied, “you want to see what you’ve done to my cock too.”

Without another word she peeled back the duvet and there was Jack once again standing proud for her, immediately her pussy creamed with desire. “Oh Jack, did I do that to you, do I have such an affect on my lover,” she asked in a baby girl voice? “Oh Daddy, what should I do with it now, it looks so big and hard, please let me do something for you. Can I kiss it daddy, oh please say yes, I want to kiss it.”

Reaching over she took the fine upstanding cock in her hand gently rubbing up and down its length until a drop of pre-cumm oozed from the single eye, “Oh look Daddy, it likes what I am doing to it.”

Shifting around on the bed Theresa leaned forward to lick off the drop of pre-cumm glistening on the tip of Jack’s delicious cock, tasting him for the first time, ‘mmmmm nice,’ she thought, ‘a slightly sweet taste, unusual but nice.’ Carefully, gently, she peeled back the skin running her tongue around the base of the head to ensure that she caressed the most sensitive part. Slowly her lips parted as she began to take his length into her willing mouth until she had managed to swallow most. Sucking hard, she drew her lips back up the length bringing groans from the prostrate Jack while simultaneously cupping his balls with her other hand to gently massage them.

At the same time Jack busied himself playing with her pussy, gently stroking between the lips and scraping lightly across her clit. Eagerly she parted her legs to give him better access, her aroused pussy weeping copious amounts of juice that Jack repeatedly dipped his fingers in before sucking them clean, tasting her bountiful elixir.

Jack realised that he had always relied on Theresa to help him in the many things that had to be done that otherwise would not be done, but now, he felt entirely different about her. In a few hours she had become someone else, someone even more special than the Carer whom he had come to need in his life. Now, Theresa had made herself indispensable to him. She had become the lifeblood that would keep him going. Surprisingly, Jack already felt something new and inspirational for his life, too long he had spent cogitating and vegetating.

Deeply he thrust his long fingers into her pussy while rubbing her clit with his thumb, as he worked he could hear Theresa moaning around his cock as she lovingly sucked him. He knew that he was close to cumming and also that by the experienced way she played his throbbing organ, she would be aware that he would soon be shooting his cream into her welcoming little mouth she was so expert at what she was doing.

Faster and still faster he drove long stiff fingers into her, feeling her muscles trying to clamp down on them. With his free hand Jack lubricated his index finger from her juices and began rubbing it over her rosebud before gently and slowly pushing the digit in as far as the first joint. Gradually he worked the entire length in, twisting and turn before pulling out slightly and then pushing back, fucking her rosebud. He felt her tense a little and knew from experience that she was almost there, and so was he. Jack couldn’t remember when anyone had last blown his cock, but he was surely enjoying this.

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