Birthday SurpriseBirthday Surprise


My name is Mike 37and I am 6’2″ tall with light brown hair and 272 lbs. My mother in law Connie is 5’6″ with long brown hair blue eyes, 36 B cup. She is 59 years old and is average looking. If you saw her in the store you probably would not even give her a glance. She is not real flirty but every now and then she will make a comment that might be a little racy and flirtatious, but never does any thing more to truly give you a hint that she is even in to you.

Over the years I have figured her out to be the type that wants things to happen but will not say it or make any advances. She plays the prim and proper part well. I have always been intrigued by her and have longed to take a look under the hood. She has been divorced for 28 years and has not had a man in the 12 years I have known her. It was her birthday and we had taken her to lunch and were going to the movies after. We got seated in the theater and she ended up next to me.

We are waiting for the movie to start and she gets up to go to the snack bar. As she goes by she sits down on my leg. I can feel her mound press against my leg, the heat radiating from between her legs was great. She sits there about 20 seconds and then wiggles pressing her pussy against me a bit more. This kind of shocks me izmit escort bayan and all I can think of to do is grab her by the hips and press her down a bit more and wiggle my leg. She giggles as she gets up. I sit and think of what I will do when she returns. A few minutes pass and she comes back inching her away in front of me with her back side to me. When she gets right in front and side steps to move again I reach up pinch her butt on the cheek and slide down and lightly grabbed her pussy lips causing her to jump a bit. As she sits down beside me she leans over and pops me on the knee quietly stating that was not my butt.

I leaned into her hear and said I know I meant to get it, and later tonight when we are all home I am going to touch much more and there is nothing you can say that will prevent it. She sits back and I could see that she was thinking about hard. I looked down before the lights went out and could see her nipples getting hard and sticking out through her shirt. I know I had sparked her imagination. The lights went down and as we watched the movie I could see her squirming in her seat. I reach over places my hand on her arm and traced it up to her side. I reach over and took hold of her breast and she shifts and she gasps. I smiled and roll izmit eve gelen escort her nipple and she bites her lip. I sit back and watch the movie some more. She settles down a bit I reach down and touch her leg and run my hand up to her vagina I can feel the heat and dampness coming from her.

I learn over and whisper in her ear that I will be putting my tong wear my finger is now and I remove my hand and enjoy the rest of the show. When we got home and everyone went to bed and was off to sleep I slipped into her room and crawl into her bed. Her back is to me and I scoot up to her. She started to say I don’t think we should do this. I told her to be quiet and that she need this and was going to get what I have to offer. I slide my hand under her pajama top and find her bear breast. It fit so perfectly in my hand her nipple got so hard. It grew long and fat has I played with it. She tells me that it has been so long since she has felt the touch of a man.

I told her that I was going to be doing much more than touching from here on. I reach down and remove her panties and felt my way up to her pussy. She opened her legs wider and wider as I approached the very hole that helped create and bring my wife into this world. Her izmit otele gelen escort bush was thick and wet I could smell her excitement as I kiss my way down to her breast, taking her nipple into my mouth making her moan deeply. I continue to kiss my way down to her waiting pussy. I part her swollen lips and run my tong up her slick crack. Her clit was very large and hard. I made her cum with just a few licks and a little sucking. I raise up with my mouth coated in her sweat juice.

I move up and kiss her deeply making her taste her own pussy. My dick was very hard and wanting to be put deep inside her. I position my dick head at her opening and I push it in. This made her gasp and moan loudly. I told her to keep it down as I pulled my dick out and then pushed it back in sinking to my balls. She was sooo wet and tight I almost lost my load. I start moving faster and faster until she let out a muffled yes. I could feel her cum; her pussy was grabbing my cock like crazy.

I could barely hold back from cuming so I pulled out. I told to get on her knees and turn her butt to me. I wanted to watch my cock entering her tight pussy. It was suck a beautiful sight to see her matted pussy hair part showing the pretty pink flesh has my cock slides into her hole. I start fucking her fast slamming my balls against her. Before I knew it she started to cum again. I could not take it any more. I let lose me seed deep inside her just as my wife’s dad did 36 years ago. My mother in law comes around much more these days. I really enjoy getting to please her.

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