A New MasterA New Master


“This isn’t exactly what I had in mind,” Kelly says, drawing the plastic sword out of her drink and pinning the cherry between her teeth. “I certainly didn’t intent to mislead you,” Alex says, smoothing the front of her perfectly tailored black skirt. She crosses her arms under her breasts forcing them to fill the V of her shirt. Kelly did have to admit that they were impressive breasts. She drags the cherry off the sword and closes her pink lips to consider. “We can shake hands, I’ll pay the bill, and part as friends, if that’s what you prefer.” Alex says this with a coolness that is tinged with promise. Kelly can tell that Alex does what she says she’ll do. Desire tingles and climbs Kelly’s spine. “I didn’t say that,” Kelly says, sucking her blue drink through the straw and blushing when she finds her eyes once again trailing to Alex’s breasts. “It’s just that I’ve always been with men, and I assumed that Alex was short for, well, you understand.” Alex smiles and a chill of anticipation shoots through Kelly. When she speaks, her voice almost flat. “If you’re worried, don’t be. I can fuck you just as hard as any man.” She lifts her glass of bourbon, tinkling the ice for a moment before taking a solid drink. “This is a trial for both of us, you know. I’m not entirely sure you’ll satisfy me.” Her words cut through Kelly, touching her greatest insecurity. Her cheeks flame and she bites her lower lip. “I’d like the opportunity to at least try to please you.” Alex smiles behind her bourbon, and Kelly can’t help but feel that Alex got exactly what she wanted, and that she usually does. She considers Kelly for a long moment, eyebrow raised. “Alright,” Alex says finally. “Text me your address and have Friday night free,” she say, gesturing to the waiter, who comes promptly to their table. bahis şirketleri Alex slides a $100 out of her black hand bag and hands it to the waiter, waving him just as quickly away. “I’ll send you instructions,” she says and stands from the table. Without a backwards glance, she leaves Kelly sitting at the table feeling vulnerable, excited, and wet. Alex never touched Kelly, and her sudden absence leaves Kelly longing for her touch. Just as the door closes on Alex, Kelly hurriedly sends her address. Kelly spends all week, anxiously awaiting a text from Alex that never comes. Friday morning, a large box arrives at Kelly’s apartment. It’s wrapped in brown paper and has nothing on the outside except her address. Her breath catching in her throat, Kelly carefully breaks the seals and withdraws a thick black card board box with a fitted lid. Breathing harder still, Kelly lifts the lid. On top of the paper is an envelope of thick white paper. The card inside reads: Be at the address below at 6pm tonight. Wear this exactly. Transgressions will be punished. -Alex With trembling fingers, Kelly tears the tissue paper and when she sees what’s inside, she gasps. At 5:40, Kelly steps onto the front step at the address Alex indicated. It is a huge beautiful house, in a neighborhood that is so nice Alex would feel uncomfortable standing here in her best dress, let alone what she’s wearing now. In the box had been a pair of black patent leather spiked heels, a largish men’s rain coat, a pale pink push-up bra, a matching pale pink fluffy tutu, and a black leather collar and leash. Kelly stands on the stoop for a full three minutes trying to gather the courage to knock. She feels terribly awkward with the tutu squished inside the coat, itching her legs and tickling her bare pussy. The shoes and tutu bahis firmaları fit her remarkably perfectly but the push-up bra is too small. Her breasts are spilling out of the cups, the top of which cut directly into the middle of her nipples. The collar is around her neck, just tight enough that she can easy breath, but no more. The leash dangles down the front of her body between her breasts. Kelly is breathing hard and she knows her cheeks are pink when she rings the bell. After a terrifying minute of silence, The huge wooden door opens and Alex is standing there, pristine in a perfectly pressed white blouse and black tailored skirt. She is wearing nude leather heels. In her hand is a bourbon on the rocks, and when Kelly’s eyes finds Alex’s, she is surprised to see that Alex looks mad. “You’re early,” she says and flicks her hand, gesturing for Kelly to enter. Suddenly shivering, Kelly hurries inside. “I thought,” Alex says in that cool tone, “that I told you to be here at 6.” “Um… You did. I… I was just nervous and excited and I didn’t want to be late,” Kelly says, her voice rising. “Mistress,” Alex says. “What?” “I demand politeness in my house,” Alex says stepping closer to Kelly, circling her in a menacing way. “You will clearly need to learn manners,” Alex says, her voice getting softer as she speaks. “When you address me, you will call me Mistress or mommy. Do you understand?” “Yes,” Kelly begins, her voice quavering, and then quickly adds, “mistress.” Alex makes a sound of disappointment and adds, “Follow me.” Kelly follows her to a study that is dimly lit by a crackling fire and a single green glass lamp on the desk. Alex goes to stand behind the desk. “Take off your coat and hang it over there,” she says, indicating a coat rack. Kelly slips the coat off, exposing kaçak bahis siteleri the too small bra and tutu. Kelly shivers as she teeters to the coat rack, blushing furiously. She has done this kind of thing before, but she has never felt so exposed. Her pussy is completely wet already. When she turns back towards Alex, Alex isn’t even looking at her, but flipping through some pages on her desk. “Come,” she says and Kelly does, as quickly as she can. Without looking up, Alex says, “Lean over my desk for your punishment.” Kelly begins to pant. “I… I’m sorry mistress, but what am I being punished for?” Alex takes a deliberate sip of her bourbon and says, “I said, bend over the desk.” Kelly is shaking as well as panting and as she bends over the desk, the surrounding air of the room tickling her exposed pussy. Kelly’s cheeks flush in embarrassment, knowing that Alex will notice her wet lips. “Straighten your legs,” Alex says, coming to stand behind Kelly. She does, making her round bottom rise, presenting herself to Alex. For a long moment, Alex is silent and Kelly can’t see her. Kelly’s knees begin to quake in nervous embarrassment. She is almost in tears, her pussy soaked and her hard nipples scraping against the desk. Finally when she can’t take it any longer, Kelly glances over her shoulder to find that Alex isn’t even looking at her round ass. She’s reading something on her phone! Kelly blushes even more furiously and turns her face to press her forehead to the desk. Alex meanders over to her desk chair and takes a seat. For eight whole minutes, she works on something at her desk. Kelly lays across the desk, her ass in the air, for the whole time. When the clock above the door clicks to 6 pm, she sighs and stands from the desk. “Now,” she says, leaving her phone on the desk and coming to stand behind Kelly. “We can begin.” Once again she is silent, but this time, Kelly can feel her gaze burning into her back side. “I must admit,” Alex begins. “Despite my initial disappointment, your ass is delicious looking.

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