Dog Days Ch. 03: RevelationsDog Days Ch. 03: Revelations


Dog Days, Chapter 3: Revelations

by yfnsp

[Where were we? At the end of Chapter 2, Buddy has allowed himself to be collared, leashed, gagged, and hobbled. Sheila has taken him for a walk in the garden.]

When Sheila led Buddy back into the house, she found Betty in the kitchen. Sheila was getting used to seeing her mother naked. “Did you have a nice walk, dear?” Betty asked her daughter. “How did he behave?”

Sheila laughed and, bending down to unclip the leash, answered, “Yes.” She patted Buddy on the head and ruffled his curly gray hair. “He was a good boy, weren’t you Buddy!” she said in the sing-song voice of a trainer praising her pet. “I walked him all along the fence line and he lifted his leg and peed in the flower bed, just like a good little doggy.” She petted him again. “I think his knees are a little sore – the grass wasn’t too bad, but the patio… looked like it hurt a little.”

“You need knee pads, like Marci said.” Betty got a bowl and three wine glasses out of the cupboard. “You should start a shopping list for your new pet.” She looked down at Buddy, sitting up on his haunches next to Sheila. In this position, his cock and balls were in full view. She unconsciously licked her lips. “Another thing you’re going to need is a doggy bowl.” She placed the bowl and the glasses on the kitchen table and turned to the refrigerator. “Marci told me to serve everybody drinks. You have a bottle of Chablis in here. Okay if we have that?”

“Sure!” Sheila replied, “but make Buddy’s a Budweiser. There should be some on the bottom shelf.”

Betty opened a can of beer and poured the contents into the bowl, which she set on the floor beside the fridge, before opening the wine. Buddy crawled over and, tongue out, lowered his face into the bowl of beer. Betty pored three glasses of wine and set them on a tray to carry into the living room, but Buddy was beginning to whine, having found it nearly impossible to imbibe from the bowl. Betty turned from the task at hand to attend to the distressed pet, but Sheila said, “Let me, Mom, I’ll help him. You go ahead and serve the drinks. I’ll be right in.”

“What’s the matter, Buddy boy?” she said, squatting beside her husband-pet. “Are we having trouble drinking?” She ruffled his hair. Buddy whined and pawed at her. He was sticking his tongue out through the gag and whimpering. “Is that nasty gag in the way?” Sheila asked. “Here, let mommy take it off for you.” He licked her hand and yipped gratefully as she reached toward the buckle at the back of his neck. “Now, Buddy, if I take this off, you have to promise not to talk, okay? Promise?” Buddy yipped again, clearly agreeing, and lowered his head to expose the buckle to Sheila’s grasp.

Sheila removed the gag and Buddy raised his head happily and exuberantly licked Sheila’s face, knocking her off balance onto her butt. She laughed as he bounded onto her lap, licking at her face as she tried to restrain him, falling backward and wrestling with him and getting a strong whiff her mother’s pussy juice that remained on his face and in his hair. She managed to – or he let her – get him on his back, exposing his belly and his semi-hard cock. “Who’s mommy’s good puppy?” She exclaimed, grasping his cock and giving it a playful tug. He responded by trying to burrow his face into her crotch, which brought a sharp smack on his bonus veren siteler still exposed cock from Sheila, louder than it was painful, and her admonishment, “Stop that! Go drink your beer.”

Buddy was really thirsty. He had sucked toes and licked pussy, and he had been crawling around outside in the brutal heat and humidity. So, it was without further ado that he set his face back into the bowl and started slurping up the cold refreshing brew. He was, on balance, considerably content at the moment, having enjoyed some pretty far-out sex with his mother-in-law and seeing the possibility of more exploits of the like in this bizarre situation, being both seriously restrained and oddly liberated. He was thrilled with Sheila’s response – that his wife would permit such behavior with her own mother was astonishing! He wondered what was yet in store. Marci had said that she and Betty had something special planned. His cock was hard once again when he finished the twelve ounces, speculating on what that saucy Marci and his lewd mother-in-law might let him do next.

When Buddy finished his beer, he crawled into the living room. He found Marci and Sheila sitting comfortably on the divan together sipping wine, but Betty, having downed her wine quickly, was in the process of obeying Marci’s command, “Assume the position.” By the time Buddy had fully entered the room, Betty was down on her knees and elbows, her broad, wrinkled old ass up in the air facing him and her sagging teats hanging loose beneath her in full view of the ladies watching expectantly from the divan. ‘Oh boy!’ he thought, ‘Look at that!’ Both of Betty’s nether holes were open to his perusal.

And peruse is what he did. ‘This is what being a dog is all about,’ he thought as he shuffled up to the old lady as fast as he could and began sniffing, first her asshole and then her pussy, then back to her asshole. He couldn’t help it. He had to taste. He licked her ass-crack from bottom to top, and again, in broad wet swipes, savoring the salty tang of her sweat and the spice of her anal ring. He could not believe his good fortune – this was an erotic dream come true. He made his tongue sharper, pointier, and homed in on her tight pucker, circling, then probing. Betty’s poop-hole began to widen, allowing his probing tongue a smidgen of access.

“Good boy, Buddy!” he heard from Sheila, “That’s it! Lick that ass! Open it up with your big doggy tongue!” He was doing just that: probing deeper, pushing his tongue as deep as he could, encouraging her tight sphincter to relax and open up to his ministrations. In seconds it was gaping widely and Buddy was able to lick all around the inside walls of her tunnel. His raging boner knew what it wanted before his brain did, and Sheila’s inciting suggestion was not to be refused. “Go ahead, Buddy. Mount her!” Sheila was getting really excited now. “Go on, fuck that bitch, doggy! Fuck her in the ass – I know you’ve always wanted to!”

Betty was beside herself with lust. The asslicking she was getting was making her pussy drip and the bestial part of her brain – the only part still functioning in this steamy state of submissive arousal – was in pure feral heat.

Buddy mounted Betty like a dog mounts a bitch. He grabbed her around the waist with his front paws and laid his chest up on her back. Hunching his hips, bedava bahis he thrust his man-cock forward. It slid right up along her cleft, just grazing her asshole. Then it slipped down, almost entering the old woman’s cunt. He adjusted his posture and kept stabbing at the tight hole with his big mushroom cap, but it kept sliding off, until Betty reached back, grasped the rigid pole, and guided it in to ground zero. It slid in deep on the first thrust. Buddy and Betty, both dog and bitch, gasped ecstatically, and Buddy began to fuck in earnest, knees firmly planted on the floor, Betty secured tightly in his grasp, his hips thrusting his thick hard meat in and out of the incredibly silky-tight sleeve of his mother-in-law’s rectum. It felt so good! Betty was whimpering in sheer delight, unconsciously bucking back to meet his every thrust, the smack, smack, smack rhythm of their breeding filling the room with its music.

Sheila was in awe watching her husband-pet fucking her mother, literally like an animal. Had she ever been this aroused? Never by just watching. Her underwear couldn’t contain the wetness surging from her pussy; it had already soaked through her shorts; she could feel it spreading under her ass on the leather of the divan. Marci too was rapt. At the moment of consummation, that moment when Buddy’s cock drove into Betty’s cunt, Marci had grasped Sheila’s hand and was holding it tightly. Now as the mating pair settled into a steady fuck-rhythm, she turned to Sheila.

“Are you a turned on as I am?” she asked, and glancing down she observed the visibly spreading wetness of Sheila’s arousal. She leaned in to whisper in Sheila’s ear, “You are awesome… the way you’re handling Buddy… it’s just so… you’re a natural.” She gave Sheila’s hand a squeeze and added, “You love this don’t you?”

Sheila turned her gaze somewhat reluctantly away from the arousing spectacle before them to answer. “You’re the awesome one, Marci! This is amazing and it’s all because of you!” She was gazing into Marci’s eyes, her face so close, as she said this. Her eyes dropped to Marci’s small, red mouth, her full lips slightly parted. She sighed and breathed deeply, scenting Marci’s sweet breath and the mingled aroma of both women’s arousal. Their lips met. A long, lingering kiss. It seemed like the world, the room, the rhythmic slapping of fucking bodies, all faded into the background. Marci’s mouth, so warm and sensual, was center stage, in the spotlight, a kiss for the ages. Their tongues touched – fireworks! Marci’s right hand – her left was still squeezing Sheila’s right hand – caressed the back of her neck, drawing their lips more tightly together.

Sheila hadn’t kissed a girl since college, and never when she wasn’t drunk. Kissing Marci was intoxicating; she felt an overwhelming desire to meld with her, to fuse their whole bodies, not just their mouths. Her hand on Marci’s thigh slid right up under her skirt and Marci shifted, almost imperceptibly, but enough to give Sheila access to her sodden panties at the source of her fragrant juices. Sheila felt Marci’s labia part for her searching fingers as Marci moaned softly in Sheila’s mouth.

Sheila was excited not only by Marci, but also by her mother’s depravity. “Mmmm, Marci….” She broke the kiss to ask a burning question, “What have you done to my mother?!”

Marci deneme bonus sat up and, in response Sheila’s questing hand, returned the favor, resting her palm on her new friend’s damp pants-covered mound and letting her middle finger press gently into Sheila’s squishy folds. “Betty is one of my best customers. She pays me to abuse her.” She paused, judging Sheila’s reaction. Seeing undiminished lust, Marci explained, “Among other things, I’m a professional dominatrix. I specialize in lesbian domination. It’s mostly older married women. I’ve been working with your mom for close to three years. She’s one of me favorites. We’ve done a lot… really stretched her boundaries, I can tell you!” She grinned conspiratorially. “There’s a reason Buddy’s cock went up her hole so easily, you know….” She raised a beautifully arched eyebrow. “Training!” she concluded triumphantly.

The copulating couple were still hard at it, grunting and sweating in animal heat, Buddy’s cock pistoning steadily, Betty’s body rocking gently on her knees in perfect harmony with her mate. The bestial grunting and the rhythmic slapping of flesh drew Marci and Sheila’s attention again and they watched in rapt admiration, prompting Marci to enlighten Sheila further. “My strap-on is a lot bigger than your husband.” Sheila’s eyes widened. “Not only that,” Marci continued, “but Betty has also been fucked by real dogs!” Sheila gasped and stared at Marci openmouthed. Marci grinned wickedly. “I bet you’d like to have seen that, wouldn’t you? A great big Great Dane breeding your mother?… but that wasn’t in the ass like this…”

Sheila, her pulse quickening, pressed her fingers more assertively into Marci’s hot pussy and found her hard clit, while Marci, having an additional layer of cloth to contend with, nevertheless managed to dig he finger deep enough that, with her considerable professional skill, she was able to bring Sheila to a shuddering climax just as she let herself go into orgasmic spasms herself.

A few seconds later, as if tuned in to the same orgiastic wavelength, Buddy made a loud groan and, gripping Betty hard, held her immobile, tight against his loins as he ejaculated his seed deep into her bowels, pumping pulse after pulse until he finally let go and rolled off of her, panting. Betty felt his climactic pulsing and could also feel blasts of cum bathing the walls of her colon, a new sensation for her, one that almost made her cum too. As Buddy rolled off her back, she plunged two fingers deep into her ripe old cunt. “Miss Marci, may I cum?” she called out desperately.

“No,” was Marci’s cold response. “Not until you’ve cleaned Buddy’s cock. Then you may masturbate,” she added, relenting in part for Sheila’s benefit. The woman clearly enjoyed her mother’s degradation.

Betty turned and crawled on top of her prone fuckmate and devoured his spent but still engorged penis, setting her groin right on Buddy’s face. Buddy got his arms under his mother-in-law’s thighs and was able to shift her enough get his tongue up into her not-yet-closed anus, just as the first drips of his semen began to slip out of it. “Mmmm,’ he moaned as he tasted the rich flavor of ass-tempered cum. The next few minutes were filled with the sounds of greedy gobbling the incestuous couple made in their lewd ass-flavored sixty-nine.

Sheila, in a hot stew of post-orgasmic bliss, pure lust, and gratitude, kissed Marci again, deeply, exploring her exquisite mouth with her voracious tongue. Marci, returned her passion, sucking gently on the searching tongue, and began to plan the next phase of Sheila’s development.

(to be continued)

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