A Mother’s Reawakening Pt. 07A Mother’s Reawakening Pt. 07


Ann and her hot daughter Marie left Jenny’s Tattoo and Piercing Parlor after kisses and hugs and congratulations. Mother and daughter had added matching tattoos, a lesbian one on the left wrist and a QOS on the right wrist, subtly (or not so subtly) advertising to anyone who noticed that these two fine women enjoyed white pussy and big black cock, often at the same time.

As they got into Ann’s car, Ann punched a number into her cell phone and after a few seconds said “we’re on the way,” and then disconnected the call.

“On the way where Mom?” Marie asked.

“You’ll see, sweetie,” Ann said, as she drove away.

Within minutes they were walking into Kristopher’s, the lesbian bar that they had both been to separately but never together. Marie smiled, thinking that her mother had mistimed things, arriving at 4pm, far too early for any action. When they walked in they were greeted warmly by Sarah, the bartender who, as the bar itself, Marie and Ann had enjoyed sexually separately but never together. Mother and Daughter took seats at the bar, and drinks were served and white tipped cigarettes were lit, and the three of them settled into easy conversation. Soon several other lipstick lesbians came in, usually in pairs, almost all of them with age differences that suggested more mothers and daughters were exploring the lesbian lifestyle.

After two drinks and two cigarettes each, Ann and Marie had a nice buzz starting, and Ann decided that it was time to Antep Escort start. Ann rose from the bar, took Marie by the hand and walked across the room to where 4 luscious woman sat, drinks and cigarettes present.

“Good afternoon ladies, my name is Ann and this is my daughter Marie. We both enjoy sexy white women and big black cock. I’d like to present my daughter to you as a gift to enjoy for the next few hours. Be as rough or as gentle as you wish.”

On queue, Sarah came from behind the bar with a breeding bench, and before Marie could digest what was happening, Sarah and Ann had bent Marie over the bench and shackled her ankles and wrists. Marie was immobilized but spread eagled, mouth, pussy and ass exposed after Sarah had quickly undressed her.

Marie looked at her mother Ann with a quizical look. Ann just smiled and thought about how Marie had set her up weeks ago. And also thought about how wonderful the weeks since then had been. Big Black Cock. Luscious White Pussy. And tattoos to show for it.

One of older woman came over to Marie on the breeding bench. With the supreme confidence of a dyke in charge, she pulled up her skirt to reveal a shaven pussy and displayed it for all to see. Then she dropped to the carpeted floor on her back in front of Marie, draped her legs over Marie’s shoulders, and thrust her pussy up into Marie’s face, adopting a classic “top from the bottom” position.

“Eat my mommy cunt, you little lesbian Antep Escort Bayan slut!”

And Marie did just that.

One of the younger women came to the opposite side of the bench and knelt between Marie’s knees and started to devour Marie’s pussy with her mouth. Ann retreived something from her purse. It was a realistic looking vibrating dildo, black and thick. Ann applied a small about of lube to the dildo and to Marie’s ass, and pushed it in. Marie’s mouth was working on an older woman’s delicious pussy, her own pussy was being eaten by a younger woman with a talented mouth, and her ass was being fucked by another young lipstick lesbian who Ann had handed the dildo off to. Ann lit a fresh cigarette, blew the smoke seductively at Marie, and smiled.

As Ann worked her way back to the bar she saw a familiar face. The woman turned away as if to hide her face and her presence from Ann. Ann chuckled, grabbed a fresh drink from Sarah and sauntered to the other end of the bar where the woman had turned her back in a continued but unsuccessful effort to hide from Ann.

“Hello Vanessa” Ann said to her former neighbor, “Are you as surprised to see me here as I am to see you?”

Vanessa and her husband Robert had been neighbors and friends of Ann back when Ann was still married to Tony. That all crashed and burned when Ann came home early from a trip to LA and walked in on Tony and Robert sucking each other’s cocks. That was the old Ann, Escort Antep back when she was a prude. An ugly divorce followed and Ann was financially set for life. Buf sexually suppressed.

Now here stood the new Ann. The Ann who loved big black cock in all three holes. The Ann who equally loved pretty white women, which Vanessa just happened to be. Emboldened by recent events and her new life, Ann drew on her Marlboro Ultra Light, put her hand on Vanessa’s chin to tilt it upward, and leaned down to give Vanessa a smoky lesbian French kiss. Ann took note of how little resistance Vanessa gave as Ann slid her tongue into Vanessa’s mouth. Vanessa stood up from her barstool and cupped Ann’s sexy ass with her hands, squeezing and pulling Ann closer to her as she sucked Ann’s tongue deeper into her mouth.

After a minute of hot lesbian French kissing, Vanessa pulled away, took Ann’s Marlboro Ultra Light from her hand for a long drag and exhaled in Ann’s face. Vanessa noticed that Ann sucked in some of her smoke.

“Jesus Ann, what the hell has happened to you? Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but what the hell? And do those tattoos mean what I think they mean?” Vanessa said to Ann.

“Yes Vanessa, they mean that I equally love big black cock and sexy white pussy. The short answer to what happened is over there,” Ann said, gesturing across the room to the bench where Marie was giving and receiving lesbian oral pleasure, “And the long answer will require another cigarette and drink.”

“Oh my God Ann, is that your daughter Marie?”

Ann smiled, nodded yes, and sat down next to Vanessa. Ann ordered drinks for them both, lit cigarettes for them both, and started in on the story of the last few life changing weeks.

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