The Party Ch. 02The Party Ch. 02


I had originally not planned on submitting this part, but Bri reminded me of everything that had happened and I just couldn’t resist.

Bri felt the light breaking through the fog in her brain, like an ice pick! She felt herself climbing up from the depths of a self-imposed, and horrible hangover. The fog began clearing in her fuzzy brain like the parting of thick soup. The events of the previous night still a little out of focus. If not for the stiffness of her aching limbs, she would have just called them a pleasant dream!

As she made her way back to reality, a strange realization confronted her senses. Someone was sleeping on her! She wondered if they had brought one of the guys home from the bar? She didn’t remember leaving with anyone, and swore they had arrived here alone. She slowly opened her eyes wondering whom she might find there. Much to her relief and surprise, she found Karen’s wild mane strewn across her body. He right arm was snaked across her mid-section, wrapped tightly around her body. She had also thrown her right leg over Bri’s, like a body pillow! The thing that got her attention the most, however, was that Karen’s face was firmly planted firmly on her right boob, like it was the most comfortable pillow Karen could have found. Bri was at first a little curious as to how the two had ended up naked and in bed together, in such an awkward position, but realized just how drunk they had been the night before. She was now remembering that she had watched Karen pass out as soon as she got in the room.

Bri remembered Karen squirming out of her clothes and curling up under the blankets. Bri hadn’t realized that they had gotten a single for the night, as they had forgotten to get cash, and promised the night clerk they would settle things up in the morning when she could locate her credit card. The night clerk, who had been a very sweet young man, agreed but said he only had a single he could let them use. It seemed most people wanted the luxury of a double or Queen sized bed, so they had to settle for something a little more modest.

It was then that Bri recalled taking a shower and calling Ken. Had he said that Apryl had come by? She seemed to remember him saying something about her and a friend being there, and breaking the new girl in! God she wished her head wasn’t pounding so hard. It made thinking impossible! She would remember soon enough, she thought.

Meanwhile she had another dilemma to attend to, how to remove Karen’s head without waking her? She looked down at her sleeping form and wondered how to extricate herself from Karen’s body hug? She wasn’t actually uncomfortable with the closeness of her naked body, as much as she really needed to go to the bathroom! Karen seemed to be enjoying her tit pillow very much. She could tell she had been there for some time, as there were signs of drool covering her nipple and the rest of her breast’s surface. Plus she could feel the warmth of Karen’s box firmly pressed against her leg.

She smoothed back the hair from Karen’s face, hoping to coerce her into moving off. To her surprise, Karen licked her lips, and in doing so, Bri’s nipple as well. The ensuing little shock it sent through Bri, made her pull away gently from Karen’s grasp. She had never been with a woman in such a personal manner before, and though it wasn’t something that shocked her, it also wasn’t something she had actively sought after. She found her friends, unknowing attention strangely exciting. Karen seemed to realize, she too wasn’t alone, and began coming around!

She opened her eyes to find herself presented with the sight of Bri’s nipple, squarely between her own lips! She quickly removed her head from Bri’s chest, causing the pain of her own hangover to come crashing in to reality! She lay back onto Bri’s arm, fighting with the massive headache that came with rising to fast! She moaned, “Jeez, what the fuck did we drink last night? My head feels like it’s going to explode!”

Bri rolled toward her pulling her arm out and smiled, saying, “Way too much, mine feels the same way!” Karen looked up to find Bri’s tits again in close proximity to her face. “Good God, did we? I mean could we have? Oh, I don’t remember anything after we left the bar last night!” Karen admitted, flushing a little from the closeness of Bri’s naked body. She realized she was still somewhat entwined with Bri’s legs, and unwrapped them putting a few inches space between them.

Bri looked down at her drool covered tit and said, “With the exception of using me as a pillow, I think not!” “Although I must admit, you did give me a little thrill there for a second.” she smiled innocently! She pushed Karen’s shoulder as if showing her she was just teasing. Karen closed her eyes and relaxed falling back onto the pillow.

Bri got up and headed for the bathroom. Karen looked at her naked body for any signs that they might have gotten wilder than she had remembered last night. Her head reminded her of just why she didn’t drink that often. She looked around the small room for her clothes. She found them on the floor by the chair in a heap. She kolej escort could not remember even coming here, much less how she ended up in bed with Bri naked! She began to wonder if she had tried anything with Bri, and also if she had offended her in any way?

As Bri came out from the bathroom, Karen looked her in the eye in a questioning manner. Bri broke the awkward silence and said, “It was nice to be able to keep each other warm last night, I think. This room was a bit chilly and you looked so cold!” Bri seemed to notice Karen’s awkwardness, and smiled at her to ease her mind. She sat down next to Karen, leaving a comfort zone for her embarrassed friend. “Relax Kar, nothing happened. I think we both would have remembered doing something like that don’t you?” she said teasing Karen.

Karen again flushed at the idea of the two of them locked in each other’s naked embrace. She looked shyly at Bri and whispered, “I’ve never even considered something like that with another woman, not that I find it wrong or anything, but well…” Her words drifted off as if she was now very much considering the possibility!

Bri looked again at her friend with a somewhat sly look. “Well, neither have I Kar,” she whispered back, feeling the sexual tension between them go up a few notches, “But if ever I do think about it, you would be my only choice! That’s for sure!” She looked at Karen with an almost serious look. Then stroked Karen’s face with a gentle hand. The two looked at each other briefly, realizing what had just been admitted.

“But for now” Karen shot back jumping up from the bed, “we have a party to get ready for!” She seemed all to ready to get the day started. She grabbed up her clothes and headed for the bathroom to shower. Bri laughed at her nervous exit and began howling in laughter, as Karen quickly turned on the shower and got in. It seemed a very important barrier had been broken between them, one she curiously thought she wanted to explore at some point! Karen hadn’t seemed insulted by her comment, as much as she was surprised. She wondered if Karen had felt the same way, or was she way off?

After about twenty minutes, Karen came out of the bathroom wrapped in her towel brushing her hair long hair with her fingers, while attempting to dry it with the other hand. She looked at Bri and smiled saying, “I wonder what our guys would have said if they had found us like that?” She smiled waiting for Bri’s response.

“Knowing those two, they would have yelled at us for not giving them front row seats to watch!” Bri quipped. She looked back at Karen and the two of them just broke into a fit of laughter. Apparently Karen wasn’t suffering any bad feelings from their brief, if not awkward moment of curiosity. They looked at each other and knew; sometime soon they would have to resolve this, just the two of them!

Karen got dressed, while Bri again showered. She said, ” We don’t want to have to explain why I have your drool all over my tit to those perv’s, do we?” The two again broke into a fit of giggles and after Bri quickly dressed, headed for the door. They walked arm in arm, to the desk to settle up for the night. Luckily the desk help had changed and the woman there was only too glad to take her information in place of the actual card. She called in the information and they were soon on their way to get back Bri’s car.

They caught a cab back to the “Happy Hour”, and sure enough, there was Bri’s SUV sitting under the side breezeway, as Joe had promised. The keys were right where he said they would be, under the newspapers, and it looked untouched otherwise. They quickly found Bri’s purse and paid the cab driver. They then looked in the car to find something to relieve their throbbing heads. Karen again laughed as she said, “God we must look like hell! I know I sure feel like it!”

“If you look like hell, I must look even worse!” Bri said, noting that even in her hung over state, Karen had managed to put on make-up and brush out her hair, so she looked like a million dollars again. Bri was just a tiny bit jealous, as she looked at her own reflection in the rear view mirror. She thought, “I look like a twenty after being washed out too many times!” She laughed at her image in spite of herself.

Karen looked her over one time and commented; “At least you don’t have to work at it as hard as I do. You look great no matter how little you work at it, I’m a little jealous!” Bri took the compliment and just smiled back, looking again into Karen’s eyes, feeling the unspoken electricity between them. The moment passed and she put the vehicle into drive. “Next stop food, party supplies and then!” “GUYS!!” they both yelled!

* * * *

Ken felt the familiar sensation of someone, very eagerly, sucking on his very grateful dick. The sensation of waking up to that particular pleasure never ceased to amaze him, even now! He relished in the feeling of her warm and talented mouth bringing him such exquisite pleasure. He felt her hands cupping his balls, almost as if coaxing them to produce maltepe escort its magic fluids for her wanting mouth. He felt her warm breath, shooting in short shots across his pubic region as she took in his entire length! He felt the wonderful sensations of her tongue twirling tight little circles of pleasure, every time she reached the tip. The anticipation of her waiting, before plunging yet again, to the very root of his manhood! He almost did not want to open his eyes, for fear it might be a dream. The subtle slurping as she withdrew, and then again plunging down, drew his breath in short ragged gasps. He reached his hands to guide her head into a faster, deeper penetration. The hair he grabbed was not Bri’s!

Ken opened his eyes, startled to find the fire red hair of Steph, bobbing happily away on his ragging cock. She seemed very content with giving his, until now, unconscious body such nasty little pleasure. She didn’t even look up as he sat up. She groaned when he tried removing her head. She pulled his hands away and continued her assault on his throbbing member. She seemed determined to finish what she had started. “Who was he to stop her?” he thought.

As he watched in fascination as she again and again, plunged her face down onto his cock, he couldn’t help but wonder if she was taking time to breath? He relaxed and let her have her way. The feeling was so overwhelming he didn’t see any reason to deprive her of her prize. He thought,”Life couldn’t be any sweeter!” Just as he began to settle in for an enjoyable time, Apryl walked naked and smiling into the room.

“Well, finally he wakes!” she joked. “I thought you’d never wake up! Steph’s been at that for almost twenty minutes, I figured you for dead!” She made her way around the bed to sit beside his head. Her freshly showered body still smelled of soap and was still warm to his touch. Her closeness made him ever harder in Steph’s eager mouth. “We were just wondering if you might be interested in letting us get another shot at the title champ, before we left to meet up with Karen and Bri?” She watched him waiting for an answer. He trailed his finger down to her very moist slit.

“Just get you’re pretty self up here and find out!” he said pulling her ass towards him. She smiled a knowing leer, and swung her leg over his head so that she was straddling his face. He found himself now looking at her amazing ass and the glistening slit he had, not so long ago, fucked senseless. He pulled her ass down until her squirming pussy came directly in contact with his eager tongue. He could smell her sweetness as he sank his tongue into her warm lips. He could feel the nub of her clitoris on his lip as he slid into the folds of her hungry womanhood. She let out a little gasp as he sucked at the tender lips. He ran his tongue along its folds, and then dove back in to drink up the sweet juices of her steamy pussy. She in turn, ground back at his tongue and mouth, urging him into deeper depths. At the same time he could feel nails being dragged across his upper legs and chest, simultaneously. The sensation of four sets of nails on his body was incredible. He flexed his hips into Steph’s very talented mouth, as he began in earnest to eat Apryl’s scrumptious honey pot!

The three of them continued on like this for what seemed hours, but was in reality only about twenty minutes! Steph was bobbing up and down like a starved kid on a Popsicle. Apryl on the other hand, was grinding desperately onto his eager and talented mouth. The soggy wetness of her pussy, and her quickening breath, told him she was very close to a powerful orgasm. He couldn’t wait to taste her. He also felt the beginnings of his own orgasm. He hoped to have them both squirming in ecstasy long before he came!

Ken redoubled his efforts on Apryl, while pushing even harder with his cock into Steph’s welcoming mouth. Steph stepped up her efforts, and her slurping and sucking became very loud. Apryl began to tense as she began a very quick and intense climax. He could taste her juices running into his eager mouth. She ground down hard as she came rapid-fire into his welcoming mouth. Ken then quickly rolled Apryl off, and pulled his cock from Steph’s mouth. He turned and repositioned himself. He grabbed Steph’s tiny form, flipping her over to her back. He separated her fine legs eagerly looking forward to pummeling her again. He positioned his cock at her soggy pussy and slammed it home.

Steph’s scream of pleasure erupted from her mouth as his entire length split her in two. Her arms clawed at his back digging welts across his shoulders. The pain/pleasure he felt drove him deeper into her quivering body. She looked as if she had had her breath ripped from her as he began to pump madly away in her. She moaned, as time and again he seemed determined to punch a hole through her with his cock. She in turn began to buck back at him, squeezing her inner muscles to urge him towards cumming. She clawed his back time and again as he drove mercilessly into her. At one point he could actually feel mamak escort the blood welling up on his ravaged back! He smiled as he realized he’d have to explain those to Bri later!

After only five or so minutes, he felt his balls fill with the coming explosion. Steph was moaning out like a wounded animal as she came hard on his pumping rod. She felt like a live wire as she rocked against him, slamming her head back and arching her tiny frame up into him in the throws of her own pleasure. He felt the familiar sensation of lightheadedness just before he exploded into Steph’s gripping hole. He howled out like an animal as torrent after torrent of cum spilled into her.

Apryl had regained her composure long enough to grab Ken’s face and give him a deep and voracious kiss. He almost lost his concentration, slowing his pace on Steph, until he could feel his cock softening to uselessness. His breath came raggedly into Apryl’s probing mouth and he felt Steph’s arms close around him, pulling him down. He soon found himself trading kisses with them both. They looked at him and Apryl eyed his back.

“Now that will be hard to explain!” she said commenting on the criss-cross pattern of bloody welts across his back. She ran her finger across the bloody welts. He could now feel the sting of his sweat mixing with the scratches. “Yeah, well what do you expect when confronted with two wildcats like you?” he smiled back at them.

“Your cute! I hope Bri lets us play with you again sometime, I bet we could really put a hurting on you given some time!” Apryl said playfully.

“I at least owe you for all this!” Steph said from her position beneath him, his semi-hard cock still inside her dripping box. “Shit, I won’t be able to walk for a week, much less fuck, after this!” She made a fanning motion towards her dripping, and obviously overworked opening.

They all broke out laughing as Ken removed himself from Steph and pulled her to her feet. The spunk from their recent adventure spilled down her tiny legs in rivers. Apryl smiled at her as well, and shoved Steph towards the bathroom throwing her a towel. They watched as Steph turned on the shower and waited for the water to heat up. She stepped into the shower pulling the door tight behind her. Apryl turned to look at Ken.

“I’m slightly impressed!” she joked, her eyes betraying her words, as he saw pure satisfaction within. “Next time it’s just me and you sport! One on one to the bitter end, and I don’t want to hear you crying that you need a break. I have a tie-breaker to win, and I mean to make you cry for your mommy!” she said planting a kiss on his grinning face. She slid by him and went to join Steph in the shower. He watched as she slid open the door and move in under the water with Steph. Steph whispered something to her, they laughed and Steph got out of the shower. Again, Ken marveled at Steph’s slim, but gorgeously proportioned body. The water dripping from her firm high set tits made him want to drink from them all day. He almost pouted as she slipped on her white T-shirt and squirmed back into her jeans.

As Apryl exited the shower, she motioned for him to get in. He made his way past Steph and brushed by Apryl’s naked form, wishing he could have just one more shot at her. She slapped his ass as he stepped in. “We’ll see you later champ! We have to get going. The girls are waiting for us. Oh yeah, Bri said to bring your sorry ass, and Eliot’s, as soon as you can.” She giggled.

She was putting on her own clothes as Ken closed the shower door. “Remember champ!” Apryl yelled, “Next time, just me and you!” It was the last thing he heard before the door was pushed shut. He relaxed under the spray of hot water wincing at the sting from the welts on his back.

He was tired, but more than ready for tomorrow. But he did have to get to his Uncle’s, and he had to do it today! He showered quickly feeling the warm water stinging his wounded back begin to ease somewhat. “This would be fun explaining to Bri!” he thought. He hoped things got hot and heavy before she noticed! “Yeah, fat chance, bonehead!” he laughed at himself. Maybe she would have something embarrassing to share herself if he was lucky! He finished the shower and quickly got dressed. The girls were long gone! He made his way out into the crisp morning air, and looked at the blue morning sky. “This is going to be one hell of a party!” he thought to himself. He got into his old GTO and cranked over the engine. In a moment of pure impulse, he floored it spinning tires from his driveway. The sounds of Ozzy singing “Crazy Train” blasting out of the windows, made him laugh as he drove away.

* * * *

Bri looked at herself in the rearview again, looking for any new flaw that might betray her long drunken night. She looked down at Karen’s sleeping form on the reclined passenger seat. The blouse she wore had again slid open, revealing her perfectly shaped tits. Bri found herself wondering if she was just being silly about the whole idea of what she had hinted at with Karen earlier? She knew she had, from time to time wondered about it, but wasn’t that normal? To actually be in that situation was not something she had been prepared for, the thoughts it left in her mind were exciting and somewhat erotic to her. She really wished they had had the time to explore the idea some more. Things were happening so fast now in the past two months, that Bri had to just relax and take a deep breath.

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