It Started with a Prom Date Ch. 02It Started with a Prom Date Ch. 02


Since Wendy had learned about my cross dressings desires plans for our new relationship were begun. Her first order of business was to create a list of things for me to complete. First I was to get depilatory cream and remove the hair from my body and make an appointment for electrolysis. Secondly I was to grow my hair shoulder length in order for it to be styled regularly. Third my wardrobe would change. Bra and Panties would be worn at all times. Since I worked industrial construction and had a great paying job I would be allowed to wear my male clothes to work but the Bra and panties would be under them. Fourth upon arriving home I would need to shower and change into my feminine clothing. Fifth I would prepare all meals and clean the house life a good housewife does. Sixth all of our sexual relations were under her control not mine. Lastly I would need to stay trim and fit learning to eat as a female.

Upon my having agreed to the above list and shopping for all the items required. I arrived home that next evening and began the transformation process. Wendy had to work all day and I was to be done in time to have her dinner ready. Depilatory applied and hair removed. The sensation of the hair removed was a cool felling all up my body. I pulled the silky laced panties Anadolu Yakası escort up my legs and having tied a shoestring around my cock pulling it in place and hiding the string in the panties. Next was the BRA since I had been watching Wendy put her BRA on by putting the cups in the back then hooking the hooks. I followed her way and then pulled it around in place.

Next came the makeup foundation first then the eyeliner and mascara. A little eye shadow pink would be nice. Powder and of course rogue on the cheeks. The final addition was a hot pink lipstick. The final piece would be the wig since my hair had not had time to grow. Wendy had left clear instructions short shorts were required with a tank top for tonight. Finally, the shoes were to match the outfit, which was a pink pair of shorts and a white tank top. I chose a pair of pink sandals with a short heel.

4:30 and all ready to prepare dinner. She had given me a list of the meal to be prepared. For her steak and potatoes with a large, glass of tea and for me a small salad and water. As I was preparing dinner, Wendy called. She informed me I would need to prepare two steaks not one. She said she had gotten two down and that the second one was to be prepared medium. Her new Anadolu Yakası escort bayan boss was coming to discuss her new position and salary.

They arrived home at 5:30 just as the meal was completed. She was dressed fully as man in suit and her boss said well I would prefer to call you by your given name Wendell but if you prefer Wendy that is what it will be! Then he said you do have a beautiful wife just as you said as he pulled me to him and kissed. As they sat down, I began serving their meal. Wendy now hired for a job with a salary that would more than make up hers and mine together.

I was ask to make coffee and did so. Then her new boss whispered something to Wendy and she nodded and had a smirk on her face. Looked at me and said she had be back soon and to have fun. I felt a tinge of nervousness in my stomach when she said that and left. Her boss motioned for me to sit by him and so I walked and sat by him.

He began to kiss me passionately and his tongue entered my mouth. He looked at me and said the final condition for Wendell to get the job needs performing. He patted his crouch and said you have a lovely mouth. I went to my knees and reached up to unbutton his pants and pull them down. Then a 9″ cock fully escort bayan erect popped.

I began to kiss the scrotum licking it and sucking the balls. Then I moved to the cock. Kissing and licking until it stiffened even more. Then I moved my mouth over it and begin to move up and down the shaft. Deeper and deeper until it was deep in my throat then harder and faster, I worked that cock. Finally, it began to twitch and even more until he spewed a large load of cum down my throat.

Well your man has the job he said as I licked him clean. He then said but once a week I get to come see you for this little service. Wendell’s okay with that we put it in his contract. Just as we were through Wendy walked in and said great job Chaele now you can quit working and be a full time wife!

Her boss left she took me in her and hugged me said now for another surprise. She led me to the bedroom and had me strip. She laid me down and handcuffed me to the bed. She placed a condom on my cock and began to stroke it until I loaded it with cum she then removed the condom. Stripped put her strap-on then entered my sphincter and fucked me hard. Once she finished she put the condom loaded with cum on the strap-on and had me suck it. She said bite the end until it burst as I licked and sucked then bit hard the condom exploded in my mouth filling it with more cum to swallow.

Wendy then removed the strap-on straddled my face and had me suck her until she came all over me. Lying down for a while holding each other. I cleaned up and came to bed in my pink silky teddy with its panties.

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