The Perfect Pair Pt. 09The Perfect Pair Pt. 09


The Perfect Pair, Chapter 9

(fetish, chastity, consensual, cross dressing)

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

Read Chapter 1 – 8, first.

Dennis and Brooke add new chastity components.

(I’m aware that some of the accessories may be highly impractical, or even impossible — this is fiction. Please just go with it, and enjoy the fantasy.)

Sure enough, when they got home after work on Monday evening, they found the long-anticipated box from the Netherlands waiting on their front porch.

Brooke was overjoyed, and immediately hauled it into the house, “you go get dressed, while I strip and then get this open.”

Dennis ran off, as he always did, to transform himself into Denise, now very much his preferred identity.

“OK, but don’t start trying things on without me,” he called as he disappeared.

Brooke quickly stripped down to just her chastity belt, as she always did, and then called Kelly, “would you guys mind if we cancelled tonight’s tutoring session? Our shipment from Amsterdam just arrived and we really want to check it out.”

“Of course, I understand, and I’m sure Victoria won’t mind,” Kelly replied.

“Great, thanks.”

But before Brooke could hang up, Kelly made it clear that she expected the two of them to be wearing their new accessories the next night at the club. Ending with, “don’t disappoint me. I’ll make sure Victoria is wearing her accessories, too. You three will make a great trio and you can compare notes.”

Brooke, knew that arguing was out of the question when it came to Kelly’s demands, so she agreed, before saying ‘goodbye’ and hanging up.

Only then did she tear into the box.

One-by-one she removed all of the new chastity accessories, laying them out on the dining room table, for inspection.

They were all marked with pink for her, and baby-blue for Dennis. Brooke quickly located the different sets of keys. There were different ones for each item; a key for the bra, a key for the thigh bands and a third key for the expanding plug. Each key was marked and color coded, like the accessories, in pink and baby-blue.

Before Denise showed up, Brooke had tested every key to make sure they all worked as they should.

She was holding her new bra, when Denise walked out, still blowing on her nail polish. She quickly began inspecting all of the items tagged with blue.

“Wow, look at the nipples molded into the bras. They’re huge, no wonder they were so obvious on Victoria, the other night,” Brooke said. She was clearly excited.

“Oh, God,” Denise moaned, “How can we wear these out in public? They’ll only work if we’re in bimbo mode.” Then she laughed, “It’ll take you to B3+”

Brooke laughed, too, “Oh, I don’t know. My new bras might hide them, enough.”

Denise responded with a smile, but then she had another thought. “You know that you’ll have to take your nipple rings out. You’ll never be able to wear your metal bra with those still in place.”

“Oh shit!” Brooke said, surprised and disappointed at the same time, “I forgot all about that. That sucks, I love my rings.”

“I know, me too, but now you’ll have to choose between one or the other, wear your bra, or your rings, but not both.”

“Damn, that’s disappointing. And I’ll have to swing by the bank tomorrow, to get those pliers, so we can remove them.”

“Which means we can’t wear them tonight,” Denise said, disappointed.

“Well, we can try everything on, or most everything, anyway. Here, help me with the thigh bands. I really want to see how restrictive they are.”

She handed the things to Denise who straightened them out, separating the bands and the thin but strong chains that would hold them up, and then knelt in front of her.

Brooke stepped in and Denise pulled them up her long, smooth legs.

“How do they lock into the belt?” Denise asked.

“Ah, the chains end in a lock with a kind of tongue that slips into the slot in the bottom edge of the belt.”

“Huh. I wondered what those slots were for. I had guessed some kind of drain.” Denise replied as she pushed the right band up snuggly on Brooke’s thigh and seated the lock into its place, hearing it click, securely.

Brooke had to shift her stance, bringing her legs closer together as Denise pulled the other band up and locked it to the belt.

She stood for a moment before taking a short step, feeling the tug on her thighs. Then she tottered a bit, to catch her balance.

As she did each evening, she had kept her tall heels on, when she stripped down upon entering the house, and she could feel that they added another dimension to the constraints imposed by the bands.

Denise stood and held her hand as they walked slowly istanbul escort around the table. She was worried that her lover might trip and fall, and was waiting for some comment. Secretly, she was hoping that Brooke would declare the things too impractical for wear. She considered them to be too much of a bondage item, and had never really been interested in that kink. She wasn’t looking forward to a move in that direction.

After they’d completed one full circuit, Denise couldn’t hold back any more, “well?”

“Well, they do make it difficult to walk, or to walk taking normal strides. I want to test them out some more. You can let go; I’ll be all right. Give me some time to test out other movements. Sitting, climbing stairs, laying down. That sort of thing,” Brooke replied.

She shuffled a bit and turned to look at her, with a small smile.

Denise’s heart sunk just a bit, as she realized that Brooked liked the things.

“Let’s try your bra, since I can’t put mine on. Strip!” Brooke ordered.

Denise just shrugged and then unzipped her dress, allowing it to slip down off of her shoulders.

As she undid her bra, Brooke held up the metal one.

Denise took off her pretty white lace one and slid her arms into the straps of the metal one. She shivered as the cool, silicone lining of the metal bra, and its straps came into contact with her skin.

Denise wiggled a bit trying to settle her small breasts into the hard cups.

“Hold yourself,” Brook said as she shuffled around behind her and then gently pulled the straps together, before closing the lock at the back.

As she moved back around, “OK, how does that feel? Take a deep breath. Move your arms, twist your torso.”

Denise still unsure, did as she was asked.

Her first feeling was one of weight. The cups weren’t exactly heavy, but they were much more weighty than a lace bra. As she moved and shifted her body, she didn’t feel a lot of strain. The straps did flex a bit and didn’t seem to restrict her too much.

“It feels OK,” she said, with a bit of surprise in her voice. She then reached back up and cupped her breasts, feeling nothing underneath and only the hard surface, and the big nipples on the outside.

“Excellent! Now put your dress back on.”

Brooke watched as Denise twisted and maneuvered her dress back up and over her breasts. When she went to zip it up in back, she had a bit of a struggle getting it to close.

“Just as I figured, it adds almost a half-size to your breasts,” Brooke said, clapping excitedly, “and that makes those nipples even more pronounced.”

Denise looked down sharply and saw what Brooke was talking about. The nipples molded into the bra, tented her dress and looked huge!

“Oh my, I can’t walk around like this!”

“Of course, you can. I walked around with my big rings always on display beneath my clothes. You can go out with big hard nipples on display. Just think about the affect you’ll have on everyone.”

“But I don’t want to have that much of an affect! I’m not as much of an exhibitionist as you are.”

“Hah, you’ll get used to it. You’ll have to. And I bet you’ll enjoy it too. It will give you even more power over the men out there.”

Denise’s cock told her that she was excited, even though her mind refused to admit it.

Brooke then grabbed Denise’s hand, “now come on,” and she led her, taking short steps, into their bedroom.

There she nudged her toward her side of the bed, as she stepped toward her own, “lay down and see how it feels. Will we be able to sleep in this stuff?”

They both delicately sat on the edge of the mattress and laid back onto their pillows, turning as they fell back. They lay flat on their backs, side-by-side for a few seconds before Brooke sighed, “this seems OK, now move around a bit. How is it on your side, and can you even lay on your front?”

Denise shifted onto her side and lay quietly for a moment, then she rolled onto the other and finally she rolled onto her belly and breasts. That position only lasted a few seconds before she moved back onto her side, facing Brooke.

“I certainly can’t lay on my breasts, but on my side, it doesn’t seem to be too uncomfortable. I suppose I could sleep wearing the bra.”

“That’s great,” Brooke said, smiling.

“Well, how about you?” Denise asked, propping her head up on her hand and bent elbow.

Brooke then followed Denise’s lead and moved around, testing various positions. It took quite a while as she not only tried laying on her sides, but also tried different leg positions.

Finally, she laid back flat on her back and sighed, “well I think it’s going to take a while to get used to sleeping in the bands. I’m not used to having to keep my legs so tightly together, and all too often the link between the bands pokes me. It depends on exactly where my legs are positioned. There don’t seem to be a lot of options. But I think we can make it work.”

Denis was disappointed and wasn’t so sure it would work. “Are you sure?”

“Nope, but Escort Anadolu Yakası I want to give it a try. And you should too. Come on, let’s put your bands on.”

Brooke slid out of bed and began taking her tiny steps back into the dining room.

Denise followed along, not looking forward to the test.

Brooke picked up the bands, but found that she couldn’t easily kneel down in her own bands. At least not without thumping forward onto her closely joined knees. She accomplished it anyway, muttering “ouch” as she did.

“Hike up your skirt,” she requested as Denise stood in front of her.

“And you’d better pull off your panties. Can’t wear them with your bands, as you wouldn’t be able to take them off to pee.”

“But I’ll lose points. For always wearing panties”

“Oh, stop your whining. You’ll make more points for wearing the bands.”

Denise acknowledged Brooke’s point with a nod, and then removed her panties. She then stepped into the bands that Brooke held out. Brooke slid them up her legs, and over her stockings until they got snug on her thighs. She had to maneuver the band’s chains around Denise’s garter belt straps before plugging their locks into their slots, locking them into place.

Denise shifted nervously as her legs were drawn together and secured.

When Brooke tried to stand, she again found it difficult with the limitations imposed by the bands, and Denise had to help her up, all the while trying to maintain her own balance, restricted as she was.

Once on her feet, Brooke led Denise in a practice walk around the dining room, just as she had done herself. Denise, struggled more than Brooke had, as she wasn’t nearly as competent in the tall heels, they both wore.

After a full lap, and with Denise gaining a little confidence, Brooke led her over to the stairs leading to the upper floor of their home.

Denise wasn’t sure if she was ready for that challenge, or even if it was possible. The bands held their legs so very close together, they might not be able to lift a leg up onto the next step.

Brooke, sensing her lover’s reluctance, and unsure herself if the stairs could be conquered, said calmly, “let’s give it a try. It’s not like we have to go up there, but it would be good to know if it’s possible to climb and descend stairs while we’re wearing these things.

“I suppose,” Denise said, resignedly.

“Yup, come on,” Brooke said as she tried the first step.

Denise just stood and watched, giggling at Brooke’s attempts.

Brooke giggled too, as she struggled to lift a leg high enough to get up the step. She held onto the railing for support and had to lean to the side and swing her foot out and up, and even then, she was only barely able to get her foot onto the step. But then she couldn’t shift any weight onto it so she had to pull herself up using the railing.

And so, it went. She got a little better with each step, and she did move slowly up the stairs, but it was clearly very difficult and obvious that, if she was out in public, anyone watching would think she was somehow handicapped.

Once at the top, she sighed, “well, that was difficult, but I made it. Your turn.”

When Denise hesitated, she urged him on. “Oh, come on. If I can do it you can, and besides, watching me, you should have learned the technique.”

Denise shrugged and then took a deep breath before starting the long climb up with her legs tightly constrained.

When she finally made it to the top Brooke gave her a big hug and kiss. In the process they almost lost their balance and both squealed, as they almost fell.

Of course, then it was time to test the descent, and Brooke again led the way.

It was as much of a struggle going down as it was going up, but she did make it and Denise was able to follow.

Back on the ground floor, they headed into the kitchen to make themselves some dinner.

As with the stairs, the practice helped and they got better at stepping and standing in their crazy new bands. It was difficult and frustrating, and several times they almost fell, but they were finally able to sit and eat, in peace.

They found that they were at least able to sit comfortably, keeping their legs together as ladies should, and girls in thigh bands had to.

After finishing dinner, they slowly walked over to their couch and flopped down, tired and relieved.

“Well, that wasn’t any fun,” Denise moaned, “I don’t think these things work. We can’t wear them around the house, let alone out in public.”

“Nonsense!” Brooke responded. “We can and we will, if we want to earn our orgasms. More frequently, that is. I’m certainly going to try, and I think it will be a fun challenge, too.”

She then crawled, with considerable difficulty over and onto Denise’s lap and placing a hand onto each of her metal covered breasts, leaned in and kissed her deeply and lovingly.

When she came up for air, she had a devilish look on her face. “And what about those plugs, with their plungers? They could be fun.”

“No! Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort Definitely not. Damn Kelly for even buying the things.” Denise was so adamant that she almost pushed Brooke off onto the floor.

“Hey, just kidding,” she laughed as she repositioned herself and kissed Denise once again.

After the kiss she curled up, and tried to lay on Denise’s lap, but between the bra, chastity belt and the thigh bands, there was nowhere comfortable to settle, so she shifted ungracefully to sit back next to her, cuddling into her shoulder.

They lounged quietly for a while before Brooke mischievously, mumbled, “really, I just might try that plug. Victoria seemed to enjoy it.”

“I’m not so sure about that.”

“Hmmm, we’ll see.” Then yawning, “I think it’s time for bed. Let’s strip this stuff off. It’s late and we need to get some sleep. I’ve got a busy day tomorrow.”

“Sounds good to me.” Denise said, stirring.

“But I think we’ll wear it all tomorrow night, to the club.”

“Oh, no.” Denise said, a little panicky.

“Oh yes. You don’t want to disappoint Kelly, do you?” Brooke said as she hobbled into the dining room, where they’d left their keys.

“What do you mean?”

While you were changing, I had to call and tell them we wouldn’t be coming over for the tutoring session.”

“Oh shit! I forgot all about that, it is Monday isn’t it.”

“Yes, and when I explained why, she told me in no uncertain terms to wear our new gear. She said that she’d make sure Victoria would be wearing hers. So, you don’t want to disappoint her, and I know neither of us want to piss off Kelly. There’s no telling what she might do to us if we did.”

Brooke laughed at her last comment, but she knew that she was partially correct in her fear for her very dominant friend.

“Damn!” Denise said, shaking her head. “I guess we are stuck.” Then after a deep sigh, “OK, we’ll wear the bras and bands. But not the plug, right?”


That settled, they each unlocking their own thigh bands, and Brooke unlocked Denise’s bra, at the back.

They left everything on the table as they headed off to get ready for bed, and afterwards, sleep, with both of them dreaming of their new toys.

Starting during breakfast, and continuing throughout the drive to and from work, the two of them discussed their new accessories. The favorite topics were, ‘when can we wear them?’, and ‘how many points should we award for wearing them?’

The one time when Brooke mentioned the expanding plugs, Denise immediately shut the discussions down.

During lunch, Brooke ran over to the bank and picked up the odd pliers needed to open and remove her nipple rings.

She wasn’t looking forward to removing them, as she truly loved the kinky things, but the new chastity bra took precedence. After all she’d be earning points for wearing the bra, and she could reinsert the rings for the times when she wasn’t wearing it. She still wasn’t sure what times those would be. If she could build up her nerve to wear the bra all of the time, even at work, she’d earn a lot of points. And gain release much more frequently. A big consideration, now that her points goals were so high.

They still needed to work out just how many points wearing the stuff would generate. They’d settle that, tomorrow night, after work. There was no time to decide tonight.

After work they rushed home to get dressed for their usual Tuesday night get-together at their favorite gay club.

They first stripped off their work clothes, and then helped each other with their thigh bands. Brooke then helped Denise with her chastity bra.

They then switched roles and Denise first helped Brooke remove her nipple rings, aligning the pliers and opening the rings so that the lose segments fell out. As the rings were removed, Brooke replaced them with small barbells.

Next it was time for her metal bra. As it was Brooke’s first time trying it on, she was concerned over the fit. The process took a while, but eventually she was satisfied and impressed with the results. As with Denise the bra added a nearly a half cup size to her already large chest and the molded-on nipples looked huge.

Once the thing had been locked on in the back, they both stood and admired the result.

“Damn, this thing is fantastic!” she gushed.

“B3-plus, or perhaps B3-plus-plus.” Denise giggled.

As Brooke held the metal cups in her hands, Denise asked, “do you feel anything?”

“Nope. Not a thing,” and to demonstrate she knocked them with her knuckles. Clink, clink.

“Good, I guess. Let’s finish dressing, or we’ll be late and Kelly will be pissed,” Denise said.

It took them longer than usual to put on their sexy dresses and slip on their high heels, as they couldn’t move very well with the bands. They had to sit and squirm to reach the ankle straps on their shoes.

On this night neither of them wore stockings, as it was too late, after they had already locked the bands around their thighs.

They also wore longer skirts and avoided their usual, low cut tops.

When they examined themselves in the big mirror, they were relieved that their thigh bands didn’t show below their skirts, but both giggled when they saw their chests. The increased size stretched their tops and the nipples of the bra were clearly visible.

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