A Friendly VisitA Friendly Visit

Megan Rain

Jake was in town for a week visiting family and friends that he hadn’t seen in over a decade. My husband, Taylor, happened to be one of them. They were best friends in high school but Jake had moved away shortly after graduating. They had kept in touch over the years and when Jake said that he was coming for a visit, my husband offered him our spare bedroom, to help him save some cash on the trip.

I had never met Jake before in person, but I was friends with him on facebook and present on most of the frequent calls that he had with Taylor. Because of this, I was aware of what he looked like and we had a playful banter that we had built up over the years. Nothing remotely sexual, just playful jabs and pokes that we made at each other. I was really looking forward to his visit since it was going to make my husband pretty happy.

When Jake arrived, I was at work and hubby picked him up from the airport and helped him get settled into the guest room, which is in the basement. By the time I got home, Jake was out visiting his family, so I didn’t get to meet him in person the first day, but I had taken the rest of the week off, just to be available if we all wanted to go do something (plus it was a good excuse to get away from the office).

When I woke up the next day, both Jake and Taylor were still asleep, so I went out to the kitchen and made myself some breakfast as quietly as I could. I was just finishing up when Taylor came out and kissed me good morning. We sat in the living room making small talk about the week. No plans were set in stone yet, but it sounded like Jake had set aside the next day and the day before he left to just hang around our house.

Since we were not slated to do anything that day, I excused myself and decided to take advantage of the day off to get an early morning workout in. I changed into some loose shorts, sports bra and a big t-shirt and left for the gym. When I got home I was ready to take a shower. I don’t like taking one at the gym since they tend to be very busy, and I like to take my time in the shower if you know what I mean. But as I came in the door I heard the shower running. This made my heart sink a little since we only have one shower. It meant I would have to wait if it was Jake in the shower. I took my shoes off and started heading towards our bedroom, which is past the bathroom, and I noticed the bathroom door was slightly ajar. This is normally how we shower since the cat is not really fond of closed doors, so I thought maybe it was Taylor in the shower and I could join him.

I slowly opened the door to the bathroom wider and quickly realized that it was not Taylor in the shower. Last year we had decided to get new doors for our old shower bath combo, and they are crystal clear. This allowed me to give Taylor a show every once in a while and I really enjoyed the new doors. It came with an added bonus that just became available, since I could now see Jake lathering in the shower in full HD so to speak. He was facing away from the shower head looking down and most of his body was covered in soap as the water hit his back and ran down his ass. He had the leg closest to me up on the side of the bath and one hand was hidden behind that leg as his other hand lathered up his chest.

Now, I know I should have just closed the door and went about my business, but he had a nice body and curiosity got the better of me, so I stood there carefully watching, hidden behind the mostly closed door. Jake’s hands continued to work on his body, one hidden behind his leg for several long moments. It was becoming more obvious the longer his hand remained hidden, that he was doing more than just a wash between his legs. I was pretty sure that he was pleasing himself in our shower while I watched. I was getting turned on as I watched, the act of doing something that I was not supposed to do combined with frustration at his leg preventing me from seeing more had me putting my hand down my shorts and rubbing my panty covered lips. As I sat there idly rubbing myself, I watched his muscles flex from the pleasure he was giving himself when finally he lowered his leg back into the shower.

I stopped rubbing myself and just stared. His dick looked like it was only half erect and was hanging loosely away from his body, covered in soap. It was thick, and slightly longer than my husbands in its current state, but, like, really thick. I wondered if it was just a trick of the light with all of the soap on it, but the longer I stared, the more convinced I became that his gorgeous cock was just that thick. His hand continued to stroke it, but it became obvious that he was not working himself to orgasm and just enjoying what his hand was doing. Since he was not going to be focused on bringing himself off, I decided to stop before I got caught. I closed the door back to its original position and headed for my bedroom.

I closed my bedroom door as I entered and sat on the bed, waiting for the shower. Now this was not the first cock that I have seen since I have been married, but it had been years since I had, and none of them had looked as good as Jake’s. Antalya Escort I couldn’t get the image of it out of my head as I sat on the bed waiting for my turn at the shower. The shower turned off a few minutes later and snapped my attention back to reality. I realized that I had a couple of fingers buried in my pussy as I had been thinking about Jake’s cock. I quickly pulled my hands from my gym shorts and busied myself getting a change of clothes ready for after my shower.

I waited a couple of minutes after Jake had left the shower before I slipped into the bathroom and started my shower. Now as I said before I like to take my time in the shower, which means I like to masturbate in the shower. My shower fantasy is pretty locked in at this point in my life, it starts with imagining someone coming up behind me and kissing my neck as they slide their hands over my body before playing with me until I orgasm. It normally involves either a random unknown female, or my husband. If it involves Taylor, it might end with him fucking me from behind, but not always. It’s a tried and true fantasy and it never fails to bring me off.

Today this fantasy changed. Instead of my husband being behind me it was Jake. His hands rubbing my boobs as he lathered me with soap. I imagined what that cock would feel like as he pressed himself against my back. That was enough to send me over the edge and I came right then, but kept going. I kept thinking about his strong hands on my tits, his mouth kissing my neck and his fingers rubbing my clit. The fantasy took off, as I continued to rub where I imagined Jake’s hand was. I leaned forward, putting my free hand on the wall and my imaginary lover slid the head of his cock against the lips of my very wet slit. He took his hands off of my body as he rubbed his cock against my pussy, forcing me to focus on the only contact between us. Then he slowly slid inside me, my married pussy welcoming my husband’s best friend. That was enough. I came again, harder this time, forcing me to bite my lip to stop from moaning. I slowly slumped against the wall, feeling my breasts press against it as I caught my breath. I quickly finished my shower and left the bathroom and my imaginary lover.

Taylor had gone out for something and Jake was gone by the time I had left the shower so I had the house to myself. I felt slightly guilty for the rest of the day as I went about watching a couple of movies and just generally having a lazy day off. I know I didn’t actually do anything wrong, but by keeping my fantasies limited to my husband I had always felt like I was staying faithful to him. It wasn’t necessarily the first time that I had fantasized about another man, but it had never been someone close to Taylor. I tried not to let it bother me too much throughout the day, but it was kind of hard to ignore the fantastic orgasms I had had from the fantasy.

When night came, Taylor came home, but Jake did not make it back to our house again until after we had gone to bed. While we were in bed, I told Taylor about what had happened during the day. As I started talking about watching his friend in the shower, he turned over to face me, listening intently to my story. I found myself getting wet as I described the scene to my husband. When I told him that I had started rubbing myself as I was waiting to see his package, Taylor put his hand between my legs and started rubbing me.

“Like this?” he asked. I nodded and moaned slightly under the familiar touch of my husband. I continued my story describing how I wanted Jake to lower his leg in the shower so I could see his package. When I finally said that he did, Taylor asked, “Did you like what you saw?” I nodded again and described what I saw in the shower. Taylor did not seem surprised by the size of his friend’s package so I just continued my story as my husband played with my wet pussy. I told him how I had only watched for a few more minutes since it didn’t look like Jake was going to try and make himself cum and I didn’t want to get caught.

As I got closer to another orgasm from my husband’s fingers, I told him about what I had fantasized about in the shower. About Jake running his hands over my body while rubbing that big cock against me. I told him how I wanted Jake to rub himself against my pussy and how I came to the thought of him sliding inside me. Taylor didn’t say anything while I finished my story for him, but I could feel his hard on pressed against my thigh and his fingers were working magic between my legs. Since it didn’t seem like he was mad that I had done what I had done, I told him that I wanted him to fuck me and give me another orgasm.

He gently spread my legs further and got between them. He grabbed his hard cock and gently rubbed it against my wet slit. Then he asked “Is this how you imagined Jake’s cock rubbing against you?”

I squirmed under him, rubbing my slit as hard as I could against his cock. “Yes, except it was from behind.” I tried to get the angle of my hips aligned so that he would slide in me, but he was one step ahead of me and continued to tease me.

“And Antalya Escort Bayan when you fantasized about him going inside, you came instantly?” As he asked this, he took his cock and very quickly rubbed it from side to side directly on my clit. I was already close to orgasm and this sent me there. I bucked my hips and rubbed against him as I climaxed. I was too lost in the moment to try and get him to fuck me, intead I just enjoyed it. Taylor put his entire length against my pussy, then leaned in close and kissed me while I came. His kisses and movement against my pussy kept me going. When I finally finished, I expected him to plunge himself into me, but instead he just continued to rub against me.

“Did you think about joining him in the shower?” He asked me.

“No,” I responded, “I was just watching.”

“If he left the door slightly ajar, I bet he was hoping you would spy on him.”

“I don’t think so,” I said, “It was probably just a force of habit from him living alone for so long.”

“That could be,” Taylor said while still rubbing against me, slowly since I was still sensitive from my orgasm. “Could be that he fancies you as well. You post a lot of pictures on facebook.” I shook my head not wanting to send my head down that path. My hips were starting to move again, trying to make him enter me, but again he moved just right to keep teasing. He stayed on top of me for a few more seconds before gently removing himself from between my legs and laying down next to me. As he did I made a sound of disappointment. Orgams were fine, but I wanted a dick in me.

“So obviously you were turned on by the whole situation today, so I propose a bet,” he said to me as he idly fondled my boobs. “Tomorrow we’re supposed to spend the day with Jake. After he gets up, I’ll go run an errand and be gone for about an hour leaving you and Jake alone. I want you to take a shower while I’m gone, you can say it’s just to get ready for the day.” The entire time he was talking, I was shaking my head, trying to stop from going down this path. He ignored me and continued, “While in the shower, leave the door cracked the same way he did. If he doesn’t peak, I’ll fuck you hard tomorrow night.” My pussy throbbed at that, “But, if he does peek, I want another story like tonight’s. I want to know what happened.”

He kissed me when he finished, and I never turn down a kiss, no matter how deep in thought I am. And I was deep in thought. This wouldn’t be the first time that we were adventurous in our marriage. I had been dared to flash other guys and to flirt with them on the dance floor. My husband seemed to enjoy having a wife who got a little more attention. And if I am being honest with myself, I do enjoy the attention that comes from these games; both from my husband and from other men. But this was different, this was a friend and someone who was going to be staying with us for close to a week after this game was done. Also, I had been bit by these bets with my husband before, so I wanted to make sure all the details were on the table.

“You can’t tell him about this or tell him to peek?” I asked, he shook his head affirming that he wouldn’t. “Will you have sex with me even if he peeks?” I asked, still horny as fuck.

“Probably not, I think I will be enjoying this too much to let you have a release.” He responded honestly. That was one thing I could always count on with him was honesty.

“What if I don’t see him peek?”

“Because you deliberately aren’t looking? Then you lose and we assume he did.” I frowned at that, but it was not unexpected.

“I will think about it and give my answer in the morning,” I told him.

“Fair enough,” he said and we rolled over to go to sleep.

It was going to be a rough night. For a couple of reasons. First, when Taylor gets worked up but doesn’t have sex, he tends to get handsy in his sleep, and sure enough within minutes he was asleep, but his hand was fondling my breast again. Second, because I was still really horny, but I knew I couldn’t get Taylor to have sex with me, he has an iron will when he is playing these games. Third, because my mind was racing.

What if I took the bet and Taylor won? That would mean that Jake would be looking at my naked body as I showered. I could try getting away with it by wearing a swimsuit in the shower, but if he did peak then he would know something was up, no one wears a swimsuit to shower. And again, if I was honest with myself, it turned me on to think that someone was watching me shower. Taylor and I had role played that many times since installing the new shower doors, and it was always really hot.

I thought about Jake peeking in and seeing me rub my boobs with soap. Watching me spread the lather on my ass. Letting my hands wander across my belly, then up between my boobs to my neck. Turning around so only my butt was facing him as I let my hands wander between my legs (which they might have been doing at that moment in bed.) Facing away from the door and leaning forward, giving him a good look at my pussy as my fingers played with my clit. Escort Antalya Turning around suddenly to catch a glimpse of him staring but not letting him know.

Fuck!. I really hate my husband sometimes. How does he always know that I am giong to agree to his little bets? Sometimes I wonder if he plans this. No sense in dwelling on it, and no sense having another orgasm, might as well save that for the shower. I pulled by hand from between my legs and tried to sleep as best as I could. For the record, it was not easy.

In the morning, I told Taylor that I had agreed to the bet. He gave me a kiss and thanked me, like he always does when I play along with his games. As I got ready for the day I figured I might as well go all out for my show. I picked out a matching black lace bra and panty set and put them on under my sweat pants and t-shirt. I figured if he started peeking early he would get an extra show. If not, I can hang them up in the bathroom while showering to let him know what I was wearing or will be wearing for the rest of the day. My planning made it sound like I just assumed that Jake would take the bait, but there wasn’t any guarantee that he would. These bets with my husband could go either way most of the time.

Waiting for Jake to get up was agonizing. I really wanted to just jump in Taylor’s lap and ride his dick, but I knew he would stop me if I tried.

Jake came upstairs at about 10 am, which is 2 hours after we woke up, and I was finally able to introduce myself in person to him. He shook my hand and called me “even more beautiful in person than in the photos.” I blushed and thanked him, then we sat down and discussed our plan for the day. We decided that we would spend the day shopping. The mall in our town was still open, unlike the mall where Jake lived, so the plan was to shop at the mall for the day and have lunch in the food court.

After the plans were set, Taylor told us that he had to run to the office for about an hour to get something done for work. This was it. A small part of me hoped he would back out of the bet, but no dice. He quickly got changed and left, leaving us alone in the house. We made small talk for a couple of minutes before I announced that I should probably get a shower in so we can leave as soon as Taylor gets back. I excused myself and stepped into the bathroom.

My heart was beating faster as I stripped from my t-shirt, and I made a special show of taking off my sweatpants, bending from the waist while facing away from the door. I took a small peek at the door as I kicked the pants away, but of course Jake was not peeking. I silently chastised myself, but continued to strip. I placed the undergarments in clear sight on the towel rack, just in case, although I was losing hope now. I started the water in the bath and got the temp right before switching it over to the shower.

I stepped in and immediately enjoyed the hot water running over my body. I grabbed the soap and started lathering my body. Once I was fully lathered, I checked the door out of the corner of my eye. No Jake. Slightly dismayed but perked up at the thought that I was going to get fucked hard tonight, I started rinsing off. Once rinsed I grabbed my razor and started touching up my legs. I shave them regularly but it helps to keep them smooth if I run the razor every couple of days. As I was finishing, I noticed a small movement of the door and my heart skipped a beat.

I quickly turned and made sure that I was facing away from the door, giving my Peeping Tom plenty of time to get situated, and a great view of my ass. I couldn’t believe Jake would peek at me taking a shower, so I used the reflection of the shower head to see if it actually was Jake, or if the cat had opened the door. It was difficult to make out, but I thought I could see him in the reflection.

I reached for the soap again, I knew I had already washed, but the fantasy from last night came back in my head. I lathered my hands and put the soap bottle back. I turned my back to the shower and began working the lather onto my skin. I took my time, working myself up with my hands as they moved across delicate parts of my body. I spent a few minutes working my hands over my tits, playing with my nipples occasionally. Then let my hands move lower. In a flash of insight, I put the leg closest to the door up on the bath, imitating the pose that I had caught Jake in yesterday.

With my hands hidden from immediate view, I let them go to town, rubbing and playing with my clit and lips. Putting on a show from behind the curtain. Moans were starting to escape my lips as I worked myself up into a frenzy. I almost forgot that I might have an audience, but I could see the door was ajar from the corner of my eye, and there was definitely a figure in the shadow of the door. This spurred me on and did exactly as I imagined the night before. I lowered my leg, giving him a brief glimpse of my hands between my legs from the side, before I turned, facing away from the door. I placed an arm above my head and leaned forward until my entire forearm was on the wall. I slowly spread my legs, hopefully revealing my pussy and busy hand to anyone who might be watching from the door. It didn’t take long in this position, with the thought of someone watching and my finger working my clit. I came in just a few seconds, and couldn’t stop the lewd sounds that came from my orgasm.

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