Karen’s New BossKaren’s New Boss


The Business Meeting

James Montgomery was a very successful business man with a reputation for being tough and hard to deal with. Karen Fielding a self employed consultant is employed to work in his office.

James Montgomery looked up from his desk as Karen Fielding entered the room and walked across the plush carpet towards him. He had first noticed her about a year ago at a business dinner in Toronto, and he hadn’t been able to get her out of his mind. She had looked stunning that evening in a silver dress with a plunging neck line that showed off her wonderful breasts. Her blonde hair had been swept up at the back making the most of her slim delicate neck. He was entranced by her, and he made it his business to find out as much as he could about this goddess.

As he was very rich and successful this wasn’t to hard to do. She had been working for a small firm in New York which had made several big investments in London, so when he found out that she was in town he had his people head hunt her, offering her a job that she couldn’t turn down.

So here she was walking towards him, his face showed no trace of emotion… boy could she move, James looked her up and down…mmmm he thought and that business suit did nothing to hide that fantastic body, something stirred in his loins. He decided to see how tough she was….

Miss Fielding…..please sit down……James looked at her with a blank expression…

I understand that in your last job you worked closely with your managing director….you will find that I am a little more demanding than he was….he looked into her eyes….I expect things to be done my way and with efficiency…I shall be watching you performance closely. I don’t suffer fools gladly..

Karen stood up…he could see that she was shaking slightly….

Mr Montgomery…she looked daggers at him….I’m sure you would not have employed me if you were not convinced that I could do the job…and I’m sure you know that I’m very good at what I do….her voice shook with anger…so if its ok with you I’ll just get on with it

She turned on her heels and walked towards the door….James watched her bottom with appreciation and as she reached the door he said ….Karen …….she turned her head…..I look forward to our next meeting…..he smiled…

After Karen left James reached into a desk draw and pulled out a file titled Karen Fielding..Private.

He opened it and looked at the photos inside…his private detective had done a good job…his eyes came to rest on a picture of Karen in her apartment she was dressed only in a pair of pink panties ……he reached into his pants and stroked his hard cock…..

James smiled to himself. She was very sharp, and beautiful, and she stood up to him. She was everything he had been told and more. Her green eyes had sparked something in him, and she certainly couldn’t hide that body behind a business suit. He was sorry that he had been rude but he wanted to see what she was made of. And now that he had seen her he wanted more. He sent a message to her office to attend a dinner meeting almanbahis at her hotel that evening.

Karen felt attracted to him. Normally she was a romantic type that liked a man to send roses and buy her dinner and treat her like a lady all the time. That said all the people that she had been out with who treated her like that never really excited her in bed. They would get her in bed and screw her and come without her ever nearing anything resembling an orgasm. The only time she enjoyed such an experience was playing with herself or by using her discrete vibrator, which she carried in her handbag, it looked like a lipstick at first glance.

Karen decided to make full use of the hotel beauty salon to pamper herself and to try and relax and wind down. She was lucky, as the beauty therapist Adele had got a cancelled appointment spare. So Karen took it. She undressed and showered and then put on a towelling gown before being greeted by Adele. She was a very friendly girl slightly younger than she was, and she felt very comfortable being her client that afternoon. Adele started on her nails, they chatted as she polished them and then painted them. Karen chose red, rather than her normal natural pink, she was feeling daring today.

Adele recommended that she wax her legs and she prepared the hot wax. It hurt a little but the results were worth it. Adele asked if Karen would like her bikini line trimmed. ‘Hmm I think I would like you to shave me please’ Adele simply said fine and asked Karen to remove her panties. She slipped them off and Adele used some foam on her pussy hair. Her soft touch was arousing Karen, who opened her legs wider hoping Adele would let her fingers brush her clitoris.

Adele was very professional and went about shaving and chatted away to Karen, who was becoming aroused and she could feel her pussy becoming moist She closed her eyes and gripped the arms of the chair as Adele finished off her pussy. Adele could see how aroused she was and whispered in Karen’s ear ‘Is there any else you would like me to do’

Karen didn’t say anything, she just took Adele’s hand and moved it so that her fingers were stroking her pussy Adele didn’t need telling she knew what Karen wanted and started to play with her clitoris. Karen was so aroused she came to a shuddering climax. Her head rolling from side to side. Adele cleaned her up and gave her a hug and a kiss. ‘I think you needed that badly, didn’t you?’ “Yes you can say that again, oh you are so kind”

Adele did Karen’s make up and hair and she left feeling like a new woman, she gave Adele quite a large tip for her ‘services’

When Karen got back to her room she had a message waiting for her to meet with James for dinner. She was to meet him in the entrance lobby at 9pm that evening. He wanted to discuss her ideas over dinner. She is a little nervous and still annoyed at his arrogant attitude. However, she was angry with herself because she found that she was attracted to him despite herself and she found herself thinking about his dark good looks and flashing eyes.

At 9pm James walked into the hotel almanbahis yeni giriş lobby, he looked a million dollars, dressed in a smart business suit and in his pocket a surprise for her.

Karen had pulled out all the stops, she would show him. She wore her red dress, the killer one that she had to squeeze into and it made her breasts look fantastic. She was ready for battle.

They sat and enjoyed dinner together, she flirted with him and laughed at his jokes. They discussed their project, but on more friendly terms. He noticed that she touched his fore arm a lot during their conversations. He knew she was attracted to him. He slid his hand under the table and gently ran it up the inside of her leg, feeling the soft silk of her stockings. Her hand griped his other arm as he found the soft bare skin of her inner thighs.

‘Shall we have champagne in my suite Karen? I can show you the views across the city as well’

He put his arms around her waist and they walked towards the private lift. Swiping his security card gained him access to the lift and took them to the top floor. They kissed lightly in the lift. He knew her barriers were beginning to come down.

James owned the penthouse suite at the hotel, it boasted splendid night time views. He stood behind Karen with his arms around her body. She was relaxed and glowing, no doubt due to the activity that afternoon with Adele, but also the ample amount of wine she had drunk. James opened the bottle of champagne and after they had drunk some of it he took her glass off her.

James kissed Karen quite roughly and then took out the blindfold and put it over her eyes, at first she just giggled then she went quiet. He told her that he expected her to do anything that he told her to do, she just nodded, she was becoming frightened

He kissed her again and slowly unzipped the red dress, which fell to the floor he stood behind her admiring her body. He noticed how damp the crotch of her thongs were. He took out a pocket knife and in one swift movement cut the thin strings at the back of her thongs and pulled her knickers off. He smelt her juices, delicious, he put them in his pocket and then got out his other surprise.

‘Give me your hands Karen’ She obeyed him and he handcuffed her! She stood there shaking, while he licked and kissed her large breasts, then he moved down to her stomach and pussy. His hands were rough and he pushed her legs apart as his tongue pressed on her clitoris and he squeezed her bottom as he ate her cunt. He loved the taste of her juices

He then told her to kneel in front of him and she felt his hard cock pressing against her lips……

James brushed his sticky cock head across Karen’s lips, he watched as she stuck out her tongue licking his juices off her lips and face. James thought ‘this woman is so hot and dirty’

She opened her mouth wide to take him fully in. He grabbed her hair in his clenched fist and pulled her head down the length of his cock. She expelled the air from her lungs via her nostrils and moaned as the head of his cock found it’s way down almanbahis giriş her slippery throat.

He started to fuck her face, he noticed her juices trickling down her thighs. Her moans turned to muffled screams as he speeded up. He could feel his climax building, his balls started to tighten, He grasped his cock and pulled it out of her mouth and spurted his creamy spunk across her face and chest. He continued to pump his cock as spurt after spurt of spunk shot out of the eye of his cock.

He watched as Karen opened her mouth seeking his spunk with her tongue. He directed his cock at her open mouth “Take that you dirty slut” he said with a snigger

She shivered at the use of the words but she carried on searching out his spunk, enjoying the experience even more. James took off the handcuffs and ordered her on to her hands and knees, she obliged without any complaint. He pulled her arse cheeks apart and using his sticky cock wiped the end around her puckered arse. He used his middle finger to probe her arse.

Karen gasped and cried out as he forced his finger inside her arse, she reached back and played with her clitoris, she panted as he pumped his finger in and out and then forced a second finger inside her, opening her up preparing her for the invasion of his cock.

Karen went strangely silent as he eased the engorged head of his cock into her tightest of her holes. James held her hips and pulled her back on to his cock. She cried out ‘No’ a word James would ignore. He was now deep in her tight arse and he loved the tight feeling around the base of his cock. He started to build up his pace faster and faster harder and harder. He slapped her cheeks as powered in to her, her screams grew in volume, her cheeks were red where he had slapped it.

I one final thrust he cried out and erupted deep inside her, his hot spunk shot inside her filling what small amount of space there was and coating his cock letting it slide in and out even easier. He wasn’t finished just yet.

His fingers found Karen’s clitoris, he started to tease it using some of her juices and his spunk for lubrication. She cried out ‘Yes, yes more more’ He started to pump his cock deep in and out of her arse whilst he played with her clitoris. This was too much for Karen, she came in an enormous orgasm, James continued his torture until she passed out flopping forward on to the bed.

He eased out of her and revived her with some iced water. When she came around she was lying on the bed surrounded by lit aromatic candles. James was rubbing some ice on her nipples, making them extremely erect, he warmed them up in his mouth, taking them between his teeth. Her pussy felt very full, James had inserted a large vibrator inside her and it was humming inside her. Her juices were running out of her pussy, soaking the bed underneath her…

Karen flopped back on the pillows, wondering how much more she could take, but she was loving every bit of it. James had uncovered a darkside of her sexual desire to be dominated that she didn’t realise existed until tonight… He passed her a glass of champagne that she drank in one continuous glup…. it went straight to her head.. he topped up her glass and looked forward to some more fun and an interesting future working relationship…

With thanks to Mike for contributing to this story..

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