A Fresh Start Chapter 1A Fresh Start Chapter 1


The whole plane trip to Idaho was uncomfortably silent. Michael nor his mother said one word to each other the whole way. To Michael, everything had just fallen apart. Having just turned eighteen and finished his sophomore year at high school, Michael had felt like the future was totally open for him. Then his father and mother had a nasty and bitter divorce that resulted in both he and his mother being forcefully ejected from their home. Michael figured that divorcing a lawyer was a bad move on his mother’s part. He couldn’t help but feel cold, bitter, resentment for both of his parents. They had both acted selfishly, more so his father than his mother. His father didn’t want to have anything to do with Michael. Now, here he was, on a one way trip to Idaho to go live with his aunt and cousin on their farm. His mother’s sister had provided them a safe haven from the fallout of the divorce until he and his mother got things in order. That still didn’t help the fact that Michael’s life as he knew it was over. All of his friends, the football team and the school band, would go on with their lives as he toiled away the weeks in some godforsaken farm. A part of him wished the plane would crash and end his misery. However, the plane safely touched down at the small airport just outside of Boise, Idaho and Michael and his mother quickly found his Aunt waiting for them. His Aunt Nancy was a short lady in her mid forties. Her hair was a light brown with strands of gray here and there. The farm life seemed to treat her well because she was a healthy looking woman despite her age. Aunt Nancy smiled and hugged her sister followed by Michael. “How are you two doing?” Nancy asked them as she hugged them. “Did you have a nice flight?” “It was okay,” Michael’s mother answered. Michael said nothing as he quickly shifted into brooding teenager mode and pulled his hood over his head. “How have you been?” “It’s been a stressful week since you called about the divorce, everyone’s been worried about you two.” Nancy told them as they made their way to the baggage claim area. There were a handful of people from their flight waiting to get their luggage the same as them. As they waited, Nancy and Michael’s mother discussed current events while Michael retreated into the darkest corner of his head and tuned everything out. However, the buzzer signaling the arrival of everyone’s luggage snapped him out of his trance and he quickly grabbed their luggage while Nancy and his mother continued to talk. The drive to the farm seemed to take forever. Nancy drove a large pickup truck, which was surprisingly spacious and comfortable. Michael sat quietly in the back while his aunt and mother continued chatting. However, he heard his name and looked away from the window as he stared out at the fields that rushed by. “I’m sorry?” he said, having not picked up what his aunt had told him. “I said you look pretty gloomy,” his aunt told him. This irritated him slightly, “Shouldn’t I be?” Nancy shrugged, “Fiona has been ecstatic about the prospect of seeing you again. You two haven’t seen each other since you two were little.” Nancy was şişli escort bayan talking about Michael’s cousin, Fiona. She lived with Nancy while she was starting college. It was true that the last time they had seen each other they had been no older than six. “So?” Michael said in a typical teenage tone. “So, you and she can hang out. I know living on the farm can be a bit of a pain for Fi, hardly any of her friends can drive up to visit because it’s so out of the way. She’s glad to finally have someone her own age to talk to.” Michael didn’t think so. Fiona was a year older than he was, and was starting college next year. That and the fact that they hadn’t seen each other in years only made him think that there would be no way to really make nice with his cousin. Michael humored her and nodded, “I’m glad to hear that.” Nancy smiled and pulled off the main road and onto a dirt path that made its way up and over a small hill. They drove down this road for a ways before they saw the farm off in the distance. Nancy’s home seemed rather nice, the house was a modest two story home colored a lovely shade of blue. There was no stereotypical red barn, however the nearby animal pens, composed of a few metal sheds and a fence, had a handful of animals ranging from sheep to a couple of horses. A few yards away from the house was a large canal that wound its way through the property. An old wooden bridge could be seen that allowed access to the nearby forest that had a small creek running through it. Even Michael had to admit, the place was beautiful. Even if it did have an old, rusted, semi trailer parked just a few feet from the canal and an aged mobile home parked next to the house. There was a charm to it all that Michael liked. It was simple, and inviting. As they neared the house Nancy pointed to the mobile home, “We renovated the trailer so you two could have a place of your own to stay in. It’s got power and running water, plus some old furniture we put in there for storage reasons. It’s not the Taj Mahal, but you two should feel right at home.” “You don’t know how much we appreciate this, Nancy, thank you guys so much.” Michael’s mother told her. “I always like looking out for my little sister and nephew,” Nancy smiled, “Besides, it’ll be nice to have some company. After Richard died it’s just been me and Fi on the farm.” When Nancy parked the truck they all got out and started to unload their luggage. As they did this, a young woman with long brown hair the same color as Nancy’s stepped out of the house and smiled as she approached them. Michael knew instantly that this was Fiona. She was a gorgeous young woman. She was wearing a tight fitting blue t-shirt that had her school’s soccer team name printed on it and a pair of denim shorts. She had tan skin and the coolest blue eyes. Michael was surprised that this was the little girl he used to play with. She had grown a lot since then. When she smiled and hugged Michael he almost fainted. She pressed her pert breasts onto his chest and squeezed him hard. “It’s great to see you two!” Fiona exclaimed as she continued to hug mecidiyeköy escort bayan Michael. “How was the flight?” “Uneventful,” Michael’s mother told her, “How have you been, Fiona?” She finally released Michael and kindly took the suitcase from his sweaty hands. “I’ve been great. I’ve just finished applying to the local community college and am getting the loan stuff squared away.” “That’s great,” Michael’s mom smiled as she followed Fiona into the trailer and set her bags on the floor. Nancy looked to Fiona, “Fi? How about you show Michael where his room is?” Fiona nodded and urged Michael to follow her down the hall to one of the bedrooms. As he followed her he couldn’t help but stare at her tight ass as she walked. However, the sudden realization that this was his cousin managed to snap him out of his daze. The bedroom she had led him to already had a bed and a small dresser. There was also a small desk in one corner of the room. “This is your room,” Fiona told him, “I took the liberty of hauling my old dresser in here for you to use. Plus I put together that desk for you for when school starts and you want a place to do homework.” She smiled at him warmly. “What do you think?” Michael plopped his bags on the bed. “It’s nice.” He wasn’t lying, it was actually rather cozy. “So, Michael,” Fiona started, her tone changing to one of genuine concern, “How are you doing? This whole situation must be hard for you.” Michael sighed, “You have no idea.” Fiona looked sympathetic, “I know it’s hard to leave everything behind. Your friends, girlfriend, everything.” Michael shrugged, “Didn’t have a girlfriend, but it’s still pretty rough.” Fiona smiled, “Hey, cheer up. This place isn’t so bad once you get used to it. Think of this as a fresh start for you and your mom. Plus, you already have me, and you can trust me to help you get situated.” “I appreciate that, Fiona.” She smiled, “You can call me Fi. My friends call me Fi.” “Alright, Fi,” Michael nodded. “Do you prefer, Michael or Mike?” she asked. “Michael’s fine,” he told her. She smiled again, “Okay, Michael.” She started for the door. “Lunch will be ready soon. Do you like shrimp scampi?” Michael nodded, “I do.” “Good to hear that! It’s my favorite!” She giggled. “Well, I’ll leave you alone to get everything unpacked. When you’re ready, just come on over to the house.” “I’ll do that,” he nodded. “See you then!” She left him alone as he began to unpack his things. He started by unpacking his clothes and putting them in the dresser drawers. When he pulled open the bottom drawer he was surprised to find a black thong nestled in the back corner of the drawer. Puzzled, he fished them out and stared at them for a moment. Then he recalled Fiona saying the dresser had previously belonged to her and he realized that these must be hers. He knew he shouldn’t have been as aroused as he currently was. Already he imagined her wearing these, with the g-string riding up the crack of her tight little ass. The sway of her hips as she walked… “Getting settled?” the sound of his mother’s voice made him jump as he quickly stuffed the escort şişli thong into his pocket. He hoped she hadn’t seen it. “Yeah,” he turned and nodded. His mother sighed, “You were quiet the whole plane ride over. Are you doing okay?” Michael nodded, “I’m feeling better, now that my feet are back on solid ground.” “I mean are you doing okay with this situation? I know all of this was so sudden.” Michael shrugged, “Surprisingly, I’m doing better than I thought I would. I think it’s this place. It feels so… inviting.” “Nancy and Fiona really made this place feel like home,” she agreed. “It’s not just that,” Michael sat down on the bed. “It’s the landscape. It’s so empty, but I feel really relaxed by it. I feel like this could be a fresh start for us.” She smiled, “I like the sound of that. Come on, Nancy and Fiona made lunch.” “I know, shrimp scampi,” Michael told her. She smiled, “Your favorite.” “It’s Fi’s favorite too.” “Sounds like you two have a lot in common already. That’s good,” she smiled as she started to walk out of the bedroom. Michael followed her out of the trailer and into the house. As Nancy and Michael’s mother ate their food in the dining room Michael and Fiona sat in the living room and watched tv while they ate. “So do you play any sports?” Fiona asked Michael. “I was on my school’s football team,” Michael told her. “I played soccer. Which in Spanish is called futbol.” “You don’t say?” Michael said sarcastically. Fiona chuckled, “I know that was a terrible joke.” Michael laughed, “So you played futbol?” She nodded, “Yep, though I haven’t played for a long time.” “You play any other sports?” “I used to play softball in elementary school,” she shrugged and gave him a sheepish grin. Michael smiled, “So did I.” “Small world,” she giggled as she sipped her soda, “So what do you like to do besides playing football?” “I like to read,” he told her. “Really? What kind of books do you read?” Michael shrugged, “Anything that catches my interest. I like Stephen King novels, but I’m actually really fond of science fiction.” “So there’s a nerd underneath that jock exterior?” she crinkled her nose. “So what?” Michael frowned. Fiona laughed, “I’m just messing with you, Michael. Chill out. I’m actually big fan of Frank Herbert’s Dune novels myself.” “I love those books!” Michael perked up. Fiona smiled, “So you are a nerd!” “Then you are too,” Michael snapped. Fiona shrugged, “I guess you got me there.” After finishing lunch Fiona showed Michael around the farm. They crossed the canal bridge and entered the small forest near the farm. Fiona stopped at a large tree that had large branches that reached across the creek. She looked over to him and smiled at him warmly. “This is where I like to go when I need to think,” she told him, “I like to just sit on that branch over the creek there and just listen to the water.” Michael closed his eyes and listened to the creek, “It is relaxing.” She smiled, “You know, sometimes I camp out here just so I can listen to the creek until I fall asleep.” “Sounds nice,” Michael stared at the creek. Fiona smiled, “Come on, I’ll show you the old stables that I swear is haunted!” “Haunted you say?” Later that night, after spending the evening with Fiona and the rest of the family. Michael felt tired and decided to head back to the trailer to get some sleep. However, when he entered his bedroom he found Fiona rummaging through the dresser.

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