A Foursome with a Difference Ch. 02A Foursome with a Difference Ch. 02


Jim had started the day in his office by making an erotic phone call to Janie, a lady with whom he had enjoyed a short but erotic interlude on the previous weekend. As a result he was in a state of high arousal when his secretary Gladys showed up for work. Gladys proved to be a willing answer for his condition and he had broken his unspoken rule about messing with his employees. Gladys had taken the rest of the day off following an hour or so of very pleasant sex with her boss.

After she left, Jim had refocused his body and mind for an important business appointment with some out of town clients. Following the meeting he had begged off taking them to lunch with the excuse that he had a critical medical appointment that afternoon.

The appointment however was with Janie, the lady of the phone call. They had agreed to meet for lunch at a boutique hotel during the call. Jim had checked into the suite and was now ready to call Janie to advise her on how to discreetly join him.

Jim dialled the number, expecting to receive an immediate response. The phone rang several times and a disappointed Jim was about to disconnect when Janie answered with a very faint “Hello”.

Jim thought, ‘oh, oh, something is not right, she can’t make it, Mark must have returned’.

And then Janie said, “Jim, I’m terribly sorry but I don’t think that I can join you for lunch.” She was in obvious distress.

“What happened Janie? Did Mark come back? Are you okay?” Jim said gently.

A pause before Janie responded, obviously trying to find the words, “Oh no, I’m fine and Mark is long gone.”

“What’s the problem Janie?” said Jim, “I thought that you were as anxious as I to meet this afternoon.”

“I know, I know,” Janie said, “but I have been having second thoughts about it all.”

“Second thoughts!” Jim said sharply, “Babe, it was you that wanted me to call you this morning.” And then in a milder tone, “Not to worry Janie, this would only work if we both really wanted it.”

Janie said, “And I want it Jim, I’ve thought of little else since the party. But then, after this morning’s chat, I started wondering how I had got to the point of meeting another woman’s husband for sex. A year ago the thought would never have entered my mind. And now I let men touch me anywhere they want, I rub against them on dance floors, do my best to seduce them and get all hot when my husband describes how he screwed another woman. It just seems to have piled up on me. I hope that you understand.”

Jim replied, “I guess so baby, I admit to having had some of those same thoughts, although after this morning my only thoughts were of being in bed with you.”

There was a minutes silence and then Jim said, “Look Janie, join me for lunch, it’s all ordered, the suite is beautiful and I promise to respect your wishes about physical contact.”

Janie paused as she considered his request; perfectly aware that if she joined him that it was very likely they would end up in the sack. The erotic part of her mind slowly took over and she finally said, “Okay then, I’ll come, but please don’t expect too much from me.”

Jim exhaled silently; she was still in play. He gave her the elevator code and suite number. He continued, “It’s the penthouse suite and nobody will see you. It’s safe babe. Please come.”

Janie sounded relieved as she said, “Okay, lunch but that’s it. You promise?”

Jim laughed, “Nothing happens that you don’t want to happen. Is that good enough?”

Janie said, “Good enough, I’ll be there in 30 minutes.”

They both knew that they were going to get laid that afternoon.

A little later Jim was watching as Janie arrived and parked. It was a warm day and Jim wondered why she was wearing a topcoat. And then as she strode across the parking lot he noted a flash of green under the coat. ‘Hallelujah’ he thought. She was wearing the dress that started it all. He had commented jokingly at the time that he was amazed that her husband had let her out in public dressed like that.

He greeted her at the door with just a cheek brush of a kiss. He helped her remove the coat and had to mentally keep his hands under control. The dress was form fitting, off the shoulder and hemmed about 6 inches above her knees. Her boobs were threatening to burst out of the low cut neckline. What was she thinking? It had to be a positive sign.

Jim poured champagne as Janie walked over to peer out the glass doors that lead to an open deck. They had not spoken a word; the only sound was the clinking of glass, Jim’s hands shaking as he struggled to control the desire he was feeling toward this beautiful woman alone with him in a hotel.

“I’m glad that you came Janie. You’re more beautiful in the daylight than you were in the dark, and you know the affect that had on me.”

Janie smiled, “Thank you, I just had to wear this dress when I recalled how you reacted the first time we danced. I guess it seems provocative of me, but it seemed to be the right thing for the mood and in memory of that isveçbahis night.”

They toasted each other before Jim said, “We have ten minutes before the food arrives. If you prefer you can wait in the bedroom when it comes.”

“Oh no, I’m comfortable, I seldom come downtown and never to this hotel. I’m not worried about being noticed.”

“Good, there is no need to worry anyway, the staff here are very discreet,” Jim said, “It’s their business to be that way. Would you like to enjoy the view from the deck? It is quite lovely.”

Jim opened the glass door and guided her out to the deck, his hand just barely touching her back. His fingers burned in anticipation.

Janie smiled, “So, do you come here often for meetings like this? Am I here with a professional Lothario? Not that that sounds all that bad.”

Jim laughed, “Oh no, not to worry. I have booked here several times but only for business, strictly business. But I enjoy this suite, seems remote from the rest of my world, as if I was in a parallel life I guess.”

They stood at the edge of the deck but were not looking at the scenery. Jim said, “Your eyes are green, I never noticed that before. They are a perfect match for your red hair and green dress.”

Janie laughed softly, “I guess we’ve only been close to each other in the dark. And your eyes are steel blue, I’m afraid that you could hypnotize me if you wished.”

They stood transfixed reading each other’s eyes and very much enjoying the story they told. Janie moved a step closer, her lips moist and obviously ready to engage.

They pulled back at the sound of a knock on the suite door. The food was here. Janie remained out on the deck as the waiters set up the table inside the suite. When they left, Jim came to the sliding doors and put out his hand in invitation. Their fingers interlocked and she paused in front of him in the doorway. “Oh Jim, what will we do?”

They kissed softly and he said, “First we’ll eat this damn lunch. We can figure the rest out after. We have the time and whatever we do I’m sure that we will enjoy,” a pause and then finished with, “doing.” He was glad for the delay, as he suspected that he was not totally recovered from Gladys and her demands for a second round of sex.

Janie laughed and said, “Good, we can consider options while we eat.” Her concerns about infidelity had evaporated and while she wouldn’t be aggressive she was ready and expecting to be seduced.

The table was arranged for the two of them to sit side by side on a love seat that would pretty well guarantee a short lunch.

Jim said, “I’ll keep my promise and not make any physical moves on you, difficult as it will be looking at you in that damn dress.”

Janie giggled, “How noble of you, but what if I want something to happen?

Jim refilled her champagne glass and said, “This might help you decide.”

They made feeble attempts to restrain from touching. But there were powerful magnets at work; Janie’s heaving breasts, her legs bare and exposed above her knees, her scent, the sound of her gentle breathing and most of all the inevitable touches of hips and knees and breasts on biceps.

Jim’s worry about gaining an erection was no longer a concern. Dinner slowed down as they toasted each other with champagne and locked eyes for minutes at a time. Finally Janie leaned into him, her lips seeking his, her breast squashing against his arm and their thighs and hips melding as one.

He slipped one hand between her knees as their kiss blossomed into a tongue twisting frenzy. Janie rubbed his stiff cock through his pants, attempting to encircle it with her hot fingers. She broke free of him, sitting back a little and said, “I want you now, but let me live out my fantasy, let me be the guide.”

Jim gasped out, his hand now part way up under her dress and heading for her pussy, “Baby, anything you want you got, but hurry please.” He had no concerns about his ability to carry out his duties; all thoughts of Gladys and for that matter his wife Linda, were erased from his mind.

Janie slid out of the love seat and pulled Jim to his feet. She kissed him as they fumbled toward the bedroom. She shook her head as his hands went for the zipper on the back of the dress and instead began to undress him.

She knelt down to pull his shoes and socks off before straightening up again. She removed his sports jacket and tie, slowly unbuttoned his shirt to expose his powerful upper body, muscled shoulders and thick arms. She came closer to him as she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly while kissing and nipping his neck, shoulders, nipples and his six-pack abdomen.

She kissed him again as she slipped her hand under the waistband of his shorts to grasp his bare cock and then eased her hand down its full length. She used her other hand to force his shorts down his legs, then kneeled to pull them off. Still holding his cock she slowly straightened kissing her way up his legs, knees and inner thigh. She rubbed her face and hair against his cock isveçbahis giriş before sucking his knob into her mouth.

Jim could barely stand on his weakened knees; his heart pumping wildly as she slowly deep throated his cock. He was close to getting off when she straightened again and whispered, “Get in bed baby. You see what I have been going through? Telling myself that I am a slut for wanting you at the same time I am imagining doing this. Lie down babe, I’m going to strip for you.” She had stripped professionally one year in college and loved exciting men.

Jim wordlessly scrambled to the bed, lying on his back and staring at her with wild expectant eyes.

Janie stood beside the bed, legs spread while her hips and upper body swayed to some silent music. She reached behind her to unzip the back of her dress, using one hand to hold the front of her dress over her breasts. She turned to show him her back bared to the crease in her butt, smiling over her shoulder as his eyes drank in the erotic view. There were no signs of panties or for that matter straps for a bra.

Turning around again, she dropped the front of her dress to expose bare tits. His eyes followed two long pink nipples as her tits slumped down released from the built in support of the dress. Mystery solved; there was no bra. “Like them baby?” Janie whispered, “you barely paid attention to them at the party, you were only thinking about fucking my pussy. Today they need some attention.”

She dropped the rest of the dress down to expose a body made for lovemaking. Soft white belly, wide hips and round ass cheeks, great legs parted enough to expose her swollen pussy lips and her reddish blonde bush trimmed to a sharp V.

Jim stroked his cock as Janie swayed closer to him before climbing on the bed to straddle him with her knees each side of his torso. She bent over to dangle her tits before his eyes and mouth. She moved her hips to allow his knob to rub between her legs and closed her eyes as he sucked on a nipple. She lowered a bit as he, clasping his cock, rubbed the knob on her slit. He arched upwards desperately wanting to enter her, but she moved away whispering, “Not yet.”

She moved her breasts around his face, shivering at the touch of his hot wet tongue and lips, licking, sucking and swallowing each nipple in turn. He began to lick vertically up and down between her tits, sending her a sign about what he wanted next. She responded by lifting up and moving her knees upward along his body. He slid both hands between her legs, clasped her ass cheeks and pulled her pussy up over his face.

“Oh Jim, oh baby, just a little now, I don’t want to come yet.” She lowered down to touch his extended tongue with her pussy. She swayed back and forth on it and lowered herself more, responding to his pressure to engage. Her body jerked involuntarily and he had to hold her in place as he licked the entire length of her slit.

She whimpered as he sucked each pussy lip into his mouth before flattening his tongue on her clit, rubbing back and forth until she cried out and lifted off of him. She moved her body back down his body and reaching behind grasped his stiff cock, holding it in place as her pussy lips found the knob and sucked it into her. She eased her body down until their pubic bones ground together.

They simultaneously emitted groans of delicious agony as they stayed locked in that position, frozen in time as if they never wanted this moment to end. But it had to end as their minds and bodies knew there were more moments just like it to follow. Janie remained sitting upright over Jim and began a slow grind, clutching her tits with eyes closed, rotating her hips, sliding back and forth as if shifting gears, trying to experience every feeling possible. Jim held her ass cheeks in his hands, fingers meeting at the crease, digging in, spreading them as he allowed her to take her pleasure.

She felt his urgency build and leaned ahead to brace her hands on his shoulders, lifting her butt up and down and providing him space to thrust up at her. They found a rhythm, she raising up, waiting for his upward thrust and then crashing down to completely swallow his cock. A grind of pure pleasure was followed by a repeat, with each event slightly faster than the previous.

Soon they were churning together ready to explode. Janie laid her upper body down to crush her tits on his massive chest, as they licked and kissed each other in wild abandon. She kept her butt high but the need to get off gripped the both of them. She flattened down on him, thrust her legs back between his, and using his power to hold firm, attacked him with ass cheeks clenched. A hot burst of his cum kicked her over the edge and her body stiffened, every muscle and sinew cramping in response.

Jim rolled her over to her back and settled in to a slow stroking. Janie relaxed, her entire body felt like jelly. He slowly raised and lowered his butt, her pussy still clutching and releasing to milk the last ounce of cum. To Jim, it felt as isveçbahis yeni giriş if her pussy was now full of little tongues licking his shaft as his knob parted them with each stroke.

He rolled off of her and they moved to their sides facing each other, their breaths washing over the others. They kissed softly in silent thanks to the other. Janie raised one leg over Jim’s hip, her hand caressing his neck and upper arm, his hand reaching behind her to stroke and gently squeeze her butt.

Janie smiled, “I’m so glad that I came over. It was all that I had dreamed of. I hope there is more to come.” She locked eyes with him as she traced his upper body with one finger.

Jim kissed her as he stroked her body from thigh to shoulder and said, “It was Linda that Mark boned wasn’t it?” He lifted a nipple up and sucked as he waited for the reply.

Janie considered her response for several seconds. Finally she said, “Yes it was, are you angry?”

“Oh no,” he said, “I guess disappointed that she did not tell me. Did Mark tell you who it was?”

Janie moved closer, pulling his head to her breasts and whispered in his ear, “No, not Mark, I didn’t ask him and he didn’t tell me.” When Jim did not respond she said, “Linda told me yesterday.”

It was bedtime later that evening. Jim and Linda had barely spoken although neither of them had exhibited anger or distress. As usual Linda had climbed the stairs to bed while Jim watched late night sports. He turned the TV off and sat for a few minute in silence. What the hell could he say? This was the woman that he wanted to grow old with; they were very well matched in virtually every way. He loved her.

He felt that she had stepped out of line, but on the other hand the ten-minute warning was the only thing that had stopped him from doing the same to Janie. But why had she told Janie and not him? And, since she had told Janie, had Janie reported to her about that afternoon in the hotel?

Only one thing to do now and that was to face up to it and not allow it to simmer for weeks or months. He entered their bedroom; Linda was propped up reading her E-book. She was gorgeous as always, her face soft and serene as she raised her eyes to meet his. He smiled at her and went into their bathroom to prepare for bed. He changed to his pyjamas; which was normally a signal that he would not be seeking sex. God, it had been weeks since he had worn them, he had been after her almost every night.

He settled in beside her and opened his E-book. She put her hand out to him and he grasped it, their eyes locking.

“I’m sorry baby,” she whispered, “it all just happened, I was all caught up with the excitement. It had been building for weeks.”

He leaned towards her and they kissed softly. God she was beautiful. “It’s okay sweet one, I was ready to do the same that night. We were playing with fire and something was bound to happen.” Damn, as usual she was braless under her lace-trimmed nighty. She always wore lace of some sort when she was looking for sex. She knew the impact it had on him. And she smelled so damn good. Their kiss lingered, their hands actively touching and caressing the others. They rolled towards each other as their passion mounted.

Jim felt her breast through the nightie, seeking and finding the nipple to squeeze. This was always a good first move with his wife. She moaned softly and slipped her hand beneath the waistband of his pyjama bottoms. He was obviously not ready yet. She murmured, “I guess my work’s cut out for me babe.” He raised his butt and pushed his bottoms down, kicking them free under the blanket. She continued to play with it, fondling and teasing and clasping his balls softly.

They scrambled awkwardly to undress, tossing their garments to the floor before settling down, Linda’s tits swinging to and fro as they moved. They came together face to face, side by side and ground their bodies together, legs intertwined and hands roaming.

Linda moved on top of him, kissing and licking and sucking his tongue. She was in a high state of arousal but Jim was still only semi-erect. “More work needed,” she mumbled as she moved down his body and settled on her knees placed between his legs and bent to suck the hardening cock into her mouth, holding his balls in one hand as she did so. The results were immediate. She looked up at him with his cock still in her mouth. Her eyes smiled as she bobbed slowly up and down the shaft. He had married an expert in oral sex.

He reached down and pulled her off of it and rolled her to her back. They loved the missionary position, and while they had experimented with other positions, they returned to this one when their need was at its highest level. Jim mounted her, she guiding his shaft between her legs with one hand, moving her hips up and around, striving to achieve the perfect angle and position. Her pussy lips surrounded his knob while he, on extended arms, gazed down at her beautiful face and body until he sensed that she was ready.

He eased his shaft into her, paused as their pubic bones met, stirred it around like a spoon in a stew pot until they began their ballet. He lowered himself down as he did so, aching to feel her hot tits grind against his chest. They always talked sex in these early stages.

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