Jack Has A Secret.Jack Has A Secret.


“When is he due back?”“Who?”Audrey gave Jill a look. “Oh, you mean Jack? Not sure actually.”“I call that bullshit. You know exactly when he will be back.”Jill smiled dreamily . “Yeah, tomorrow at 8.15pm.”“And by 9.30pm you will have his cock deep inside you?”“Hopefully.”“How long has he been gone?”“Three months almost, hiking in South America with his other macho friends.”Audrey thought about her friend’s fuck buddy. Jack was such a man’s man. Tall, broad shoulders, square jaw and thick dark brown hair and piercing green eyes. He was a real catch in the looks department, but sadly his attitude towards women and relationships needed massive improvement. Jill was not in love with him, but they had a good sex relationship which meant they got together a few times a month. After, she would call her best friend Audrey and tell her all about it.What Jack didn’t know and would probably get an instant erection from, was that Jill and Audrey also were fuck buddies. At 25 and 27 they had both realized that they were curious about bisexuality and one evening after a few bottles of wine, Audrey who was the older had simply kissed Jill. It ended in a long night of wild sex and the next morning they both woke up with hangovers, but giggling happily from having taken the leap and tried it out. Since then they met up whenever they could and spent time together in bed.Jill leaned in and sucked on Audrey’s erect nipple for a bit and then said, “I hope you aren’t jealous?”“Not at all, what we have is different from what you have with Jack, and I’m fine with it.”“Thanks.”Audrey gently pushed Jill’s head downwards until her lips touched her shaved pussy. Even though she had come twice already Audrey could never get enough. Her curvy 5.7 body ached for sex whenever she could and her slightly taller friend was happy to help. She watched Jill gently nibbled on her swollen lips and then began to suck and lick her clit. Audrey lay back and let the orgasm wash over her and when she relaxed, Jill straddled her, so her pussy was just above Audrey’s face. Looking down, she said, “You know what to do.”And Audrey did and loved every moment of it. Especially when Jill came in a squirting orgasm, which only happened when she was really horny, like now.oOoJill hardly recognized Jack when he walked into the arrival hall at the airport. He said a quick goodbye to his friends and then he saw her. He had left clean shaven, and not a body hair on him. Even though he was an alpha male he loved to be shaved all over. The man that walked towards her with a grin on his face had a thick beard, his hair was in a pony tail and Jill suspected he had a wild afro between his legs.“Baby, you look so hot!” he said and slapped her bum. Typical, she thought.She wore a short dress that showed off her long legs and gave her boobs some extra cleavage. He walked ahead and she followed.When they reach the car and sat down, he slid a hand onto her thigh and then down to her pussy.“Yes! No panties, I love it.”It was a isvecbahis short but difficult drive back to Jack’s place because he kept on finger fucking her all the way. When she got out there was a wet spot on the seat.Inside he tore off her dress and then bent her over the sofa armrest. His cock impaled her and then he fucked her hard and shot his load over her lower back. That was Jack’s way of fucking. Not that she she did not enjoy it, but she wanted more foreplay more of a warming up.She knelt before him and then sucked the last drops of cum out of his still hard dick. To her surprise he came again, and as always she swallowed like a good girl.“Fuck, that was good. Listen, I gonna take a quick shower and the head out with the guys. I’ll call you later in the week.”Jill was left alone in the living room, cum on her back and on her chin. Asshole, she thought, but at the same time she was so glad he was alright and back home again.oOoA couple of days late, Jill and Audrey met up for dinner. They had chosen a family owned bistro that was between where they lived. Close enough to walk to so they could have some wine with their dinner. It was a warm evening and as Jill walked along the sidewalk she thought she saw Jack come down the other side of the street. She was about to call out to him when he stopped at a shop window. She knew it, it was a shop that sold sexy and very expensive lingerie. She smiled to herself, what a thoughtful guy. Jack went inside and after a few minutes came back out with a bag in his hand. Jill continued to the restaurant, sure that Jack would surprise her next time they met which was the following weekend. Only three days away, but to Jill it felt like a month.“Hi, what took you so long?” Audrey said.“I saw Jack, he was buying me some sexy underwear.”Audrey tilted her head. “Has he done that before?”“No, that’s why I’m so excited.”“Hm, I don’t want to be an asshole, but what if it’s for another woman?”Jill indicated with her hand to the waiter that she wanted the same drink as Jill. “Doubt it, you know how he is.”“Still, he could charm some innocent teen girl.”“True, but he likes his women in their twenties. He told me that once.”Her drink arrived and Jill tasted the Gin and Tonic before continuing. “Anyway, we will see each other this weekend and then I will find out if he bought it for me.”Audrey sighed. “I hope you don’t get hurt.”Over dinner they talked about their jobs, shitty co-workers and bosses. When their coffees had arrived Audrey leaned in over the table and said in a quiet voice, “Do you know what a Sissygasm is?”“No, and why are you whispering?”“Because it’s when a dude shoots his load without using his hands or anyone else’s.”“How does that work, and why are we even talking about that subject, eww?”“I read it on this sexual forum I follow. I had no clue such a thing was even possible.”“Well, think about the gay and bisexual guys, they must get off doing it in their asses.”Audrey sat back and drank from her cup, always isveçbahis giriş using two hands. “Maybe you are right.”“I like using my hands and mouth.”“Sure, but think about it, what a power trip it would be to be able to make a guy come without using them.”They agreed it would and that it would be a fun thing to try some time. They both enjoyed anal sex whenever it was done right, so the idea of giving it to a man wasn’t far-fetched.oOoJill almost giggled when she knocked on Jack’s door. It was Saturday afternoon and the sun was hot on her bare back. She wore a white armless summer dress, heels and as usual no underwear. Jack opened the door and let her in. This time he didn’t fuck her right away. Instead, he offered her a glass of wine and then they sat on the sofa watching the photos he had taken on his trip on his large LED screen.“So, did you fuck any hot latina women on your trip?” she asked when the show was over.“Honestly, no. We spent so much time in the jungles and there the local chicks aren’t exactly my type. Even though some are topless they are short and squat with saggy tits.” He put an arm around her shoulder and gently squeezed her right boob. “Not firm like yours, honey.”They kissed deeply and while they did Jill wondered when he would give her the gift. Maybe after they had had sex? The thought vanished as Jack slid down on the floor and then began to lick her newly shaved pussy. When she came, she grabbed the armrest so hard her knuckles turned white.Standing up Jack opened his pants and let them fall to the floor. He had no underwear on and his shaved cock stood straight up. He had quite a large cockhead and Jill loved to suck on it which she did, tasting the pre-cum that soon began to ooze out. She cupped his balls and teased them with her nails until Jack moaned loudly.He lifted her up and lay her down on the coffee table with her legs over his shoulders. He entered her fast and hard which made her yelp but after that it was glorious orgasm after orgasm until she lay like a wet rag on the table. Jack looked down at her.“You got to have the best pussy in town, Jill. I need to go to the store, but you are welcome to take a shower before you go.”Jill heard the front door close and he was gone. She slowly got up. Jack was funny in the sense he never fucked on his bed, only around the house. When they did it at her place, they used her bed. When she walked to the bathroom, she noticed the door to his bed room was slightly open and she couldn’t resist the curiosity. It was neat and smelled of incense. When did Jack become an incense guy, she wondered? The bed was made and there was no clutter at all. A drawer was slightly ajar and when she peeked inside, she put her hand to her mouth in shock. It was filled with panties. Cotton, lace, leather, thongs, bikinis, briefs and strings. She opened it a bit more and behind the panties were garter belts and stockings. This was so weird, she thought. Were they trophies from previous women, maybe?”She isveçbahis yeni giriş went over to the large wardrobe and opened it. Jack liked clothes and spent a substantial amount each month. There were rows of suits, shirts, jeans, and sweaters. Below them rows of shoes. She took out a suit and smelled the collar. No fragrance of a woman. She tried a few more, but nothing. At the very end to the right was a black Armani suit. She checked that, but nothing. As she was about to put it back, she saw some colour behind it and pushed the other suits to the side.Another rod was behind the one with the suits, but this one had dresses on it. Long, short, and many colours. Also a few skirts, and blouses hung among them. Again, Jill smelled a few, but no female fragrance, not even a hint. She put everything back as it was and went to the bathroom. In the shower she tried to figure out what was going on but couldn’t.oOoA few days later, Jill and Audrey were lying in Audrey’s bed. A 24-inch double ended dong lay between them, still glittering from their pussy juices. Jill had bought it for her friend and they often used it. Mostly in a doggy position so their ass cheeks rubbed against each other as they fucked.“So, what are you going to do, confront him?” asked Audrey while caressing Jill’s left boob.“No, I’m going to see if he confesses to the other girls.” She grabbed her phone that was on the nightstand and sent Jack a text.A few minutes later he wrote back. Jill read it and got up.“What’s he saying?” Audrey said while stretching like a cat.“We are meeting for drinks in an hour. I just said I wanted to hang out.”“Cool, I hope it works out.”Jack was waiting for her when she walked into the bar. He kissed her cheek and ordered her a glass of wine.“What’s up babe?”She took a deep breath. “We have been fucking for over a year now and I think we can be honest with each other, right?”He nodded.“So, I have a confession to make, and I want you to tell me any secrets you have.”Jack leaned in; his eyes showed no emotions.“Okay, just so you know, Audrey and I are sleeping together.”He looked at her like he hadn’t quite understood the words and then burst into a laugh. “I knew it, that is so fucking cool. I’d love to join in.”“Maybe, I’ll talk to her about that. Anyway, do you have something you want to share?”Jack thought for a moment and then took a drink from his beer.“Nope, nothing. I’m an open book, no secrets at all.”Shit, thought Jill. It hadn’t worked. She couldn’t tell him what she had found since that meant she would confess to snooping around his place. Then she had an idea.“Look, the other day I saw you go into that lingerie shop on West 23 street.”Jack played it cool. “Yeah, I was there.”“Doing what?”“I bought a sexy panty.”“For who?”“You, it’s your birthday in two weeks. They had one on sale, so I bought it.”Jill felt so stupid. How could she ever had doubted him?“Sorry, Jack, that is so sweet of you.”“It’s okay, but you yourself spoiled the surprise.”Jill drank from her wine and ordered another. “Yes, I did.”“Now, tell me all about the hot stuff you and Audrey get up to.”oOo“Are you ready for this?” Asked Jill when she and Audrey walked up the stairs to Jack’s second floor apartment.

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