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“She’s gonna leave, Ricky,” I said, wrapping my arms around him.”No, she won’t, Kylie,” he replied, hugging me back. “She loves us, and she and our dad are just going through a rough patch now.”I scoffed. “A rough patch implied that things aren’t really that bad,” I told him, backing away.”This bullshit, give me a reason to stay!” we heard her yell.”That doesn’t sound like a rough patch, Ricky; Krissy has been screaming her ass off for weeks now. We’re here in our bedroom, and we can hear them like they’re right next to us. We’re only her nineteen-year-old step twins; what real reason does she have to stay? She’s gonna leave our dad and us. What other result do you think there could be?” I asked, crossing my arms.”I don’t know, sis, but we have to think positive. She’s only the woman dad has even gotten serious with since mom died over ten years ago. They married a year ago, and let’s face it; she’s been great to us. She loves us, and we love her.””Well, that doesn’t mean she won’t call it quits, though. She has to think of herself despite her loving us so much. If anything, her love for us has made her stay for a little while longer now. So, really, how can you tell me she’s gonna stick around?”He rubbed his face and couldn’t give me an answer. We both heard Krissy and our dad continue to fight, and it certainly did get a little out of hand. I couldn’t help but shed tears, and Ricky felt obligated to console me too by holding me.He brought me down to my bed, and we sat down on it without him letting go of me. We leaned on each other numerous times and helped each other through those difficult times. We both surely loved Krissy a whole lot, but it seemed like it wouldn’t be enough.Ricky held me tightly, and I even felt his heart beating like mad. So, I knew he was still more than worried, even though he was just putting a brave face on for me. They went on for another few minutes, but finally calmed down.Then he let go of me. “You see, they stopped yelling, sis.”I scoffed again. “Ricky, come on, it’s not like everything is fine now. They were yelling because of their problems, and they don’t just disappear because they both shut the fuck up.”He sighed. “Okay, I guess you’re right.””I’m sorry,” I apologized, hugging him again. “I didn’t mean to be a bitch.””It’s okay, sis,” he chuckled, before pecking my cheek. “I love you.””I love you too,” I added, feeling his leg. “I know we’ve used each other to make another feel better, but you’ve really been there for me. I know you’d like to get out there and date other ladies, but you’ve been practically dating me lately. We’ve even slept together, but with our clothes on, though.”Okay, that’s a funny way to put it. We just don’t have sex or kiss on the lips, so I guess you’re right other than that. We still eat together all the time and even go out, but you’re welcome,” he added, caressing my leg too.We bonded again as siblings as we still tried to keep calm. We both surely knew that the yelling could resume at any second, so we made the most of the silence by not speaking a word and letting our brother/sister love say everything.Judging by us both smiling, I was confident we made one another feel even better. I felt my heart rate go down considerably, and my lungs and heartfelt standard then. Evidently, he felt the same as he pecked my cheek and got up.I watched him go to his bed and sit down. ‘I think I felt him get turned on being so close to me. What was that about, Ricky? We’ve been twins for nearly twenty years, and you’ve never given me any kind of sign that you might be interested in me. I know you’ve been consoling me, but have you had an ulterior motive to get really close to me so you could tell me you wanted to have sex with me?’ I thought, before a gap. ‘You’re not saying a word now and barely even looking at me.'”So, are you ever gonna find someone for me to meet at least?””I have bahis şirketleri no idea, sis,” he replied, pulling the blanket over himself.”Okay, but will you promise me something?”He swallowed. “What?””Just promise me that I’m not holding you back. I know you’d like to get out there and get your cock sucked.””Whoa, sis,” he objected, putting his hands up. “Maybe that’s true, I’d like to, but you don’t need to worry about that. If I’m really that desperate to get laid, I’ll tell you, and I would think you’d understand. You’ve just proven that you are, in fact, good with that.”I nodded and stayed silent. I didn’t know what to think, but it was obvious that he wouldn’t be able just to tell me that he might want to have sex with me. Whether I liked it or not, I felt myself shaking at the thought of us hooking up for whatever reason.I let my hand into my panties as he still wasn’t looking at me. ‘Well, my pussy is soaked, so that’s gotta mean something. If you were hard when you hugged me, that has to mean something significant. If we’re gonna lose our step-mom, we might need to gain each other, Ricky. I love you, and you love me. If we’re both into the idea for whatever reason, maybe it’s worth pursuing,’ I thought, moving down my bed a little bit. ‘You’re doing something under your blanket. Are you masturbating? Your head is back, and your eyes are closed.’I saw him and was all, but certain he was jacking off, but I couldn’t bring myself to find out for sure. I just laid back on my bed and tried to get my mind on something positive. I felt better about our dad and Krissy, but oddly enough, I got another bad feeling.’Okay, now I feel like I might want to repay his kindness, but now I’m worried even if he wants me, he might reject me. I’m already feeling fragile about Krissy and our dad, and getting rejected would just make me feel worse,’ I thought, prior to looking up again. ‘Yes, you’re masturbating, Ricky; you’re even jiggling around. What other reason is there for that other than you having a seizure? Now you’re moaning, what more proof do I need?’ I thought, before another pause. ‘I can’t help, but to watch him. I don’t know what to think of either of us; why would he jack off in front of me, even under his blanket? Especially when I just know he was hard when he hugged me,’ I thought, before I abruptly looked away.”Well, if it’s okay with you, maybe I will go out now, sis,” he said, doing something under the blanket for a few seconds before he got off the bed.”Okay,” I added, getting off my bed. “Are you gonna spend time with friends?””I guess, sis,” he said, going towards the door.”Wait, may I have a hug?””Um,” he muttered, slowly turning around. “I guess.”I wrapped my arms around him, and he did the same. ‘Yes, you’re packing a hard-on, dude.’A minute later, he let go of me. “If they start fighting again, just leave, sis. Just do what you need to, okay?”I nodded, and he pecked my cheek. “Bye, Kylie,” he said before he left.I watched him go out our door, but the front door too.I went right to his bed and flipped up his blanket. “Yes, there’s your cum, Ricky,” I observed, seeing the dark spot. “And shit, those are my panties too, my missing dark green pair,” I added, looking down on the bed. “You were masturbating using my underwear,” I said, picking them up. “You do want to have sex with me. I knew you were hard, but why?” I asked, before a gap where I sat down. “You must’ve developed a crush on me these last few weeks. We’ve been practically living in here and spending endless hours together too. So, it’s something to consider, but how do I make nothing out of him jacking off with my panties and his erections?”I wasn’t sure, but I felt the wet spot on them and shimmered too. So, I was all but positive that he wanted to fuck me. I didn’t hear him utter my name when he masturbated, but still, I had a few pieces to put together bahis firmaları to paint some picture.I felt like my skin was boiling, but my insides were frozen. I slathered my lips nonstop as I thought about the situation and remembered him doing his deed just a few minutes ago. I didn’t stick my hand in my panties then even though I was alone.”Well, if you want to have sex with me, Ricky, maybe you should tell me. We’re on the edge of our seats because of Krissy and our dad, but maybe we can take our relationship and good feelings at least one step further. It’s not like we’d have to tell anyone. Those two have been so busy bickering at each other to barely even remember that we live here too. I’d suck your pecker if you wanted me to, twin brother, then watch you look at me.”Without letting my hand into my underwear, I still managed to picture myself doing just that for him. I didn’t feel wholly sick or turned on, but obviously one more than the other. I just rubbed the wet spot until it wasn’t wet anymore.From one second to the next, the door opened. “Sis, I forgot my phone, have you…” he got out, before looking at me. “Shit,” he muttered.I peeked at him and held my underwear. “Do not lie to me, Ricky: do you want to fuck me?”He bit down on his bottom lip and shook too. I couldn’t seem to get a quick response from him as I remained on his bed. I failed to get up just yet and waited for him to say something. He couldn’t make himself push any words out despite his mouth being wide open.So, I got up and strolled to him. “What were my panties doing under your blanket?”He scanned my body a few times as I kept them in my hands. I saw him bite down on his bottom lip several times, but he still didn’t utter a word. I saw the fear in his eyes, so I dropped them and brought my hands to his crotch.”What are you doing?”I failed to answer but kissed him. He evidently didn’t stop me, and I felt his wood stiffen a bit over our ten-second kiss. So, I got even more proof that he wanted me, but even after I brought my lips off his.I witnessed him slathering his lips and shaking a bit too. I never yanked my hands away from his schlong, but he didn’t push them away either. As I knew there was no possible explanation that he didn’t want to do it with me, I felt chills throughout my body.Then I finally undid his shorts, and they fell. “You’ve made me feel better countless times; now I want to make you feel good, Ricky,” I made clear, digging into his boxers.Once again, he still didn’t speak and let me take the lead. I felt his johnson and pulled it out too. He couldn’t bring himself to touch me, but he still locked eye with me, though. We both shot each other somewhat lusty looks, but still had a hint of anxiousness too.I stroked his schlong with my right hand as my left one at the base. I got him to quiver even more, and so far, I hadn’t felt any regret. I found myself curious to find out how we’d feel if I went further.With him not stopping me at all, I leaned in to kiss him yet again. “I love you.””I love you too.”As he still wouldn’t stop me, I took that as permission to get down on my knees.Although, as I did, he pulled me back up with him. “No, you’re still my sister, so I still want you to feel good too,” he told me, before kissing me.Then he brought me back to his bed but pulled me on his lap. I helped myself to feel his rod again, but he felt my lower back and kissed me again. Needless to say, he made me feel as light as rain in less than a minute.I knew he wanted me and found out with help from Krissy and our dad fighting. I wasn’t about to forget about them, but I certainly felt the thrills surging throughout my body as I got struck by lightning.We made out slowly, but we didn’t part lips for over three minutes. I got the urge to see and feel more of his body with every passing minute, but I didn’t want to push him. I felt his cock going nuts, kaçak bahis siteleri but I didn’t rub it hard.On the other hand, I was still his sister that he desired to fuck, and I could make him pop at any time. Still, I didn’t force anything and allowed him to do what he felt was alright. After those few minutes, he gently pushed my lips off his.We didn’t say a word, but I followed my heart and got off him without letting go of his dick. We got closer by kissing and holding each other close while doing it, too, so I stroked his cock for another moment while keeping eye contact.I placed my other hand at the base, and he blew a kiss. Then I brought my lips close to the head of his prick and kissed it. He twitched and opened his mouth up even more. So, as I already told myself I’d do it, I opened my mouth and let his dick in there.He immediately moaned and laid back too. I felt a little disgusted by the taste and the idea for a few seconds anyway. Although, I felt his hands come onto my head, I certainly felt encouraged.So, I let my lips thrust in tiny movements and held the base as tightly as I could too. I got him to vibrate as well and let out some small moans. He didn’t let out a word, but still, he said plenty.I closed my eyes and got into the incest as much as possible. I found myself wanting to have sex with him before, but actually doing it was something different. Nevertheless, I wasn’t gonna stop as I felt him loving my pleasure.I felt pressure on my head, which transferred to my back and knees. Yet, the emotional spike was worth everything already. Even as I just went about halfway down his dick, I felt his hands moving on my head, and he couldn’t stop moaning either.I even wanted to ask him if he felt good sarcastically, but I didn’t want to stop for a second. I still didn’t love the taste of his prick, but the idea was pushing itself on me a bit further. So, I couldn’t find a reason to stop.He stayed lied back for a few minutes as I gave him oral sex, and I looked at him the best I could, enjoying himself. So, those looks alone being made me want to be his fuck buddy at a minimum. I surely comprehend everything, but I had to wonder.At the moment, I felt his member seemingly getting harder and veinier by the second. So, with a drenched pussy as well, I wasn’t gonna stop just because Krissy and our dad were fighting. Ricky got my mind off them whether or not he knew I had seen him masturbating.His body moved slowly, but frequently, though. So, I could only guess it was working perfectly on him, making him feel wonderful, but too much to push him over the edge. I surely didn’t know where it was, but I seemed to be on track.I pushed my lips down a little further on his rod, even with that in mind. That got him to pressure my head a little more and even pull my hair. I couldn’t care less about that because I just felt the love and passion with him more than anything else.I remembered all the times he held me close and treated me like a queen, so all I could do was make him feel good in return. I had no idea how long he had those feelings, but then I had to make up for lost time.He didn’t give any signs of needing to shoot, but he calmly arched his back and watched me. I looked right back at him as I kept my lips thrusting and moved my head in different directions. We still didn’t break eye contact then, but said plenty without words.He continued to caress my head, but let one hand back to lean onto. I saw him trying to keep himself together, but he didn’t allow a word to drop. So, I didn’t stop for a second but stopped gradually to lean off the bed and give myself a better angle to blow.Then he brought my head up to his, kissed me again, and grabbed the end of my top. I nodded and put my arms up so he could take it off me. He looked at my body again for a few seconds, but then placed his hands on my back too. He took off my bra as well and dropped it.He took another look at my tits and helped himself feel them as well. So, the incest played itself out, and we both liked the results so far. I grabbed onto my dick again as he felt me up, but yet, he locked…

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