A Biker BitchA Biker Bitch


As far back as I can remember, Maggie has always been a slut! I don’t mean that in a disparaging way, not at all. It’s just that she has always liked sex. As much of it as she can get! We’ve been married for over thirty years now, and still enjoy a wonderful love life, although perhaps not as frequently as we once did. I suppose time and gravity have taken their inevitable toll on both of us, but to me (and others that I know) Maggie remains a beautiful woman. Beautiful she may be now, but in her younger days she was a real fox!

We met in the late sixties when we were both in our late teens. It was a wonderful time in Britain; although we were all acutely aware of American guys our own age, and younger, fighting for their country in Vietnam.

The songs of Lennon and McCartney were heard from every radio, competing for chart positions with Elvis and The Stones. The guys wore their hair long, held back with bandana’s and the girls wore skirts so short you could see their panties every time they climbed into a car! Work was easy to find, and as teenagers, we basically flitted from job to job earning enough money to enjoy ourselves.

I remember the first time that Maggie and I “dated” like it was only yesterday. All my friends were part of a motorcycle gang. Not really the “Hells Angels” type of thing, although I’m sure some of us had aspirations in that direction, but more just a group of mates that liked to ride out into the country as often as possible and drive as fast as possible.

My best friend, Johnny and myself had both bought big Triumph bikes and treated them as if they were our children! We were always tinkering with the engines and trying to sound like we knew what we were doing.

It was a public holiday and John and I had both decided to ride from our home’s in London down to Brighton on the south coast. We were a little concerned because the others didn’t seem keen to go and there was bound to be trouble down there with the scooter riding “Mods”. But, completely undaunted by the thought of getting the shit kicked out of us, John and I set out for the coast.

We had not even left town when I spotted Maggie walking out of a shop. She looked stunning, her long blonde hair falling in curls almost to her waist. She wore a short, black leather skirt with fashionable knee length boots and a leather jacket. I just had to stop.

Johnny looked a little pissed off as I pulled over to the side of the road in front of Maggie, but he knew that I had had my eye on her for sometime and I think, secretly, he would have liked to get to know her better as well.

“Hi babe!” I called, in my best James Dean voice.

I had not had a whole lot of experience with the fairer sex and my “chat-up” lines were not good! She smiled sweetly back at me.

“Hello Bobby. Where are you off to then?”

“Me and Johnny are driving down to Brighton. Should be good, if we can keep out of trouble!”

Her smile was intoxicating and I could feel myself sinking further and further into those deep blue eyes. An impatient cough from behind me reminded me escort bayan that John was still waiting.

“Well, I suppose I’d better get going.” I said

“Aren’t you going to ask me if I want to come as well?” Maggie suddenly said.

I was a little stunned to say the least. My experiences with girls up to this point had been limited to usually vain attempts to get inside their bra’s or panties at parties It was virtually unprecedented to have a girl make the first move on me!

“Ah..um…yes, of…course you can come as well. I just thought…..”

I didn’t have time to finish my sentence before Maggie had swung one of her delicious legs over the pillion seat and was snuggled in behind me. She quickly tied her hair back with a band (no crash helmets in those days!) and then linked her arms around my waist, squeezing tightly. I looked over at John. We both shrugged, and kicking the big machines into gear, roared off in a cloud of exhaust fumes and noise.

The drive to Brighton was long and arduous in the days before the major routes had been built. It was virtually impossible to hear anything above the roar of the engine and so Johnny and I had planned a rest stop in advance.

As we turned off the main road and threw our bikes along some of the country lanes, Maggie shouted in my ear.

“Where are we going?”

“Just going to take a rest stop, okay, babe?” I yelled back

“Great! I could do with a drink or something!”

It had been extremely difficult to keep my concentration while on the main road. The thought that Maggie’s much sought after young body was sat right behind me, sent thrills through my mind, and the fact that, occasionally, her arms slipped from my waist and rested on my upper thighs didn’t help either.

Pulling our bikes over in front of an empty field, we all dismounted and stretched our aching limbs. John pulled some beer and sandwiches from his bag and we all sat under a tree and cracked open a few cans.

The sun was warm, so Johnny and I took off our leather biking jackets and lay back sipping the beer. I looked over at Maggie. She too looked warm and was in the process of wriggling out of her jacket as well. Being summertime, none of us wore much under our jackets; John and I just sported simple, white t-shirts. But Maggie, being Maggie, only had a tiny yellow vest that just managed to cover her ample boobs. It was obvious that she had not worn a bra, and she caught us staring at her firm, pink nipples that were poking through the thin material.

“So, I guess you like my tits!” Maggie said, breaking our reverie.

Before we could answer, she continued.

“Well, there’s no-one around so I suppose I could give you a better look! I don’t know what it is, but having that bike throbbing between my legs has got me feeling really horny!”

Like the dumb teenagers we were, John and I just sat and watched open mouthed as Maggie smiled and whipped her top up and over her head. We both gasped out loud as her large, firm breasts came into view. The nipples now seemed to glow a deep red colour, ankara escort bayan standing out proud and stiff and contrasting with the milky white skin of her tits.

Maggie cupped her hands underneath the large globes and looked at them as if inspecting herself. She smiled wickedly as she weighed the orbs in her hands and sighed ever so slightly as the tips of her fingers touched the sensitive skin of her nipples. Without thinking I reached out my hand towards her and then, realising what I was doing, retracted it quickly.

“Mmmmm….that’s okay Bobby. You can touch them if you want. I love to feel a man’s hand on my tits!”

I needed no second invitation. My cock was hard and aching beneath my jeans as I moved beside her and placed my fingers around the soft swell of her left breast. The skin felt warm and pliant as I gently squeezed. Not to be left out, Johnny also moved in and grasped her right breast, mimicking my movements with his hand.

Maggie lay back on the grass, seemingly happy to allow her new admirers to grope her tits. Her long blonde hair glittered in the sunshine as she closed her eyes and bathed in the attention she was receiving.

Johnny was the first of us to become a little bolder. He was kneeling next to Maggie, still groping her boobs with one hand whilst hauling out his erection with the other. His cock looked stiff and swollen as he pulled Maggie’s hand towards it. He groaned deeply as her fingers closed around his shaft and she began to slowly jerk his foreskin up and down its length.

As Maggie played with my friend’s hard cock, I wondered how much further she would allow us to go. I was desperate to see more of her body. I had very little experience of oral sex, but now wanted to sink my tongue into her pussy more than anything else in the world.

Johnny was groaning in ecstasy as Maggie expertly massaged his erection between her slim fingers. I moved my hands reluctantly away from her breasts and began running them over her naked flesh moving downwards with a feather like touch. As my hands slid over her short leather skirt and rested on the hot skin of her thighs, she opened her legs to allow my exploration easier access. Her white cotton panties contrasted with the black skirt and as my fingers ran lightly over the crotch, I could feel the damp evidence of her excitement.

My own excitement was now also at a high level and I grasped the waist band of her panties and tugged them down over her thigh’s and her boots until they were left discarded on the soft grass. The object of my desire was now right in front of my face and I nuzzled into her naked crotch. Maggie gasped as my tongue ran between her labia and then squealed as, quite by accident, I lapped over her clit. The little bud seemed to quiver as I licked it and I was suddenly rewarded with a warm flow of juice as Maggie orgasmed with a moan.

My face was soaked with her fluid as I withdrew and looked up at her. I was just in time to see Johnny remove her fingers from his weapon and push himself into her mouth. I could see that he was close to cumming, escort ankara and three quick thrusts into her mouth produced the desired effect. Maggie was swallowing as best she could as John continued to pump his seed into her mouth. On each down thrust, I could see traces of his cum seep from the corners of her mouth and trickle over her chin. It was one of the horniest things I had ever seen.

My cock was now practically bursting. I needed release and I needed it soon. Maggie gasped and coughed a little as John withdrew his saliva streaked prick from between her lips. I looked down towards her cunt. Her legs were still splayed and her hole was open and looked ready for me.

In a flash, my jeans and underwear were at my ankles, my throbbing cock pointing skyward. There was no thought of fancy positions or indeed much finesse, I just had to be inside this sexy girl, and quickly! With my jeans around my ankles, I shuffled myself into position between her spread legs. I knew that Maggie wanted it as much as I did and raised her legs, wrapping them around my back.

I gasped out loud as I entered her. It was like sliding into a warm, wet glove; my cock fitted so well. As I began to thrust into her, Maggie held my head to her breast. I took one still stiff nipple into my mouth and sucked hard as I pounded her cunt. Maggie gasped and came again, I could feel her second orgasm damp against my pubic hair. I guess I lasted for about two minutes, but it seemed even quicker than that. I could feel the cum rising from my tight balls and groaned deeply into her tits.

Maggie seemed to understand what was about to happen and tightened the grip of her legs around my waist. She pulled my head closer into her breasts as I came, my seed exploding from the tip of my cock and flooding into her wet pussy to mingle there with her own, flowing juices. I arched my back, crying out with excitement and trying to bury myself deeper into her hot vagina. My cock seemed to keep spasming for ages, shooting stream after stream of hot semen into my future wife. Yes, I knew at just that point that, sooner or later, I was going to ask this beautiful slut to marry me!

Maggie and I were married the following year and Johnny was my best man. Our wedding night turned into a veritable orgy with John and myself sharing my new wife for most of the night. We fucked her in every position imaginable with Johnny and I cumming three times.

Towards the end of the night, Maggie told us that she had never been fucked in her cunt and ass at the same time, and thought that this was the perfect time to try it. I was not about to refuse my bride anything, so John and I took up our positions and I drilled her pussy while he filled her tight ass with his meat. We all came so hard in that position, that shortly afterwards the three of us fell into a deep sleep.

It’s true that, these days, Maggie and I rarely enjoy a good gangbang. Johnny emigrated to Australia many years ago and it has been difficult to find someone that we both trust to replace him. Over the years, however, I have watched my wife with other men as I’ve played with myself and sometimes joined in, but we have never really been able to recreate the orgies and gangbangs of our youth. It’s probably just as well – I’m not sure I could take the pace anymore!

The End

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