A Good Day At The OfficeA Good Day At The Office


I always say if a chance comes your way, grab it with both hands. If it’s on a plate, make sure you eat it all up AND lick the crumbs and the gravy.

I was working a weekend day shift at the office building where I am a Security Guard. There maybe a few staff in during the Saturday but the Sundays are usually very quiet and only require me to walk around the building a couple of times amd monitor the CCTV. I can pass the time by watching sports or a film. If I’m feeling horny, which is most of the time, there’s always the wonders of the worldwide web to keep me entertained. At my age I can usually stretch a wank out to a good hour or 90 minutes. It passes the time!

This particular Sunday I was going through my favourites, not able to decide which to settle down to. I always find a combination of BBW, spanking and anal gets me harder faster.

I had acheived a partial erection and was about to extract the wood and reach for the lube when I noticed on my access system someone entering the building. I didn’t recognise the name but the first name was Angel and the surname seemed to be of greek extraction. Angel is not a common name in England, the nearest being Angela. But, maybe, it was Angelo.

Without even knowing the gender of the visitor, I waited for my semi to subside and went to see if I could be of service.

I reached the floor she had accessed and saw a light at the end of a row of offices.

When I arrived I realised it was indeed a female! And what a female. She looked mid 30’s, around 5’6″, a little on the chubby side with dark, bushy, shoulder length hair. She was dressed casually in jeans and a white shirt which stretched across breasts which were threatening to escape. The buttonholes looked as though they might come apart any moment.

‘Hi, I’m Jim,Security. If there’s anything you need, I’m always available’.

In a lovely american accent, she replied.

‘I’m going to be here all day, but if beylikdüzü escort you’d like to join me for lunch, I’m gonna order a pizza. Would you bring it up when it arrives?’

I said ‘Of course,Angel. What a lovely name. Angel by name and Angel by nature?’

‘Mm, sometimes I can be a bit of a devil though’.

As she said this, she turned to pick up something from the floor. My cock started to react and my eyes widened. In front of me was the most gorgeous arse I’ve ever seen. Wide, round and handsome. The denim stretched tight and I could see no visible panty line. A thong? Commando?

30 minutes later and having resisted an urge to bring myself off, the pizza arrived.

As we ate we chatted and she told me she was over here for a week and was staying at one of the more elite hotels in the area. I noticed she was crossing and uncrossing her legs frequently, drawing my attention to her thick thighs and the junction between them.

When we had finished the pizza, she stretched with her arms above her head which pushed her tits out even farther and said ‘There’s one thing I really like after a good lunch.’

‘Oh yes’ I replied, ‘and what’s that?’

‘A nice long fuck’

Wow, I thought, take things slowly, why don’t you.

I was so startled I couldn’t think.

‘I usually go for the older man. They like to take their time and I like a lot of loving before a long, hard fucking.’

At last I found my tongue.

‘In that case, I’m your man. Where would you like me to start?’

In reply she started to unbutton her shirt. Underneath she had on a purple, lacy number which encased two of the biggest natural tits I’d ever seen. As she shrugged off the shirt, she said ‘So what d’you think of my ‘girls’ then?’

‘I can’t wait to feel them, kiss them, put my cock between them.’

She unclipped the bra and off it came. They were stupendous. 38D’s at least, very little sag and ended in beylikdüzü escort bayan dark areolas and nipples, pink and fat and very long.

I hefted them in both hands and started to lick, kiss and suck on the rubbery nipples.

‘Don’t be too gentle with them’ she said,’I love to have them bitten and treated a bit rough’

If it’s rough you want, I thought, then it’s rough you’ll get. I squeezed one and bit down hard on the teat as my hand descended to the belt on her jeans.

Reluctantly, I stood back and unzipped the fly of her jeans and slid them down her creamy white thighs. There it was, a matching purple thong which couldn’t possibly hide the enormous bush between her legs. I pulled the thong to one side and gasped as the lips of her cunt were shaved bare.

She sat on the desk and parted those wonderful thighs.

‘Come on’ she said ‘it’s time for dessert.’

I quickly obliged and, kneeling on the carpeted floor, dived in with tongue extended. She was already moist and was soon even wetter as I licked, sucked and nibbled on the flaps. Using two fingers I separated the lips and revealed a hardening little clit that was lengthening as I licked it with the flat of my tongue.

After a few minutes, she started to writhe and moan. ‘Oh yes, like that, mmm, love that.’

She was playing with her massive jugs, pinching the nipples until they stood out and reddened.

‘Soon’ she gasped, ‘I’m gonna cum soon, keep going, that’s it, bite my clit, stick your fingers up my cunt, finger fuck me, damn you!’

I was ramming three fingers up her sodden twat and biting, none too gently, on her clit when she seemed to explode.

‘Oh oh, yes, yeesss, I’m there, Uh, Uh. Nowww!!!’

She spasmed several times and gushed over my fingers amd mouth.

After a few moments she seemed to open her eyes, realising where she was.

‘Now, I want to be fucked’ she said. ‘Get your clothes off and beylikduzu escort give me that hard cock’

I rapidly stripped off my tie and shirt, shoes and socks and lowered my trousers and tight, white pants.

She looked at my throbbing 7 inches and said, ‘Oh, a lovely uncut prick. We don’t see many of those back home.Next time i’m gonna suck you soo good but now I want that straight up me.’

She turned her back to me and presented that huge arse. She bent over the desk and spread her thighs. I couldn’t resist and, lining myself up, I pushed up and in. She felt like a warm, tight glove. My foreskin peeled all the way back and I thrust hard’

‘That’s it’ she said, ‘Don’t spare me, fuck me hard and fast. Bang me, hurt me, fuuckk mee.’

When she said ‘hurt me’ I thought, ‘OK, girl, if that’s the way you want it. As I pummeled her, I started to smack her big arse cheeks with each thrust.

‘Yeah, that’s it, spank me, harder, oh yeah, keep that up and i’m gonna cum again’

After about twenty more deep, hard thrusts and twenty more whippy spanks of her red cheeks, I felt the telltale signs of a gigantic cum welling up in my balls.

‘I’m going to cum soon’ I told her. ‘Where do you want me to cum?’

‘As far up my cunt as you possibly can’ she replied, so, with one final lunge and smack, I unloaded as much spunk as I had. 6,7 jolts ran through my cock and I thought I was going to faint, so great was the feeling.

I hadn’t noticed but she was cumming right alongside me. I collapsed onto her back and we both panted, out of breath, until my shrinking cock slipped out of her, followed by a torrent of our combined juices.

When we regained our senses, she looked over her shoulder and said ‘If that was as good for you as it was for me, then I suggest we go again soon. How about my hotel tomorrow night?’

Do bears, is the pope, etc?

‘I’ll be there’ I said.

‘That’s good, cos, so far, you’ve only had one of my holes. There’s still two to go.’

‘I’m on night shift tomorrow’ I said, ‘but I’ll arrange a mate to cover me, so we’ll have all night.’

‘That’s great, honey, cos I might have one or two other surprises for you….’

Part 2 to follow???

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