How I Found My SoulmateHow I Found My Soulmate


Sometimes I think too much of myself. For example, I thought I was fit to quickly and easily walk through that small forest between the hotel beach and the other, “wild” one mentioned by the guy selling ice cream in the square. It looked small. But in the hot Mediterranean island sun, after 10 minutes even my thin summer dress felt too much, and was sticking to my back with sweat. I was tired and, judging by my phone’s GPS, have made just the half of the way.

On top of that, I needed to piss. I planned to do that in the sea when I arrived at the beach, but the need got urgent and the beach still seemed a way off. That was the moment I caught a whiff of urine from the trail going off from the main. Expecting to find a public toilet, I took the narrow path between the spiky bushes, which after some 20 steps ended in a small clearing surrounded by pine trees. The smell of urine was strong and I guessed people came here to relieve themselves just like I did. Well, it had to go out so I pulled the bottom of my dress up and held it with one hand while i pulled my bikini bottoms to the side with another as I squatted on the ground soft with pine needles.

My stream was over quickly, but even before the last drops hit the needles, the fingers holding my panties to the side were slowly massaging my outer lips. The smell of urine seemed to have an intoxicating and exciting effect on me, and I rubbed my pussy squatting in the clearing, while my head was filled with scenes from the two toilets where I was recently overwhelmed by the same smell. As I got closer to the orgasm, I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, breathing deeply and almost tasting it on my tongue…


I opened my eyes and saw a young guy standing in the entrance of the clearing. He was strongly built and very white, with blond hair and pale complexion a little rosy from the heat. His eyes were fixed on my crotch and a strange mixture of excitement, surprise and longing on his face gave me the impulse needed to stand up and take a step towards him, turning my face upwards to be kissed. I never lost that gamble and certainly didn’t have much chance to lose it now. The guy dove into me with a passion, at the same time kissing me fully on the mouth and hugging me with both hands. One of his hands went around my shoulders, while the other squeezed my buttocks through the dress I let fall in place. He was a good kisser, although maybe a little too eager. He tasted young and I guess he was in early twenties – body fully formed but low on wisdom of life. Guys like that, in my experience, can really “go all night”, but need turning in the right direction.

Talking about that, I was still very tingly down there and craved relief so I took a step back and grabbed the towel the guy had on his shoulder. Turning around, I spread it on the ground, covering the small puddle I just made. Then I turned towards him again and, looking him in the eyes, took my dress karabük escort over my head, then sat slowly down on the towel and spread my arms in invite.

Still with disbelief on his face, he eagerly knelt between my legs and hugged me, as I leaned backwards and pulled him down with me. We continued kissing while I took off his shirt and let my hands wander his wide muscular back. Meanwhile he tried to untie my bikini top but failed, settling at last on pulling it downwards beneath my breasts, before lowering his face to them and slobbering all over my nipples.

After a few minutes of that, I started taking down his pants, where he immediately helped me by briefly standing up and pulling them down. As he stood above me, his dick sprang into view, nicely sized and uncircumcised. I have no preference related to that aspect; I just idly noticed and wondered was it like that with all Germans. Or was he Austrian? Didn’t matter. When he got back down to kneeling between my spread legs, I pulled my bikini briefs to the side and he tried to line it up with my pussy. I say “tried”, as before it was even in, he started cumming… In an instant, he coated my fingers and crotch with a substantial amount of semen, the look on his face one of mixed horror, disappointment and ecstasy.

“Ich… ich… entschuldigung… sehr…” he muttered as I laid my head back down, probably with a readable expression of disappointment on my face. That’s what you get from the young ones.

But you get something else: friends! With an unintelligible question shouted through the bushes, another guy came out the way the first one did. Seeing me naked on the floor, with my legs spread, and his friend standing above me with a limp dick and sad look on his face, the newcomer smiled widely and said:

“Kann ich mitmachen?” directed both and me and my defeated partner.

The young guy just hung his head, stood up and went back to the bushes while I, feeling unsatisfied and breathing air filled with intoxicating scent of urine, spread my arms in an inviting gesture one more time.

I felt exquisitely dirty. My own urine was soaking through the towel beneath the small of my back, my pussy was damp from my own juices and sprayed with the first guy’s come and I was sweaty all over – and I was about to fuck a second guy in ten minutes since I started masturbating in the woods. Damn it all, I just wanted to come!

The new guy didn’t waste time. Already before lowering himself into my arms he pulled down his swimming trunks, revealing a nice looking dick that seemed to be beginning to harden. He firstly sank his face to my tits, grabbing each nipple in his mouth and sucking on it strongly, then he raised his head to my face. As I wrapped my hands around his shoulders, I felt he was more thickly built then the first guy, more hairy and, as my nose testified, much more sweaty. He positively reeked with the acidic odour of old sweat, karaman escort overpowering even the strong urine smell which filled the small space between the bushes. Sensing all that, I instinctively turned my head away from his kiss. Probably I also had a small grimace of disgust on my face as it seemed to make him angry. He rose to the kneeling position, grabbed my hips with one hand and started digging between my legs with the other. I tried to help but he managed to move my bikini pants to the side himself and quickly positioned his dick in place. I barely managed to think “finally!” as he put both of his hands on my hips and strongly heaved, entering me deeply.

It was a blessing that I was so wet, as he was really rough and his cock was big and fat. He pulled out halfway and, tugging on my hips, buried himself in me again, and again, and again. It was just what I needed. I do prefer it slow and gentle, but I was disappointed and tired and sweaty and very horny, so this animalistic humping the guy was giving me was hugely satisfying. Stretched around his cock, I grabbed his shoulders and pulled his upper body down so I could bury my face in the place where his neck met his shoulder. I inhaled deeply his foul body odour and, as a particularly rough thrust squashed my clit between our pelvic bones, bit strongly on his shoulder, while also digging in with my nails as I came.

He just continued with his trusting, accompanied by animal groans and heavy breathing from exertion. My vagina was spasming around his dick and he must have felt me come, but he didn’t slow down. What he did was push his hands in my briefs, grabbing an ass cheek with each one. Then, still humping, he pushed two of his fingers, one from each hand, together deeply into my anus.

It hurt a little but it was additional stimulation, and my ass was anyway so slick from the sweat that it didn’t bother me. I came again, hard, not releasing my bite hold on him as he leaned down, and started cumming into me while almost fully resting his chest and upper body on mine.

As his spasms and presumably spurts of come in my vagina – which was so pounded up that I couldn’t precisely feel what was happening down there – subsided, we lay together for a few moments, my head peeking over his shoulder, seeing the younger guy has returned to the clearing and was watching us. He had his pants back on, with his dick visibly hardened beneath.

The other guy got up from me, carefully touching the place where I bit him. I could see him properly now and conclude he was a little older than the first guy, while still probably a year or two younger than me. He had an intelligent but cruel face and was a little thicker in the body – like somebody who was muscled once but let himself go. Some blood stained the collar of his shirt on the place where his neck and shoulder met. I watched him defiantly, daring him to say something, as I motioned with my hand for the younger kars escort one to come closer. He slowly did, and I rose up to the sitting position and, still looking the older one in the face, pulled down the young one’s shorts and wrapped my lips over his cockhead. It tasted of sperm but I didn’t mind as I washed it with my tongue, then looking up, signalled him to come down to me, where he again assumed the position between my tights.

My bikini bottoms were bunched to the side and my pussy was still gaping, so he didn’t have any trouble putting it in, as I lay back on the crumpled towel and closed my eyes to the sunbeam that broke through the canopy and hit me in the face. He put his hands on both sides of me, shading me with his torso while pushing in very slowly. I could feel every millimetre of his dick sliding through my well-oiled lips, and I also felt the sperm of the guy who came before oozing out of me and dripping down between my ass cheeks.

I reached up and pulled him close, kissing him full on the mouth as he continued the slow penetration, which was nicely soothing and inching me closer to another big O. I put my right hand beneath us and, finding his ball sack, lightly tugged at it as he was fully embedded in me. He looked at me with surprise but I just continued kissing him and gently pulling on his balls every few thrusts. I read somewhere that it helped prevent ejaculation and strongly wished it held true for just a few more minutes.

And it did! Kissing, tugging, feeling his dick sloshing inside my squishy vagina, and at the same time feeling the hotness of the sunny summer day, the stench of urine, my own sweat and mixed sweat of two men on me… all those sensations combined to bring me to a mind-blowing high, which hit me so hard that my body shook for two or three minutes while the young German triumphantly came deep inside of me.

He rose, and I felt thoroughly exhausted and sleepy. As he pulled his briefs up, I waved a little with my hand and closed my eyes. I intended just to keep them closed while he left but when I opened them it must have been a few minutes has passed, as the woods were quiet except for the ever-present crickets. I closed my eyes again, and must have dosed off , as I awoke startled by warm water spraying into my face.


It was not water! There was a guy pissing on my face from above! When I tried to move I painfully fund out he was standing with his feet on my hair, on both sides of my head. I tried screaming, but got a mouthful of piss as a result. My eyes stung from the stinking warm liquid as I was forced to endure the full bladder being emptied on me, unsuccessfully shielding my face with my hands. When he finished, he calmly stepped away and stood there, while I wiped my face on the German guy’s towel.

When I managed to get a clear look at my attacker, I found out it was the other German. The older, stinky, aggressive one. He was looking at me triumphantly as I was standing there, pissed in both senses of the word, thinking what should I say and how to react. Then, suddenly, he stepped towards me, hugged me close and kissed me full on the mouth. And I melted. I have finally found a soul mate.

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