537 T and the lad 9537 T and the lad 9


537 T and the lad 9537 T and the lad 9Well, the house was emptily quiet, so throwing on a dressing gown Ellen popped to the toilet, washed combed her hair and with as much dignity as a well fucked victim could muster then descended the stairs, Rodney was fully dressed out in the vegetable patch doing something, while T was hanging out washing. Without comment Elly made tea, then with a tray took it out to the patio table, calling them and taking a seat.They sat happily together, T saying in an enquiring tone that “they had left her to sleep as she had apparently worn herself out a little the previous night!” Grins all round said there was no hard feelings, which relived the home team a little. Elly saying, “look I did it for him, and to an extent I admit for myself never having explored those sort of games before, oh and before you ask I did overall find the experience, well …exhilarating,”Two enquiring faces asked was that all…? “and the climax at the end mind blowing…Oh and would I do it again … she paused…“Sadly, well… sick cow that I am yes, I probably would, voluntarily, though I know I have to go through worse as we need marks for him on my homegoing next Monday!” T said “you have made your mind up to go home then?” to which came the rejoinder, “ I can`t keep him waiting for ever, oh and he may want to visit himself once he knows who Clive and Ruth are…” They laughed, T saying, “he will be welcome sis, you know that!” Rodney exclaimed, “Monday that’s just four days and I have two lovely ladies to keep satisfied…” Elly grinning and saying that “on previous form, she didn’t think it would be too much of a problem… oh` and it`s your turn in the middle tonight ‘Ruthie’!” At which they all looked surprised, but grinning she added “it will give me time to recuperate and to get my own back too!” T answering that, “well like you I haven’t tried anal, well not since he was here, and he`s long gone now isn’t he and good riddance, but it`s up to my master here and did he enjoy it!Rodney said that he did, and he, “felt that was a good idea but Is there anything else either of you want to try then?” Ruth explaining to her sister, “there a few things we have never tried, we were only together at this sex business for a week or two, then H arrived, and the vanilla stuff soon went out of the window then, I can tell you!“That breathing thing H was on about sounded interesting. Rodney said, there`s two ways according to H`s films, bagging and choking, lets watch the films first then you can make up your own minds, and we had better have a plan for your going home too, like what times your train, and are we going to mark you and how, on that morning or on Sunday?” T stood and collected the cups, izmir escort bayan “good idea young man,” then nodding at her sister said you had best ring the station, allow a two hour ride home and arrange it to allow Dave to collect you , he won`t want you using a taxi and you might be feeling uncomfortable anyway, the number is on the hall table!”Ellen set off to ring as she had been told, T taking in the tray and Rodney busying himself at whatever he had been doing amongst the veg once more.Ellen soon reappeared, saying to T “she could catch the 13.10 on a Monday and he can fetch her from the underground station on his way home, it will give him the weekend to do the house too” she reckoned, “she could cope with the journey OK, that’s if you don’t damage me too much!”The went into the lounge, selected a video, then set it rolling without waiting for Rodney. Onto the screen came H, attended by a nasty naked little man with a big fast stiffening tool and with her on a lead, her wrists in handcuffs behind her. he had her kneel then tweaked her nipples hard. He had her lay down on her back, then produced a clear plastic bag which he slipped over her head. Next, he wrapped a cord round her neck pulled it up tight and making a knot he simply knelt and then mounted her without any preamble.Excited now the bag was inflating and deflating regularly and had steamed up a little too. With every stroke of his hips, she panted, her eyes bulging now, gasping as she climaxed, it was huge, he blasting his seed into her as her hips bucked at him then finally sagged to the floor once more as he tore a hole in the bag. Then no doubt to reassure folks the film ended with a smiling H, sitting up without the bag, smiling and telling the watchers how the lack of oxygen had added so very much to her excitement.The film ended as Rodney joined them. He selected another. This time H appeared naked and without the little man, this time in a bedroom, she knelt and waited at the foot of the bed.He appeared still naked, as erect as he had been in the other film. He placed a collar round her neck bent her forward and tied her wrists to two, before unseen ropes, attached to the bed head posts. Secured now he strapped her ankles to the nearest legs. Then he simply slipped himself into her and leaning forward seizing the collar end strap and pilling it, tightening the collar till the woman could hardly breath. Her face began to redden as he began his ride, unable to move or apparently breath easily, she was obviously in distress, he continued to ride apparently without any interest in her well- being, her head back, eyes beginning to bulge, her face going towards purple and shaking from side to side to izmir escort bayan receive the precious oxygen she so needed. Suddenly she started to climax, this time obviously massively, it tipped him over the edge, the collar slipping away, loose at last, the little man slipping out of her and seed dripping from her now unplugged body and twitching with excitement.Again, she had apparently restored herself, practically instantly! And again, she made comments about the extra boost to the climax. Again, the film ended with a safety note when still secured she made the remark that “it was better to remove the tongue in the collars buckle, so it was easier to release which, if not loosed quickly it could prove fatal, and that not all masters were as thoughtful as hers!” They sat Ellen, blown away! laughing, the lad pulled another from the box, this one on being put in the machine, turned out to be the branding, longer than the other two and finishing as we know, with a striking view of the just done mark followed by a much later one, after the marked tissue had settled down .Ellen sat mouth open, throughout the film, muttering at the end, “A bridge too far for me methinks…” which, to her deep joy her sister and her nephew both agreed with!She specifically asked that, “If my Dave comes here please, please don’t let him see that one. To which they happily agreed.They made a snack, beans on toast each taking a part in the making, then they sat through a selection of films, mostly of the delightful H being whipped, the first one, still with the loose collar round her neck and still secured to the bed, as she had been while choking. The odd one out was one of H laying unfettered on the floor somewhere with 5 men using her as a urinal, even… well mostly to be truthful… into her mouth and her sex, then each screwing her relentlessly, she wore a smile most of the time, and to their amazement drank pee like it was a cordial! It was all apparently without duress and unfettered though she did use her hands but only in the last shot when she had one in each hand and a third cock in her mouth!The beans having revitalised them they slid to that old familiar hearthrug and with H in the background being yet again whipped, while hung in a dungeon, both women rode our hero in turn, which passed-away the afternoon nicely.They were laid, his mother to the left and his aunt to his right dozing in the aftermath of a couple of climaxes apiece when Dave messaged, it said, ‘I can`t stop watching that bit of film u sent,’ Ellen replied that, ‘she would be home on Monday, u can 2 pick me up at the station at 6, Clive is going 2 mark me fresh 4u before I get my train so I will need tender loving care, and knowing these two, ‘tender’ may well be the right word!’Back came the answer, ‘I shall B eager 2 see u and their wk and will look forward 2U B`ing home! wot RU doing 2night?The answer was sent, ‘sandwich the reverse of yesterday’ to which back came, please film it I sadly have a meeting tonight N I shall miss U all!It was signed Dave, and p s luv u!’With that, she snapped off the phone, and said to Clive, “well young sir you had best put on the camera then and I had best get that strap on to work! Grinning the young stud rose, threw her the strap on which ‘Ruth’ then helped her fit, (not that she needed help but it gave them chance to touch …) then he switched on the camera, and the stiff rubber prick was soon into his mother, the women`s lips entwined, and the lad lubricating her ring-piece with the lubricant. He lifted his aunts hands and placed them on either butt cheek which gently she obligingly opened. the easier to admit him. H slid the head into her revelling in the tightness and knowing it would soon get better. His mother let out a long cry of “aaaaaaaaaaaah,” as his stiffness penetrated her long unused backside.He wondered if it was pain, or satisfaction that had her crying out, but through the internal membrane he could feel that rubber imitation prick against his own very real penis, the effect was enough to galvanise him into action and he began his ride. This time without allowing the ladies to rest for a moment before his assault began. Cries of “aaaaah!” “ooooh!”and “Yesssss” emanating from below him though he couldn’t be sure of which sister was making the sound as he rammed himself into his mother`s arse. She began to make signs of a climax, her fingers clawing at the rug as if in spasm as the hands supported the weight so as not to crush her slightly smaller sister below her. Ellen`s hands were busy mauling her sister`s breasts, the large and now solid nipples making wonderful targets for her stubbly fingers, her mind knowing the perfect way to manipulate them for best effect. Rodney began to ejaculate, seed filling her bowel in a spew of heat that increased her cry`s by a few octaves. He stopped his thrusts her tightness, as her muscles contracted and eased, working like a milkmaids hands, he was soon back, hammering away as only one so young can. His balls emptied four times before he withdrew, both women by then either in or near a case of exhaustion, mother feeling very full and dribbling seed all over once the stopper had been removed from the bottle so to speak! They lay together fully sated, H long gone from the video screen. It took a fair time for anyone to speak, it was all much joy and they needed rest. Finally, Ellen raised her head, muttered “Wow,” and shuffled off to the kitchen to brew tea. T rushing off to the toilet, and Rodney switching of both video and camera.It had been a fantastic evening even without Dave.

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