uni fee,s.. the bucks nightuni fee,s.. the bucks night


Katie touched up her make-up and listened to the call Anthony was making..

“Ok dude we are nearly there meet us outside.”..he said and hung up and looked towards Katie..

“Almost there girls”..he said as he turned off the highway onto a side road about five minutes later Anthony

parked the car..

Katie got out and looked around the noise and music coming from the house was so loud..”Sounds like this bucks party

is already in full swing.”..she said just as a tall well built black man walked up to them..

“Hey found the crib no worries?”..He said and looked at Katie and Tara..

“Yeah was no hassle..now Vincent told you the instruction Phil and myself are inside we wont interfer in your fun with the girls

unless they are being overly abused or they call us is that understood.?’..Anthony said being a man that stood at 6 foot 7inches

very well built he was a force to be reckoned with and Phil was just a little smaller in stature but both experts in the martial arts.

And Anthony held a few titles in kick boxing..

“Yes he did and the others have been warned,,but their a cool..ok only the bridegroom dosen,t know you pair are his secret wedding

gift from us.”..the guy said and handed a bag to Tara..

Tara opened the bag and pulled out two studded collars and chains…

“We are giving you pair to him as his pets..so if you can put those on and get undress out here i will lead you in.”..He asked..

Tara handed a collar to Katie…”So how many men are in there?”..Tara asked as Phil did up the collar for her..

“You have eight black men waiting in there.”..he grinned..

Tara grinned..”Nice going to be a good night.”..She said and undressed and put her things back in the car..Katie undressed and did the same thing

with her stuff..

The man hooked the chains on their collars and walked them to the house and entered and poked his head around the corner..

“SOMEONE TURN THE MUSIC OFF I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR JOE”..He yelled and moments later the music was down low..

“Joe we got you a wedding gift hope you like..enjoy bro”..He said and lead Tara and Katie by the chains into the room and handed their chains to Joe..

Joe just stared and stammered over words..

“Oh fuck.”he manged and looked at the others..

The guy that lead them in laughed..”You can do anything with them they are you pets until midnight and we all know how much you go on about white meat so here it is.”..he said..

Joe looked at the two girls and grinned eyeing them over…”So you will fuck all these guys if i order it?”..He asked

Katie licked her lips..”yes if that,s what you wish.’..She said..

Joe,s grin broadened..’Well i will put one order out right now from now until midnight i want action non stop on and with these women.”..He said and pulled the girls to him..

he took both their chains in one hand..”Both of you spread your legs”..He said and slipped a hand between Katie,s legs and rubbed her pussy..

then rubbed Tara,s pulling his hand out he lead them over to a seat and took a seat..

“Take my cock out i want first go before the rest do”..he said the bugle in his pants growing by the second..

Tara did the honors and released his cock from his pants it was at least 8 inches Katie didnt expect anything less as she lowered her mouth on the head of his cock..

While Katie was putting more of him in her mouth his fingers where working on Tara,s pussy Tara let out a moan and started feeling herself getting wet..

“So will you two go down on each other if a want that?”..Joe asked as his hands ran over Katie,s hair..

Tara nodded..”Yes anything goes Master.”..She said and wriggled on his fingers..

“Ok swap spots.”..he said and Tara took over sucking him and now Katie was getting her pussy fingered..

By now the other seven were milling around watching Joe getting suck off and fingering the other…Katie moaned as she got wetter..

Joe smiled..”Yeah get that cunt good and wet.’..he said and looked at the other,s now all rubbing their bugling pants..

Now clothes were being taken off and thrown into a corner Katie looked around and grinned as she looked at all the big black cocks..

Joe nodded to one guy who moved forward Joe looked at Katie..”Bend over and suck him and point your ass to me.”..he ordered.

This guy was also a good 8 inches Katie took him in her mouth and began sucking then tongued his shaft as Joe kept the finger action

going in her pussy..

Joe looked down at Tara..”You get sucking someone finger her pussy will ya?”..He said and seconds later Tara moaned as two fingers started on her pussy..

Someone turned the music up and Katie smelt the scent of weed being smoked…

Tara let out a loud moan as she came over the guys fingers and quicken her pace on Joe,s cock making him groan loudly..

Joe pulled Tara,s head up and told the guy fingering her to stop..”Sit on my cock”..he said..Tara straddled him and lowered herself down slowly letting him enter

her and stretched her pussy..

“Hmmmmm”..was all that came from his lips as Tara began moving up and down on his cock Joe pulled his fingers from Katies pussy and held onto Tara,s waist and bounced her

up and down harder on his cock..Another cock was pushed into Katie,s mouth and now someone had taken over Joe,s fingering and pushed two

fingers in working her pussy fast..Katie gagged as the cock in her mouth was pushed further in Katie sucked harder and pushed back into the fingers and a few moments later

She let out a loud sigh as she came..

“Fuck these bitches are so horny”..Some guy laughed..

Katie smiled to herself now she was ready for some serious fucking and anything in general..

Joe let out a yell as he released his load into Tara,s pussy and dropped his head forward onto her chest..

“Damn”..he said and lifted Tara off and pulled on Katie,s chain making the cock in her mouth pop from her mouth as he pulled her to him..

“when iam ready to go again its your turn.”..he said then pulled Tara back down as well..

“Until then these boys can do what they like to you…remember the rule action non stop.”..he said and took a drink that was handed to him and released the girls chains..

One of the guys grabbed Tara and sat her down on his cock Tara gasped on how big he was as he grabbed her waist and rammed her down Esat Escort on his shaft..

Katie was bent over a Seat a cock was now being pushed into her pussy and a cock was going in her mouth..

Tara,s head got turned and a cock was pushed into her mouth and some one was now sucking one of her tit,s..Tara moaned and moved faster on the cock in her mouth..

“Going to blow on your face bitch.”..the guy said and pushed Tara,s head down further on his cock..

Katie worked on the cock in her mouth she knew once they all came things would settle and some serious playing would start she had

been doing this sort of work for over a year and half now she knew how it all went the guy in her mouth blew his load and held his cock in place as Katie swallowed it all..

the guy grinned..”Nicely done not many white bitches will swallow a black bro,s load.’..he laughed..

Another cock was pushed into Katie,s mouth this guy pumped away to fast in her mouth would not take him long to release..

About forty minutes had passed and all eight men had blown their loads Joe called the two girls over and looked at them their bodies

were covered in cum from the ones they blew all over them..

“Now i would like you two to play with each other then we get back to business and i want it done right here in front of me on the floor.”..He said..

Katie nodded and turned to Tara and lent down and started licking the cum of her tits Tara in return dropped her hand and put it between Katie,s legs and started playing with her.

Katie wriggled and open her legs a little further Tara inserted her finger Katie took one of Tara,s nipples in her mouth and began to suck.

Tara pulled out and took Katie,s head and lifted it up and kissed her deeply pushing her tongue in and started exploring Katie,s mouth.

Both girls went to the floor Katie putting her head between Tara,s legs and began tickling her with her tongue Tara groaned and arched her back Katie pushed her tongue

inside Tara and began darting it in and out Katie put a finger to Tara,s clit and began rubbing it Tara started bucking and Katie went faster..

“OHHHHH FUCK IAM GOING TO CUMMMMM OH SHIT”..She yelled as a shutter ripped through her and she came over Katies face..

Katie got to her knee,s Tara,s cum dripping down her chin Tara got to her knee,s and kissed Katie deeply again then licked her own cum from Katie,s face.

Joe reached down and grabbed Katie,s chain and pulled her to him roughly..”Get on my cock now”..he ordered the look off pure lust in his eyes..

Katie got on her feet and straddled Joe,s cock his hands were on her waist as he just pulled her down on his throbbing cock Katie let a yell out as it embedded itself inside her..

Joe bounced her hard and fast on his meat..Tara was told to get on all fours as one of the men slipped his cock into her wet pussy and another put his cock back in her mouth..

Joe went for a good ten minutes never dropping the speed he was bouncing Katie as she gripped his shoulders tightly..

‘Ohhh fuck iam going to cum.”..She said that seemed to egg Joe on as he got faster with his bouncing Katie threw her head back and came in a mass explosion Joe not to far behind her joe lifted her up.

“Suck me dry”..He said as Katie got to knee,s between his legs his cock was cover in her cum plus his own Katie took him in her mouth as she was sucking him she felt hands on her waist and herself being

pulled up and her legs pushed apart as another cock was being pushed into her pussy..

The party was in full swing the guys were laughing and joking the drinks were flowing and weed was being smoke non-stop..Katie felt a tug on her chain as Joe pulled her to him..”I need to take a piss and

your going to hold my cock while i do that.’..he said and started to lead her to the bathroom as she walked passed Tara was with three guys who were sitting around her laughing and watching Tara fuck herself with one of their beer bottles..

Joe lead her into the bathroom and left the door opened and walked to the toilet..”Nah i have changed my mind sit on the toilet iam going to piss on your belly.”..he grinned.

Katie sat on the toilet and spread her legs as Joe took his cock and and pissed on her belly and watched as it ran down her belly into the toilet.”..Fuck always want to do that dont now why.”..he smiled..”Ok have a quick shower,,fuck i will come in with you”..he said

and reached in and turn on the water..

Katie stepped in and washed herself.. her body now all soapy..”Turn around”.Joe said and spread her ass cheeks he rubbed her hole and inserted a finger then two and fingered her ass for a few moments before putting the head of his cock to her ass hole..

Joe pushed in Katie spread her legs a little more to take him and hung her head as Joe kept pushing himself inside her ass..

Joe pulled back a little then pushed in again this time going in further then started the motion of fucking her ass each time pushing in a little further stretching her ass hole each time until finally he was pounding her ass..Katie opened her eyes the

pain of the large cock now almost gone as pleasure took over..”thats it push it all the way in i really want all of your cock in my ass.”.

Katie almost purring the words..by now a few had come in search of them to see where they had got of too and heard the moans of pleasure coming from the shower and the sound of running of water..

“Ahh found you both..”..One guy said then looked over his shoulder..”THEY ARE IN THE SHOWER JOE IS FUCKING HER ASS”..He yelled and stood and watched stroking his own cock as he did..

Joe blew his load and pulled out and Katie stepped from the shower and went to grab a towel the guy stroking his cock turned her around and bent her over and spread her ass cheeks her ass hole was still stretched from Joe

the guy shoved his cock in and started ramming her ass hard..Katie yelled out and held the side of the wash basin as the guy rode her ass hard his balls slapping against her each time he rammed into her..Katie reached down and started rubbing her

Wet pussy and moments later she let out another yell and came on her own fingers..

Finally the guy blew his load and joe had watched the whole fucking took her again by the chain and lead her back out to the other..

“Anyone want a stretched ass hole it just been fuck twice iam sure she would like another in Escort Esat there.”..he laughed and roughly pushed Katie to bend over a guy walked over and filled Katie,s ass Katie closed her eyes tightly

This guy was bigger and thicker Katie spread her legs more as the guy pushed in deeper until he was all the way in he did a few slow strokes much to Katie,s relief before starting to pick up the pace..

Katie closed her eyes and moaned and started pushing back to match his thrusts by now Katie and the guy where really getting into this ass fucking..

“Ohhh my god ram it in..can someone rub my wet pussy?”..Katie asked almost in a begging tone as seconds later her clit was being rubbed..

“Rub it harder”..Katie said

About a minute later Katie came again in a rush the man who was rubbing her cleared the small table Katie was holding onto and laid on it his head under Katie,s wet dripping pussy..

Katie almost fell on him as he grabbed her clit with his teeth then began sucking it hard..

“Ohh fuck yeah…suck me hard”..She said and looked down at his huge cock just begging to be sucked Katie wriggled forward just a little and lent down as she did she looked over at Tara..

Tara was sitting on the floor her feet flat on the floor her legs bent up and spread a fist was ramming her pussy and a cock fucking her throat Katie looked back to the cock in front of her and

took him in her mouth the man groaned between her legs the guy behind her was still pounding her ass hard..Katie was in heaven at that very moment..

When both the men had blown their loads two more came over to replace them one laid on the table and told Katie to mount him once he was inside her the second filled her ass..

They fucked her like machines Katie doesnt know how many times she cried out and begged the men to fuck her harder Katie came twice with that fucking..

Katie heard Tara laughing then heard her yell at the top of her voice that the eight guys had to step up and fuck them longer and harder that they were still horny and the night was

still young..

Katie giggled but nodded in agreements with Tara Katie still feel so horny and reckoned she could fuck all these guys all night…

Tara nodded at the guy and got back to her feet and walked to where Katie was..

“These two here want me to eat you out again but since your on your back and your cunt is being eaten anyway iam going to sit on your face any objection.?”..Tara said with a grin.

Katie licked her lips..”None what so ever.”..She said and waited for Tara to postion herself above her face Tara lowered herself down close to Katie.s face..Cum dripping from her cunt

onto Katie.s lips Katie shot her tongue straight into Tara hole then began licking the cum from around her pussy and sucking on her flaps Tara rotated her hips and pushed down on Katie,s face..

‘Come on suck me harder Katie i have alot more cum in me yet”..She growled and grabbed Katie,s head and slammed it into her pussy Katie sucked harder as if fated both the girls came at the same time..

much to the guys standing around delight..

Katie looked up just as Tara was lifted off her face and being lowered down on a waiting cock Katie heard new voices sounded like two.

“What the fuck”..was all she heard and seen two more men walk into the room as she was being rolled over and cock being put back in her ass..

“These two females are Joe,s wedding gift from all of us they are his pets until midnight”..Katie heard someone explain..

“Hmmm i want in on this action where is Joe?”..he asked..

“Smoking some weed out in the kitchen”..the guy said Katie lifted her head and seen the two new arrivals

“Sweet Jesus”..She said softly..

The one she had heard speaking was huge then a cock filled her mouth and the new arrivals were forgotten as her ass was being serviced

and her mouth as well the stamia on these guys was excellent..

About fifteen minutes later the guy in Katies ass blew his load over her back and gave her ass cheek a slap her ass hole was gapping open since it had been fucked

so much and for long periods off time..But Katie still wanted more cock..

Just as another guy was going to enter her she heard Joe,s voice..

“Nah that one has a date with another man,s cock.”..he laughed as the huge man Katie

had seen before walked out from out of the kitchen Katie nearly collapsed onto the table as the man walked towards her a wicked grin on his lips..

“Yeah my cock gets that reaction alot sweetheart..its 10 inches of pure heaven and nice and thick and since i have been told your ass has been fucked hard a number of times

you might just be able to take all this meat..damn iam going to try and get it all in you.”..He said and walked up behind Katie..

“Going to fuck your cunt first just for a little bit get you all wet and coat this meat with your cunt juices.” He said and started putting his huge cock inside Katie slowly..

“I promise i will be gently until it in i dont want to tear you apart these guys still have a little while with you both yet.”..he said and pushed in further he slowly

started pulling in and out Katie groaned loudly and started pushing back onto him..

the guy stopped pushing..”that,s it you take it yourself i will take over when you have it all in.”..he said Katie nodded and started rocking back and forwards.

It took Katie about two minutes to finally get him all the way inside her..

“Ok just slow at first please.’..She asked..

The man didnt answer and began fucking her slowly Katie lasted about a minute…”Ohhhh fuck…go faster i cant take this slow crap.”..She yelled..

The man laughed and went a little harder..

“Come on Mark ram it harder she can take it..”..someone said..

Mark went harder Katie cried out not in pain but in pure ecstasy..”Harder fuck me harder iam going to cum.’..She cried out..

Mark went harder and was now really ramming into Katie,s pussy…

“Someone sit in front of her so she can hold on iam going straight to her ass from here”..he said as a man straddled the table and took Katie in his arms..

Katie screamed as she came she whole body shaking and let her head fall on the man,s shoulder that was holding her..

Katie felt two hands on her ass cheeks and them being spread apart..”Just relax this will only hurt for a little bit.”..Mark said and shoved Esat Escort Bayan two finger,s into Katie,s ass

and fingered her hard spreading his fingers as he did..

Pulling them out Mark spat on her ass hole and started putting his cock in Katie sucked in her breath..

gripping the man who was holding Katie closed her eyes as Mark pushed in further Katie cried out mark started fucking her ass slowly..

“Damn is he going to get it in there?”..Kate heard someone say..

Tara walked over and faced Katie and started kissing her deeply and reached down and started massaging Katie,s clit..

“Show them you can take his cock Katie”..Tara said with a smile and kept rubbing Katie,s clit..

It took a good five minutes but finally all 10 inches of Marks cock was inside her ass hole..

“Iam going to leave in there Katie just for a minute or so then iam going to fuck you hard not many women can take all this.”..He said

and reached under her and rubbed her pussy…Katie moaned as her ass relaxed and the pain started to recede..

Katie started to rock back onto Mark,s cock get a little harder and faster until Mark put his hands on her hips..

‘Let me do it now Katie.”..He said and began fucking her ass getting faster with each stroke and a little harder until he

was ramming her ass hard…

Tara was bent over facing Katie a cock up her ass also..

Katie asked for someone to finger her her pussy felt like it was on fire and aching she needed a release..

Joe did the honors and it only took seconds and Katie,s pussy shot so much cum over Joe,s fingers…”Wipe it around my ass hole so its not dry”.

Katie said through short rapid breaths..

Joe,s smeared the cum around Katie,s hole..

Someone Katie didnt know who found some Ky gel and put some on Marks fingers Marks pulled out so just the head was still in Katie and smeared his meat with

A generous amount of gel then rammed back into Katie s ass if the guy was not holding Katie she would have flown off the table..

The gel did the trick..Katie yelled out..”Mark fuck me harder.”. and started ramming back onto Mark,s cock..

Joe walked up to Katie,s face and smiled..

“Think you could handle a cock in your cunt as well?”..He asked as he stroked his cock..

Katie nodded..”As long as that cock of Mark,s stays in my ass.”..She said

Mark stopped and the guy untangled himself from Katie,s grip while Joe then with a bit of effort got under Katie and moved down the head of his cock touching Katie,s pussy..

Mark smeared more gel on his cock as Katie lowered herself on Joe,s Cock it took the three of them a few seconds to get their

postions right..Katie nodded and both men slowly began fucking both her holes..

Katie shuttered as both of them picked up speed and were fucking her hard Katie came hard again still they keep going..

Katie never begged so much in her life to be fuck like she was beging fuck by these two guys…

Tara was having a party all of her own the other new comer was slamming her ass hard and another guy was fucking her mouth and another was blowing his load over her face..

It was not until about fifteen minutes later that joe blew his load in Katie and Katie came again just after he did Mark went for another ten minutes before he exploded in Katie.s ass..

Katie looked down at Joe..”I know iam your pet for another hour yet but please dont move yet your all that is holding me here”..She smiled..

Mark pulled out slowly and went to the front of Katie and grinned..

“That was great and once iam ready to go again i want to fuck your cunt just as hard.”..He said

Katie smiled…”And i want you to fuck my cunt that hard too.”..She said as her breath caught in her throat as someone rammed his cock back into her ass..

Tara was now getting DP hard and was screaming out to be fucked harder the screaming out soon stopped as a cock got rammed down her throat..

Half and hour later Mark walked back to Katie who was getting Dp and getting a load off cum shot over her face as soon as she seen Mark she looked down at his cock

it was hard and ready..

Five minutes later the two fucking her holes released their loads and moved away..Mark looked up at the clock..”Still 25 minutes until midnight i should finish fucking you by then”..He said

Katie smiled..”Hmmm you take as long as you need to i want that huge cock of your,s to fuck me in the worse way.”..She said..

Mark laid her on the floor and laid between her legs and entered her Katie was so wet just waiting for this cock to fuck her..

Mark didnt disappoint and fucked Katie every way he could in her cunt Katie stopped counting how many times he had made her cum..

Finally Mark came it was 10 minutes after midnight he laid down on Katie..

“I want to fuck you again your cunt and your ass so iam going to book you ok”..He said..

Katie shook her and for the first ever since she had started doing this job she told Mark she didnt want him to pay to fuck her..

“I will give you my cell number..”I have never been fuck like that ever and damn i want that again so give me about a week to recover and we will spend a night together

in a motel and fuck the whole night if you want.’..Katie said..

Mark grinned..”Hmm would love that Katie and i will bring plently of gel for that ass of your,s”..he said and kissed her and got off..

Katie laid there for a few moments until she heard Anthony,s voice and then seen him standing over her..

“One more fuck Katie if we dont fuck you both now like we usually do after these jobs your both going to be to sore to touch.’..he grinned..

Katie laughed..”And i think i wont be walking straight for the rest of the week after to-night”..She said and Anthony undressed his eight inch cock already to go.

Anthony and Phil spent the next half and hour getting suck off and fingering and eating the girls until they began fucking them both side by side from behind..

Katie was looking at Mark who was leaning against the wall and watching and now and then he gave Katie a wink all that was going through Katie,s mind was that she wanted

Mark inside her again..

Finally the night ended and all four left after saying what a excellent night it had been and headed back..

By the time Katie got home she was so sore and her pussy and ass where stinging and red raw…Katie showered for the longest time then crawled into her bed

Sleep came fast for Katie and her dreams where filled with images of Mark and the fucking of a lifetime he have given her….

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