Young Lady Ch. 01Young Lady Ch. 01


There is nothing like a bike ride through the mountains. The scenery and weather are always changing. I was about to head out on about a 50 mile ride and stopped to fuel up at a local gas station. I pulled up to the fuel pump beside a young lady pumping fuel also and I noticed that she appeared to be admiring my bike and looking at me. We exchanged hellos, and she commented on how nice my bike looked; at which time I said thanks. As she finished fueling, I noticed that she was taking her time to leave.

We began the “normal” small talk and I found that she was in town for an interview tomorrow and was spending the night at a local hotel. We continued our chat as she hinted about spending the day being bored. I asked if she wanted to ride and she smiled and said can I. I explained that I keep a spare helmet on my bike just for emergencies. We agreed that the best place to leave her car was at the hotel, so I followed closely. The five minute ride to her hotel stirred some different emotions. Here was a young lady of late teens about to climb aboard and ride with a man in his forties. She was very attractive and I knew I would have problems concentrating.

It just happens that she was dressed in shorts, which were appropriate on this warm day. As we pulled into parking lot, she wasted no time leaving her car behind and walking fast to the bike. Her smile was radiant and this time I watched her walk more closely. She had long legs that seemed to go forever and a cute ass. From this point I knew I was going to be in trouble. I retrieved the helmet from my bag and helped her adjust it. Then I explained to her that I was a guy that flirted a lot at times and it wasn’t too late to back out.

Her face lit up and she blew my mind when she said that’s ok, I like older men anyway. I climbed back on and held the bike as she climbed on. Before we pulled off I explained a couple places where she could hold on. When the bike started moving I felt her hands grab hold my waist tightly. I was smiling from ear to ear but, I could feel the nervousness in her body and voice. After a few miles down the road, I could tell she was becoming more comfortable. For us to carry on a conversation, she had to lean forward slightly.

Our conversation was constant, so her body was pressed against my back Bolu Escort most of the time. At some point I could feel my cock began to stir. I thought to myself that this can’t happen right now. But it detected her breast on my back and hands on my waist. What man my age wouldn’t be aroused by such a beauty? Suddenly she asked if I was okay and I replied yes. Our conversation continued and I found out that she was relocating to my area if she was offered the job, because she would start school close by. When we got closer to the mountains, the talk turned to the gorgeous view. By the time we reached the top, her body had become more relaxed, as her head was resting on my shoulder. I pulled into a parking space to rest and take a tour. I showed the numerous trails that overlook the vast area and asked her to choose a path. After a few moments of stretching, we headed out on a trail that took us to a pavilion. We chatted some, we smiled and our eyes kept making contact. I finally got the nerve to say how beautiful she was and how lucky I was. She smiled and said thanks, you’re attractive yourself, she said.

We were about to walk around some more, when I took a chance I hoped I wouldn’t regret the rest of my life. I stopped and took her face in my hands and looked her in the eyes, as if asking for permission to kiss. I sort of expected her to pull away and tell me I had the wrong idea. But she didn’t and her eyes seemed to say what’s taking so long. I leaned in for a kiss and pulled her close. The kiss was soft at first and I felt her melt into me. The soft kiss turned more passionate. I held her close and broke the kiss from her mouth to kiss on her neck. She seemed to want more as one of my hands reached down for her breast and the other held her ass firmly against my crotch. I was beginning to get a hard on, which I think she felt. Her body seemed to get weaker, but her moans were saying she was full of sexual energy.

I pressed hard into her crotch, just as one of her hands dropped down to feel me up. As her hand clutched my cock, she gasped and pulled back to look me in the eyes. I took her face and kissed her again, and her hand grasped tighter. I released her face and asked if she was ok, and she said she was fine. I took this as an indication not to stop. I took her Bolu Escort Bayan hand and wa;led her back to the pavilion and leaned her against a post. I looked her in the eyes as I dropped to my knees and began rubbing my face in her crotch. I held her arms to the pole and gently nibbled on her stomach and proceeded down further until I reached the button and zipper to her shorts. I used my teeth to pull her button apart and open her zipper. Her moans became increasing louder and quicker. I knew the anticipation was making her body shiver. I released her hands and pulled her shorts down and watched her step out of them. I grabbed a leg and lifted it to rest on my shoulder and held her arms again.

As I took my time reaching her pussy, she thrust her hips forward at my mouth. Hen my tongue reached her clit, we both moaned. I was amazed at how wet she was. Her juices had her inner thighs glistening with moisture. I reached for clit with my lips, holding it firmly and pulling it sideways. Then I released it and took aim at her labia. Going up and down, one side at a time. After several licks, I probed her insides, tongue fucking her til she became weaker. I felt her body tense as she began to cum. I continued to lick and suck, drinking in all her cum. When I moved her leg from my shoulders, she stood looking at me with fire in her eyes. She wasted no time in going for my crotch, I reached for my belt and snap to release some pressure. I watched her body drop to her knees and admire the site. She held it firm and stroked gently; as if deciding how to attack it. Just as her head moved forward, I pushed also, meeting her halfway.

I heard her moan when it touched her lips. She started off with kisses and moved to the head to take it in. She seemed to be trying to hide it. I grabbed her head and began to pound away at her face. Her saliva had me soaked and running down to my balls. She began to use one hand to stroke and deep throat all she could. My thick 9″ was keeping her from taking it all, but damn she wasn’t giving up. I reached down for her shoulders and pulled her up. We took a couple steps and I laid her across a picnic table. She watched as I rubbed my shaft along the outside of her opening and across her clit and labia. When I placed the head at her opening, her Escort Bolu legs wrapped around my body. It penetrated her inch by inch. I knew her young pussy would be tight, so I took it easy at first. She had enough though and pulled me in all the way. I wasted no time in pounding her dripping wet pussy. Stroke after stroke brought her closer and closer once again. Just as she reached that point, I pulled out and spanked her clit with the head. Her disappointment was only temporary, as I reentered er dark hole.

This time I knew her orgasm wouldn’t be stopped. I could tell she liked a fast paced fuck in this position. I grabbed her arms and held them next to her waist and began pounding that cunt with all I had. I was right, her orgasm arrived quicker than I thought. As she came, she began to kick around as her body was tingling all over. I pulled out and walked to her face and placed my dick at her mouth. This young lady was still horny and almost took my whole length. With my dick still wet. I turned her over and entered her from behind. . As I pushed the shaft in, her back bent and I moaned. The feeling was so awesome. I was fucking a very young pussy in the middle of nature. The excitement of her movements, her age, looks and sex appeal was very stimulating. I knew I had found her favorite position when she screamed out how good it felt. Her hands seemed to be reaching for something to grab. With nothing but the table to grab, all she could do was moan and clench her fist. I rotated my hips every few strokes just to change the feel. But we both knew what it would take to reach another climax, and that was just pure pounding. I felt her push back and I decided to pull her hair gently. The combination was exciting to us both. Seemed like a minute later we were both in the midst of a strong orgasm. As we came, I could feel her cum drip from her pussy and down our legs. When I pulled out, she turned and dropped to her knees in an effort to clean our cum off my dick. By the time she did this, I was wanting to fuck again, but I knew we had to head back. We got dressed and I held her body close as we kissed again.

The ride home was about the same, except more touching and feeling. I felt her body messed against my back and I rested my left hand on her knee at times. When we reached her vehicle, she thanked me for the great rides. We both laughed and I thanked her also. Before I left, I gave her my number and told her to let me know how the interview went. I drove off feeling this was a one time thing. But guess what happened the next day????

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