my Sweet Auntymy Sweet Aunty


    Hi readers i am Raj aged 24, Working in a MNC in Bangalore.I am moderately built with a nice smiling face.To start with I was a bit shy to narrate my story but after seeing your experiences I thought this is not a big sin at all.Right from childhood I was not that interested in sex but after after attaining maturity I began to enjoy the beautiful silk body of women.This is my first experience i am narrating and this happened 1 year back when i was searching for a job.That day was really a memorable day for me.My parents had gone to my native place to spend time.I was left alone because I had interviews the next week.My mother requested her sister Anuaradha (Age 38) to look after me for 10 days as I did not know to cook.Till that moment I never knew what was ahead of me and was treat I will be getting.To be frank I am a very reserved person and I had never loved any girl.I jus used to enjoy women’s body whenever I see any sexy women.So my parents had left I was left alone with my Aunty Anu(i call her like that).Anu was married but had no children and her husband was a womeniser as far as i knew.He worked in UAE and never came to see her often I myself had seen him only 3 times till now.So Anu was always lonely and always use to help my mom.My parents are very strict and So I used to be very disclipned.It was saturday and when I woke up I saw my Anu neatly bathed and was in a black silk saree.She looked really really beautiful.I secretly found her Bra size to be 38.I guessed it must be big and eagerly waiting to squeeze those fleshy balls.I woke up at 10’o’ clock and we were living in a deserted house i mean in the outskirts of the city so It always istanbul travesti looks as though it was dark as trees covered our house.I was given a cofee and my aun said I could have breakfast in 1 hour.I was indeed sexually hungry i wanted to catch this sexy women and plant kisses on her whole body.Anu was heavily built not that fat but very healthy with a big belly.At 11:00 we had breakfast and we were jus chatting after breakfast about upcoming elections and a lot of other things.It was now 1:00 in the afternoon my house looked as though it was 6:00 in the evening.Climate was pleasant and it was neither hot or raining but Sky was very black.Anu was wearing a Black silk saree with a matching sleeveless blouse.I could see her fleshy arms she was very fair so it was almost milky white.Anu said to me Arun i feeling vey tired as she had woke up early and was having pain in her arms.She had an ointment with her and she said she is going to bed and asked me to wake her up after 5:00 in the evening.Something flashed my mind why not I could taste this sexy women today.I made a plan in my mind.She went to bed and after 15 mts I entered the room the room was quite dark and since she was wearing a black saree I could hardly see her silky body.I put on the night light which was a pale yellow lamp.The atmosphere was really romantic. I saw anu applying ointment to her arms.I said Anu wat happened are u now OK. She said it is paining.I asked her boldly can i apply ointment to her.She was a typical Indian women and said NO she could manage.I did not want to leave her I persisted till i got a green signal.She said ok.I took the oinment from her hand kept a pillow and on that istanbul travestileri her right arm.I closed the bedroom door as I switched on the AC and made the room look really romantic.First I lifted her arms and to my surprise I saw some pubic hairs in her underarm.I did not ask her anything on that.Now i started applying ointment and slowly started to massage them. I took my time so did it so gently and she began to close her eyes.AC was on her face and I slowly started to massage her milky arms.It was soft beleive me so soft that i wanted to kiss it.I feared so I went massaging from down of her arm to upwards.I did not want her to sleep so that I should not miss that angel that day.I said Anu can I give a warm oil massage as that would give relaxation to her body.She was hesitant I was really in a caring tone She obliged I know I was smart.I took coconut oil warmed it and took it to the bedroom closed the doors.She smiled at me and said I am really caring for her.I said I need her, she smiled for that.I said I need to massage her legs.So she slided her saree upto her ankles.I stared applying oil very slow and gentle and massaged her leg fingers kissed the smallest finger. She was getting excited .I said this is an special tretment to give pleasure to her body.So asked her to life her saree more she was really tensed as she was a shy type and a barrier that she my aunty was stopping her.I said I care for her health and I would not tell anyone about this massage.She smiled and said I can do as I want,she believed I was doing this as a treatment to give relief to her body.Less did she knew my intentions.Slowly I lifted her saree till her upper thighs,I could travesti istanbul partly see the maroon panty.Wow!!!! Wat a thighs she possessed.Her thighs were really fleshy and it was almost saggy.In that light she was like a gold queen.I took oil and massaged and pinched her thighs so gently that I could feel the flesh she had.I did the same for both the legs.I said boldly i need to massage her upper thighs I knew she had lost contrl she said Arun proceed and closed her eyes.I totally lifted her saree and her lower part of her saree was in her navel.I could see her panty clearly.It was a dark maroon now she knew my intentions but could not protest as she had missed this for long time.I now slowly lowered her panty so that I could see her pussy.I had lowered 50% yes those sexy pubic hairs were visible.I took a lot of oil and oil was very warm and in that AC it was a perfect blend.I kep my hand in he pussy region and now It was me who lost control.I kept myself very steady so that she should accept me as true man.I did not remove her sexy panty fully instead slided my fingers inside and massaged.I now made up my mind to kiss those fleshy thighs before I moved to her Bobs.I kissed it very softly and watered her thighs.She was moaning and said No please I knew she wanted more so placed my lips passionately.She was now 0% resistant.I wanted to make her crave so stopped and covered her thighs with saree and said ANU now can I massage your neck.Yes was her immediate reply.I took her front portion of her saree and now a could see a blouse so bulged that covered 2 38″ sized fleshy footballs.It was so bulgy and I could see a ivory cloured Bra comfortably kissing her breasts.I took oil and made her lift her hands so that I could see her underarm hairs.I applied oil on those hairs she was sweating now.She was not in control.If I wanted to open her pussy and insert my tool she would accept yet I did not want to do it now.

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