Working Late Ch. 02Working Late Ch. 02

Female Ejaculation

It’s good to talk…..

Getting home that evening I was still in shock, my boss a sex-goddess! My fantasies with her had always been tainted with the assumption that she never fucked and that her body was just wasted on her……however it seemed that every cloud and all that.

I was alone at home, the lodger was out. I decided there and then that whilst the sound of Emma’s orgasms where still in my head I would wank myself stupid over that thought. I went into the bedroom and got undressed, lying on the bed I was already hard, I looked down at my engorged cock. 8 inches long, quite thick and dark hair at the bottom. My balls are quite large, probably the reason I cum in such large quantities….My mind went back to hearing Emma tell the guy on the ‘phone how she wanted his balls in her mouth whilst she sucked him, my cock twitched and a little spurt of pre-cum dripped out onto my shaft, dripping down the side onto my balls. I could feel how warm it was, making it’s slow sticky way down my cock until it pooled at the bottom.

I took my balls in my hand and rubbed the pre-cum in gently, forcing more out of the end of my cock which also dribbled down and soaked my hand. My balls where red-hot, would Emma feel that heat if she was sucking on them? She could taste my pre-cum as she sucked on my big, cum filled balls, looking me in the eyes as I played with her hair…..

I was moaning loudly now, pushing my ass up off the bed as I rode my hand, still only rubbing my balls. Now my free hand went to my shaft, gripping it tightly I pulled down on it as I pulled my balls up….the feeling was amazing, I moaned out loud…..”Yes Emma, suck my cock, take my balls in your mouth…suck them….”

I looked over at the mirror on the wall, I could see myself led on the bed, naked, my cock sticking up and twitching as I played with my balls. I opened up both my hands, and just rubbed both palms over my cock and balls slowly, pushing down, curling my fingers down so they cupped my balls whilst my palms rubbed my cock head.

This almost made me cum so I let go and just led there breathing hard……Then I saw the ‘phone on the dresser……I had a thought…..Should I? I’d never done that before…How far do the women on those lines go? Before I had answered these questions I had the ‘phone in my hand, the newspaper had some adverts in it…I dialled the number…..a short wait….then…….

“Hi, my name’s Jayne…….What can I do for you tonight?”

The voice was pleasant, deep and for Bodrum Escort all intents and purposes…sexy…I felt like I had spoken to her before somewhere.

“I just…..ermmmmmmmmm……..saw your advert in the paper………..I……..errr…I rang it..!”

A pause….

“Well of course you rang it, we’re here arn’t we! So tell me about you…”

I told her name, age, height, basic physical features….

“…and what do you want me to be? I’ll be anything you like.”

“Anything..” I repeated…”Errrrrrrr…..OK……My boss turns me on so much, I want you to be her!”

“Ok babe, tell me about her.”

I told her, name, age, looks, body and what she wears…

A long pause at the other end….

“And you said your name was Howard, right?”


“Ok Howard, think of me as Emma, I’m in your bedroom now… on white blouse, black suit jacket, tight black long skirt, calf length black boots…hair tied up. I’ve sat next to you on the bed, you’re naked and slowly wanking your cock. Come on baby, wank that cock of yours for me…both hands.”

My cock was getting hard again…I took it in my hand and rubbed around the base feeling the warmth and lying back eyes closed…”Now whilst your doing that, I’m removing my jacket and skirt….white bra and panties on underneath, rubbing up and down your chest as I watch you wank slowly…”

“Oh yes, rub your tits over my chest…I’m going to let your hair down…” I moaned.

“Ok baby, I lean forward and you feel the silk of my bra being pushed into your chest from the weight of my big tits, my hair falls down and tickles your chest…”

I started to wank harder….breathing harder “Oh God Emma, I’m rubbing the outside of your panties, feeling how wet you are behind them, ride my hand baby, I push my hand into your panties and lie my palm over your pussy, ride it..!”

“Pushing against your hand, feel how wet that is Howard? Feeling your mouth start to explore the outside of my bra, feeling you lock on to a nipple through the material and suck it hard…the bra cup getting wet with your saliva soaking through, making contact with my nipple…I lean forward and bury your face into my tits, feeling you pushing them together around your face, my bra gets ripped off….you push my tits together and lick across both nipples from side-to-side, loving the feel of their heavy weight and large size in your hands….Now take one nipple and concentrate on it…suck it so hard baby…”

I Bodrum Escort Bayan imagined taking one of her 38E tits in my mouth, taking a nipple, locking my lips tight around it and just sucking very, very hard…feeling it go erect in my mouth…My hand was wanking hard…pre-cum was spraying off and splattering onto my chest, I played with it, feeling how good the hot and sticky goo felt on my skin…

I could hear her moaning “That’s it Howard, suck my tits..I love them played with…..massage them, suck them, rub them…..Tell me how much you love them baby.”

“I LOVE your tits Emma, if you knew how much spunk I had shot over the thought of fucking them………….Oh God……….Lie back on the bed Emma, I am going to fuck those tits of yours…I want my cock suffocated between them…..I am going to fuck them , and drown them in cum baby…”

She started telling me about how she was lying down but I wasn’t listening, I was imagining Emma, lying there, her gorgeous chest underneath me still wet from my earlier mouth attention…..she pushes her tits together, but not all the way, making a channel between them…I take a deep breath and rub the end over her nipples, coating them in pre-cum. I squeeze the end of my cock making as much come out as possible as I nudge it up against her nipples. She takes the end of my cock and presses it hard against her nipple, both nipple and cock virtually disappear into the mass of tit-flesh as she works the sensitive tip of my cock over her hard nipple….

She lets go and my cock springs back…I don’t waste a moment, I push it back down and in one go deep into her cleavage until it hits her chest. She sits up slightly using two pillows to angle her chest…This makes her tits swing almost naturally and I get the benefit of all of her gorgeous breasts….I come out of my daze to hear the girl on the ‘phone say slowly but firmly, emphasising each word…..


My hand and cock were drenched…..”Yes Emma, press them together around my cock, I’m going to fuck those gorgeous tits of yours so hard…Oh God yes….can you feel my balls rubbing up the inside of your chest? I’m giving it nice long strokes so my cock gets completely smothered and then almost completely comes out the top of your cleavage..”

“Yes baby, I can see….Wow, I can tell you just love fucking these big, beautiful tits of mine don’t you…I’ll push them together, you reach around and rub Escort Bodrum my clit babe…..You’re really going for it, I’ve never had my tits fucked as hard as this before….Now I’m going to lick the end as it comes out the top Howard…think you can handle that baby?”

That was almost too much, the thought of fucking Emma’s tits, whilst playing with her clit was enough…to have her greedily licking the end as well….this was going to be a massive orgasm.

Then I heard a loud gasp on the ‘phone, an even louder, long deep moan and a whimper….then….”Jesus, I’ve just cum….I work from home and somethimes the guys get me horny enough to bring myself off….that’s what just happened..”

………..What? And now it was MY turn?! That was it…..I squeezed my hand around my cock and decided that it was time to cum, right now.

“Ok baby, I’m going to cum, I can’t hold back any longer….I want you to sit on the edge of the bed……..push your tits up to your face, lick your nipples if you can…..then I’m going to stand in front of you and just empty every last drop of my hot, sticky, glue-like cum over your face and tits.”

“OH HOWARD! Yes, cum on me, all over me, especially my tits baby…”

I led back, imagining the scene, Emma sat in front of me, pushing her tits up to her face, me in front of her, both hands on my cock, aiming it at her….getting ready……feeling that tightening of my balls….her looking up at me in anticipation……whispering encouragement…

I came, hard……………very hard in fact……

I was led on my back, cock pointing down my body……One hand massaging my balls, one wanking fast…..I felt the first spurt race up my shaft and saw it shoot out the end splattering all over my chest, I started to moan, knowing what was coming next…..the next couple of spurts where big long ones, both splashed messily into my face and hair, dripping down between my lips, I squeezed my balls and let go of my cock, my cock twitched like mad spraying my body and top of my thighs in thick, hot, sticky jism slowly dripping down back onto my balls, more and more shot out, giving me my own pearl necklace, coating my arms and stomach……all the time thinking of how Emma would look with this load on her face and tits dripping off onto her legs as she looked up at me amazed, her tits literally drenched in my cum….

I started to calm down, I looked down at my cock which was not spurting anymore but leaking alot of cum out down my shaft….I was plastered and felt so dirty…I ran my fingers through the sperm coating my chest, feeling it’s sticky hot consistency, feeling the mess on my face drip into my mouth………………..

“See you tomorrow..” said the voice on the ‘phone…

Whatever could she mean?

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