Working from Home Ch. 01Working from Home Ch. 01


Steve looked out of his bedroom window at the sound of the lawn mower starting. As with a lot of people, he’d moved back home with his parents when the pandemic hit, and despite things opening back up, he hadn’t yet re-flown the nest. Neither had he returned to the office, continuing to work from home.

Which definitely had its advantages, he smiled to himself as the source of the lawnmower stepped into view. Whilst Steve was perfectly capable of mowing their lawns, his dad had started to pay their neighbours son to do it when Steve had left home, and it seemed unfair to take away this source of income for the young man.

James was only 18, heading off to university at the end of the summer. When Steve was last at home, he had been a gangly awkward young teen. All that had changed whilst he had been away. He’d grown up, his lean body having that energy that all young adults seemed to have. And what a body, Steve smiled to himself as he watched James pushing the mower back and forth across their half acre back lawn. The summer sun was beating down, and James had decided to forego any top. His skin shone in the sun, the sweat that was beading on his tanned torso reflecting the rays. As he turned, Steve saw the tight abs stretching as he manhandled the heavy mower around, before trudging on again.

His legs pushed against the ground, driving him on. They were clad in loose shorts, their strong muscular forms showing the power that lay within them. He had a pair of earphones on to cancel the noise, pushing down on his short blonde hair. If they lived anywhere near the coast, he would have been mistaken for a typical surfer dude.

Work was forgotten now as Steve tried to discretely watch James over the top of his laptop. He wasn’t in bad shape himself, being massively active and taking part in lots of sports, but being the wrong side of 30, he found it harder to resist snacking, and easier to skip the workouts. He looked down at his own body, a slight belly showing beneath his short-sleeved work shirt, and for the hundredth time, vowed to cut down on the snacking. His own legs poked out of loose shorts, another perk of working from home.

By now James had finished the lawn and out of Steve’s view the engine cut off. A couple of minutes later Steve heard a knock on the front door. For a moment Steve ignored it, his parents would deal with it, but then he realised that they were out for the day, and so he pushed up from his office chair and made his way down the stairs. His breath increased as he could see the outline of James’s body through the door, and he steadied himself for a moment before opening the door. The warmth hit him as he opened the door, and the sun dazzled him for a moment.

“Hey,” James said, smiling, hardly seeming out of breath from the hour of work he’d done. Steve had to stop from staring as he watched a bead of sweat trickle down the perfect torso.

“Hey,” Steve managed to reply, before realising James had come to get paid. “Come in,” he added turning to find the money his parents had left.

James pushed his trainers off, and stepped into the hallway, following Steve.

“Here you go,” Steve said, handing James the note he’d found on the table.

“Cheers,” James said, tunalı escort putting the note into his pocket, before adding, “so did you enjoy the show?”

“Huh?” Steve replied, momentary confused.

“I saw you, watching me work,” James replied, smiling at the look of horror that crossed Steve’s face, “and I have one question for you.”

“What’s that?” Steve asked in a quiet voice, his heart beating fast.

“What are you going to do about it?” James said stepping closer to Steve.

It took Steve a moment to realise what James was meaning, and when he did, he stepped close and pulled James close. Their lips met, and immediately James’s mouth gently parted, allowing Steve to push his tongue in, running it over his lips, tasting the salty sweat on the young man’s skin.

James for his part reached round and pulled Steve to him, their bodies crushing together, the sweat on James’s skin soaking into Steve’s shirt. Steve didn’t care as he continued to kiss the young man with a passion that the other returned, their mouths hot and eager to devour each other. He let his hands reach around and caress the warm skin of James’s back, his hands sliding over the sweaty body.

They kissed like this for a minute or two, and then James’s fingers reached between them, deftly undoing the buttons to Steve’s shirt. Undoing the last one, he reached up and pushed it off Steve’s shoulders, Steve shrugging to help it off. Both torso’s naked, James pulled Steve close again, the skin on skin sending jolt of electric trough Steve’s body. James’s hands were caressing Steve’s chest, gently rubbing one nipple and then the other, causing Steve to moan into their kiss.

Steve let his hands wander lower, and grabbed James’s ass, feeling the tight cheeks beneath his fingers. Squeezing, he pulled them in tight, and felt the growing hardness of James’s dick through his shorts as their groins met. His own dick was also getting hard, making out with this 18-year-old Adonis was turning him on so much.

“Let’s get a bit comfier,” he breathed, breaking their kiss, panting slightly, and James goofily smiled at him, before following him into the living room, which was well lit from the summer sun.

Steve turned, and kissed James again, short and hard, before reaching down once more. This time his hands were at James’s front, and reaching under the waistband of the shorts, felt James’s cock straining through the boxers. He let his hands caress it through the material, feeling it pulse and grow, before urge took over and he wanted to feel it in his hands. James had followed suit, his own hand reaching into Steve’s shorts, rubbing his fingers over Steve’s dick until it was rock hard. Smiling, Steve stepped away from their kiss and quickly stepped out of his shorts and boxers, standing naked before James.

James followed suit, revealing his dick for the first time. The cut head of a 6-inch dick stood proudly from James’s body, and Steve immediately reached out, felling the warmth in his fingertips as he let his hand slowly caress the shaft. Once again, they stepped close and kissed, their hands on the other man’s dick, slowly caressing their length with intimacy.

James suddenly broke their türbanlı escort kiss, and pushing Steve onto the sofa he sank to his knees, and bending his head forward he lowered his mouth to Steve’s dick.

“Ahhhh,” Steve moaned in pleasure as the warmth of James’s mouth engulfed his cut tip, his tongue darting out to tease the sensitive skin. With one hand caressing the base of his shaft, James let his mouth run up and down the length of Steve’s cock, coating it in his saliva. He began to pump his hand up and down the bottom half as he took the top half back into his mouth.

“God, that’s amazing,” Steve stammered as James’s mouth worked its wonders. He found he was unconsciously lifting his hips now, bucking them up, trying to force more of his cock into James’s mouth. James noticed and slowly lowered his mouth down until more of Steve’s cock was in his mouth.

“Urgk, urgk,” he moaned as he bobbed up and down, now taking the full length of Steve’s cock into his mouth. Steve was still thrusting his cock up, forcing its full length into James’s mouth. James broke for a breath, saliva and pre-cum dripping from his mouth and dribbling down his chest. Steve reached forward and kissed James deeply and hard, revelling in the taste of the young man.

The kiss was brief, before James returned his attentions to Steve’s cock. This time, he reached one hand under the cock, massaging the balls hanging there, before reaching further to Steve’s ass.

Steve scooted up the sofa, thrusting his dick more into James’s mouth, but also given him access to his ass. He moaned in pleasure as he felt one of James’s fingers playing with the rim of his ass, before slowly being inserted inside. The pressure in his ass, continued with the frenzied work of James’s lips and tongue were building him to climax. He was panting now, trying to hold off the moment he came.

James caught his eye, never taking his mouth from Steve’s cock and smiled, knowing the other man was near coming. He increased his tempo, both with finger and mouth, and with a final groan, Steve felt himself come.

The release was heavenly, as he forcefully spurted his seed into James’s eager mouth. James continued to lick his dick as it pulsed, never letting the cum spill out. Finally, Steve stopped, and felt his dick start to soften. James let it drop from his mouth, saliva and cum again dripping down his chest, and he knelt there panting, cum smeared his lips where it had escaped, his hard dick resting on his thighs, a smearing of pre-cum on his skin glistening in the sunlight.

“Wow,” Steve panted, also out of breath, looking down at the younger man at his feet. He couldn’t believe this hot body had just blown him off, and he was still basking in the post orgasm glow when James got to his feet, his hard dick standing out from him body. With the sunlight behind him, silhouetting him, he looked like an angel, albeit a dirty one.

“My turn now,” he smiled, and reached down, guiding Steve onto his front so that his ass was pointing upwards. He stepped forward and continued to massage Steve’s ass with a finger, widening it from its earlier attention. Steve rocked his hips back, slowly fucking James’s fingers as they ulus escort probed his ass.

“Someone is eager,” James laughed, as a second finger entered Steve’s ass, causing Steve to moan once more.

“God yes, I want that dick inside me so bad,” Steve moaned, his head resting on the cushion, looking backwards at James who stood over him.

“You want this inside you?” James said, as he rested on leg onto the sofa, bringing his dick in line with Steve’s ass, before rocking forward and running his hard cock over the crack between Steve’s ass cheeks.

“So bad,” Steve moaned, thrusting his ass back, desperate to feel James inside me.

“Say it,” James said, parting Steve’s ass and continuing to rub his cock up and down the crack.

“Fuck me,” Steve moaned, and James relented his teasing, and with one hand guided his cock to Steve’s hole.

“Jeeez,” Steve moaned as James pushed the head of his cock into Steve’s ass, which slowly stretched as James moved deeper.

James pulled out, spat onto his hand and rubbed his dick, lubricating it, and then pushed forward again, this time sliding deeper into Steve’s ass.

“Shiiit,” Steve cried as his face was forced into the cushion by the power of James’s thrust.

James pulled back, but not fully, before pushing forward again, this time the resistance was even less, and he slid full length into Steve’s ass, his crotch flush against Steve’s ass.

With this he slowly increased his speed, rocking his hips back and forth as he fucked Steve’s ass, one leg on the floor, one hand resting on the back of the sofa, keeping his balance. Steve was thrusting his ass back in time, their timing syncing so that their bodies were now slapping together with an audible noise.

James reached forward and put both hands around Steve’s waist, pulling him deeper onto his cock. With the extra leverage he was able to thrust forward harder, the regular thwack thwack of their bodies slamming together was louder now.

“Mmmmmh, aahhhhh,” Steve moaned as he felt he was being split in two by James’s cock

“You like that don’t you, my young cock fucking your hot ass,” James cried.

“Ahhh, yeh, fuck me harder with that young cock,” Steve managed to pant out, and James did that, slowing his pace, pulling all the way out before slamming his dick forward with all his power, forcing Steve’s face deeper into the cushions.

Steve was in pleasure heaven, James’s dick inside him filling him so wonderfully. He craned his neck to see James’s tanned body thrusting in and out of him, the sunlight streaming in through the window painting him in golden wonder. Here he was, being fucked in his parents living room, in the middle of the day where anyone might walk past and see, and he didn’t care. All he was focused on was the young man who was wonderfully fucking him. His dick was hard again, he could feel it beginning to leak cum again, and with difficulty grabbed his t-shirt and stuffed it up him, not wanting to stain the sofa and answer has parents’ subsequent questions.

James had sped up again, and Steve sensed he was close to cumming. He continued to thrust his ass back onto James’s cock, squeezing it with his ass muscles as he did. With a final cry and thrust, James came, and Steve felt his warm cum pulsing and coating his insides. He clamped his ass tight on James’s cock, milking it for every drop of cum. James was panting again, his chest running with sweat as he leant forward, his hard body resting on Steve’s back, as the two of them recovered.

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