Ben’s Blueberry AdventureBen’s Blueberry Adventure


Blood slowly dripped from the tiny incision. Ben raised his finger to his lips intending to suck it gently until the bleeding stopped, however when it reached level with his face he noticed a peculiar tint to his finger tips and it seemed to be spreading rapidly across his palms.

Fear overtook him as he panicked, his entire hand was now blue in complexion and swollen, he feared for his life, could this be an allergic reaction?

The blueberry juice was racing through his blood stream causing more and more of him to distend. His once toned bottom was now protruding and the rest of his body was expanding at an alarming rate to match it.

His jeans were stretched to capacity and bulging at the seams, the buttons being prised from the button holes with ever-renewing force.

Ben’s red hawaiian shirt laid in tatters on the floor as he continued to swell, the bluish hue creeping across his once pale peachy skin until each inch of his ever expanding frame was tinged a deep shade of violet.

And that’s how she found him, helpless on the ground, moaning and calling out for help. “Well, well, well, look at you! haven’t we got ourselves into a predicament here?” she sneered as he lay whimpering at her feet.

“I bet you feel so helpless” she said cruelly as she began pushing him, causing him to roll over and over and over never relenting, refusing to pause long enough to let him catch his breath, he was trapped completely at her mercy. His swollen body being gently tortured as the weight of his own juice crushed his once tiny frame. “Baby please stop I beg of you” Ben panted, his face strained with the continued fruitless efforts of getting her to relent even if just for long enough gaziantep escort for him to regain his breath.

It seemed like hours to him yet in reality it had only been minutes when she finally stopped, his eyes closed, tired from the continued exertion he had been put through he thanked her, however when he opened his eyes a scene he could be much less thankful for met him. “Lick me” she demanded as she presented her tight wetness to him. He wanted to yell at her, to shout no, to refuse, but upon realising his dire and helpless situation he reluctantly submitted.

He tipped his head towards her, eager to get this humiliation over and done with. Her hand clutched his hair tightly as he was just millimetres from running his tongue along her soaked lips.

He frowned up at her quizzically, not quite sure what she wanted. His gaze followed her index finger as she gently ran it over her hardened clit and dipped it briefly inside herself, causing her to shudder with pleasure. He longed to be able to do that to her, but, trapped in his current state all he could do was lay beneath her and watch. He moaned when she glazed her finger over his swollen lips, enough for him to taste her and breathe in the musky aroma.

Finally her will-power failed her, the teasing had been nice but she couldn’t stand it anymore she needed release and Ben was going to give it to her.

She roughly rubbed herself over him and smeared her juices across his face. Moaning as his tongue slid slowly and reluctantly inside her, exploring the very depths of her. She shivered in the delicious pleasure he was providing her with. She ground herself against him as he became braver licking her at different paces, his nose pushed lightly against her clit. The arousal she felt at this moment was greater than at any point in her life as she came covering his face with her juice. He felt so degraded as she turned to look at him with a demeaning glare. “oh made a little mess here haven’t we” she laughed cruelly, knowing full well he could do nothing about the liquid dripping from his hair and cheeks. “would you like me to help you clean up?” she teased. “yes Kayleigh, please” he whimpered, “Beg” was all she said in response, reminding this blueberry who was in charge, making him aware for certain it most definitely wasn’t him.

“please, baby, please” he whined, “pathetic” she replied “it’s almost as if you don’t want me to clean you up” she mocked.

Ben snivelled at this statement, partially from the cruelty he was being subjected to but also because he was scared that what she had said could be true. Maybe he was enjoying the abuse, he was fairly sure he was hard but with all the swelling in the way he was confined to his position and couldn’t tell for sure.

“please clean me up, its so debasing having this all over my face, please I’m begging you, I’ll do anything, I’ll let you abuse me all you want!”

a smile spread across her lips as she heard those final words “abuse me all you want” now wasn’t that an appealing offer, something she could not refuse. “Fine” she retorted “your

mistress is so kind and merciful to you, don’t forget your thank you’s” her face, gently flushed with remnants of her orgasm, moved closer to his as she gingerly licked her own essence from his violet-stained face. Her tongue felt soothing across his skin as it cleared the drying liquid from his cheek. “mmm thank you” he practically purred once she had finished

“Oh but I’m not nearly done” she said menacingly.

She began walking along the length of his swollen body, it didn’t take long before she had completely disappeared from his sight, worrying him slightly and reminding him of just how helpless he truly was.

Obscured from Ben’s view by the sheer size of his own bloated form Kayleigh reached for his feet. That first touch made him squeal before beginning to laugh hysterically as her fingers glided lightly yet relentlessly across the soles of his feet. His stomach muscles and his jaw were began to ache from the laughter and he now realised he had been too quick to say thank you.

Once again he began to beg for her to stop. Sobs escaping between the torrents of laughter. He led there unable to defend himself, only able to lay there and submit to the relentless torture she was subjecting him to.

Kayleigh was taking absolute delight in tickling him, watching his engorged body writhe and wriggle as he frantically tried to escape, trapped inside the prison of his own blueberry-like body.

After much begging and pleading between gasps she finally ceased the continual rapid motions of her fingers.

He breathed heavily, exhausted from the torture that had been subjected on him.

She kissed him lightly and began to walk away from his tired, immobile body, in her barefooted state she trod on a thorn, the very same thorn that had got Ben into all of this mess. She began to inflate, the juices filling her, causing her to expand.

She glanced down in her frightened state to see Ben laying in a sticky puddle of blue liquid, he stood up and stepped back away from her bulging form. “My turn” he thought to himself. The fun was only just beginning.

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