Subject: Work & the New Walls (12) This is a fictional story about the hot crew of guys that were at my office some time back. The company was redoing some if the interior. New rooms and walls. Basically a renovation of sorts. This story is for all the hot hunks involved in the placement of walls and cubicles and all the work in the Reno. These guys are probably straight. So I would not assume their sexuality. Again only fiction. And a shame couldn’t have even one of these hot hunks. Hope you all enjoy…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Work & the New Walls (12) … I was kneeling there before Eric again. My hand in his filling up crotch area. His dick trapped in his jeans currently. But I was down there now to help release it from its confines. I reached for the zipper and then pulled down. The ‘frrppp’ sound filling up the room in an echo. I was licking at my lips as I knew I would be freeing his big cock. But I was glad to do I was glad to have this hunk all to myself. “Let’s get you out of these” I said to him. “I am very hungry” I smiled at the hunky guy as I said that. He smiled back and let me pull down the jeans. I had to practically peel them down his thick legs. I had forgotten how great this guys legs were. Thicker than any guy I have know before. Nice amounts if hair on them. They just plain were sexy legs. kocaeli escort I smiled as I gazed at them too. “Awesome legs” I said “Thick and strong” “Yeah gotta hold all this up” he said as be grabbed his stomach. I leaned in and kissed the top of one of his meaty thighs. Then gazed at the boxes briefs before me. Light blue and already showing signs if Eric’s big dick pushing at the material. I licked at my lips again and then kissed his thigh once more. This time closer to the edge of his briefs. My head then felt his bulge and then rubbed at the tip pf his covered dick. I pushed my forehead to it. Then moved up an inch or so more to get my face closer to the bulge. And then I turned and kissed his confined dick through those lucky briefs. Feeling it against my n Hungry lips. He sighed as I then opened my mouth and grasped at the shaft through the briefs. Squeezing at it with my mouth. “Hmm. Mouth feels nice” he said “Maybe you can take it out and suck it” Oh I planned on it for sure. But first to just feel it through the soft cotton I thought was hot too. and his growing bulge was sexy and hot. I wanted to save the picture of it for my head. I kissed and chewed on his dick through the briefs for a few more moments. Then I pulled down the briefs. Freeing up his semi hard dick. And there is was. Probably the best looking dick I had seen in ages. He was big, but not scary. kocaeli escort bayan Nice and beefy but not to much food. And he certainly had the nicest balls. Also nice and beefy. “Now that’s dick” I said I grabbed his dick and took him into my mouth. Eric again sighed deeply in his contentment. Feeling my lips wrapping around his still hardening dick. Slurping down the delicious shaft. I didn’t feel his meaty hand on my head as my eyes were closed as I enjoyed his cock. Savoring the big meat stick I was sucking. But his hand started to rub at my hair. Then gis moans started to increase. Eric saying that I was the best cock sucker he had ever had in his dick. “Yeah buddy” he cooed “Your mouth is so damned good” “Better than my girl friend can” “Awe fuckk. Yess” I was of course pleased he was enjoying my worship of his dick. So I continued to do so. Holding at the base with with my forefinger and thumb. The other fingers spread fam like against his crotch bush. My mouth Moving up and down the now rock hard dick. Trying to suck in all if Eric if I could. “Yeah man. Awe fuck yess!” He groaned “More man. More” I was now stroking his bug cock as I slurped on it. My hand pulling at the base and several inches as my mouth slipped down the top half and down it. My face and hand meeting in the middle as I did. I wanted his dick harder than ever for when he was to slam izmit escort my happy ass with it. So I continued to suck on his beautiful dick for him. Then Eric finally pushed me off his dick. Saying that I was getting hom too close to the edge. So I pulled form his cock. I looked at my handy work. His dick was a steely totem sticking up from his bushy crotch. Thick and swollen from the pleasure he was getting. The head bug and bloated and ready to.pop from it all. “Stop. Gotta stop!” He had crowed “Don’t wanna bust yet” “Awee fuckk!” I looked up at him. His chest was heaving from the excitement and near eruption. He looked so good like this. Hit a desperate, cock swollen to busting. “Come up here” he said to me “I want to kiss you baby” So I moved up in his hot body and kissed the hunky guy. Pur lips pressed and connected in passion from the desire we had for one another. My hand caressed at his body and chest. Moving up and down his torso, even to hold and pull at his raging dick some more. But then coming back into his body and face. “I am gonna love fucking you” he said “Been dying for it since that last time with the crew” I kissed him again and agreed to his comment. Telling him too how I wanted him. Even over the two hung studs I wanted him more. I wanted his dick more than theirs. And now I had Eric here and we were gonna finally do it. So i kissed his mouth again. Holding his face as I did. Only pulling back to continue what we had started. “Now I need you to fuck me Eric” I finally said… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued

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